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  1. whitevanman

    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    I'm boycotting TV, branded razors, Hollywood and democracy.
  2. whitevanman

    Fucking RSPCA...

    Nobody wants to die knowing that their beloved pet dog is going to get taken away by the RSPCA and put down.
  3. whitevanman

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Half cast? More like quadroon, maybe even octoroon. She looks nothing like a purebred Bantu. DOSBODS, where racial classification matters.
  4. whitevanman

    Boohoo bans wool

    I'm not sure why there's such a big panic about methane recently. It's not called natural gas for nothing. It oxidises fairly quickly in the atmosphere forming water and CO2. I can't think of a more environmentally sustainable material for making clothes than wool, it's a fantastic product.
  5. It's not a question of whether or not the government should allow her back. If this country had a backbone then she would fear the consequences of returning and stay in whatever shit-hole she currently resides within.
  6. £161k for a website? Fuck me electrons have gone in price recently.
  7. whitevanman

    Trump's progress

    Trump hasn't really done that much apart from some tax cuts. There's no wall, there is going to be an amnesty for illegals and he can't seem to get round the deep state to get the troops out of the Middle East. It's just that the Democrats are even worse. They've lurched towards the insane left and are now openly advocating for baby murder. You couldn't make it up. All they really needed to do was keep quiet and let demographics get them to the White House in 2020.
  8. whitevanman

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    She looks like a meth-head.
  9. whitevanman

    Europe’s Alcatraz

    It wouldn't be fair on the sheep.
  10. whitevanman

    Aggravated burglary then killed escaping arrest

    They actually drive in the middle.
  11. whitevanman

    The big bloody clit thread

    Who cares about FGM? Let the savages get on with it. What I'm bothered about is what these people will do to me and my people as they grow in number and power. I care about violence, ethnic cleansing, rape gangs, terrorists, corruption, etc.
  12. whitevanman

    Rachel @ 50

    I reckon watching Friends as a teenager set me back a whole decade when it comes to how to approach women. The three female characters in the show needed a good slap round the face.
  13. whitevanman

    Sports what we invented

    It was English toffs holidaying in the Alps that invented downhill skiing. Before that skiing was just a way to get around when the weather was bad.