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  1. Subliminally planting the idea into the minds of any plebs with HTB loans who don’t know what to do when the teaser period is up: just kick the can aka pay interest only innit bruv. social conditioning in action. so these HTB taxpayer BUNGS to crappy new build developers get paid upfront by the taxpayer, then five years later these things turn into an open ended IO DEBT? Where do I sign up for this ingenious piece of financial fuckwittery/skullduggery?
  2. Wig

    The first Unexplained Wealth Order

    These so called UWOs would be better served on Dave and Diane plebford from the midlands who appear to be spending upwards of twenty five pounds a week in Greggs the bakers yet dont seem to have a job. These scumbags need taking down!!
  3. The absolute state of these two clowns..
  4. Wig

    Orwellian times?

    Yeah bit sexist mate
  5. Wig

    Orwellian times?

    the only time I identify as a woman is when its time to get changed for swimming
  6. Wig

    Sheffield school riot

    Thread a bit racist for my tastes mate
  7. Wig

    Good Obscure Films

    I love time travel movies, haven't heard of this one will check it out. In return Timecrimes and Primer are worth a look if you like the whole time travel paradox. As is triangle with the aussie fittie from one of the old soaps
  8. Wig

    Costa Coffee sold

    Greggs coffee is total no go for me now, had one too many cleaning fluid americanos with my two quid bacon roll deal. That leaves an impression. But what do you expect for two quid right Costa is acceptable enough, I’m no coffee snob but I think I appreciate a decent BEAN in the stovetop at home, I prefer Starbucks taste but it just takes too long, and the one nearest to me has this unbelievably miserable old BINT in there which is the icing on the shitcake of waiting fifteen minutes for a coffee and a whatever and paying five six quid for it, to be greeted by her dour fucking mug and manner, no thanks, last time I went in there I was queuing for around six or seven minutes before I decided to turn heel and not go there again. Was a relief. costa express, way too variable down to which skanky outpost it is hunkered down in. Some of those things could have all sorts of junk in the pipes / behind the scenes. macdonalds coffee is actually pretty good, at least it’s consistent. costa works for me when I’m hitting the road for a few hours, also those wild bean cafes you see in the BP stations are good , but I usually visit the same one so could be down to local culture and working practice who knows. but yeah I never used to drink the stuff until a few years ago now I’m clearly addicted so that can’t be progress
  9. Buy more sh*t plebs, just buy MORE SH*T!!!!!
  10. All about that dollah rally see also eur and gbp... when dxy resumes its next leg down, Xau a buy imo
  11. this comment made me chuckle for some reason, picturing a bunch of "cronies" at every sports direct store just waiting around for their big chance to recce a nearby shop
  12. I had a similar conversation with the missus this afternoon except it was about cars not houses. Driving past a Hyundai garage or similar seeing rows and rows of these brand new plastic looking cars whilst the road is already full of brand new plastic looking cars it suddenly dawned on me these things probably cost a few hundred quid each to make when you take into account the scale of these fcking car factories now and the fact these things are probably 90%+ made from cheap plastic and recycled tin cans or whatever plus the fact there is highly likely a brand new car graveyard out there somewhere with all these brand new pieces of junk sat there never to be driven. And when I say conversation I mean I made the observation and she kind of paused and went “uh huh”