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  1. Obviously the catches would be higher because all the fish are forced to leave the no-fish zones and move into the neighbouring areas. But it would be difficult to enforce, maybe we could train killer whales to patrol the areas where no fish are allowed?
  2. Corruption, pay-for-play, drugs, prostitutes, children. This should be a replay of the Clinton emails that turned the last election. Some good stuff promised in the next few days. Remember not to share on socialist controlled social media - you may be banned. Add any good stuff here.
  3. Last they may ever have! Thanks to his eat out to die out scheme.
  4. The poles started the war. I don’t think a few fighter pilots makes up for starting WW2 plus all the benefits they’ve scammed. Free Danzig!
  5. Is this the guy? Seems legit. (From Titania McGrath’s tweet)
  6. Bogeyman is short for Bulgarian man. They were considered scary back in the day.
  7. Showing yourself to be an absolute racist. What exactly have you got against Bulgarian men? They are our great friends in the EU. Or don’t you even know what bogeyman means?
  8. Don't those rules ban Christianity? I thought the whole dying on the cross story was one of their main things?
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