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  1. Wig

    Sasda off

    No sht maybe I’ll give it another spin in that case thanks for the heads up
  2. Wig

    Sasda off

    Yeah that winter number I picked up was something like that 43-28 I refrained from buyimg the lot as I’d never tried it and am glad I did as I probably wouldn’t go for it again jura was on offer in ASDA and that stuff is decent to my palate
  3. Wig

    Sasda off

    Bought some heavily discounted single malt in neither Asda nor Sainsbury’s the other day but TESCOS it was a 43% number winter gold or some such, bit harsh to my palate and could understand why it’s been heavily discounted
  4. Wig

    What's going to collapse next...

    Is there any difference between the Labour Party and any other party in “government” (means mind control in Latin apparently)
  5. Wig

    Boilers in bedrooms

    My mutha fcking colleague announced today she’s looking to get a buy to let for her pension top called
  6. My colleague announced today she’s looking to get a cheeky buy to let as a pension
  7. Wig

    Boilers in bedrooms

    Good enough for a rental innit? Chuck a few families of young scumbag “hardworking” professionals in em on a teaser rate.. wait until their offspring have found a school then BANG! up go the rents on em
  8. If initial asking prices really are down then this whole thing is toast
  9. Wig

    Canadian House Price Crash

    Supply and demand innit bruv
  10. I’m not an advocate of killing a fellow human being - based solely on the colour of their skin / their flag - and I have issues. Ok mate.
  11. So in your mind, the only possible reason a tax paying hard working law abiding person wouldn’t support the murder of innocent women and children... is that they must have been assaulted in the past, by a hero from the army. thats some kind of logic ain’t it!
  12. The entire concept of ‘killing for your flag’ abhors me. For context I grew up in a garrison town so my real world experience leaves me with zero respect for 99% of the heroes I’ve met I appreciate I’m not allowed that opinion and that I should cheer on the murder of women and children from that funny named country over there, but I don’t love my flag nor hate anyone else’s flag is a rectangular piece of fabric worth killing innocent strangers over? Yes because your establishment say so.
  13. Many parents of a certain generation think happiness is proud homeownership and nothing else
  14. Nothing heroic about murdering dark skinned people cos your leaders told you to
  15. Ps does anyone know the correct spelling of ponzee..