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  1. Reebo

    Kids and cars

    Manor is a mixture of people these days. It used to be a mostly white council estate with one of the worst reputations in Yorkshire, but most of it got demolished about 20 years ago. The crash happened in darnall, which is a Pakistani area.
  2. He made that episode after watching another of boston dynamics robots. Spot
  3. Reebo

    S.A.D season

    Thanks for that. I just watched the sunrise in Florida At my old house I could see the sunrise and set most of the year, but since I moved I can't any more due to other houses being in the way. I have missed it, but I never thought to look up webcams. In my head I had webcams down as being crap quality like back in the day, and it never occurred to me to check them.
  4. Currently 104kg @ 6'.0". I aim to stay the same weight gaining muscle and losing fat. Starting the anabolic diet this week. Starting strength is my current gym routine. I guess I will be better tracking my body fat on the posh scales at the gym. I'll get a reading on Monday.
  5. Yeah that's right, there have been a few big battles where hundreds of thousands of $ worth of pixels have been blown up To stop chinese isk (eve currency) farmers the devs eventually allowed players to buy game time with in-game currency in the form of 'plex' which can be purchased from the website, but is an in-game item to be used or sold on the markets. So when billion isk ships go pop, they can actually give a $ value to them. Most of the stuff is just built by grind though, so mostly it's time lost, not money.
  6. I used to sell things from eve online on ebay until they banned it. It paid for my subs for 4 accounts and gave me some spending money, which was nice. I still have accounts, but I have banned myself from ever playing again, unless I become rich and don't have to work or something.
  7. I've been playing vanilla WOW lately, because it's free (if you know where to look) and much better than the newer expansions. It's a bit f a time sink though. I wish I could get the 5 years back that Eve online stole from me
  8. Reebo

    Carnivore diet

    Possibly a magnesium shortage in the diet? I take a zinc & magnesium supplement which (seems to) help with the DOMS.
  9. Reebo

    Carnivore diet

    I tried a version of this diet for a week when this thread started (I allowed myself some dairy and coffee), but after a couple of days I felt like I really needed a lot more carbs as I do strength training, and I was struggling at the gym. Maybe it would work out if you can take a break from exercise for a few weeks to let the body switch over to ketos fully, but I'm trying to keep the habit of going to the gym going at the moment. I tried it mainly to test my digestion as I can't remember last time I had a solid poo, and it's been bugging me. I had thought it was due to coffee as my routing is basically: get up, coffee, coffee, poo. After one day eating just meat, eggs and a bit of milk in my coffee my digestion was fine. I went from a 6/7 on the Bristol stool scale to a 2/3 and only had to wipe once (sorry for the gross). This pretty much says to me that my digestion doesn't like some kind of carb intake that I have, so eventually I'll be trying an elimination diet to see what it is.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted yet here, but the missus got this flyer through with her order from H&M. I read this as 'I used to be a size 14, but now I'm a 12, woohoo!'
  11. Reebo

    Carnivore diet

    I'm currently doing a 'mostly meat and dairy' diet, and the george foreman is a godsend. I might go full on carnivore in a few weeks, but I enjoy my milk, and a few sprouts/broccoli daily.
  12. Reebo

    Carnivore diet

    Ah, sorry must have missed that part
  13. Reebo

    Carnivore diet

    Bullet coffee is your friend, and surprisingly good, even though they sound horrible.
  14. I'm going to use my dog to take down people and eat them, rinse and repeat. This is why I will survive and you wont
  15. Yes please do. I bought one that grows outside so I could say, 'never even noticed it gov, I haven't cleared that bit of my allotment yet gov'