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  1. In the garden, and in the house. Breathing while walking about is more difficult than normal. I have to think about getting a breath. Also, I’m more tired this afternoon than I have been. In the mornings, I generally feel pretty good.
  2. I’m fairly certain I have the virus, as does my eldest daughter. And probably my wife. Youngest seems fine. Fortunately, all with mild symptoms. I’m in my early 40s, and would be classed as very fit, having been a competitive club athlete until a year ago. But I’ve have/ had asthma, hay fever, eczema. I’m sure I caught it at work. UK’s main state, multidisciplinary research lab. 100 or so visitors every weekly the year, from all over the world especially China, many also from Spain, Italy. I developed a cough a week ago, but only in the evening. Has got worse over the week. Now I’m quite chesty, and had a headache last night.
  3. Where I grew up. Picture how bad your council is. Ynys Mon is so bad it’s the only one ever to be taken over by Central government.
  4. Colt 1911 - US army standard issue 1911 - 1986.
  5. I remember a Louis Theroux episode where he returned to the California porn industry, having previously visited in 90s. The message was that the traditional industry had been decimated by YouTube-style websites. these were people who made porn “movies”, with some sort of story, for video or dvd release.
  6. The effects of low level radiation are difficult to measure and are contested. See the discussion of the Linear No Threshold model.
  7. Radiotherapy treatment is a large/ acute dose over a short time. Well known to surprise the immune system, short term. the cumulative effect of many small doses is increased long term cancer risk. Both These effects are well known, and are the basis of Radiation Protection.
  8. The worst isotopes would be Cesium 137 ( From memory), strontium, and similar, which would get taken up by by animals/ humans. The main consequence of that fallout is increased long term cancer risk. If you believe the linear no-threshold model, anyway. Ive never seen any evidence that it makes a population more susceptible to colds, HIV, measles or anything else.
  9. From what I remember, human exposure to radiation doesn’t work like this. There are 2 cases to consider. there are acute radiation doses - very high doses over a short time, which damage masses of cells and can overwhelm your bodies repair mechanisms, and immune system. Then there are the lower doses received as fallout or similar. The consequences of this are mostly long term increased long term cancer risk. or fairly short term thyroid cancers in children, as seem with Chernobyl. what isn’t seen, as far as I know/ remember, is suppressed immune systems due to low doses. I saw that, and thought the same.
  10. To start with, airborne Fission products - which would be released in a reactor accident - are monitored worldwide by a range of organisations: military, universities, national labs, nuclear regulators, power plants, public health bodies. its not difficult to do, the experimental signature of a fission-product release is highly characteristic of a reactor accident, and straight forward to detect. I would guess there are even hobbyists who look for this.
  11. I guess not really in my case. The place I use is very local, and is open.
  12. I was thinking it might be the other way, and that Going Friday might be a bad idea, as they have very little on next week, and might fancy welding my Focus.?
  13. The MOT is a set price. But, I can see it being hard to get a booking once this is over. I am booked in for Friday for 2 cars. I think I will get them done.