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  1. Transistor Man

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2
  2. Transistor Man

    The big 'wheels coming off GE' thread

    All those bullshit books, lectures, the business school. Total con.
  3. Transistor Man


    Oh right: is it the Canyon Endurance geometry -- then it will be pretty tall.
  4. Transistor Man


    I still race -- now as a veteran, and do 11000 miles a year -- the thing with these road bike positions is that you have to work at them: they aren't natural. Supporting muscles, and back flexibility have to be developed. When I move over the my race bike in March/ April it will feel very odd. But a few hundred miles of riding, and I'll be completely at one with it. But I have to work at it, and adapt. A steep head-tube geometry will give fast, almost twitchy handling, and significant toe-wheel overlap. A bit disconcerting, but, not really an issue once riding at speed.
  5. Transistor Man


    Very nice. Looks well maintained!
  6. Transistor Man


    Yes, that's hopeless. It probably is that the shops have stock sitting around. Giant -- the largest bike manufacturer in the work -- produce pretty sensible rider height vs frame size charts. Customers won't be far off if they just went by that. (Giant were also one of the first big manufacturers to push the compact geometry. late 90s)
  7. Transistor Man


    Strange. The trend across cycling for the past 20 years have been to go down a frame size -- if anything. On the road, I was a 56 cm, now a typically 54 or 55 cm.
  8. Transistor Man


    Having too large a frame isn't great. Best to get the right size. Have you looked at new Giants? That's probably what I'd go for.
  9. Transistor Man

    Amazon Prime - take care

    I'm a very infrequent Amazon user. Anyway, a couple of days ago I realised I'm signed up to Amazon Prime. I had no real idea what it was. I've cancelled it, and asked for a refund -- basically, on the grounds of misleading trading practices. I told them I'll close my normal Amazon account if I don't receive one. No idea if I'll get anywhere.
  10. Transistor Man

    Good computer tools for your trade

    Seems to colour my command-file text nicely, by default. Split screen editing of multiple files. I can/do use Vi of course.
  11. Transistor Man

    Good computer tools for your trade

    I carry out support simulations for microelectronics, photonics, RF/microwave, and MEMS design and research. I use: Linux Vim -- my favourite text editor. Latex The linux command line tools, shell scripting Tcl Some Python, Perl The commercial packages for chip design and simulations from Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Ansys etc. to do my actual work.
  12. Transistor Man

    A sheep lying on its back is dying - help it to get upright

    Yeah. Hit it hard. A couple of times. I'd say more humane than breaking it's neck by hand (on a hedgehog??). I remember hitting the rabbit at work. Stone dead, first whack. And no blood. I wouldn't go for a neck-break on a mammal myself. Chickens and fish, maybe.
  13. Transistor Man

    A sheep lying on its back is dying - help it to get upright

    I cycle a lot, and have done this a few times. Coming across hedgehogs and rabbits which have been clipped by cars. Doesn't bother me, I grew up on a small holding, and did a lot of fishing etc. I use a log or rock. I also had to do it at work once, for a rabbit which had been injured by a cat. Once the crows moved in, I'd had enough. I used to get funny looks around the office after.
  14. Transistor Man

    Bye bye Treason May?

    MITI? -- Ministry of International Trade and Industry? Big in the 80s/ semiconductors.
  15. Transistor Man

    Another British Spy banged up abroad

    I got myself in a bit of a mess with my PhD. But just at the end, it came together, and I ended up as a story that made sense. I wrote it all up in 3.5 months, as I had a hard deadline. And I ended up redoing most of the experimental results that went in the thesis. Surreal, working all day, everyday, and right through my birthday, without even noticing. Completely stupid thing to have done. I would have been far better off at work.