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    whitevanman reacted to MrPin in Climate Change   
    Straight out of "DailyMash" or "TheOnion". Viz-worthy
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    whitevanman reacted to eight in Feminism and the 21st century Sweat Shop   
    So women contribute more towards climate change than men?
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    They cry out in pain as they strike you.
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    whitevanman got a reaction from The Idiocrat in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    They cry out in pain as they strike you.
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    whitevanman reacted to JFK in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    Well what do you expect of so-called BBC programs, it's all bees and 'don't look back in anger' fucking pandering shit here. It sickens.
    Faceache is full of people posting pictures of meaningless drivel and sugary 'remember them' - yeah I remember them all right. The poor fucking sods that were blown up by a terrorist bomb. But it's nothing to do with ideology.
    Do me a favour and fuck off I can't believe the sheer stupidity of most people.
    i do remember one of the parents of the kids (can't remember) who was very vocal about muslims and why this piece of shit was in teh country, despite travelling to libya and back, he wasn't on the same page as the 'get a bee tattoo and sing 'dont look back and we'll all be happy clappy unicorns', he was fucking pissed off and angry.  Don't remember seeing his face all over the news reports again?
    I have zero fucks to given.  I'm all out of fucks. In fact I'm owed fucks because of the ideology that has been imported and thinks it's ok for this to happen. They ltierally are the 5th column and cannot be trusted.
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    whitevanman reacted to Great Guy in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    I can believe that "mainstream" Muslims suffer some sort of backlash after terrorist attacks. However the backlash has been absolutely tiny in comparison to the provocation.
    Would it not be more productive if mainstream Muslims criticized the extremists and not Brits that look at them a bit funny?
    It honestly seems that Muslims just lack empathy.
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    whitevanman reacted to The Generation Game in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    Some people did something. 
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    whitevanman got a reaction from snaga in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    10p per wank with funds going to guide dogs for the blind.
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    whitevanman reacted to billfunk in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    I never wash mine. The guy who does my annual service and MOT washes it. Once a year. I think he has to for tests and stuff. I imagine. Anyway, it always comes back clean and remains so for a few weeks.
    Perpetually clean cars are just environmental rape. All that water down the drain for what? Washing cars is literally the holocaust.
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    whitevanman reacted to BearyBear in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    Being deeply introverted, self-service till is a great invention that allows me going to a supermarket and buying some stuff without the need to open my mouth.
    btw. Will I be rewarded 1p for using a standard till..?
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    whitevanman reacted to spygirl in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    Why not have checkouts staffed by attractive topless 21yo girls?
    Then I'll willingly use the tills.
    I like self checkouts.
    Ive yet to have one confused by me offloading load of copper n silver into the machine whereas the average TEsco till monkey loses it with a few bits of loose change.
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    whitevanman reacted to Fischer in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    It'll probably cost £50m to administer.
    What a thick cunt.
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    whitevanman reacted to Bkkandrew in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    Can Chukka Umma-Spear not be charged 1p for every time he opens his mouth and then he can pay for his own deportation?
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    whitevanman reacted to Alonso Quijano in 1p tax on self service tills to promote social inclusion   
    There are times when the only reaction to these virtue-signalling wankers is: "Do fuck off!"
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    whitevanman reacted to ccc in I’m depressed   
    I think the vast majority of the newly depressed are of the look at me variety. 
    Not all, but most. 
    Why ? Because it's another badge on the arm in the Scout movement version of modern life. 
    All I read about is the "stigma" of mental health. Seriously ? It appears a bona fide badge of honour these days. 
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    whitevanman reacted to Wight Flight in I’m depressed   
    Any chance he is suicidal?
    (Asking for a friend)
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    whitevanman reacted to dgul in I’m depressed   
    For some reason the latest trend is to think that the way to fight depression is to go on and on and on and on and on about it.
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    whitevanman reacted to Charles Carter in I’m depressed   
    Maybe Campbell's depression is down to the dead souls of all those Iraqi people he helped to murder, gnawing away at his conscience.  Karma's a bitch. Fuck him. 
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    whitevanman reacted to Fully Detached in I’m depressed   
    If he's depressed he should try being a bit less of a cunt. You get back what you put out there.
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    whitevanman reacted to Rowley in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Been thinking this for years, but the few people I have told have just heard “sexist, sexist, misogynist etc”
    This is one of the few aspects of Islamic culture I can admire. Their power structures and cultures have remained intact for thousands of years as a result.
    Similarly women in the workplace - throw more than a couple into the same environment with a female boss and it’s like “cats in a bag”. My wife works in a female heavy IT department. Fallouts and bitching are almost a daily occurrence. (She would much prefer to work with men).
    I honestly think they were just designed to sit in the cave raising the kids. Anything else spells trouble...
