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  1. Hardhat

    Student Loans

    Relevant: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/nov/22/less-than-half-of-tuition-fees-spent-on-teaching-at-english-universities 'Less than half' of tuition fees spent on teaching at English universities Large proportion of students’ £9k fees used to fund libraries and support services – report University students receive teaching worth less than half of their £9,250 fee in England, according to an influential thinktank that says universities need to be more honest with students about how their fees are spent. A report by the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) said that teaching for undergraduates amounts to just 40%-45% of the current fee, with most of the remainder spent on valuable facilities such as libraries and services including information technology and student support. But few universities publish easily digestible information about their spending on students, the report found. “It is easier to discover where the money goes when buying an iPhone than it is for a degree,” the authors said.
  2. Crazy what's happened in a year. I doubt we will see the like again for Bitcoin, though I'm interested to see whether we creep back up from here. May add some just as pure speculation if it gets low enough.
  3. There's one near me and it's always rammed - but it's London so more people looking for this kind of niche. There's also a bar offering a load of retro gaming machines nearby. You pay entry and can buy drinks etc. Also fairly busy.
  4. Hardhat

    Student Loans

    FWIW, I am pretty angry about it
  5. I'm definitely of the same way of thinking. You can only play the hand you're dealt a lot of the time. But even to realise that much puts you a long way ahead of a lot of people.
  6. Hardhat

    Student Loans

    Someone pointed this out to me the other day: https://www.nizzynomics.com/calculator It's a calculator for student loan debt, and tells you when you may pay it off etc., and how much you will end up paying off in total. Imo it's a scandal that student loans are allowed to charge interest above the BoE rate. Someone pointed this out to me the other day: https://www.nizzynomics.com/calculator It's a calculator for student loan debt, and tells you when you may pay it off etc., and how much you will end up paying off in total. Imo it's a scandal that student loans are allowed to charge interest above the BoE rate.
  7. There's a guy at work who buys Marvel action figures "as an investment". It's alright to admit you just like having them! This reminds me of Ty beanie babies. Like everything that was fashionable in kids toys when I was growing up, my dad bought us fake ones for 1/4 of the price from the local car boot. Smart man 😉
  8. Hardhat

    Student Loans

    As discussed elsewhere, here's a thread on student loans. - have you got one? - have you paid one off? - are they fit for purpose? - what do you think of the entire system?
  9. Hardhat

    Initiative Q

    A guy I work with just invited me to this... https://initiativeq.com Anyone know anything about it? Is it blockchain based? Smells maybe a bit pyramid scheme to me, except I can't work out how they'll make money.
  10. It would be alright unless you really want to go swimming.
  11. So what you're saying is... not saying that at all Ms Newman! If you need housing, but you don't want to buy a house, you can rent, or live in a camper van or get a council house. If you need a degree for your career, you don't have much choice apart from going to university. If you are bright but don't come from money, you need to take out a loan. It might be a financial decision, but it is essentially made for you by the system. There is only one loans provider. The repayments are deducted automatically and you can't negotiate on them. The govt can retroactively change the terms of the loan. But without one you can't study, and you're back in the stock room at Foot Locker whilst all your mates become brain surgeons. Of course maybe it's better to educate fewer people to degree level and have them state funded, and reintroduce polys, vocational training or better apprenticeships, as well as some kind of adult learning. If people want to discuss student loans shall we start a separate thread for this?
  12. Honestly people are 17 when they make this decision... their parents aren't always clued up. Like mine, they saw it as a success for me to go to uni (mum didn't go and she was very keen for me to go). And to be honest when I was 17 it was the best option available to me. Better than working in a shop or a pub, which I did anyway. At least I was learning something. Just wish I wasn't still paying through the nose for it (circa 250 /month, but the highest it's ever been with a lot of overtime was 560) and it's deducted automatically from the monthly gross so it means I can't budget wthe repayment or pay back a regular amount. Whatever I earn it's a percentage. I didn't even get asked for my degree when I started my current career. I started as a labourer!
  13. I'm quite keen on this idea. Put all assets in gold. Bury gold in safe location. Take out huge unsecured loans. Pay off student debt. Go bankrupt. X marks the spot. How's that for a debt deflation ? 😉
  14. I've got a student loan and I can't tell you how much I resent paying it...
  15. Hardhat

    Old Concrete Garages

    As long as you don't have to drill it, cut it or otherwise expose the fibres / create dust you should be ok. That said, it is extremely hazardous and you need to make sure the mask you are using is rated and fitted correctly. Even better, use a disposable overall and bin it afterwards. The truth is that most buildings built before 1999 may have asbestos in some element of their materials, it even used to be mixed into concrete so a lot of the time you can't tell it's there unless you lab test it. Frequent exposure to it will certainly give you asbestosis, but a one off job is fairly unlikely to result in serious health problems if you wear PPE and handle it correctly. The scandalous thing is that the construction industry pays so much less attention to the risks of silicosis, when most builders will breathe in plasterboard and cement dust day after day (often between fag breaks...).