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  1. You can walk in and Sell Silver and other PM's yes. Hatton Garden Metals in London have a price list on their website. No idea if you need an account or if you can literally just walk in. I assume there are other places around the UK too.
  2. I came over for this Thread from TOS, I obviously haven't posted much and do not know the forum rules regarding mentioning other forums. But in terms of Silver/Gold options there is a forum I have used (UK) where they do group buys from The European Mint (Estonia) and (Belgium). Plenty of Youtube vids regarding these group buys. I believe the next group order begins end of Oct and last for 4 weekends. I have only been involved with 1 order, but it was far cheaper than buying in the UK, along with a wide choice of UK coins (lunar, queens beast etc) as well as worldwide coins. Worked well for me. For Gold, Atkinsons and Hatton Garden Metals are normally competitive. I have most of my silver in Bullion Vault, but do also hold over 100oz of Silver at home along with a few oz of gold. Cheers DK
  3. Hi All, Long time lurker on the other site. Love this thread, lots of great info. I have bought gold in the past (when gold was £450 oz), but now looking at potentially getting involved in Silver. Thanks to all for your input Cheers DK