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  1. It appears nothing is learned from history. Or maybe it is. You have to create a reaction before you can implement the 'solution'.
  2. So it begins. Companies signing up to non existant black racism in the UK to create in your face anti white racism. Diversifying.io What kind of joke country signs up to this self loathing bullshit?
  3. Maybe Israel is a gigantic placebo. Fudge the efficacy figures. The rest of the world looks on at the marvel of the safe vax. Tinfoil off. My nephew is halfway through covid positive quarantine. Had cold symptoms for one day. Fuck this shit.
  4. His 'friends' were probably friends because of his status. His wife would have left him for not being the status she married. If you buy your friends and family, be prepared to lose them PDQ.
  5. Think it was a Delingpod that I heard it mentioned that Deutsche bank had crashed (secretly) in 2019. I know it's been touted on here by some of the more savvy students of economics.
  6. How 'Independent'. Great comments and downvote percentage though.
  7. Jesus Christ. Did nobody in 1980 think about was was happening except for St Bob, patron saint of exponential population growth?
  8. Had to duckduckgo that one. Otherwise I'd have thought Golgafrinchans would be @The XYY Man's last attempt on A Friday karaoke night.
  9. What if the intention is to wipe out all the utter morons from the face of the planet? It's not like the information isn't out there about the survival rate.
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