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  1. Interesting. On my road, it's +30% since end 2011. Houses are still selling without a problem.
  2. 100%. I'm from Anglesey. Left in my early 20s. I said to my Dad at the time, this type of thing is exactly where devolution will end up (he voted For, and didn't want me to cancel out his vote). Even for welsh-speakers/ nationalists, Chester has always been our "local" shopping city for big stuff, run up to Christmas etc. But, booze cruises to Chester. WTF.
  3. I didn't post much, but HPC was a big influence on me. And that's exactly what I thought would happen. Gradually, I came to realise that it wasn't going to be quite like that. We bought at the end of 2011: at that time, where I am, you could get a decent deal if you could move quickly. If we'd missed that, we would have struggled in our area -- which I still find shocking.
  4. Taking the cooling water from the lake?
  5. Sellafield was interesting. we stood on top of the Windscale Piles, and went inside the “golf ball” -- the WAGR spherical containment.
  6. Public gallery at the Old Bailey’s is pretty interesting for a short visit. A couple of weeks back I went to the Intel Museum, the computer history museum, and the Aviation museum at Moffett field, California. I’d like to visit the Pattern Room, National Firearms Centre at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds. But I think you need a valid research reason to get in. Would be incredibly interesting though.
  7. I dumped the IET a long time ago. If I wanted to read a magazine, I’d go for an IEEE one.
  8. UK now has HVDC interconnectors with France, Ireland, Belgium, and Netherlands. as well as NI/ Scotland link. And Scotland - North Wales. plus 2 under construction: Uk- Denmark, and UK - Norway. UK electrical has made a lot of progress past decade.
  9. First nuclear reactor in western Europe (1947), First commercial nuclear power plant (1956), etc... UK gov owned Westinghouse (the nuclear vendor), via BNFL, as recently as 2006. It was sold to Toshiba. Some decent expertise still exists though. Rolls Royce design and build the reactors in our subs. The AGR fleet has been a bit dodgy really. But Sizewell B -- our only PWR -- has been great. It's a shame that Wylfa B and the others did not follow.
  10. I'm sure we've all read it many times, but worth a reminder: "To fight this recession .... Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble to replace the Nasdaq bubble." Krugman in 2002:
  11. Fortunately, it was only his Mrs, and not the pigeons.
  12. Meghan reminds me of Robin Givens. Actress, marries Mike Tyson -- who she could run rings around. Remember this interview?
  13. And, unusually, with very few, perhaps zero, endorsement deals.