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  1. Agreed. They smiled nicely while saying they would never catch the delightful young man who relieved my of my motorbike key while I was riding, and smiled nicely when they pulled me over for unknowingly making a dodgy right hand turn and logged it as something that has a 6 month wait to see if I get a £60 fine.
  2. I've decided I want as little to do with the Police and the state in general as possible. They are not your friends. I'm not rabidly anti-police like some, but am happy to minimise all contact with them, because I am soft target.
  3. Most work in London is done quickly, cheaply and badly. I can tell the difference between Polish and...diverse...electricians Poles use the correct gear, just not always in the correct way Diverse...well I found downlights wired in orange lawnmower flex and unsheathed single core cables run up the back of a metal cooker splashback, covered with a single layer of duck tape (This type of cable should be in conduit or trunking) As for self-cert...what cert? As long as it works no-one knows, and as the bankers say IBGYBG
  4. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe"
  5. I'm wise to the old nicely dressed in consumer unit trick. It's meaningless. Here's the cable joints above it
  6. Follow up with a meme pic and your work is done. Congratulations, you've passed.
  7. You channelled gamma appeal to authority and beta rage perfectly.
  8. Yeah, there's no excuse for deliberately poor and incompetent work, but when the original guy would have been working against a parking meter and probably with another job to try and get to through London traffic you can understand how everything is rushed. Doesn't have to mean totally unsafe though. Simply hold a vigil for the cause of your choice every time you need to see, those tealights are good in the pitch black
  9. Not of a flat in London...moving the van every 4 hours, carrying hundreds of rubble bags down a staircase, keeping communal areas tidy...someone else on the firms contact list can quote for that.
  10. How hard is it to reply 'STFU fag kill yourself IRL' to your intended target
  11. Indeed, the form has been submitted with a suitably damning assessment of the installation. Earth loop test not even possible on circuit - no earth! Responsibility now lies with landlord/agent to approve remedial work. Landlord also has a duty to use approved Part P registered tradesmen - why was this not done? Unless like XXY you think I should re-wire the place for free and thank them for letting me do it and not arresting me
  12. Yeah I forgot, any issues with rental properties always get promptly and efficiently sorted especially ones that can't even be seen I am dialling 999 now, stay tuned. But then, shit, if I'm a criminal, what do I do? Still love to know what laws I've broken and who I'm meant to report to. The guys who did the work are the criminals.
  13. Who would you like me to report them to? The electrical police? Mossad? I'm an electrician by the way, and the photos were taken as part of an EICR Any other helpful advice, please keep yourself, pet.