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    Thanks, mods, let it die..
  2. Emotional much? VIC may be more fortunate at the moment but there are plenty of places that are not so the general info provided stands. Stanthorpe QLD has officially just run out of water. It is carted in on trucks daily: Tamworth NSW is at 13%: NSW as a whole now at 43%:
  3. 0I’m told there are 90 towns that are close to running out of water. Tamworth, Armidale, Tenterfield, Guyra, Dubbo among them. Sydney and Melbourne are about a year out. If they do not get substantial rains in the next year the whole country will be as dry as a goanna’s arsehole. it was asked where does the goanna fit on the scale compared to a dead dingo’s donger. Apparently the Goanna is right up there..
  4. Sugarlips

    Get Cartier

    Apologies if there has been a thread before, not sure. How odd, can’t Imagine we know anyone here who would do this would they, or would they People of Durham are clearly all salt of the earth as all 26 who got a package handed it in.
  5. Have oft wondered how much further we would’ve progressed in the last century without the collective loss of the victims of the world wars. Whatever you might think of him, we could’ve done more with a few more Bill Gates type brains.
  6. Apologies for the panel gap
  7. My in laws have been twice so far, they live 3 hrs South of Sydney in an idyllic coastal village, or at least it used to be.
  8. I’m staying mute on the subject.
  9. I believe the shear number of ships and containers in the fleets have grown hugely over the last decade as China have built so many, this is going to skew price and demand further. Also the BDI graphic provided before only shows last 12 months, over that time period it looks more like a regular seasonal movement.
  10. This week is Own It, Stormzy with Ed Sheeran. Looks to be popular amongst tweenage gym junkies and I guess Jan 1 is when fitness commitments are made.. Interesting that whilst it’s also charting at #2 in Eire it’s barely troubled the charts in most other countries (82 in Canada, 80 in Portugal etc), possibly as it’s the fourth single from the same album, possibly because he’s ‘too London’ but I thought having Ed on board = global smash guaranteed. it sold 18072 units in the UK this week which is ridiculously low for a UK number one ie out of 70million people - long gone are the days of the million seller it seems
  11. Unlike years ago the Dealership is paid by the manufacturer on volume sold not margin, if they hit certain targets they get major kickbacks. They also get paid by the finance co a referral/finder fee. There is likely a servicing offer if you take it back to the same dealer, again the sales team get paid by their own servicing dept for selling this package. The finance mob may make little if you pay on time but they are expecting some won’t, they are essentially buying a customer in the same way a bank like First Direct might bung a newbie £100 for opening an account, a % of these will be profitable (or at least, didn’t go to your direct competitors) if the finance co’scall centers or email offers can flog them more products like cross sell you insurance down the line, there will be a commission on that sale from the insurance provider, and so it goes on..
  12. Another option, haven’t used them but worth exploring, also good deal on parcels within UK from £1.99