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  1. No teasmaid but I do remember as a boy reading red text in books the letters would move around. Also before drifting off at night being half conscious I frequently could see everything in the room as normal but the objects would be moving further away/shrinking, that used to freak me out, never knew why. In adulthood the only heart in mouth experiences have been 4 motor vehicle related incidents, and 1 exotic snake under a sheet of old tin that I wasn’t expecting- I’ve definitely lost a few of my 9 lives..
  2. This guy is very good on bonds.. I'm a novice though so what do you guys think, how would you trade this?
  3. Well my little learner portfolio rag-bag of Aussie minnows had an explosive day. IVR (ASX) up 48% wtf?! SVL is up 20% again, a shame I only put a few $K in but it's a nice feeling that I might actually be learning something hanging out here rather than on the Volkswagen thread thanks for my induction 👍 Now nibbling into the little potash co's: KLL, APC, SO4 - fingers x'd. Learned heaps this last year. I'm yet to think about how best to crystallise the wins but that's a nice problem to have for now ie I'm sure I'll be giving it all back at some point!
  4. I am and I can confirm the opposite, there are still no Australians in Perth. Only me, some Yorkshiremen and the Oirish oh and about a million dugites in spring
  5. Spotted a nice little original looking Triumph just now not a common sight here in Perth
  6. Thought this was a good chat to reflect on where we are at, helped me tie together the unexpected rise in bonds to come that will cause the trading bots to reverse course and auto-sell stocks indiscriminately, taking out all the Robinhoods as is a GFC event x3 in the next 60 days...also gold to pull back 30% before shooting ever higher
  7. Jesus fucking Christ, she’s the next Pete Burns, here’s how she looked when I left England
  8. Always fancied a hand built car. do you think this is how they operate at Aston Martin as well?
  9. Thanks DB, I guess I'm always to explore what this means for the regular Joe. My brother for example is a locksmith with a 150k mortgage on his average semi in Basingstoke. He's happy at present if Hsbc will give him 5 years @1.7% P&I as he should be - so long as all spare income goes into the principal especially if inflation will shrink the debt by 30% over that time, just don't expect the house to be worth much come the end of the term? In my experience banks don't tend to revalue the home at the end of the fixed term so he should be ok to roll the remaining balance in 5 years, he should just expect to be paying much higher interest on the residual balance?