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  1. Sugarlips

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Hang on, are you saying Trump is Elvis? Fuck we’ve just cracked the code!!
  2. Sugarlips


    And your mate wasn’t/isn’t?
  3. Sugarlips

    New Moon on Monday

    Any excuse
  4. Sugarlips

    Is the mud clear? New MOT rules

    Kia considering extending the warranty from 7 years to 10 years. Ive never owned one but the new Stinger looks alright, should be cheapish after a few years depreciation
  5. Sugarlips


    I though gollywogs were banned?
  6. Sugarlips

    A glimpse of the youth of today

    The track is forgettable but the endless thousands of comments are, well interesting?!
  7. Sugarlips

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Hang on without wanting to get all hippy most of us eat dead animals but dead wasps is beyond the pale?
  8. Sugarlips

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet
  9. Sugarlips

    Trump's progress

    Mmm, yes please
  10. Sugarlips


    Re “giving away his life”, at this level working in the role for 12 Months would set him and his family up for life even after tax. sounds like your mate needs to get his priorities straight..
  11. Dave Wells are the scumlords round my old patch (East Dorset), they get bigger every year
  12. Sugarlips

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread

    Latest Martin North, reconfirmed falls could well be 40-45% in Syd/Mel using facts and credible research
  13. Sugarlips

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    Ratners Contrarily Gollywog
  14. So we all know about the Wilsons and their shitty btl portfolio but i hear there are many other bigger mobs that should probably be avoided - if nothing else just to slow their progress towards taking over the whole of the rental market
  15. Sugarlips

    Single mums demand to live where they want

    I wonder how many migrants are living within that 200 yard area that were not there when she was a lass, taking over the native populations accommodation.