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  1. Sugarlips

    Starting your own business

    From what I've seen/experienced, there are some things that are important foundations inherant to success before you even start. No one will be able to tick all these boxes but the more you can the better: Being of sound mind and doing it for the right reasons Having a stable family and support network Having a partner who is supportive and in stable employment Have the time, enthusiasm and appetite to take on the challenge Not having any big preexisting debt or commitments and be willing to forgo a fancy car on pcp for a practical work vehicle Having a low cost/free place to live Committed to 2 years of low/no pay, be good at budgetting not only your own lifestyle but the business itself Being competant at multitasking delegating and trusting others Be equally patient, flexible, considered, realistic, time driven and determined Having a realistic road map of what you want to achieve and a timeline Be endlessly curious and willing to learn and network Enjoy what you do And lastly be lucky, often thats making your own luck ie hard work and an educated risk/guess can often pay off
  2. Sugarlips

    A 7 year old multi millionaire

    Thanks to youtube Wonder where he'll be in a decade, rehab?
  3. Sugarlips

    £375 pcm per car EXTRA

    Note this doesn’t affect those in the inner sanctum again, only the great unwashed
  4. Sugarlips

    New Car Registrations

    Not new cars but I don’t know where else to put this. Despite the upbeat commentary in the main body of the article, there are a lorry lorra ‘passed in at auction’ examples at this recent classic car auction. 50%+ failed to meet reserve;
  5. Sugarlips

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread

    "Last year more Australians bought their seventh home than those who bought their first"
  6. Sugarlips

    David Icke was right?

    Id take more interest if they could edit in a Sharon Stone homage moment, in slo mo if they insist.. Met Icke once, likeable fella
  7. Sugarlips

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    Ahh the diversity
  8. Sugarlips

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread

    Heres a good deep dive into the Oz property market as it stands with comparisons to prior busts, the upshot - dont buy now!
  9. Sugarlips

    How many people can you get in a Ford Focus?

    We got 9 in a Mini Metro once when I was a lad, lost the steering pretty quick mind
  10. Well the MSM narrative is the end of the rate rises for now coincides with the Trump tax cut sugar rush wearing off and China slowing, but with near full employment in the west surely that just means this is all just a speedbump as we continue to have cheap credit so people will keep spending, its not like the credit taps have been turned off in the west.. or have they?
  11. Thanks but what does this mean (other than the Fed will likely hold off on raising rates after the one priced in for 19th December)?
  12. Sugarlips

    My Aura

    Our Airedale’s time is running out so I will be in bits soon as well. hard to know what to say, no doubt you gave her the best possible life. Maybe we should have a new thread ‘pets in memoriam’?
  13. Sugarlips

    Who’s volunteering for the NHS then?

    So Santa knows you've been a good little boy/girl/asexual?
  14. Sugarlips

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    My first proper job was in this building, has the most amazing deco staircases and the print room was timeless ..til they ripped out the machinery and turned it into a coffee shop 😳..well it is Bournemouth
  15. Sugarlips

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    The only redeeming factor about that shot is the ghostly figure that the cameraman created when he took the shot, made me look twice