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  1. 2008, Beijing Olympics. US athletes apologise for wearing masks through the airport. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-masks-apology-idUSPEK33436220080806
  2. I see Buffett has sold some Apple, and bought some Chevron. And some Verizon. $4.1 bn and $8.6 bn worth, respectively.
  3. I agree he’s good. My Dad used to operate the switchgear on load- shedding here in the 70s, timing them off his wristwatch. At least they’ll be able to do it centrally next time. From committing to build a new nuclear plant to synchronising to the grid....must be around 10 years currently. (More like 12). If you’re going to need them, you need to get on with it.
  4. Rolling blackouts in Texas, due to one of the coldest winter in decades, and very high electrical heating demand. 12 GW of wind generation out due to icing.
  5. My family self-built two houses when I was a teenager. We bought an old small holding. Knocked it down. Built our house. Then later got planning permission for a second. Best thing my parents ever did.
  6. I think a big one was AOL Timer Warner Merger, Jan 2000. Barron’s “Burning Fast” cover, March 2000, is often said to be the peak. (A small university spin out I used to visit was bought for 750 million dollars, in April 2000)
  7. I worked on a project 11 years ago which aimed to link up people like Shell with nuclear vendors like Areva. The idea was to explore nuclear cogeneration, with a Gen IV gas cooled reactor supplying heat to industrial processes. The US was very keen at the time, with their NGNP programme - Chevron and CononcoPhilips were involved. One thing I did was to look at technologies for coupling reactor and process. What materials would be required. Working out the performance limits. It’s all possible. But, far from easy. Not very practical was my conclusion, at the time. I reall
  8. I can’t see it. Several oil and gas service companies have already tried getting into nuclear. My belief is the state is better off doing nuclear directly. Like the CEGB used to. Contract a consortium to build them: civil contractor + nuclear vendor + boiler maker What they did for Sizewell B (on budget, 2 months early), do it again. (..... years back, Exxon used to manufacture uranium fuel, I believe.)
  9. No idea. They used to get very good royalties per phone, especially in the 3G era. However, Apple want to design their own modems now. I guess eventually integrating them on their A-series SoCs.
  10. I see Siemens are supplying the “boilers” (nothing boils). Apparently: Siemens has exclusive licence to the Benson boiler (the supercritical steam generator design)
  11. The efficiency of a thermal power plant can be increase by using higher temperature steam. In addition, depending on its temperature and pressure water can be a solid, liquid, vapour, gas..... or - at high enough temperature and pressure - a supercritical fluid. This state is neither liquid nor gas. In a conventional power plant, effort is made to stop steam from condensing towards the end of it’s flow through the turbines. If you use super critical steam, you don’t have to worry about steam condensing. Improving the efficiency of the power conversion cycle. The tem
  12. Those are Incredible numbers. Some of these at least are using these Ultra-supercritical steam conditions (600+ deg C, 300 bar), and 46% thermal efficiency. Requires some pretty advanced materials.
  13. I agree with those two. Unique capabilities. Very difficult to replicate.
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