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  1. Just go away you silly little troll and your childish little rants and playground mentality "they don;t like you either" really? how old are you
  2. Mostly good experience, just had the one idiot gunning for me, thanks :-)
  3. Seriously I am not a BTL, but I am just going to have to put up with this guy saying I am, where he gets that from I have no idea or even why he does it. He has one quite obvious objective, he is seeking revenge on HPC, he is either blaming them for his own poor life decisions or he is a BTL or property speculator himself who hates HPC. He is not all that bright and obviously emotionally unstable so I am going for him being a failure in life He will continue to dig himself a hole though, trolls always try and convince you they are one thing and then announce in a sly way their real intentions. Wont happen with me because BTL are scum, the housing market is insane and housing policies with the BOE and government are bordering on immoral, my message will 100% not alter from that. I just let this guy carry on with his abuse and ranting, it's hilarious.
  4. See you are doing it again.. 1. I don't hate anyone, even Muslims, am critical of their culture and religion though(where is your evidence I hate them) 2. I most definitely do not hate the Polish, anything but, they are not perfect though.(where is your evidence I hate them) I did point out though that the Polish have a low tolerance level towards muslims, several people on here have backed that up, does not mean I hate them, not even sure I am critical of them for it. Maybe that's your problem, you think in black and white too much with no grey area. Try not to be so over emotive and abusive it might help you think more clearly.
  5. I am saying nothing, just going to keep watching you dig a deeper hole
  6. I am just loving watching this car crash This guy defending all the reasons why the property market WILL not crash while making out it is "what he really wants", hysterical
  7. Still waiting to hear you logic on that one, but won't hold my breath. If you call being critical of muslim culture "anti" or even racist, OK, that's fine . Yawn! Don't own and never owned one single BTL property, but am clear that won't stop you, and I know you won't be able to come up with one single intelligent reason you came up with that. You are not very bright are you?
  8. Yep, that's what I found as well, seems to be two extremes. Like you said a thread could just adjust or morph into something slightly different and then that twat Beary or Jurrasic Bland would go into one of his rants. Yet that's how real life conversations go, one minutes you are talking about Wimbledon AFC and then all of a sudden you are in a conversation about value pack underpants from Aldi. Then there is the other extreme poster on there that has posted and willed a property crash for several years and is now blaming all their life problems and failures on that website and taking zero responsibility for their own actions. I have put off put off buying property and that is 100% my choice and nobody else's responsibilty, and still led a enjoyable life in the mean time. One certain poster on here needs to bare that in mind, no names given
  9. Good watch on You Tube..The last stand with Bob Monkhouse, cannot say I was a massive fan of his, but that was an emotional and very funny last gig where he went with loads of dignity, very moving, now reached cult status.
  10. Another person agreeing with me, but the racism I see is them not wanting several million muslims in their country, is that racist?, I personally would prefer 7 million Polish and Gurkhas in the UK than seven million muslims.
  11. I tell you what option, if you want a laugh read chucknorris posts on MSE, talk about an obvious fake ego, his wife is a model come millionaire in her own right etc etc etc. just great stuff, the piss taking is even better, all from his BTL empire he has done this
  12. That's why has probably being the strongest and most intelligent website in the UK that has advocated the inevitable collapse of the UK housing market, and their message is still as strong, though they do have a few issues now for various reasons. I don't believe you are what you say you are, reading through one entire thread today and it is clear you went gunning straight for count, he is an easy target on various pro high house price websites, on hpc they would not tolerate rate you I said muslims are on a UK breeding program, and I might have left out the "welfare funded breeding program" and I am still saying that, so what are you talking about?
  13. I am fine with it, seriously, he is gunning for me and not the other way around, and you are right about all the crap that is spoken on the internet, I realise he is just another little guy with a complex
  14. One of us will be advocating the good reasons for a property crash and one wont Catching him out in time will not be hard where as I will never say anything to contradict that position. His "oh they made me think that way for several years until I saw the light" bollox, oh please.
  15. I have pointed that out which is very factual, have been picked up on it here , but it is OK as I don't value any of his contributions or believe them