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  1. I have 3 degrees. I view that as pretty stupid, and am fairly embarrassed to have wasted so much time on them. My original plan was to do a 3 year B.Eng degree. But Was talked into doing 4 by the university. Should have gone to work after that. Received many good job offers. But thought I could do a phd pretty quickly. I couldn’t. But I did get to go to a world class university, which was something I never expected to do. Third degree was a sort of vocational conversion course, which my work gave me time off to do. One good thing was I did all three without taking on any debt. Almost Impossible today, I guess
  2. In terms of aerobic fitness, I bet you are.
  3. I’m not sure if you’re serious. British Isles is a contested geographic term, at best. ROI citizens aren’t British.
  4. Apple (mainly) have driven TSMC (manufacturer of AMD Ryzen) to a lead over Intel through their demand for a new process shrink every year, coinciding with the release of a new A class processor. An incredible rate of progress, during a difficult time in chip making: when there’s been a need for multi patterning etc. Intel has been on a trajectory of bigger, traditional development steps, on a 2 year cycle. But got caught out trying to do too much at once. Eg cobalt interconnect.
  5. AMD did get a jump on Intel at that time. Intel were focused on Itanium - which failed. AMD brought out the X86_64 architecture, which became the new standard. Then Intel’s manufacturing lead kicked in, and overhauled and passed AMD.
  6. Nanometer! Although the length unit is pretty irrelevant by now. The number just signifies a technology generation.
  7. It isn’t necessary to have a deep knowledge of the architecture/ design to understand a (/the) major source of advantage for AMD: The TSMC 7+ mm fabrication process. Intel have lost their technological lead in the manufacture of leading edge chips. The TSMC process is perhaps 20% denser than Intel’s. A lead of a year or more. Manufacturing has long been the source of Intel’s competitive advantage. Not the processor design. AMD are a fabless company now. And can take advantage of TSMC’s incredible rise. “real men have fabs”..... maybe once, but the fabless semiconductor revolution is a relentless machine.
  8. These schemes are a serious pain. I doubt no serious cyclist has any input into the design (23 mph on a shared path / pavement?). They are never as good as the road. And drivers now expect you to use them.
  9. The Colombians has a big impact on cycling in the 80s. Luis Herrera won the Tour of Spain in 87, and the mountains classifications at the other Gran Tours. Fabio Parra was 3rd in 88 Tour de France. Flat Time trials were far longer then, which counted against them winning overall. The 90s, was an era of unrestricted EPO use. Everyone’s red blood cell count was through the roof - natural altitude adaptions would have been drowned out.
  10. Crazy. England will have to bat better.
  11. Glock "Safe Action" -- Of course, I don't know much, but it looks like a bad engineering to me. Half-cocked, and he pulled the trigger picking it up. Wouldn't have happened with a proper safety.
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    I saw a video of some guy proposing on the Team Sky/ Ineos team bus at the Tour de France last week, with the riders staring into blank space. Shockingly embarrassing, I don't know what these people are thinking.
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    Does anyone use the 2-part epoxy from Poundland? I find it to be really good stuff.