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  1. There's a trade off between vitamin D production and skin protection. If we don't get enough vitamin D, bones go soft which causes women to die in childbirth. That's a very powerful selective pressure.
  2. I don't want to blame the victim but if you drive a BMW, it's only a matter of time until the engine fucks up.
  3. £50 voucher and £500 in administrative costs. Might as well just burn the money
  4. He wuz a gud boi he dindu nuffin
  5. That's quite common. Wages have been declining for decades. Those who've been protected by their contracts or by the unions have maintained their wages. From the outside it looks like they are making out like bandits but all they've done is maintained their purchasing power. Everyone else has been fucked. New pilots on low cost airlines make fuck all.
  6. Are we going to get mandatory vaccinations? I know he's a septic but he's close to the centre of power. It gives you an idea of their thinking. I think Brits are scared enough to agree to forced vaccination.
  7. A friend of mine used to be a stewardess for British Airways. She's still got lots of friends at the company. The word is that they're all going to get laid off and any that go back will be on new contracts. Officially 12000 out of 42000 will go but the company is taking the opportunity to revise its terms of employment i.e shit money, shit conditions Are there any decent jobs left in the UK?
  8. This is the reason we're bringing in the third world hordes. They are willing to do the jobs that the British just won't do. If it ever looks like you'll end up in a care home, do yourself a favour and top yourself before you get there.
  9. Totally agree, she's not a bloke, she's a female wookie.
  10. Loads of great Renaults in the past. Nothing in the last decade though.
  11. They're all parked by Nab Tower or off Weymouth. Berthing fees in Southampton cost a fortune.
  12. He acts like a complete nutcase, like someone suffering from clinical psychosis. I'd be worried if I bumped into him.