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  1. You can walk in and Sell Silver and other PM's yes. Hatton Garden Metals in London have a price list on their website. No idea if you need an account or if you can literally just walk in. I assume there are other places around the UK too.
  2. I came over for this Thread from TOS, I obviously haven't posted much and do not know the forum rules regarding mentioning other forums. But in terms of Silver/Gold options there is a forum I have used (UK) where they do group buys from The European Mint (Estonia) and Gold.silver.be (Belgium). Plenty of Youtube vids regarding these group buys. I believe the next group order begins end of Oct and last for 4 weekends. I have only been involved with 1 order, but it was far cheaper than buying in the UK, along with a wide choice of UK coins (lunar, queens beast etc) as well as worldwide coin
  3. Hi All, Long time lurker on the other site. Love this thread, lots of great info. I have bought gold in the past (when gold was £450 oz), but now looking at potentially getting involved in Silver. Thanks to all for your input Cheers DK
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