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  1. I'm overweight in PM miners and getting a bit fucked at the moment portfolio wise, but this discussion is making me want to add more I am slightly worried that BTC will take over from PMs as a store of value for the younger generation though. I know loads of people my age who hold BTC or other crypto, and barely any that hold PMs or miners.
  2. I wonder if the yanks will like this as much as we do?
  3. Lol https://thecryptomerch.com/collections/argo
  4. I found a screenshot the other day from when I bought my first Bitcoin - it was £3000.
  5. Silver at £19/oz. Yet physical silver is either still out of stock in a lot of places or trading at £25/oz.
  6. There was that speeding ticket RNS I guess, and some quite suspect spreads between US and UK markets at open or just after. I think maybe the dual listing is giving some people / institutions arbitrage opportunities to take profits without actually doing much to the floor of the SP. Personally I think you just need to compare to the likes of MARA or RIOT to see that the SP could fairly realistically get to £10 at some point.
  7. Yeah for sure @goldbug9999 I've been fairly surprised how resilient ARB's share price has been to the BTC falls so far. Makes me think: - There is plenty more upside for ARB with future BTC price rises, and relatively less downside. - ARB's company results may become more important than BTC price rises in determining its SP. - We probably won't see ARB go parabolic again.
  8. Dip buyers, today may be your day
  9. Jupiter Gold & Silver Fund gets you pretty close to SIL / SILJ tbh.
  10. Amazing. Maybe they get it to $420.69 this time 😂
  11. Often seems to open lower in the UK than the US close though, or sharply drop after open, I've noticed. Here's hoping we open with the gain intact tomorrow.
  12. Reflation portfolio wise, I'm down 3% on my 1 year average (~25% return), 7% from ATH (was about 30%) these investments are on a 5-7 year timeframe from now, that's when I expect to sell. Lost some profit on crypto but still up around 400% on it overall. Makes me think this is a pullback or sector rotation rather than a "crash".
  13. It's quite healthy we're getting a correction here imo. Shaking weak hands out of speculative positions as the economy starts to open back up, should start to realise better value in more traditional stock sectors as well (many of which are "reflation stocks", i.e. energy and transport, but even hospitality and airlines). Of course we may also now get a speculative melt-up. I still think we might get BTC to $100k this year. Money is where mouth is so let's see.
  14. Silver birch are my all time favourite. Coming across a grove of them when out walking is always a magical moment. Absolutely beautiful trees.
  15. Welll, here's that BTC pullback. I kept a bit of powder dry, gonna punt it on ARB when it seems the bottom is in. Go big or go home, what's life without a little excitement.
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