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  1. Surprised they made him a saint given his persuasion but he sure was good back in the day, after all, you gotta have faith
  2. Just about the only benefit of using an EE car wash service is they dont speak any English, and you can avoid the neighbours Obviously the supermarkets deliver so avoiding checkouts is a win unless you get a really chatty van driver, that could prove problematic. . Hopefully im moving to a corner house soon so less neighbours. The last ones i had here were doing the full on Breakingbad meth lab in the shed, cops took em away eventually thank fuck. The other sides not much better drinks and smokes bongs in the front garden at all hours..
  3. Sugarlips


    Cue a media Trump distraction in 3, 2....
  4. Why isn’t there a 1A? Odd that for once being a ‘1’ is considered good looking or wot not, normally you have to be a 9 or a 10 to be of interest to anyone worth being interested in
  5. Im pretty sure America has created plenty of black spaces, but i wouldnt recommend going anywhere near most of them...
  6. Strange what happened to the Punk's Say what you like about him but Lydon's not going quietly hehe
  7. I boarded with a very informed young fella in Sydney back in 99/00. He was categorical in his beliefs the troubles were far from over. After 2 decades, it almost held together but its looking more likely he was right
  8. Family camper van holiday on a Queensland Island hasn’t gone to plan... Dingo ate my baby.....
  9. A child star looked to have a very promising future as well, shame
  10. A Football cake “damaging to her sons” ffs yeah maybe from a diabetes perspective but I imagine saying that is fattiest or some such shit
  11. Not my idea of a holiday but does this count?
  12. Well they only need to send a drone up and it will be closed for a week, saves all the poncing about and shouty superglue your hands together bollox as well..
  13. I imagine shes already made an appearance here but just in case.. Hello Louise, remember me.. Oh and nice puppies