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  1. Adriene 30 days of yoga. Lots of planks and downward dogs and a few pushups. Muscles look huge, but don’t seem much stronger. I think maybe I should have spread it out over a few months instead of doing it every day.
  2. Eating the same as before. Telling myself it’s just the extra muscle I’ve built up making me look bulky, but there’s a small voice inside me saying that sitting in an uncomfortable position might burn fewer calories than actually moving around and doing things.
  3. I just finished a month of doing yoga every day. Ended up looking fatter and in a bit of pain from various muscles being stretched. The worst part is how depressed it makes you feel. I also feel less flexible. Not really what I was expecting.
  4. Pride and Prejudice. The book is dull and doesn’t have Keira Knightley or that cool soundtrack.
  5. Isn’t that what gab was for, before the communists killed it?
  6. Murder and then rape? According to the rumour he went all Jimmy Saville on a dead black boy. Huge if true.
  7. I know it’s written by a guy with a political science degree rather than someone technical, but isn’t the solution really simple? The dominion system scans all the ballots. They can just remove all the signatures for privacy and pop the scans on the internet. Then we can count them and see who won.
  8. They have 6 republicans ( one of whom is alleged to be a flyer on the Lolita express and usually votes with the democrats ) against 3 democrats.
  9. Texas challenged results, asked Supreme Court to judge. in Georgia, they have the candidate, two senior dominion officials and a vote counter boasting about rigging the election, plus video of the cheating and statistics showing that the cheating was enough to change the result. Maybe also democrat candidates illegally counting votes.
  10. The Romansch region is a bit more remote and they speak a version of Vulgar Latin. It’s very nice, full of Marmots, mountains etc. I expect they want to keep it to themselves.
  11. “Election Night Reporting (ENR): ENR is a platform that provides visualrepresentation of votes that have been tabulated by local elections officials.” i.e. it shows a tally of the votes. “Scytl does NOT tabulate, tally or count any votes." They are not even attempting to lie convincingly...
  12. Obviously the catches would be higher because all the fish are forced to leave the no-fish zones and move into the neighbouring areas. But it would be difficult to enforce, maybe we could train killer whales to patrol the areas where no fish are allowed?
  13. Corruption, pay-for-play, drugs, prostitutes, children. This should be a replay of the Clinton emails that turned the last election. Some good stuff promised in the next few days. Remember not to share on socialist controlled social media - you may be banned. Add any good stuff here.
  14. Last they may ever have! Thanks to his eat out to die out scheme.
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