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  1. you've either got a knob or a fanny. If you have something in between, go see a doctor... or @The XYY Man
  2. One of the only white bloke in this ad is racing his quad bike into the sea..
  3. wife's birthday today, so I'm having to fight all the father's day brigade for overpriced meals - deep joy.
  4. Newton didn't discover gravity - he created the laws explaining the physical qualities (to a largely accurate but not quite precise point). He had no idea what gravity was and admitted such. It was Einstein who figured out that gravity was the effect that mass/energy has on time-space curvature. </pedantry>
  5. It's a massive grey area though. Just as there is (or should be - I've lost track of the law now) an assault law to deal with these cases under one umbrella, there should be one teaching of 'respect' that has blanket representation. What's happening here is the bending of the national curriculum into identity politics. I see your point but I'll raise it by changing your penultimate sentence: 'It seems to me though that if kids grow up learning that there are no negative consequences for virtue signalling and identity politics, then there's a reasonable chance they'll carry on with it into later life'.
  6. maynardgravy


    Looks like he's just finished wanking off two enormous black shafts.
  7. Aren't you falling into the trap of special privilege? There's already a law for this... assault. It's covered.
  8. Watching his wife having coke-sex
  9. Suicide? Short of having a lobotomy, it's hard to see how anyone can't see how this relates to the New American Century. Thing is, a year or so ago I would have been scouring the news for as much info as possible. Now I honestly couldn't give two shits. It's all so predictable and inevitable. Fuck Trump, Q, Pompeo, Bibi and Bolton. Same old, same old.
  10. Big end's gone innit...... not going to be cheap luv.
  11. Wasn't the point of automation to get rid of these soul-destroying shitty jobs so that we could all go fishing with our families during our 20 hour working weeks? That's what the old infomercials sold us anyway.
  12. To be fair, Chernobyl is probably just one enormous metaphor for the whole UK.
  13. Nowt wrong with hand-me-downs so long as they fit and aren't full of shit. Unfortunately.....
  14. Boris is my MP. Parachuted in and no one has every seen him. He has very powerful backers that somehow manages to do damage limitation to him and his teflon ex-wife. Don't think he does a buffoon act, I think he is a buffoon, with an inflated opinion of himself, as exemplified by telling the most inappropriate and shittiest joke in history about Skripal, Russia and light sabers. God help us when (not if) Boris gets in - the capitulation will be swift into BRINO. And as ever, it will be all double-speak and bullshit with a cheeky-chappie, Bullingdon-Boy smile sneer.
  15. Then you don't fucking own it then - just another taxpayer fleecing to prop up the 'market'. Think I'll take out a mortgage on a mansion when I'm 60 and make my grandkids pay for it.
  16. Are the more LBGTQXYZ votes or Roper ones? Must be a close one, otherwise we'd have a clear winner.
  17. No, he always sounds like that.
  18. Obviously, most will have heard about this guy's 'Burger King Brexit' sketch. But more than that, I think we may well be watching the rise of the anti-woke hero the young BADLY need and can connect to. He doesn't seem to give a shit about PC culture. you should all check out his channel o YT if you haven't already - I've a feeling it won't be there for long.
  19. Hmmm. Thing is, if your aim was the complete financial slavery of your subjects, rather than doing the right thing by them, which would you choose?