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  1. I know the planet is a few billion over populated, maybe nature is keen on balancing things out?
  2. Sugarlips


    We have a grapefruit tree, it fruits loads I just let them fall and rot, even the wildlife ignores them, unlike the figs and crab apple trees either side, weird. I have no idea why it was planted but it’s big now and I can’t be arsed ripping it out. one fruit I do like which can taste a bit grapefruity is blood oranges, yum.
  3. Having kids is brilliant and they are our future and even if the future ends up being a little bit less good than today I can still teach them well and provide as much positivity and love in their childhood and guide them towards full and happy lives and children of their own regardless. There, I said it.
  4. Is it because all the other candidates were murdered with chainsaws?
  5. They stuck a banana up his tailpipe? eh eh eh eh.. loved Axel as a kid, BHC2 was pretty good in its day as well but 3 was a complete clusterfuck
  6. MacroVoices #192 Keith McCullough : Inflation Accelerating Q4 2019 Macro themes–What is next? Inflation or stagflation – is time to own gold? What is next for the Chinese economy? Outlook on US dollar Equity markets – FOMO vs. deteriorating earnings expectations Perspective on the market melt up Labor share of income and corporate margins Long short pairs trade in software industry
  7. Good call on Clare Grogen, also Karen from the Nana’s was foxy but are we not all forgetting someone here...?
  8. Relax the green belt rules Remove unnecessary layers of NHS management, redirect savings into building nursing homes and palliative care units near all major hospitals to free up beds, low socio economic residents stay for free/nominal cost. Dial up the sugar tax, redirect savings into school veggie patches and nutritional cooking education Introduce a bank levy, redirect savings into school personal finance and investing education Ban all payday lending and any financial product over 15%APR Convert or replace all diesel buses with natural gas Get the trucks off our roads by incentives to use our rolling stock (infrastructure investment required) legalise self driving cars and force all over 70’s who fail the obligatory driving test to move across to them free social gym membership and dietary education to all the overweight or out of shape, paid for out of the sugar tax Ban all dangerous dog breeds Enforce litter and dog litter rules Ban all govt meddling in the housing market, no incentives to buy, only to build
  9. Anyone ever have a TVR? Mates got a Tuscan but he’s given up ever using the damn thing
  10. Argh my eyes, who buys this shit, and $1200, are they sure it’s his signature not a skidmark? Very rare 1980s Framed Tom Jones . 810mm X 550mm Panties and record cover signed A must have for the Tom Jones collector Pick up kallaroo [hidden information] $1200 neg