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  1. Sugarlips

    Hangover cures

    Seconded, and better than suicide which seems so final..
  2. Sugarlips

    Venezuala - who gives a fuck

    The so called bbc are just looking for one of the last remaining “we’re better (more fortunate) than you are” places, to help the great unwashed feel a bit better about their lot
  3. Remember its not how big it is, it’s how much trouble it can cause i wonder if it flowers on top?
  4. Sugarlips

    superhero flooring

    Whats under it (other than the ex)? Sanded, sealed wax floorboards can look the biz and easy to keep clean. The pennies looks more of a dosbods solution mind but for authenticity you can only use 2p's that you found on the high street so it might take some time to lay..
  5. Indecent topiary eh? I think ive just found my calling in life...
  6. Sugarlips

    Happy Gesture Day

    Confirming the madness is global, just checked and i am unable to buy any Easter eggs or Easter bunnies at the biggest supermarket in Oz. They do have hot cross buns tho...
  7. Sugarlips

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    One option would be to pay to spend some time with a few tidy pro’s, it won’t solve loneliness but it will demystify a few things, they might if your lucky be meaningful encounters and should improve your confidence. This is the 21st century, this stuff shouldn’t be frowned upon anymore esp if you gain. personally (beyond the obvious!). luck plays a huge part in finding a decent burd, worth remaining an optimist
  8. I’m equally clueless but I think DB would be ‘top slicing’ the ones that are in the black ie sell about 30% of the ones that have done rather well not sure if you have the stomach to then use the profits to double down on the losers given a rising tide should float all boats..?
  9. Sugarlips

    Amusing or interesting local news stories

    Never heard of her but clearly she’s terribly remorseful, a changed person and wants to keep a low profile
  10. Sugarlips

    Hungary for sex? Get paid for fourplay.

    Me, me!! just checking my understanding here so if TONA (for example) were to go to Hungary and snag one of these babes, fuck like rabbits for a few years*, he can boot her out to work for the rest of her life and relax on her tax free lifestyle knowing she’ll be eternally grateful to him for the lottery win....? *Must love kids
  11. Sugarlips

    How much for a box room? 😳

    Take out a wall or two, Bob’s your uncle, it’s a 1 bed again.
  12. Sugarlips

    Friends with benefits - more poverty porn..

    Yes, meth presumably...
  13. Sugarlips

    The Project fear 2.0 thread

    Is Britain 'undeveloping' before our eyes? Not sure where to put this but it makes for sober reading