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  1. It's not a credible or imminent threat. In the US it would be protected by the 1st Amendment. The US is the only country in the world to have free speech. They understand that the only speech that needs to be protected is hate speech.
  2. Socialism for the rich. Usuary and global wage arbitrage for the poor. Absolute cunts.
  3. One for the giving up wanking thread.
  4. The press are playing it down. Barely any mention. I guess they don't want to think about what it might mean.
  5. 'Don't look back in anger'
  6. Being religious is normal. People who are religious are generally happier, healthier and more fertile than atheist people. Until recently religiousness was ubiquitous. Of course when traditional religions are abandoned people don't suddenly lose their need for a belief system. In the west Christianity has been replaced with wokeism and holocaustianity.
  7. They just need to be persuaded of the benefits of western civilization: porn, shopping, pop music, casual sex and getting smashed out of your mind on drink and drugs.
  8. How do they know you've gone abroad? Presumably you can just go on the electoral roll at a friend's/family member's home? Technically I guess it's illegal but the changes of ukgov catching up with you must be slim.
  9. I might start wearing this little beauty again... ... on the outside.
  10. If I stop wanking, will people stop calling me a wanker?
  11. Not just sugar, also vegetable oils because animal fats are 'bad'. Lots of carbs because meat is 'bad'. Sedentary lifestyles and hormone disregulation plus the fact that women no long need to please no man. It's a perfect storm.
  12. Could have gone in any number of threads...