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  1. Any thoughts on INRG? Clean energy ETF offered by BlackRock. Good performance over the last year with a lot of exposure to solar energy companies. VanEck also have SMOG but it's not listed on the LSE as far as I can see. There are also UKW - exposure to UK Wind industry, and NESF, for UK solar. They've both been good performers over the last year. I'd like a pure clean energy play going forward, especially if we see a major crash, in which case I feel some kind of "green new deal" / infrastructure spending has massive potential to happen. I know with CNA and other "reflation" stocks there is some energy exposure, but does low carbon etc factor into this thinking at all? Does anyone have any holdings in this sector? If anyone is interested in discussing clean energy investing I may start a new thread (unless there already is one that I've missed 🙄)
  2. I'm still too far down on CNA and VOD to be up overall, but it's nice to see GDX and GDXJ clawing the gains back! Hopefully the time will come... Just to add to the sentiments here, great thread, long may it continue, and cheers DB!
  3. Only if they've paid off the mortgage I guess? If they own a mortgaged flat to rent out will their kids want to continue paying the mortgage on decreasing yields? If the tax changes happening now lead to a loss making business model in ten years will their kids want the hassle of tenants? What if (when) interest rates go up? Agreed some will hold on to their property, but it won't be anything like it is now.
  4. Yep I never understand these prediction articles - they assume everything will stay the same forever. More of the deluded and non historical thinking we've been discussing on the credit deflation thread. I'm a millennial myself and not a property owner, I could probably qualify for HTB but not way I will touch it. None of my friends are property owners either, except for those with rich parents / inheritance. Most of us earn 40-50k+ and are by all other measures pretty successful (granted this is in the SE/London). We are the exact people that you'd have thought would be buying - good jobs, long term girlfriends, kids even. But none of us can afford it. So who can? The boomer generation will die off eventually, who will buy their houses? It's just a waiting game. I've talked to my partner a lot about this and we're on the same page. She's more worried than me, but we're saving and waiting. I don't believe all of the doom mongering over the prospects of millennials.
  5. Good couple of weeks for miners. As per the initial road map of the thread, is a pullback in PMs and miners still expected in the near future? I remember target ~$40 GDX and ~$70 GDXJ being discussed as the peaks before a crash, and then trending higher.
  6. I've been watching TMMG... keeps bouncing off around 96, but longer term the chart shows it taking a few dips and then slowly increasing above it. Interesting one for sure.
  7. Ah yes... failed at basic reading and maths, haha. 1000% would be $110000, correct? Sounds more reasonable. $1m per Bitcoin still seems wild to me. Will be nice if it comes true though. Out of interest do any of you take profits from BTC or just hold?
  8. Truth is though, we are still dealing with relatively small amounts of money here. A 1000% increase from $11,000 would be over 11 million dollars for one Bitcoin. Where would that kind of money come from? I think we will see an increase but nothing on the scale we've seen before.
  9. Hi @201p, what do you think is driving that great performance in TMMG?
  10. Definitely some ups and downs in daily prices, but only within a narrow range. My gut feeling is that $10k Bitcoin is here to stay, and I wonder whether we will see even more of a rally past $12k in the coming weeks.
  11. Yep - considering media haven't even really picked this up yet I think it's probably got a while to run. A lot of people seem to think that the Facebook Libra coin announcement is also fuelling some of this interest.
  12. Added some. Will sell some if it gets to 15~16k and prepare to re invest in a dip. Kicking myself for not buying the real dip earlier this year, but hey ho. Crypto is fun again!
  13. Possibly buy more if it clears $10k. Above that think there will be hype again which will push it higher. People are starting to talk about it again.
  14. Beyond Meat looks like it's back on trend after it's recent dip. Would have been a great investment on IPO... probably still has a lot of legs as it's still relatively new to a market that is far from saturated. I think I will be adding some, and looking at other opportunity to invest in meat alternative companies. Long term I can't see this trend going away. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/cbe9f774-8c4d-11e9-a24d-b42f641eca37