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  1. Just to let y'all know I wrote to my MP expressing my concerns over such immense numbers coming in on top of all the illegal immigration that seems to go on unabashed. I'll post the bog standard reply as and when I receive it. My MP is Boris lol.
  2. Were the protesters who were hit by the car white or black? I just want to know if their lives mattered or not.
  3. Pay everyone a bowl of rice a day. Then the 1% can pay all the tax.. Would be a bit different if you were calculating the production being taxed. Then our masters would have even more money to spend on benevolent projects such as vaccines, gang warfare and Mediterranean taxi services.
  4. It's marshals not the military.
  5. I haven't. Is that the plot?
  6. We;ll have to agree to differ. Not saying you're wrong, but I don't feel pride, just a sense of belonging and glad to be part of it...... something that's ebbing away.
  7. I like my culture. I think it's worth protecting. I just can't take pride in anything I had no part in, but I can marvel at the achievements that some cultures produce over others. It works both ways - I have no guilt or shame for any bad my ancestors did.
  8. TBH I find being proud of one's colour absurd. It's not an achievement. I'm happy being white, but not the current shit that comes with it. I'm proud of my academic achievements. I m responsible for those.
  9. I think you're obsessed with Carl
  10. Deal.... I'll even allow you to be naked for the train journey.
  11. Here's one for @MrPin's conspiracy thread: Cause a localised property crash in most big cities - the bankers come to the rescue and buy up at a relative pittance, then bring law and order crashing back in and watch real estate prices rise again. A plan even Lex Luther would be proud of.
  12. If you turn out to be wrong you have to do a forfeit. You must walk down Oxford Street... with you clothes ON.
  13. Isn't that the uncomfortable truth of it.