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  1. whitevanman

    OMG the bad man hurt my feelings

    Twitter is run by SJWs for SJWs, there's almost no rational thought on there. They've chased away and banned normal people off the platform. It's become an exclusive leftie echo chamber where they can all gather together and reinforce and amplify their worldview to the point of absurdity. The bitterness and hatred on there is truly something to behold, but that's the tolerant left for you.
  2. whitevanman

    And a fucking another ....

    Don't discount the cousin marriage thing, it's not just physical abnormalities that result from inbreeding within those communities.
  3. whitevanman

    And a fucking another ....

    Yeah, blame porn rather than the double dose of the psychopath gene he got from his cousin marriage muzzer parents.
  4. whitevanman

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    How the fuck did he get a visa and how much has that lot cost the British taxpayer? Ship 'em out.
  5. whitevanman

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    It'll be integrated into our own laws, just like everything else that comes from the UN.
  6. whitevanman

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    There's two schools of thought on this. Most dogs are numbers dogs i.e. not natural alphas. They'll take their lead from their owner, after all he's the one who feeds them. Domestication has made most dogs quite friendly and docile. Some dogs are naturally dominant and need an occasional reminder that they are not the boss. With regard to children, dogs don't see them as part of the social hierarchy. They are instinctively quite gentle with them in the same way they would be with their own young It's common sense really, sadly common sense ain't so common.
  7. whitevanman

    Bull terriers, they're so sweet. Anyone can have one.

    Humans are much more of a risk around children than the average dog. Plus you can't (legally) put a bullet in a person's brain if they do harm to your child.
  8. More social justice enforcement from the UK police service. Where will it all end?
  9. whitevanman

    Health and Safety jobsworths

    It's safe because the chimney is square.
  10. whitevanman

    Starting your own business

    Tesco. They had some suppliers waiting up to 2 years to be paid. The ombudsman stepped in but still no fine for Tesco's. I'm not sure what their standard payment schedule is but I bet it's measured in months.
  11. whitevanman

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    Express helicopter transport.
  12. whitevanman

    Islamification of Europe

    Refugees welcome.
  13. whitevanman

    Starting your own business

    Financial duty to shareholders innit, it's illegal for them to pay until they absolutely have to. The funny thing is that big companies have excess to incredibly cheap credit, not the case for small businesses. Molotov cocktail through the CEO's front window should do the trick.
  14. whitevanman

    Starting your own business

    I've never not been paid in a decade of being self-employed. Most of my customers are nice retired middle-class folk. The younger people I've worked for are sometimes slow to pay but they've always coughed up in the end. I think it helps that I know where they live! Businesses are another matter, they can be right bastards. Glad I don't deal with them.
  15. whitevanman

    Starting your own business

    There's dignity in working for yourself as your own boss. You're not going to become the next Jeff Bezos but you can still do well and have satisfaction in your work. For tradesmen especially, it very rarely ever pays off to scale up your business. The only time I've seen it work in within a partnership or family business. Employing people is hell.