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  1. whitevanman

    Trump's progress

    The Labour woman is sort of right. Any kind of pride in one's national heritage goes against internationalist and Marxist thinking. We're all human beings aren't we? Theres no difference between peoples other than that produced by colonialism, oppression and subjugation. The act of flying the England flag is an act of rebellion against the globalist system. It is fascism, nationalism and racism. They realise this, most English people do not.
  2. whitevanman

    "Smart" meters debacle

    We've got a smart meter and it's made absolutely no difference to our usage. The display doesn't actually work (lasted about a month) and besides, we were fairly frugal anyway i.e. we only put the light on when it's dark and we don't run the kettle constantly just in case we want a cup of tea. Nothing's changed.
  3. whitevanman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Do you lot have a silent shutter on your camera phones? I wouldn't like some landwhale getting hold of me and accusing me of taking up-gunt pictures.
  4. whitevanman

    Climate change...

    I think the sun is due to destroy the earth in about 500M years. The earth is due to be pensioned off any day now.
  5. whitevanman

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    'A lively new show with a female panel taking current events and lifestyle trends as a starting point for a series of fresh and funny challenges. Hosted by Jo Bunting.' https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bbp9qq I just caught a bit of this new all female comedy. Better get the needle and thread out as my sides are splitting! Great to see a bit of diversity in comedy on the So-Called BBC, it is 2018 after all. Just realised this is the wrong thread, should be on the 'Praise for the So-Called BBC' thread!
  6. whitevanman

    Making money from blogging

    If you're a fit burd you can Instagram yourself to stardom and get invited to blog a free trip to Dubai. All you have to do in return is allow a big smelly Arab to do unspeakable things to your supple young body. I think that's why they call them insta-whores.
  7. whitevanman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I did see a few heffers if I'm being totally honest
  8. whitevanman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    He rolls her in flour and looks for the wet patch... Obviously.
  9. whitevanman

    The normalisation of female obesity

    You don't see many fatties in that area at all, never mind in the Alps. I've just been on a biking trip through the Swiss, Italian and French Alps. I can report that the local ladies all looked lovely. Just natural women in nice summer clothes. No muffin-tops, tats, weird piercings or pink hair on display at all.
  10. whitevanman

    Climate change...

    Don't worry, the airborne doomsday virus will get us before the climate change does. If not there's always the Yellowstone super-volcano. Anyone fancy a pint?
  11. whitevanman

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Islam gets a pass because Muslims are poor and stupid whereas Jews are rich and clever. I realise this is a generalisation but its just from IQ and income stats. Muslims punch up and Jews punch down.
  12. whitevanman

    The Labour party hates Jews

    Hatred of Jews by the left predates the creation of Israel by a long way. Marx (of Jewish descent) vilified Judaism and felt that Jews wouldn't be free until they were free of Judaism. Communism attempted to destroy all competing belief systems including Christianity and Judaism.
  13. whitevanman

    The Labour party hates Jews

    The left have hated the Jews for a lot longer than Muslims have lived in Britain. My guess is that the left hate the Jews because of their wealth and success and because Jews are more loyal to their tribe than they are to the leftist cause.
  14. whitevanman

    The Labour party hates Jews

    So why do the left hate Jews so much?
  15. whitevanman

    The Labour party hates Jews

    You'll struggle to persuade many people that Jews aren't massively over represented in the upper echelons of banking. They work hard and do well for themselves and they look out for one another as well. I don't blame them and I wish we did the same, but it's hardly a surprise that the left hate the Jews.