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    whitevanman reacted to shindigger in Jakarta sinking - beggar my neighbour   
    Shit hole.
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    whitevanman reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Avoiding cancer thread   
    There's an old Irish saying. Every old sock meets an old shoe.
    Oops, not that one.
    What's for you, you will have.
    Maybe the best advice is to live your life as you wish and ignore all advice.
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Avoiding cancer thread   
    My mum died of lung cancer. She never smoked a single cigarette in her whole life. 
    Smoking for the win!
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    whitevanman reacted to jm51 in Carnivore diet   
    ime, that's how schizos talk. They can be extremely perceptive, not saying Icke is or isn't, but Socratic logic isn't their long suit. No need as they intuit.
    Was visiting ma one time and she asked me to take her to a supermarket rather then her local mini mart. Reason being that the chickens gave her a headache. wtf ma? [I grew up with this shit, no wonder I'm a crazy magnet, I can understand the lingo better than most.]
    She only wanted a few bits so I went to the mini mart alone. Got the bits and went to pay. 2 tills, a woman on each. They were gabbing non stop. Had my items rang up, paid for and got change without even being looked at. To the extent of them leaning over if I was in the way of them looking at each other. They did indeed sound like chickens. Very fucking annoying chickens.
    I'd guess it's the same with Icke. Maybe he perceives a lack of humanity in tptb and the creatures that their actions most resemble are lizards.
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    whitevanman reacted to Lone Lurker in Carnivore diet   
    Musclebound vegan converts claim quitting meat has transformed their physiques
    Gotta love the Daily Mail
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    whitevanman reacted to Frank Hovis in Whos off to the Hajj...   
    Can we change the locks whilst they're gone?
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    whitevanman reacted to Cunning Plan in Second EU Referendum. Old people spoiling it for youngsters.   
    Looks like a landlord convention to me.
    Just scared they are going to run out of people to farm.
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    whitevanman reacted to One percent in Jakarta sinking - beggar my neighbour   
    Zero fucks I give.  I am fed up of being fed this rubbish, that somehow, whatever the ills of the world, it is somehow mine and my fellow man's responsibility.  
    Well, it isn't and I really do not care....
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    whitevanman reacted to XswampyX in The Sweden is fucked thread   
    What is fundamentally wrong with...
    Having a family?
    Having a community?
    Having a county?
    Having a country?
    ....That you have 'some' control over, and that you want to succeed.
    Anything else is just wank.
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    whitevanman reacted to One percent in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Problem is, how do you stop people like the hard of thinking marr from applying 
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    whitevanman reacted to Byron in Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified   
    Well, thinking back, I went to 5 schools.
    On average 30 boys per class and there was always at least 3 arseholes in each class i.e.10%
    Later, in the workplace I found much the same.
    So, instead of the World being stuffed full of nice people with an insignificant number of horrible ones, my gut feeling is that 10% of the worlds people are arseholes.
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    whitevanman reacted to Great Guy in Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified   
    The lesson we can draw from this story is basically this:
    "Most people in the world are fairly decent people. However the actions of the "bad" people are disproportionate to their numbers. This has been true throughout history from 1930s Germany to 1970s Cambodia".
    We thank the SJW cyclists in this story for showing us this lesson.
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    whitevanman reacted to longtomsilver in Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified   
    Fear is not something to be relished. The Koran does not make for pleasant reading. It's all in there from paedophilia, enslavement, kufir taxes to killing the infidels and a lot of nasty stuff in between. I no longer care that this forum will be lighting up MI5s servers as a law abiding citizen I have nothing to fear and the tide of public opinion is turning away from MSM anyway. 
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    whitevanman reacted to JFK in Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified   
    Those naive fools. Fucking serves them right
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    whitevanman reacted to wherebee in Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified   
    Doesn't matter.  If you think Europe is going to be saved by nice tactics, you are as delusional as the LBTQ supporters of islamic immigration.
    This either ends with mass, violent expulsion of all muslims (including children), which will involve deaths and violence, or it ends with Europe becoming an islamic civil war zone.  
    There are no other outcomes possible in the long term.  If you disagree, feel free to explain how we get to a different future.
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    whitevanman reacted to PatronizingGit in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Currently on BBC news featured stories i have
    Kofi Annan (OK, i don't know anyone similarly famous who has died today...fair article choice)
    A story about 'crazy rich asians' (why? What bearing does this have on UK news) 
    Black Stepmums and mums (in an 87% white country, why?)
    Why august is good for the soul (slow news day I guess...still beats reporting about actual things)
    Something Something sexism
    Immigrant Feel Good story
    England needs asian football players, not just blacks (perhaps they aint good enough...not many in premier teams. Why is this shitstirring nonsense 'news')
    Some 3rd world segment
    Daily Drag/Tranny celebration.
    Thats it.
    No recommended stories about the rampant theft and criminality of our political class, banksters. The dodgy foundation of most of our foreign policy. The obscene costs of housing and stagnant wages. Nothing. No actual news, just SJW distraction space fillers that are music to the ears of those who wish to plunder while our attention is elsewhere.
    Vile establishment mouthpiece.
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    whitevanman reacted to Long time lurking in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    I will start it off with the Syria they don`t want you to see 
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Viloent crime, knife crime and sex attacks all the the rise. I wonder why?   
    What a fucking joke. The police are an utter laughing stock.
    One thing's for sure, the coming Shariah Police Force won't have any trannies on it and won't be there to protect the rights of these weirdos to choose their gender on a day by day basis.
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    whitevanman reacted to One percent in Viloent crime, knife crime and sex attacks all the the rise. I wonder why?   
    For me, the beginning of the end for the police was when they did away with the height requirement. 
    There are two ways through which law and order is maintained. The first is through consent and the second, for those who do not consent, fear. 
    They have lost both mechanisms. 
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    whitevanman reacted to Happy Renting in The Germany is fucked thread   
    What's the wurst that could happen?
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Great Guy in Islamification of Europe   
    I believe the Swiss have passed a law requiring imams to preach in one of the official languages of Switzerland. I'm sure that Muslims will moan about discrimination by then again they moan about everything, all the time anyway.
    It will mean that the Swiss will be able to keep a check on radical preaching. Relying on interpreters has been unreliable as they usually lie about what they hear. Of course Muslims have 50 odd majority Muslim countries they can go to if they no longer like Switzerland and its generous welfare system.
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    whitevanman got a reaction from mattydread in Westmister car of peace   
    Hahaha, I knew this would be the response. We need to ban traffic! 
    Tell you what, there's an easier and more effective solution to this problem. Ban Muslims! 
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Byron in FFS Handshake   
    Being forced to employ muzzers outweighs our most basic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of association. 
    Fuckem. Fire 'em out of a cannon for all I care.
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    whitevanman reacted to Sgt Hartman in The normalisation of female obesity   
    A large portion of irony, I'd imagine.
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    whitevanman got a reaction from mooncat69 in Trump's progress   
    The trouble is you get the most intelligent and capable women entering the workforce and the pond life sitting at home pumping out babies like there's no tomorrow. It's dysgenics writ large. 
    Capable and intelligent women should be taking care of their children, not wasting their lives in corporate hell, that's what men are for!
    Oh, but what about the gdp? Fuck the gdp! It only gets wasted on the feckless anyway.