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  1. I'm pretty sure what the politicians want is for the plebs to be priced out of owning or using any kind of private transportation. This has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with being ruled by psychotic control freaks who pretend to know what's best for us. All they really want is power and control. Good luck in the joyless, cashless, social credit hellscape that is our future.
  2. Who are you to tell people they are using their cars too much? They use them because they like them and want to be able to get around wherever and whenever they like. I went out for a drive last night just for the fun of it. Got a problem with that?
  3. I would with knobs on.
  4. Carbon offsetting is total fucking bollocks. It goes against any kind of rational thought. It's no better than sacrificing a goat to ensure a good crop of wheat. It's just a very thin excuse for the great and the good to continue with their ridiculous lifestyles. They deserve the pointy end of a pitchfork for the way they lord it over us.
  5. "I'm British because my mother's British and her family have been British for 5000 years. It's not something that comes on a piece of paper and can be taken, at any time." Bit racist...
  6. You need to be careful with range rovers. Once they get a few miles on the clock the air suspension tends to leak and leave the body looking a bit lopsided. Best give it as thorough inspection before purchase.
  7. I made a momentous piece of art this morning. Unfortunately I flushed it away before I could take a picture.
  8. They should make the 190e again. Radio an optional extra.
  9. It's any white male that doesn't want to get bummed by a gang of black men. Racist and homophobic no less.
  10. Reading up about it, you're right about when the sun becomes a red giant. The trouble is that as the sun uses up it's fuel it's output increases. It's getting hotter by about 1% every 100 million years. That means that long before it becomes a red giant it will have heated the earth to the point that all the water on the earth will boil away and be lost to space. Don't go buying any beachfront property just yet.
  11. I think the oceans are supposed to disappear eventually, not sure the exact mechanism but it's nothing to do with climate change. Besides, in 500m years the earth is set to be swallowed up by the sun as it becomes a red giant. Don't make any long term plans, eh?
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    If they're on a fast racing yacht then it's going to feel like being close hauled all the way i.e. bouncy, noisy, windy and wet. At least Greta will get an opportunity to experience genuine fear for once in her life.
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    A gentleman never sails to windward.
  14. I've been blessed with a body straight from heaven, think Adam reaching for the hand of God. Well, maybe not the body but I definitely got his cock.