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  1. Wind has varied between <1GW and 13GW in the past month. Let's be generous and say it varies by a factor of 10 if we build offshore. If we build 50GW (more than max British consumption) we can expect it to regularly go to 5GW. Those gas turbines will be providing almost all the backup. Can you imagine how high the prices will spike when the wind stops? That's assuming the demand can even be met. Battery backup of that capacity is going to be insanely expensive. We're going to have to price in brownouts for certain industries and possibly households. Smart fridges are not going to solve the problem. Then there's the fact that wind power doesn't even coincide well with times of maximum demand. Worth getting a generator IMO.
  2. The more renewables we have the less stable the grid becomes, it's not just about total power produced. Also, we will still need close to 100% conventional backup for wind and solar. We're going to have to operate two productive systems in parallel. It's going to be very expensive and for what? What is the actual benefit? We could be self-sufficient as a nation with coal, oil, gas, nuclear, biomass and hydro. We could have cheap and reliable electricity giving us a huge competitive advantage over our neighbours. Instead we're going down an ideological route which will make ordinary people poorer and less safe.
  3. whitevanman


    Youth is wasted on the young.
  4. We're getting 2GW of wind today with 45GW of demand. If we continue the push for renewables we're going to experience massive prices rises plus blackouts in future. It's complete madness.
  5. High speed line is expensive. It's funny that the roads are being deliberately slowed down and we're told it ok as it doesn't really add to journey times. Somehow the opposite applies to railways. 150mph lines would be fine and much cheaper to build and run.
  6. Possibly an Aston Martin series 3
  7. Is it my imagination or are many of these estate agents run very poorly?
  8. Overtaking will be made illegal or impossible. Much of Sweden now has wire rope barriers down the middle of their rural roads in order to stop overtaking. Tough luck if you get stuck behind a tractor or a cyclist. If it saves just one life it will be worth it.
  9. I think that's the whole point of this technology. It's not meant to save us, it's meant to kill us.
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    Being a trad wife homemaker means you don't have to get a job after the divorce.
  11. The technology already exists and is in use. All the EU needs to do is make it mandatory. You're not going to bypass it if there is legal sanction for doing so. Can you imagine appearing in court on a speeding charge in a vehicle in which you've hacked the speed limiter? Say hello to bubba for me.