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  1. Oooh.. bit racist mate
  2. Blank insight is a lady? Opinions too pointy 2/10 Would not smash
  3. Smells like a ponzi if that’s true. But it isn’t a ponzi it’s a ladder, so that cannot be true
  4. Yes yes. Once one awakens to the level of mind control joe pleb is under regarding house prices one can see more clearly other subjects of mass scale mind control applied to the populous... “your thoughts are not your own.” And if that offends you, have a little think about why that might me 🧐
  5. With a load of DEBTjunkies noosing up? Sad sad story as behind the rent rises and eviction letters they’re just people
  6. Say there’s one stabbing a day in London. In your view: “if I go to London I might get stabbed, ie I have a 50% chance of getting stabbed” in my view I have a one in seven million chance of getting stabbed ie I could go there every day for three and a half million days or every day for ten thousand years before I was hitting fifty fifty lets keep things in perspective
  7. I disagree. Percentage wise sitting on a park bench you could not be stabbed, or as close to zero as matters. problem is every time one out of the seven odd million people in London supposedly gets stabbed, you know about it. It’s a percentage rounding error to zero chance of it ever happening to you or anyone you know, ever. It’s not worth carrying any fear or angst around about whatsoever.
  8. London getting mega stabby if you believe the reports but percentage wise a Londoner is still more likely to run themselves over with their own car AND burn their face off in a chip pan fire than get stabbed.
  9. Big negative thread mate
  10. How much is the victim’s house worth? then I know how much grief to allocate