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  1. 1M to end sexual harrasment ....

    Give me a million quid and I'll promise not sexually harass anyone... much.
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5402115/Italy-nation-seething-anger.html The slaughter, dismemberment, deboning and cannibalising of am 18 year old Italian girl by Nigerian gangsters. Some Italian people are angry about it, the filthy racists!
  3. Which Father Ted character are you?

    Couldn't do the test as a feckin' bird stole my glasses.
  4. Mass shooting Florida

    Definitely looks like FAS to me. Low IQ, impulsiveness, emotional instability + social rejection/alienation + guns It's not hard to see how this stuff happens.
  5. Islamification of Europe

    Remember: rapists are victims too. Well they bloody would be if DOSBODS had their way.
  6. Islamification of Europe

    She was asking for it, the little harlot!
  7. What drugs was this bezerker on in Manchester

    Schizophrenia. One of them killed a bloke.
  8. You'd think describing me as a perv who prowls the streets by night in his van of sin would have her frothing at the gash. I bet Stokie got in there first.
  9. They fuck you at the supermarket.

    That stuff is nice as long as you have absolutely no sugar in your diet and your taste buds are exquisitely sensitive to the small amount of sugar in the chocolate. IIRC it has 7g of sugar per 100g of product, cadburys dairy milk has 56g of sugar per 100g.
  10. French plan to bring back national service

    Have you seen his mum? She's well fit, I'd do 'er.
  11. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    Snowboarders flatten out all the moguls and generally make a mess wherever they go. Plus they think they're cool whilst behaving like twats. They also like to sit on their arses every 20 seconds, usually in the middle of the piste. The Olympic moguls are actually what moguls end up looking like if there are no snowboarders around.
  12. Its called fucking statistics

    So what you're saying is a white person can't be called Mohammed Khan? Sounds like a racist generalisation to me, eh bbc?
  13. Shithole Countries

    Looking for a shithole country? Try South Africa. They don't even pretent to believe in the rule of law anymore. It's fucking terrifying.