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  1. Just what exactly are essential items? If your cat pisses and shits on your bedclothes then you might really need new ones. What are people supposed to do? sleep on a bed of hay? Government has become the enemy
  2. I wood, but then I’m not fussy ‘cos beggars can’t be choosers.
  3. What’s with Parkistan? It’s full of Pakis for a start...
  4. The MSM news gets its scripts from the intelligence services. The same intelligence services involved in the coup to get rid of Trump.
  5. Nuclear waste is cheap to deal with when you consider the amount of energy you get from it. It’s a very small proportion of the cost of nuclear. Fast reactors are fine in theory but nobody has made them work economically, they are complicated and tend to have problems. Theres no shortage of uranium, we should get building PWRs
  6. Biden's lawyer contacted Giuliani and asked if he could have Hunter’s laptop back
  7. Nicking tools that someone needs for work is pretty low.
  8. I prefer cocoa before bed but whatever floats your boat!
  9. It all came from Wakanda!
  10. Might makes right. In the end violence works. In the U.K. It is de facto illegal to insult their prophet. Increasingly this reality is being acknowledged in law. There’s no point raging against it, we have to live with it or accept the very heavy price to be paid for a return to a more enlightened society.
  11. The lowest tier is ‘medium’ I suppose it’s a bit like having a small coffee, you have to ask for a ‘regular’
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