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  1. A.I. All the hangers on can be replaced by bricks.
  2. I have roughly 50k of musical instruments/gear. You could definitely say I have 'blown' most of it.
  3. That's a serious filtrum. You could hold a scalectric tournament in that.
  4. If no one here has seen "Get Out", I recommend it if you need to be twatted over the head with a race stick a thousand times over. Worth watching it for the sheer cheek that Hollywood can get away with being so anti white.
  5. Landlord flu. You could just contaminate the water on cruise ships.
  6. My ex would start the descent into a bout of depression and there was nothing you could do but ride it out, sometimes for days. It was hard for someone like me to understand as I'm pretty much happy-go-lucky with a few dips which is normal. At the end of the day we fuck with the chemicals in our head at our own risk.
  7. You're not wrong. All that blowing and Newton's third law in action.
  8. I'm right underneath the flight path for RAF Northholt. Definitely something big and noisy there circa 8 am.
  9. I went to a quantum theory conference and it was great. I wanted to attend a quantum theory conference but it was cancelled.
  10. Big if though. since history tells us this has never been the case.