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  1. Shocking behaviour. Incidentally most atlases and globes now draw Taiwan as part of China. Everyone wants everything made as cheaply as possible, that means making everything in China. The US media is currently running interference for the Chinese Communist Party...
  2. Interesting take on the crisis. The deaths are concentrated in places with severe local air pollution.
  3. Rubbish. The lockdown has absolutely no costs. If it saves just one life it will all have been worth it.
  4. You often hear the argument that people shouldn't do something because of the strain it might put on the NHS. In more normal times things like: contact sports, smoking, motorbiking, climbing, sex, kite surfing, eating, travelling and doing DIY all come under criticism as being unnecessary and a threat to society. All I'll say is down that road lies tyranny.
  5. I'm having the same problems. I can work in theory but in practice it's impossible. Just checked on UC and I'm entitled to £0.00 per week
  6. How's everyone getting on? I'm currently wondering whetger to go straight on Universal Credit or whether to wait until June for the big treasury bailout. I don't know how one affects the other. Monday morning I'm cancelling all advertising. I think it's going to be months until things start up again.
  7. I think they've been given temporary powers. It's a friend of my lodger. The copper saw him getting in his car and asked him where he was going. The tosser told him he was going for a drive!
  8. I don't live in some sort of country pile. It's going to be a wildlife pond: frogs, insects, old boots...etc
  9. Surely they've paid for the Napoleonic wars by now?
  10. The police in Portsmouth are stopping cars and asking them where they're going, if they don't like the answer they are sending them home. I tried to get some welding supplies today (for work). The wholesaler was open but would only sell to the emergency services. I think he just didn't want to open the door. I've pretty much completely given up on work. In theory I'm allowed to work but in practice it's impossible. I suppose that's what they want. People look frightened.