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  1. whitevanman


    Silly man, he's using hair mousse.
  2. 'They're turning the frogs gay!' It would be epic.
  3. All the more reason for corporate/government control of the internet. We can't have the public communicating independent thoughts of their own.
  4. At least it's got the appropriate overriders shin-manglers.
  5. I wonder if that's where the driver intended to park or if the car just had terrible steering and brakes.
  6. I know a girl with a degree in forensic science. She works in a local council as some sort of data analyst. It's a science degree which requires a decent level of intelligence and application. Much more useful than the majority of degrees imo.
  7. All major companies are doing the lgbti+ during pride month. Any company that doesn't join in is going to be accused of bigotry and homophobia. It's much easier for them to just go along with it 'Look! We've got a sign, we love the gays!'
  8. The French people are always looking to the government to solve the problems created by government. This is going to end with France having the same standard of living as the African states their new poopulatjon is coming from.
  9. If it takes I gram of Zyclon B to kill a...
  10. In Sao Paulo and Rio it's a way for the rich to avoid being kidnapped or murdered in the streets. The US is going the same way IMO.
  11. Honestly I was considering getting myself one of those 'drain jetters' and setting myself up in business. I've got the van and the equipment comes in at about £3k. A callout and unblock seems to command about £150-£200. Where there's muck there's brass!
  12. I think he's known as Jeremy Front-Hole these days.