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  1. Hi all - that 'glass ceiling' mentioned above could be lack of access to crypto for the public... I have a small bitcoin investment via the XBT Provider AB Bitcoin tracker ETF. I saw recently that there's a propsal by the Financial Conduct Authority to ban UK residents from investing in crypto-related ETF's like this one. They have a public consultation open about it at the moment, closing on 3 October: Has anyone else used the XBTprovider bitcoin ETF and are you aware of this potential ban? When you read the CP/19-22 PDF they seem to be saying crypto is too risky and volatile and the public see it as gambling. But then they still want to tax any profits you make on any crypto, unlike the situation with actual gambling.
  2. The Citi tip is for $2000 gold over the next two years. Pumping it up! I saw the other day that David Hunter has upped his target for gold to $1800 this year, alongside targets of GDX to 45, GDXJ to 70, silver to 26. Does this still fit in with your roadmap @DurhamBorn ? A riskier bet from current levels. I was thinking also that any further increase in dollar assets might be wiped out for us Brits by a slide down in DXY and the USD-GBP exchange rate. Great work and discussions on hear guys. Always a great read.
  3. Really interesting work Harley - thank you.It shows how an ETF works as an average of all its holdings - the winners cancel out the losers over the long term!
  4. Thanks for this Sid, and for the video. If I was the whale trying to buy up 25% of all bitcoin I'd be a bit annoyed at this publicity potentially driving the price up. Glad I've got my allocation in already - but tempted to increase it now!
  5. Great idea for an approach Harley. If we can get it narrowed down to about 5 or 6 like you say then that would give a focus for averaging into some stocks.
  6. Thanks Sancho - agreed - the more I look into the sector the more I realise there is to learn! Perhaps it's more a case of spray 'n' pray.... Good advice B&M. There's plenty of mentions of many of the companies. I guess I'm more interested in the state of them right now, this month, which is likely to be different to last time they were looked at. Becasue the next buying opportunity for the PM sector is potentially over the next month or so and the sands will have shifted. Always good to keep learning Major! So true about the PM's being volatile. Definitely 'exciting' (more like stressful!) - I know what you mean!!
  7. Thanks for this. Its prompted me to come out of my longterm lurking and actually post something! With the potential surge in PM's just around the corner, I was looking to split my PM miners allocation across gold and silver miners. GDX/GDXJ looks like a sensible bet for gold, but as we can't buy SIL in the UK (unless anyone has a hot tip!) I thought it would be good to make a long(ish) list of Silver miners and then between us Team Dosbods can wittle it down to 6-10 that people might be interested in taking a punt on. I really like the sound of @DurhamBorn's idea of having some with good technical setup, and then some which are 'rubber bands' ready to spring back up in price, and spread the silver portfolio across the two types. So for starters, here's an alphabetical list on the current 25 contents of the SIL ETF :- ALEXCO RESOURCE CORP AMERICAS SILVER CORP BUENAVENTURA-ADR COEUR MINING INC ENDEAVOUR SILVER CORP FIRST MAJESTIC S FORTUNA SILVER MINES INC FRESNILLO PLC GOLD RESOURCE CORP GREAT PANTHER MINING LTD HECLA MINING CO HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC INDUSTRIAS PENOL KOREA ZINC CO LTD MAG SILVER CORP MCEWEN MINING INC MINERA FRISCO PAN AMERICAN SILVER CORP POLYMETAL SILVERCORP METALS INC SILVERCREST METALS INC SSR MINING INC VOLCAN CIA MIN-B WHEATON PRECIOUS Does anyone with better chart knowledge than me (so pretty much anyone!) want to mark off a few that have good technical setups? And also can I just say thanks to all the contributors on here - a great range of perspectives and backgrounds! I follow the thread closely but rarely get to post.
  8. Well my router gets warm to the touch but I wouldnt try cooking on it! There are some basics you can do in the home to make sure you're not sabotaging your own connection, e.g. disconnect the wiring for any unused phone extension sockets at the master socket, disconnect the bell wire on any in-use extensions at both ends (the white and orange one), make sure you are using a new micro filter and openreach have fitted the latest master socket faceplate, make sure your router is nowhere near a cordless phone handset and is up high on a shelf Use an ethernet cable to connect any laptops/pc's/printers to the router rather than wifi.
  9. Shoe retail chain Treds went into administration earlier this month. Signs that something is 'a-foot' in the economy???!
  10. With this vote in Parliament on Tuesday evening happening is anyone else thinking about doing some hedging against a drop in the pound? I already have a handful of shares priced in US dollars but I also have some cash in sterling which I'm happy to move into USD temporarily. The question is - will the pound go up or down? Is the chance of a drop greater than the chance of a rise? And psychologicaly will it hurt more to bet on a drop and end up losing money because of a rise, or to do nothing and lose because of a drop? Bloomberg has some forecasts along with the chances of each and expected excahnge rate:
  11. And the good news is that now people wanting to invest in the gold miners through Hangreaves Lansdown can now finally buy GDX and GDXJ again! That's right, the ETF's are now tradeable online again through HL (well when the markets reopen) so you don't need to buy a range of individual stocks for gold miner exposure. Happy Christmas everyone! 5 gooooooold riiiiings!
  12. A more frequent than usual update from Steven Kaplan is on his blog -- Looks like he's going long on emerging markets.
  13. Thanks for setting up the separate thread Bumblebee. Its not Fantasy Football, its Fantasy FTSE! I'm thinking it's dollar down and gold up over the next 2 months so my entries are: 25% UDN - Invesco DB USD Bear ETF 75% GDXJ - VanEck Junior Miners Do you want these put in that google docs spreadsheet somewhere?
  14. I can see how it's tempting you DB! Extra cash now to invest for later when their are bargains everywhere. I'm not sure I could make the move from part-time self-employment (I'm inthe same boat as you there) to full-time under someone elses orders. I don't think I've got the spare time for that! And you can't muck a mate about due to loyalty... But maybe he would let you do it part-time instead? Going back to PMs, we haven't had much discussion on companies like Eldorado Gold, Anglogold Ashanti, First Majestic Silver or Mirasol lately. Do any of these make it on to your lists of bounceback(rubberband)/good technicals shares?
  15. Hi all, another anecdote from this weekend for you. Thank you all for the great information and insights that continue to be posted on here. A great thread! Mrs. T has some friends in Brighton and we went to a bbq there at the weekend. Also there were two friends of the host who run a small building business together in the area. They were talking about a set of 4 flats they'd built to a really high spec - super-insulated, heat pumps, solar panels, ovens with webcams in etc. They showed me the photos. They have been struggling to sell any of them despite being in a great area for this sort of thing. When I asked them how they were feeling about the current housing market they said they were extremely worried - extremely. They also needed to sell at least one flat so they could carry on with the next project they were half way through. They also mentioned the estate agent they were using. One of the lads had been in to see the agent late one Saturday to drop off some papers or something, and the agent said that it had been the quietest day EVER in the shop - no-one came in, no phone calls, no emails. They'd never had a day with absolutely nothing. Ever. Can't say I feel too sorry for the EA!