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  1. Now you're getting it. Could be some good exposure for you as well. Might even get a writing gig out of it.
  2. Whilst you're writing you should pee in a bottle to show solidarity with the workers of Amazon. Post about it on Facebook and Twitter for maximum SJW kudos.
  3. Islamification of Europe

    Welsh isn't her own culture if you know what I mean. She's just a chancer taking advantage of an opportunity to enrich herself at the expense of others. The Welsh need to run her out of their house.
  4. I change my own tyres. I tried bead balancing and it's not as good as proper balancing. The beads are noisy and the wheel can go out of balance, especially under acceleration. I use a motorbike wheel balancer and an old disc/hub to mount the wheel for balancing. It works a treat. I use adhesive weights. Also, forget about alloy wheels unless you have a proper mounter/demounter machine. Steel wheels are easy with just a set of levers.
  5. Online agents get you decent prices and local fitting. Over the counter prices can be ridiculous, they really try it on.
  6. True but the Michelin energy saver tyres are about £20 more per tyre and I reckon most of the money goes into marketing. Michelin own Uniroyal anyway. The really high mileage tyres will probably get old and perished before most drivers will wear them out anyway. I wouldn't go for the real cheapo brands, some might be OK but they're an unknown quality. No idea about tyre rubber formulation. It's a proper black art with all sorts of weird stuff going into the mix.
  7. I've always found premium brands to be a waste of money. They usually sacrifice grip for longevity. I'm using Uniroyal Rainsports which grip like you wouldn't believe. They only last about 15k miles on the front (twice that on the rear) but they cost £50 each fitted in 15" size. Regular tyres are awful in comparison and I reckon I save money by not crashing. Buy a car with sensible size wheels if you want to save money on tyres. Plus your car will ride, grip and steer better than if it has stupidly big alloys fitted.
  8. Islamification of Europe

    Fucking ugly monobrow twat. Interesting that four people intervened to bring him down. Not everyone in Wales is cucked.
  9. Yeah, I haven't even got a masive gun collection or ridiculous speedboat either, fml.
  10. I was struck on the M25 once and desperate for a pee. I had to go in an empty coke bottle. Half a litre later and I couldn't bloody stop could I? Mate of mine who's a big fat bastard can't go a full 8 hours without going for a shit. He goes in a bucket in the back of his van. He rarely gets asked to give anyone a lift home.
  11. When did Nelson become controversial?

    Bunch of lefty cunts. Who put them in charge of our history? https://historicengland.org.uk/whats-new/statements/contested-heritage
  12. Indifferent Indians

    Anyone tried Thursday curry night at Whetherspoons? It can't be any worse than the woeful takeaways round here plus you get a free beer.
  13. Indifferent Indians

    Also referred to as non-veg. That covers quite a wide spectrum of possible ingredients.
  14. The ultimate SJW

    The only difference between Orban and Griffin is their level of success.