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  1. Thanks Janch ! crikey got delivered to the corner shop ! Imagine if it had accidentally got scooped up and passed on to someone else or returned with surplus stock etc.. lucky !!
  2. Hi Leonardratso, is this a fund you set up yourself or purchased through an investment service ? I'm trying hard to get up to speed with it all but still I find learning Mandarin easier ! My worry is I know a few people who suffered heavy losses spread betting ... so I've been looking at setting up a fund through say Hargreaves Lansdown, if you set up a fund how do you ensure that if you lose you just lose the money you put in and not end up having to pay back losses ?
  3. yaaay ! Congratulations ! I still need to buy !!! oh its difficult though as i have no proof of address here, only my passport as staying at parents for now... what ID did you need and where did you buy them ?
  4. oh Kurt Barlow it's tough when a landlord forces you to move... expect it will it on the market a long time too... hope you settle in your new place
  5. Hi Zanu Bob, I was living overseas in 2008 .. so whilst I saw some impacts of the GFC I didn't see how it impacted through the building trade here. What happened last time with the building trade ? Did the cost of materials go up ? down ? cost of labour ? prices round where I am for any kind of building work have pretty much more than doubled since 2008, so what are your thoughts on how it might pan out ?
  6. yes me please ! I currently don't really exist yet here in the UK... not long moved back from Oz and staying with parents so other than passport I have no id, and nothing that correlates to an address here.... could I just walk in and buy with cash/card without setting up an account etc ?
  7. Hi AnythingWithWheels, just had a look at .... so they ship direct to your home address ? How easy to set up an account ? I currently only have my passport as ID as staying with parents for now after moving back from OZ so I have no ID related to home address such as utility bills/statements etc...
  8. Thanks DurhamBorn ! ..... I still don't quite get why when it explodes people pay the higher price ? aggghhh so much to learn .... need one of this Thai massages ha !
  9. Hey DurhamBorn, I follow all the threads on here... still trying to get my head round it all. I've looked Coin Invest and Buillion Vault, so I want to take a punt and buy some silver. I am a total novice at any of this ! So I buy it... what hold it at home and then what happens when we say go into the silver bull market ? how do you sell it ? soooooo confusded !
  10. Thanks DurhamBorn, do you literally just keep them at home or do you have a vault somewhere ?
  11. Thanks so much Cattle Prod, when you stashed do you mean under the mattress ha !! or do you pay them to store it for you ?