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  1. Wig

    Worst Wigs

  2. Wig


    I doubt dogs can pay as much as scumbag young working professional couples, just sayin…
  3. only so much pointless stuff people can buy, then you add in these new build house sizes for DEBTslaves, less room for garbage in every corner of every room in every slavebox cram a load of scumbags into an HMO? that's even less stuff they need then you've got the no pets no pictures no blacks no irish no children leave it as you found it rules the scumbag DEBTjunkies like to employ on "their" tenants = less stuff
  4. Wig

    BBC - The face of UK homelessness

    yeah sounds like that's a tellie programme, I wouldn't treat it as in any way representative of real life personally
  5. Wig

    BBC - The face of UK homelessness

    this sap needs to man the hell up, get down his local high street, go into EVERY SINGLE bank building society and financialised supermarket, pick up a STACK of forms on BTL and fill em all out. every single last one of em, then nip back in and submit em all in the same day, before he knows it he'll be a DEBTjunkie scumbag multimillionaire with a bunch of ungrateful tenants of his own to house/farm/evict
  6. Wig

    Do you sew?

    Sew what?
  7. Wig

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    how far along the road have you gone since then?
  8. Wig

    I guess it must be warming up in the Algarve

    apologies if I've already posted this elsewhere but if anyone is interested in a non MSM take on the McCann story - I highly recommend checking out Richard Hall's documentaries.
  9. you do if it knows how to bite other kids, otherwise yeah its gonna get bitten by a stray kid from another country (no racist) and won't know to bite back gonna have to teach my eighteen month old to bite other kids now, since this sort of thing could DEFINITELY happen to him at any moment as soon as my back is turned
  10. Wig

    Remembrance Zealots

    show some respect you ungrateful racist xenophobe right wing extremist terrorist
  11. Wig

    Gary Lineker replaced by bot

    they've been doing this in America for years and years if you follow certain independent media sources
  12. Wig

    How do we, ‘wake’ Millennials?

    sign up in my local co op "we cannot accept these Scottish/irish notes due to forgeries"