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    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I'm not really getting the 'Macron's mum' meme. I find older women very sexy. Can't we just accept Macron's an arsewipe regardless? (possibly a closeted one)
  2. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    Is that a euphemism? Meals on wheels don't count.
  3. maynardgravy

    The Peasants are Revolting, warns IMF

    Thing is, noone ever voted for globalism. it just appeared with the likes of Bliar etc. If we had voted for a kind of globalism it would have been a kind of financial lifeline or education sponsorship. Not a fecking free-for-all 'kick the fence down and come on over' death wish.
  4. maynardgravy

    The Peasants are Revolting, warns IMF

    With no one rich enough to buy anything..... now where's that wonga loan?
  5. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    Ahem - of course. Mostly thinking about past sexual encounters though..... God I'm sad.
  6. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    At the risk of being run out of town (well this forum anyway). I have to have a connection. I need to feel desired... .. now where's my soy milk?
  7. maynardgravy

    Invasion flotilla spotted off Kent

    No need
  8. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    Fuck me. What are you supposed to do with it? Feed it? Could find a use for one of @Sgt Hartman 's radishes.
  9. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    Welcome by the way. Never used one, but then never visited a prostitute either, Never saw the point in having sex with something/someone that doesn't even like you back, .(my hand loves me) I did buy one once as a prank in an orchestra. Conductor looks up and sees this: Don't think I got asked back.... looks a bit like that Soubry bird.
  10. maynardgravy

    Blow Up Dolls

    Dolls of Peace should be the thread title surely? Oh.... I see....
  11. maynardgravy

    trans madness

    It's not that hard a concept to grasp, honestly - science offers testable theories - these are the highest accolade. They have to be 'disprovable' no matter how solid they are, otherwise it's not science. Take evolution by natural selection for instance - find bunny fossils in the Cambrian strata and bang - theory torn apart. Therefore it's never certain, it never sleeps. WARNING: do not confuse scientific theories with every day use of the word 'theory'. Oh dear - no, time has never been, or will ever be infinite, it's a dimension and part of time-space.- basic Einstein. Dare I say science? It would be true until disproved or refined. e.g Newtonian gravity - General Relativity. I'm sure 'they' are glad for that. I fear that this is going to go down a whole creationism type argument path for which I have no time. I will just reiterate that you are IMO doing the whole 'God of the gaps' argument, which is no argument at all.
  12. maynardgravy

    trans madness

    I never agreed to that. I do think it to be highly unlikely, but to say never would be very unscientific. Debatable. Science has an explanation (or at least large part of) for almost everything of importance. That is not minuscule. If we remain on topic - science would look for the truth for what defines someone as homosexual (observation), postulate some theories (mutation misfiring - gay gene for instance) test theory and then throw out or refine, publish paper for peer review - accepted/rejected.... theory remains until someone else makes a better one ad infinitum. Religion on the other hand has to accept some blame in the madness we now endure as a part backlash because of its unswerving, dogmatic attitude towards homosexuality. Treating it as an inherently evil lifestyle choice of heathens. So instead of it being a small ho-hum accepted part of any standard society, the lid came off the pressure cooker (aided by the cultural Marxist opportunists) and here we are.
  13. maynardgravy

    trans madness

    Science, by its very nature, is the search for truth and never dares to declare itself complete. It is the total opposite of dogma and it therefore incompatible with religion. That's the main reason islamic countries are so backward. Retreating to a 'God of the gaps' philosophy is the flimsy argument here IMO. There's hardly a realm that science hasn't made massive contributions towards - medicine, travel, IT, construction, exploration, energy etc. What would you base truth on? Scripture? And that would be utterly wrong.
  14. maynardgravy

    What colour babies?

    "Besides also admitting that she now identifies as a black woman, Martina revealed how doctors said her and her white husband could give birth to a black child." He said 'fat' you deaf bitch!
  15. maynardgravy

    trans madness

    The true power of the West lies in its secularization of religion from law. That our law has its basis in Christianity I have no doubt, but we moved on from that far quicker and more effectively than hard-core Catholicism and certainly Islam. Which is why the importation of Islam into the West, especially the protestant West, is such a no-no. Science can't be blamed for telling us the truth, but it did open a window for subversives to take up places of influence. Especially in pseudosciences such as philosophy. The problem with gay and transgender rights is that it moved from being 'okay' to be gay/transgender (which had to be addressed, just look at the sad stories of Wilde and Turin), to being pushed as being somehow normal and even preferential. Sorry, it's not the norm to be gay. If it were, we'd be extinct. It's perfectly fine, but not in any way normal, or indeed for the survival of a species, preferential.
  16. maynardgravy

    Bye, UKIP

    well, we do live in the age of crowd funding, so you never know.
  17. maynardgravy

    trans madness

  18. maynardgravy

    Freelander of Peace

    Mixed in with a clove of garlic and a stake to the heart.
  19. maynardgravy

    Pink, everything is bloody pink.

  20. maynardgravy

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    Slight alteration.
  21. maynardgravy


    Was Larry Silverstein having root canal again?
  22. maynardgravy

    Tricks to get away with doing bugger all at work

    Windows. Ker-tish
  23. maynardgravy

    Tricks to get away with doing bugger all at work

    Isn't this all a bit USSR ish? "They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work." I guess this is what happens when incentive is removed from society. Bit pointless working harder if it doesn't get you an increase in living standards/goes on tax for others to mug you off. As @TheCountOfNowhere would say - collapse baked in. Keep it up guys!
  24. maynardgravy

    Tricks to get away with doing bugger all at work

    Become a project manager or play the cymbals in an orchestra.
  25. maynardgravy

    Islamification of Europe

    Culprit found