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  1. For once I agree. Give them all private chauffeurs. Preferably from Senegal.
  2. I think you've hit peak libtard right on the head there - non-binary ageism. Maybe i can identify as a corpse so that I can go on a jolly in the Caribbean 'Weekend at Bernie's' style, courtesy of the life insurance.
  3. Pretty soon, we'll all be Winston Smith.
  4. Just force-feed her some lettuce or some other health food.
  5. Am I the only one here who's never done the lottery? No one is getting my money.
  6. What was his chat up line? "Ever had an orgasm while standing up?"
  7. Germans or Prussians? Prussian Junker class even.... strange coincidence that.
  8. I worked out the missing name - it's Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon
  9. Better hope it's not Victor then, you'll be overdosing on Goulash and yellow-tinted cheap vodka.
  10. Extra R.S or R.E. or whatever they call it now - ghost stories?
  11. They aren't hard decisions - this is planned. People in the UK used to have large families partly because there was little/no pension security so this was the only option. These immigrants know the future better than we do...
  12. Must admit, the sacking did surprise me, but to think that the board somehow thinks (subliminal or otherwise) that he has no chance of succeeding 'cos black innit, is insulting to just about anyone. If you look at the EPL there are very few 'Anglo' managers - totally unrepresentative of the population in fact. So where's the Saxon outrage??? Total bolox.
  13. Nothing on our canals. Where's the old shopping trolley and Dirty Den?
  14. Think that's a bit harsh. We tend to think of the big revolutions happening all at once - rarely does that occur. Took the Russians a few attempts to get it right (wrong???). It always involves a piece of luck, like a surfer hitting the right wave. When the right one comes along it breeds confidence and momentum - still think Spring is massive in the whole of Europe. has many similarities with 1848. The revolutions spread across Europe after an initial revolution began in France in February. Over 50 countries were affected, but with no significant coordination or cooperation among their respective revolutionaries. Some of the major contributing factors were widespread dissatisfaction with political leadership, demands for more participationin government and democracy, demands for freedom of the press, other demands made by the working class, the upsurge of nationalism, and the regrouping of established government forces.[4]
  15. Would! BTW, anyone see Robbie Williams ruining classic songs (again) the other night? Cunt.
  16. Real musicians in studios. Classics:
  17. My missus tells me that this leg. means little as you still require permission from NOK to harvest. Doesn't mean a second bill to remove that isn't on the cards.
  18. Theme by Stuart Copland of Police fame. Sorry was meant to reply to OP @OurDayWillComeregarding intro