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  1. I've got a position in CNA. Not worried about the drop really. I bought CNA based on the ideas in this thread that it could be a reflation stock - not expecting to make any money short term, and fully expecting a paper loss before any upside. For me it will be if/when the cycle turns that I will know whether it was a good purchase.
  2. In line with recent vegan talk... Beyond Meat has it's IPO today. Will be an interesting one to watch. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/afe0e4e6-6c5b-11e9-80c7-60ee53e6681d
  3. This is it. It's not about making money this year, it's about positioning to make money (or at least not lose too much of it) in 7-8 years.
  4. Most in LS100 but also emerging markets and ftse. I couldn't find a PM fund available in the UK on there I will most likely leave the current money invested, just stop adding more due to the ISA rules (only pay in to one of each type of ISA per year) and wanting to pick stocks with the tax free benefit. That said if we do get a big recession it could be a buying opportunity for passive funds. If money floods out of the passive sector that will then become the new contrarian play...
  5. Luckily you can buy 8 avocados for 2.5 quid at Aldi . I'm interested that there have been a lot of new posters on this thread recently (at least it seems so to me). Are people looking around for answers as they feel "something is coming" perhaps? This April for me is when I stop paying into my Vanguard ISA, consolidate the gains, and deploy into miners and other deflation stocks we've talked about in a separate S&S ISA. The way I see it - I have nothing to lose. I can't afford a house as it is, which is the only other thing I might want to spend a huge chunk of money on, and the advice which I've picked up on this thread over the last couple of years has played into the way I've always felt about the modern economy - unproductive things get rewarded, whereas fundamental businesses and sectors we need to keep the country running are undervalued. Fundamentally, if Facebook and 99% of the other consumer tech companies shut down tomorrow, it wouldn't make a huge difference to the world. However if power plants, trains and telecommunications networks went down, chaos would follow. I know which side I'd want my money in if the shtf. The PM side is more is a gamble in my opinion, but it does look historically undervalued. My worry with it is whether people of the generations that came after the gold standard was abandoned will still see it as something with an intrinsic monetary value?
  6. Excellent idea! They would have the same job with inflation adjusyed salary as when they bought their first house. And have to live in a shared rental whilst they look? Channel four would bite your hand off..
  7. @201p was it you who was saying "won't add any more Bitcoin til it hits $9k"?
  8. It's also true that most young people don't earn very much, even late 20s, early 30s. I have friends in finance and the city and they make six figure salaries, but even so with tax, student loan repayments, London living expenses, rent etc they struggle to put huge amounts away. And these people are at the absolute top of the earnings scale nationally. Other high paid job would be in tech - developer especially can be incredibly well paid. Unless you can live at home rent free it's difficult to get much going in terms of savings in your 20s these days for all but the highest earners. Rent / expenses are a killer. Another reason house prices will fall imo. Who will they be sold to? Your average 20s person has low salary and low savings. Even middle class people these days. Middle class kids couldn't afford to buy their parents houses and can't pay the IHT on their parents houses! Get mortgage free, pass it on as a gift and hope you live 7 years...
  9. Also check out the investment section to this forum, esp. 201ps thread, and check out Harley's posts on financial risk management case hardening ... worth thinking about what you want the money for and when you'll want it, and working backwards from there. Some PMs as part of a portfolio allocation (most people say 10-20%) can be seen as a hedge against major losses in equities (which the vanguard LS100 is obviously). It's all on these boards somewhere. We must know different brickies...
  10. 25 and saving 60k a year... jeez. You're doing ok regardless. The question is what do you want to do with the money? Buy property? Preserve wealth? Make as much of a gain as possible? A lot of people on this thread are looking to grow a deposit and/or pay off a mortgage, or go mortgage free. Bullion vault or CoinInvest are pretty good for low cost PM investing, virtual and physical respectively. A lot of people on this forum also invest in silver miners (buy shares), if you read back through you will see a lot of suggestions. There are also some ETFs for the miners - GBSP, GDX, GDXJ. You can buy these on some of the major broker websites. DYOR, but reading back through this thread, despite the many tangents, should give you all the info you need.
  11. https://medium.com/@arjunblj/crypto-theses-for-2019-dd20cb7f9895 Very detailed analysis / predictions for crypto in 2019.
  12. Lol. Like a 4 year olds drawing of a house made real.
  13. Yep seems like you got a good deal there! Well done. Was there a lot of negotiation on price or did they just accept your first offer? And just out of interest as I'm also looking at London outskirts atm, was it N, S, E, W?
  14. Interesting that Bullion Vault saw a big sell off ... could people be valuing the security of physically owning the coins more than their potential as an online investment vehicle?
  15. I'm just holding all my crypto for the foreseeable. Not adding any more, not selling any. I still love the ideas behind it, although I do slightly wish I'd sold near the top. Bought early 2018 and always planned to hold for 3 years. Just interested to see where it goes now really. For me it's as much an investment in the technology as a way to make money, and the way various institutions have reacted to it have been fascinating and have exposed a lot of the fault lines of wealth and power in our societies. No matter if it goes to zero in the next few years, being involved in it has given me so many good lessons and perspectives that I will be happy.