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  1. notMyName

    Carnivore diet

    I'm currently doing a 'mostly meat and dairy' diet, and the george foreman is a godsend. I might go full on carnivore in a few weeks, but I enjoy my milk, and a few sprouts/broccoli daily.
  2. notMyName

    Getting the snip

    Sounds just like my experience. It improved things for us, as the missus could stop with the pill, which was killing her libido, and adding weight to her body. 3 years later she is slim and active in the bedroom again.
  3. notMyName

    UK - peak gym ?

    Squatting 90kg and deadlifting 115kg, for 5 x 5, so no... But I'll get there eventually
  4. notMyName

    Carnivore diet

    Ah, sorry must have missed that part
  5. notMyName

    Carnivore diet

    Bullet coffee is your friend, and surprisingly good, even though they sound horrible.
  6. notMyName

    Have i been banned?

    Strangely that's the first thing I thought when I saw the image.
  7. notMyName

    Foodbank Watch 2018

    I'm going to use my dog to take down people and eat them, rinse and repeat. This is why I will survive and you wont
  8. notMyName

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Yes please do. I bought one that grows outside so I could say, 'never even noticed it gov, I haven't cleared that bit of my allotment yet gov'
  9. notMyName

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Also I'm quite enjoying some CBD oil at the moment. It's not supposed to have an 'intoxicating' effect, but this bottle certainly does. I guess they maybe got a bit of THC in the mix.
  10. notMyName

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    What kind are they? I bought a packet of seeds last year, but haven't tried planting yet, I bought 'double gum' because apparently it tastes and smells like bubble gum
  11. notMyName

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    It's gonna get smelly in there
  12. notMyName


    Looks like a good job there. I hate turfing, every single part of the process is back breaking. I try not to do it if I can help it Mind you I just spent 5 hours trimming hedges, which gets a bit tiring. I'll be glad when the spring rush is done, and I'm just back to full time mowing/treating lawns.
  13. notMyName


    They usually get banned for a reason. You can pick up most things you might need from trade suppliers online. The new selective herbicides work well on lawn weeds, although they aren't cheap. But really you should be licensed to use professional products, which cost me £500.
  14. notMyName

    bin washing

    You can say that about most things these days. Services wouldn't exist if people did everything themselves.