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  1. He's got the Twitter commies fawning all over him. I hope he's proud of himself.
  2. I was burying the mother-in-law in the garden...
  3. Notre Dame needs to be made more diverse because France has always been diverse!
  4. No doubt the new one will have a nice balcony.
  5. Yes, I've noticed that. They're the same people who get involved drawn into religious cults. I'm amazed more people don't recognised the insincerity of these leaders, I think the average DOSBODSer can spot it a mile away. The likes of May, Madelson, Blair, Vaz, Clinton and Alastair Campbell are just some of the politicians who make my skin crawl when I hear them speak. Politics attracts psychopaths and psychopaths can be very persuasive.
  6. I hear Elizabeth Holmes is looking for work at the moment.
  7. Note the cowardly reaction from tptb.
  8. A copper I was chatting to said that dealers keep their stash in the middle bit of a Kinder egg which they shove up their arse if they think they're going to get searched. The giveaway is that they'll have a pot of Vaseline in their pocket in order to facilitate the concealment.
  9. The US navy has been experimenting with making jet fuel out of seawater. If you've got enough power you can do almost anything. They've got nuclear reactors!
  10. It's a good job the aircraft had a spare...oh wait...never mind. The 737 Max isn't stable without computer assistance. They should have designed a whole new airframe to accept the new engines. Any fix they come up with is going to be less than ideal.
  11. Bodybuilders have a short life expectancy. It's probably not the exercise that does it, more the massive amounts of food they eat and the chemical assistance they have to use to get the desired results.