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  1. I own quite a few Haynes manuals for cars I no longer own. I flick through them occasionally, looking at the dirty pages and reminiscing about mechanical fuckups I’ve been involved with in the past.
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    Could be but who knows? The marginal rate of extraction is something like half the spot price. This time it could be different but I have my doubts.
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    How much does it cost to mine?
  4. Nobody can predict the future, no matter how ‘expert’ they claim to be. They are always wrong. Also, the deforestation claim is taken for granted. It’s wrong, deforestation is occurring in some parts of the world and reforestation in others. In all of the developed world reforestation is occurring, mostly because wood is no longer used as fuel. Higher CO2 levels are increasing vegetation growth everywhere. Bunch of cunts.
  5. Is that the official punishment then? ’I find the defendant Shamone guilty on one count of failure to pay council tax. I hereby sentence you to the maximum punishment for this crime. You will be taken from this place to be bummed senseless by the court woofter. Take him away!’ I think they used to call it the ‘short sharp shock’ very popular with the Tory party.
  6. I drove through Brixton this afternoon. Traffic was gridlocked due to some sort of protest/carnival. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Edit: just looked it up and it was a protest/march for black emancipation or something. Very loud music!
  7. I honestly don’t think marketing works on me. In any case, even if I am influenced I’ve got fuck all money to do anything about it.
  8. I know a girl from Romania who bought a flat in Southampton. Living in a flat in Romania is the norm for most people. Anyway, she was complaining that everyone in the block is horrible and smoke drugs all night. I think this is probably the norm in the uk. She wants a house now.
  9. Alan Dershowitz appears to be in deep trouble. He double and triple downed on his innocence. Looks very bad now. As for Prince Andrew...
  10. Probably just creosote
  11. The term was created by communists. It’s defined by the left. It means what they say it means i.e. only white people can be racist, only BAMEs can be victims of racism. Don’t legitimise their term by using it. You can hate or discriminate against whoever the fuck you like and anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves.
  12. I believe ‘poof’ is felt to be offensive to some of our more sensitive brethren these days, ‘poofter’ should be used instead or ‘raving poofter’ to show due deference on more formal occasions.
  13. I’ve noticed recently that some homosexuals have started referring to themselves as ‘gay’ I doubt it will catch on