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    I haven't watched all the video yet, but I'm not a fan presenting this topic like this. It's almost dangerously misleading from what I can see, unless they are explaining the context. The sum of all natural numbers is a diverging series. Infinite, to me, in any practical sense. From what I can see, you can get any answer by manipulating an infinite, diverging series.
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    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I'm not exactly sure what to think about all this Q stuff, but I'm very pleased this thread exists. Thanks!
  3. Transistor Man

    The big 'wheels coming off GE' thread

    GE/ GE Capital ..... not very different from Enron really, other than the longer timescales. I got caught up in the Jack Welch cult around 2000, his autobiography (2001) cured me. And the GE bailout.... embarrassing.
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    Sorry, I wasn't clear: I was looking at: Cannondale Trail 4 2018 Mountain Bike Large. The cannondale Caad8 looks good at that price, but I think it is old stock: 2016 model I think. Has been available for 450 in some shops, vs 395. Anyway, this is good. It's probably all genuine old stock.
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    Actually, 2018 is last year's model. You could get in the shops for £549, vs his £525 recently. I think that's part of the explanation.
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    Doesn't look like it. i.e. The Cannondale Looks as it should down to the tyres.
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    Not sure how he's doing that. They are good prices. Basically look like shop stock.
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    Strava's great for keeping track of your own fitness, progress, or training. Interest in (deliberately) going for KOMs has mostly died a death by now. Most Strava users I know use a Garmin or Wahoo bike computer, not the phone app.
  9. Transistor Man

    South Yorkshire Police get a few home truths

    Fair play. She was very good. Amazing to have confirmed how these lunatics think.
  10. Transistor Man

    Electric Mountain Bikes

    Me neither. But pedal-bike-wise, it would be more difficult than taking someone else's. I hope .
  11. Transistor Man

    Electric Mountain Bikes

    I don't have an E-bike but still do road racing, and have a pretty expensive bike. I have an anchor point bolted into my garage floor, which is pretty much the best I can do.
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    Electric Mountain Bikes

    It will be a good bike. My main issue would be that it will be set up in UK spec where the motor will not power you beyond 25 km/h (15.5 mph). You can probably get around this, but -- I guess not really legal. On a bike, 15.5 mph feels a lot slower than 18+ mph. Still, it would be a big help uphill +250 W. Try one would be best.
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    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    The Tizard Mission: where the UK handed over the cavity magnetron and the rest, and still couldn't get access to the Norden Bombsight. Thanks.
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    Made in Israel?

    Do you use Intel processors? They have major design centre and manufacturing fabs in Israel. I believe most of the processor design is done there.
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    Stupid design of modern cycling shorts

    You might have to bend forward at the waist too. That's the other trick. Careful though.