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  1. Out of the 10 trumpet players in my year at college plus the one below, one was killed by a car in Berlin (had a skinful, not the driver), one killed himself, washed up on a beach in Cornwall, one is living in a bedsit in Aston with chronic addiction an depression issues, one was killed in fight in a pub, one became a heroine junkie (recovering apparently) and another is a paranoid schizophrenic who attempted to kill his own sister. Safe profession.
  2. A musician with an alcohol problem you say? Well that narrows the search down.....
  3. Of which there will be millions. In effect, there will be no unemployed, just millions of social workers.
  4. I agree, but last year? 2007 surely? I keep going back to the feeling that capitalism effectively ceased to be in that crash and crony capitalism, fueled by floored rates and MMT funny money has kept the wolf from the door. But unserviceable debt is... unservicable. When capitalism fails to keep the masses happy then communism rears its ugly head, only TPTB have cleverly turned (or rather used) Cultural Marxism rather than Classical Marxism to take the heat off the rich by getting the races and sexes at each other's throats. It's coercion into a totalitarian, social credit led
  5. In Brum Arctic roll was the nectar of the Gods.That and Vienetta (sp?)
  6. My dad looks younger than that and he's been dead for three years.
  7. A school spokesman has since told The Sun they had been able to verify the student's age - but couldn't reveal how. Did they saw his head in half and count the rings?
  8. maynardgravy

    BLM UK

    If any one of these clueless fuckers uses electricity on stsge, an amp, guitar or keyboard. A horn section with a valved trumpet, slide trombone or a saxophone of any description. Stage lighting or microphones. If they even attempt to change key using the diatonic method. If they even sing in a vaguely European dialect..... they should be strung up with piano wire for heinous cultural appropriation.
  9. Nope, but it should be on my to-read list. I have the Gulag archipelago and Brave New World first.... Nothing like a little light reading.
  10. That's the problem with an ever expanding jurisdiction - the laws are layered like a damned onion. Get kicked out at a national interest level, go directly to EU, if that fails you'll soon be able to appeal to the World Court, which will throw you out to where exactly? Another planet?
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