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    whitevanman reacted to TheNoSnowMan in Milkshake thrower charged   
    Why do you think most of these lefty protesters and groups tend to have female leaders? As soon as we allowed women into positions of power and influence it was inevitable we would get feelz over facts. There are always exceptions to the rule (Maggie T) but most women are not leaders and never should be because they cannot make the hard decisions that are sometimes needed, Occasionally, the needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the minority. A typical woman wouldn't be able to do that because "We must protect everyone I tell you. EVERYONE!!!!". And while I accept there are plenty of soy filled bitch boi's out there, they tend to be a collection of life's losers (degenerates, fat, ugly) and are attracted to the left as a way of getting back at the system, especially a meritocratic one (and to try and pull ugly women).
    Feminazi's may claim the patriarchy is oppressive - but it actually works.
    I think that proves my point nicely. No evidence, no logic to it. It's just how it feelzzzzzzzz to her.
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    whitevanman reacted to Fischer in Milkshake thrower charged   
    They'll be needing a brick so someone should kindly throw one through their window for their use. 

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    whitevanman got a reaction from OurDayWillCome in 117 -> 375   
    You can't cheat an honest man.
    Public sector employees should have taken one look at their pensions and realised that the figures just didn't add up. The promises made were always highly unrealistic and unsustainable. They'll either get a well deserved haircut or it'll be currency debasement for all of us. Obviously TPTB will choose the later.
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    whitevanman reacted to DTMark in 5G - Thoughts?   
    No, 4G is nowhere near fast enough..
    It may well seem very speedy and indeed we use it for our home connection here because the VDSL "fibre" cabinet is 800m away. At that distance, it might as well be 800 miles away. No cable or alternatives here.
    Ah, but, that's because you live in a rural area.. yes and no:
    We have almost no fibre broadband in this country. By which I mean a fibre link to the premises. BT and Virgin's networks are fibre to the cabinet and then old copper wire to the home *. However cable has always had fibre much deeper into the network (nearer to premises). With short fat copper cables to homes. So it can manage speeds in the Gbps (gigabits per second) without needing replacing.
    BT's network can't get anywhere near that. Phone lines are to broadband as verrucas are to swimming pools. The speed bleeds away. Thin copper and aluminium wires. 80Mbps at the cabinet. Just 800m away with maybe 1.5km of wire and it barely works at all.
    To make it go faster the fibre needs to get nearer the premises. We flogged off the BT network a long time ago and it's just a cash cow for BT who keep holding out the begging bowl to the government for our money to improve their network so they can rent it back to us.
    This means that progress is pitiably slow. On the point about rural - were we in an urban area 800m from the street cabinet, BT would be useless there, too. It's that cabling that matters. This is actually more an issue for urban areas since that is where businesses are and where most live.
    Other countries have much more fibre in the ground or cable based networks. This country is going to have to rely on 5G for the future. It isn't going to involve wires.
    Ah, but, you can get 50Mbps with 4G - indeed quite a bit more. That's enough, no?
    Well, no. Not if everyone uses it at once. Which they would if this became the predominant delivery mechanism. There is only so much to go around because it is limited by the range of frequencies. Not enough to dedicate to all the people who would want it. 5G increases that capacity and also the reach.
    So 5G will be particularly important for this country because the half of the country that can't get cable and has to have the connection delivered by a phone line is going to need it. Much sooner than many might imagine.
    * Many of Virgin's new roll-outs are indeed fibre to the premises. But they have a commercial incentive to be the best and think ahead. BT is not a company that thinks ahead. And they "own" all the phone lines.
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    whitevanman reacted to DTMark in 5G - Thoughts?   
    It is. It's confusing when mixing "cable" referring to the "cable" network (Virgin) and the wiring to the home. Both involve cables, or wires. I was attempting to answer "why isn't 4G fast enough" referring to our wired networks as they are now:
    You can send a signal over the air - 4G, 5G - or you can send it down wire (BT phone lines, Virgin cable network).
    The bottleneck with wire is the capacity the wire can carry. Virgin's "cable" network is the performant one because the "cable" - the wire - is shorter and fatter. The capability of phone lines (BT) to send signals at speed only works over a few hundred metres at best. Even then it's still slow (look to the future). But more than that, there is no upgrade, no "fix" for this. It's a limitation of "wire". Eventually, you'd get to the point of having to install powered "nodes" at the top of literally every telegraph pole in the country. That won't happen.
    The bottleneck with wireless (4G, 5G) is the amount of bandwidth at the transmitter - which is a factor of the frequency range in use - so not the speed to any one person, but the aggregate speed delivered to all the users at the same time.
    That, and the physical distance - for example 4G can send a signal at speed much further than a phone line can (we're talking  kilometres here). 5G the same, only better.