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  1. Lyn Alden: ”Gold continues to do what it has consistently done for decades: follow real interest rates inversely.” https://twitter.com/LynAldenContact/status/1331374332635983873?s=20
  2. No planes here in Perth yet it’s the wettest November on record (very welcome I must add), and we are only just half way so not sure about your theory there!
  3. Anecdote, I had to go to the local shopping centre today to get some keys cut. The bloke who runs the franchise is tearing his hair out, he can’t get supply of blank keys, he imports from the US but all the smelters are shut again and the post is absurdly slow even when he can place orders. Net result he’s turning away every other customer. Apparently a smelter costs a million bucks per key type so they can’t justify local manufacture in a market like Perth. Same with his leather for boot repairs, he orders it in bulk from Italy but again the manufacturers are all shut again,
  4. BP up 16% it’s acting like a penny share - which means rejoice, my little foray into Energy this year is suddenly in the green, thanks everyone, what an extraordinary world we live in at present 👍
  5. The 80% to be triggered by Trump’s legal challenge outcomes in spring..?
  6. Am still off the booze but after all this covid shite I decided to put the Christmas tree up early today. What do you all think?
  7. I’d say is safe to assume the feelings are mutual..
  8. I assume Trump will immediately start building TNN. If I then assume it will be a big ratings winner in 3 years, maybe he won’t be able to resist giving it another shot in 2024..?
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