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  1. They can also be quite rude, self entitled and insular in my experience but yes better than some
  2. Sorry but I’m not clicking on that!
  3. Yep, well it had the sticker on the window so presumably. Those cars are so valuable now that only the very old or minted would ever own one, I’m not sure exact price but it’s 6 figures in that condition. Scratch that, 7 figures now (in our currency anyway), bonkers! https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/electric-blue-gtho-auction
  4. Cheers yes that’s the one, we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to trade up and move here this month, it’s just had a big upgrade on the seafront and as you say it’s only a short drive to the city or Freo.
  5. Have to say I’ve not come across this one before, what we’re they thinking!
  6. Interesting, I don't know who those people are or the backstory, probably in part because I live in the most isolated city in the world and no longer own a tv aerial. Anyway it's enjoyable throwaway entertainment that might get a few people questioning why they are hooked up on a depreciating asset in tough times and decide that actually they might enjoy a modded Seat Leon or whatever - start thinking for themselves and save a few bob.
  7. That's one way of looking at it, or you could say good on the bloke for setting up the channel and coming this far with it and it's some reasonably down to earth free entertainment for us created outside of the legacy media. Whilst I don't love the bloke he's doing a decent job of introducing bangernomics to the next generation and personally I prefer it to post Clarkson Top Gear.
  8. Nice day at the beach here in Scarborough..
  9. Nice early example, no road tax or MOT required, the cost savings might help offset the fuel and spannering. Bids are live currently £1900, good value assuming it’s not completely rotten
  10. £1 Volvo barge, lovely, can’t go wrong with that
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