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  1. My missus reckons you're right on the money. May 1st it is. I'm popping down the bookies....errrr.
  2. These pics are from 'Kingpin'. Funny movie, if you can keep your tongue off the floor.
  3. To be exact, the petro-dollar. The US still has the biggest military in the world. Its symbiotic relationship with Arabian oil can't end soon enough. Maybe they should ship their protection racket over to South Africa to 'protect' the gold reserves in exchange for preferential currency usage. Plenty of despots ready to oblige. I'd take that as a lesser of two evils.
  4. I thought it was a war between Al Pacino and King's Lynn
  5. On a side note. It's pretty impressive that he managed to get the bottom half of his body to walknow independently into the shower leaving the top half to take the picture
  6. You can't. The best you can hope for is not concentrating power in too few hands. That's why the Romans had Senates and the Greeks had whatever they called (can;t be bothered to look). Eventually big resets are required and back to the top of the slippery slope we go. The best of times are at the top of that slope - would be great to actually live to see it, or at least our kids.
  7. Stupid wankers. While their ancestors would certainly have suffered hardships only we (and they) can imagine, they need to thank their lucky stars they can demonstrate freely (too freely these days), without the risk of being trapped inside some burning tyres in an African ghetto.
  8. I'm getting a semi-on. No, nothing to do with XYY's impression of the old bird from The Shining. There's a slim chance there's something to this Q stuff going on recent events. Jesus, roped in again - it's the hope I can;t stand. Last chance saloon though.
  9. There are countries whose economic model is partly based on training and farming out clinicians in order to send tax payer's money home - Philipines spings to mind. It's a crazy world.
  10. I don't mind gaps being filled. I mind people here doing f all not being trained up as first option. I don't mind genuine refugees escaping islamic shitholes 'cos islam. Just leave the cause of the shitholeness back in the country of origin, or fuck off. Also, take some responsibility and sort your own governments/regimes out. It's what practically every other nation on earth has had to do at some point and it's coming round again.