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  1. God hates BAMEs? Ebola, sickle cell, AIDS, malaria... He really seems to have it in for them
  2. When was the last time a government announcement wasn't leaked to the press beforehand? I think they're waiting for people to riot but we just never seem to get round to it
  3. I always assumed she was a lezzer. I was shocked to discover she is married. Is it for show?
  4. Our future monarch is at it now. Get the jab, I command you! https://uk.news.yahoo.com/covid-19-prince-william-urges
  5. Mother Jacinda will save them as long as they do as mother says
  6. Then there's Charlie cheerleading for The Great Reset, not to mention Andrew hanging around with billionaire kiddie fuckers. They can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned. I never used to feel that way.
  7. My local petrol station sells booze, not just any booze, it's M&S booze
  8. It increases the octane rating of the fuel so the engine can run more advance and/or boost. Engines running on pure alcohol essentially don't have to worry about knock and can make huge amounts of power. They don't get very good fuel economy though. Alcohol does burn very clean, emitting very little hydrocarbons. I think that's the excuse used to put it in petrol
  9. Black person invents popcorn = all black people are fucking geniuses who discovered/made literally everything that's good in the world
  10. It reduces fuel economy as well £££ more for the corporate state
  11. Wasps nests in the pitot tube. I believe this has caused air crashes before
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