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  2. I've found just the geezer for you:
  3. It's Agenda 2030 in action. XR are just the useful idiots. The end game is for the 99% to live like lab rats.
  4. TBF I can't be 100% certain he partook - I did, as did jools and much of the band. Suggs was in the room. The albums were Jools and friends and More Friends.... it was a loooong time ago. Hedonistic days. Suggs is a nice bloke I recall.
  5. This going to sound like really wanky oneupmanship, but I recorded two albums at Jools' gaff with him and snorted coke off his coffee table with him and Suggs. The suppressed memories keep flooding back.
  6. maynardgravy


    But..but.. you could get a return of up to 12% !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Anyone thinking that voting liblabcon will change anything needs a head MOT. Tory donors don't want a country, they want an exponential debt-drone factory and room-fillers to feed the square mile. Labour want an over-populated welfare-junkie state (good luck squaring that circle Steptoe). LibDems want both.
  8. I'm not religious in the slightest but that looks a lot like divine intervention.
  9. Will they call the AA spaceman to come and do it? Hope they're covered properly.
  10. Both. Rod Liddle would call it 'Peak Wank'. I'm not sure - we're in unchartered waters. What is certain is that the post modernists took over the universities/schools a few decades ago (most here would have at least been aware of it). The 'correct' students in turn were hand picked to become the chief execs of hospital trusts, headmasters, chiefs of police. heads of BBC etc. Made worse by a generation or two who have no stake in capitalism - the Tory's worst mistake was not letting the housing market crash and inviting in a new wave of partakers. They fucked up big time and this kind of shite is the end product (by design - who knows????). So we have Cultural Marxism or Crony capitalism..... deep joy! The end result is these kind of self flagellating creeps gain traction and support from the masses of disenchanted.