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  1. When my battery went in the van, the rac guy who jump started me sent me to a local independent battery retailer, where I got a new one for £30 less than ECP were wanting. It seems it's worth while shopping around. Nice of the rac guy too, as they carry batteries for sale at inflated prices.
  2. Reebo

    Kids and cars

    Manor is a mixture of people these days. It used to be a mostly white council estate with one of the worst reputations in Yorkshire, but most of it got demolished about 20 years ago. The crash happened in darnall, which is a Pakistani area.
  3. I'm pretty sure he would tell you his age after you had pulled a couple out...
  4. I tend to think we are pretty good on this one here.
  5. Or if you want to keep your learning simple, after getting to grips with HTML and CSS, learn JavaScript and use the mean stack. This seems to be the way things are going at the moment.
  6. From what I've learnt so far getting myself back up to speed with web development, most actual developers still type HTML, CSS and JS out in text based editors like sublime text/atom/VS Code. VS Code is a bit more ide like that the others. I like sublime text, but I have been using it for a while, and I don't see a good reason to change yet, although I have sampled VS Code and it would probably be the way I would go. I'm not sure if dreamweaver still exists? I used to use that at uni. There are some other wysiwyg programs around. Bootstrap studio is ok for chucking together a website.
  7. He made that episode after watching another of boston dynamics robots. Spot
  8. Reebo

    S.A.D season

    Thanks for that. I just watched the sunrise in Florida At my old house I could see the sunrise and set most of the year, but since I moved I can't any more due to other houses being in the way. I have missed it, but I never thought to look up webcams. In my head I had webcams down as being crap quality like back in the day, and it never occurred to me to check them.
  9. It also seems that North Yorkshire has taken over most of the ridings for itself, something must be done!
  10. You had me worried that I didn't exist then, but I see Sheffield nestled at the bottom of the West Riding.
  11. I'll claim South Yorkshire, as I guess no one else cares about it Oh and IFIFY.
  12. They wouldn't pay attention to anything that happened 'up north'. It would have to be London I'm afraid, like a surgical removal of a cancer from this green and pleasant land.
  13. I'd like to vote for not nuking my home, kthanx
  14. It's never been great round there, but now it's just a complete shit tip. Litter everywhere, and big fat roma hanging around on every street corner, enriching the place.
  15. Meanwhile I have to walk past a police cordon while taking my daughters to school, because someone shot a 16 year old lad last night.