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  1. Interesting rant from this guy (Gordon Dimmack). Different slant as he's coming from the left but still as an anti globalist calling this shit out for what it is:
  2. There was a self-centered bitch who lived in a shoe. She had no kids, so the caliphate moved in.
  3. It's all a load of old nonsense. Like lots of tat handed out to deflect from what's important. A simple Iron cross was enough to command awe in WW2 or the original Napoleonic Legion of Honour. I mean, WTF is this? Looks like general cheeseburger.
  4. Pinner was once described as 'the most boring place in the world' by some actress (Gemma Arterton??). Proper suburbia. fast train (met line) into London for all the accountants and alike. Mostly white/Hindu. Never any trouble including the surrounding districts of Ruislip, Eastcote, Hatch End. Needless to say, house prices are insane. Problem is it neighbours Harrow which just resembles some Star Wars cafe of 250,000 people. White flight has taken hold big time, celebrated as diversity - Somali, Eritraen, Poles, Roma, Sri-lankan, Syrian etc... anything but anglos (especially under 50). They've all gone to Pinner/Eastcote/Ruislip if they can afford it - except for a handful of druggie losers who are housed in grim Ruislip Manor. Result - new turf wars. Though I doubt they're supplying the middle class of Pinner as Cressida Dicksplash insists.
  5. Stabbings and shootings going on in my area now which is the well-known hood of Pinner. Shopkeeper stabbed to death in Pinner At least the So-Called BBC gave us the colour of the car in the article.
  6. "DOSBODS, whose real name is...."
  7. Too right. Maybe the copper should receive half of the benefits saved thus far as thanks.
  8. I'll know for certain in the next 24hrs, but still aiming to make it. Need to make a thread for a banner competition.
  9. VIZ used to have a 'Borderline Boiler' section for these. The one entry I remember best was 'That bird from Blue Peter.... she'd get a sticky back but no plastic.' Classic.
  10. I'd quite like a knock on old Voldemort to be honest. Just to see if it stays together. Bit like thrashing a Ford Capri around Brands Hatch.