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  1. I'd arm everybody over the age of 65. I love the idea of mad old ladies keeping the rest of the population in check.
  2. Commies coming out in support of Islam after the Belgian Islamic terrorist bombings.
  3. Great news, Cheshire police solved all the crime.
  4. Wait until they hear what Che said about 'em.
  5. TVRs have an iron oxide chassis.
  6. It depends how you like your unreliability. They're all relatively simple and cheap to look after. A rebuild of a Rover V8 won't bankrupt you. A straight six on the other hand...
  7. 996 Porsches are shit. I'm amazed that one got to such a high mileage. The engines are a timebomb, they're only ever one failure away from the scrapyard. Same with all Porsches of that era. The only exception is the turbo which is just fairly shit rather than utterly shit. You're better off with a TVR. Edit: New 996 engine from Porsche is £20k
  8. Hopefully they'll do a bit of dusting whilst they're out there. Hasn't been done for ages.
  9. I wonder what they will latch onto once climate hysteria has run its course?
  10. They're a productive asset. Farmers don't plough the land using horses anymore.
  11. I think it's just old people watching it these days. I used to watch it with my elderly neighbour when I went round. Got a free drink out of it!
  12. My sister's in-laws came here from the Cape in the mid nineties. The mum said the biggest difference was that she could walk freely down the street without fearing for her life.