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  1. Big picture economist telling it like it is, nice and succinct, oh and the comments..! we are having a mini housing bounce post election/rate cuts/tax cuts but it won’t last as Aus is finally nearly zero bound and out of (traditional) ammo..
  2. Etchilhampton, Devizes 11th Aug
  3. But given they’re not keepers, at what point do you just pay for sex and remove all the bullshit..?
  4. I like the old fashioned round headlamps on a car
  5. Just revisiting this to see if I can help quantify the +/- of Uk vs Oz for anyone considering it, from a financial perspective. + No council tax if you rent in Aus and maybe 2/3rds the price if you own, plus the size of the house is generally bigger + Petrol is almost 1/2 price (if you buy on the right day of the week) in Aus but you will likely drive twice as far and you will also pay extortionate road tolls in Syd/Mel + No TV licence in Aus (not that there’s much on..) + solar panels and warmer weather mean electric only costs 50 quid a month if you are smart with usage, not sure what the average uk cost is like? + Wages are often a bit better but income tax is a bit higher - Mortgage and car loan rates are still higher here. As a comparison the Best Hsbc uk mortgage atm is 3 year fixed at 1.49% vs out here best is Bank of Qld 2.99% so double - this is a big one, it soon adds up - flights to anywhere are expensive (and long) - Car tax high circa £500pa for any car vs £20pa (if you’re smart) in UK or free for classic cars in the Uk (which irks me as I have a couple of old rust buckets here) - buying and servicing a car (new or s/hand) is generally more expensive in Aus - Aside from a recent Aldi special beer is generally double in price in Aus - broadband is double the price in Aus Eating out is generally on par. Groceries are a bit dearer in Aus but the fresh food/fish etc is of generally better quality I haven’t done a comparison on car & house insurance in the Uk but I’m paying about $750 each out here.
  6. Yes so I’m surprised that someone who made the effort 3 weeks ago to start a ‘Change’ petition has so far got a grand total of 9 signatures, I don’t understand why the general public are so apathetic, the red tops had it as front page new over the weekend so awareness must be high right now
  7. Talking of which, the ONS just released the quarterly underemployment figures, still stuck at 3.25 million adults residing in UK, has been around that level for over 2 years and not budging (having come down from about 3.9m post Crash). These are in addition to the 4 million that are unemployed. So there is plenty of capacity... source:
  8. I’ve foolishly been voluntarily paying my NI contributions for the last 10+ years to keep my number of years up in the hope and of having some sort of basic old age pension, only for the goalposts to be seemingly kicked out, so can I get a refund then, nah thought not... After many happy years away I currently have Mixed feelings about having left England at present, fortunately I’m still young enough to return and start afresh but I wouldn’t be encouraging others to leave Blighty on a whim unless you have good reason, there are still lots of positives ..for now
  9. Here’s a fun clip for your lad to watch: Have you got a mutual interest in something that might generate a reward? My mate used to go the the local car auction with their elder brother with a strict budget and criteria with the aim of flipping a basic motor for a profit, this is no good for him to do alone but if you have a similar knowledge of something maybe you could put 500 in each and see if you can make a few quid..?
  10. Will you be camping next to your vehicle a lot? If yes I would consider a tent that connects to the back of your car (but can also be put up on its own). They come in various sizes so attach for example to the rear hatch of a Golf up to a people mover this way you can utilise the rear of the car either for coolboxes/food etc or if your car is big enough, to sleep in, especially useful if the weather really turns on you We have and swear by the ‘Napier SportzTent’
  11. Thanks again DB this very insightful stuff and really helps sort the wheat from the chaff. Can you predict a timeline for the 11% rates? If say someone wants to keep owning their current mortgaged home through this next cycle do they go for the cheapest longest fixed rate they can find now (and dig out a basement for the silver stash) or will this take 3-5 years before it starts to run?