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  1. Yep, a YIMBY! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/YIMBY
  2. I think the LISA is a better product if she's saving for a deposit. The bonus is £1 for every £4, and the money is available at the beginning, not the end, of the house purchase transaction.
  3. This must be the only thread on the internet where you can discuss pizza making and junior gold miners in the same place
  4. Something weird going on. Any ideas?
  5. There are some stats a Google away about how much Uber subsidise each trip by - if I remember correctly is 30-40% of the actual price of the trip (by e.g. a black cab). I use uber fairly often (I don't have a car and use it to transport large items) but I essentially see it as payback for QE otherwise destroying my quality of life. If big VC want to subsidise my taxi rides it's fine by me On a serious note though I can't see how anyone can think uber is a serious long term proposition with the amount of loss they are making? It seems completely mad to me. They've put my favourite local minicab firm out of business though, who unfortunately didn't have VC funding. Thing is, they weren't even that much more expensive than uber, maybe £2-3 a ride. If/when uber goes uber these minicab firms will just reappear. I guess uber's strategy is essentially to monopolise and then put up prices to a profitable level, but I don't see what stops other minicab firms from challenging them once they get there as the subsidy will be gone and playing field level again. Anyone own any?
  6. Long term hold for me. Will likely add GDX/J and SIL this week if I get time. Mainly looking at that and energy (incl. Renewables) so far reflation wise. Still feel like I need to do more research into potential reflation/ commod stocks outside of PMs, especially as I would rather stay out of oil (just personal preference).
  7. In London you're looking at 200-250 day rate for a decent sparks, skilled trade etc, 100-150 for labourers. It has been the same number for the last ten years, i.e. its been stagnant, but materials (and bills, petrol etc) have all gone up. What's also changed is that programmes are getting squeezed more and more... building firms are being asked to do the same work in less and less time for the same money. Everyone I know is plenty busy though... I've personally never been busier than the last year and have often struggled to get decent blokes on site as they're all busy as well.
  8. https://woodfordfunds.com/words/blog/fund-suspension-update-23-september-2019/ Woodford picking up a few reflation faves? "Progress is being made to reposition the fund into a much more liquid portfolio. To date, 84% of the proceeds from share sales made to reposition the portfolio since the suspension have been reinvested in FTSE 100 companies. As the fund’s interim report to 30 June 2019 highlights, these include new investments into FTSE 100 companies, Imperial Tobacco, BT and IAG." He also picked up BAT. Looking through the report he sold over four times the IMB he purchased though...
  9. I think the TC crash and this post has finally crystallised the meaning of the debt deflation for me after around 2 years of reading this thread...
  10. Now it's one beds for 400k in Hackney. And they are tiny. I went to look at a few help to buy places in the area a few years back. Most expensive was a one bed in a new build "luxury" block for 500k. It was nice enough, but Jesus Christ. The only way they can sell these places is shared ownership combined with HTB. You only initially buy 25-50% of the flat and rent the rest, and then you can buy the rest in stages. And if I remember correctly you can get a HTB deposit loan as well to buy your 50%... I did the sums and walked away.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/DaveHcontrarian He's a macro contrarian investor, US based but his analysis is along the same lines as much in this thread.
  12. Quite possibly. Dave H seems to think GDX and GDXJ both up 80-90% from here before a pullback, but who knows. I'm happy with the PMs as a long term hold so would look to buy the dip. What I really need to start doing is identifying and picking up more reflation stocks. I own some telcos and energy, no transports yet. What do people think about air travel in a deflationary scenario? Prices would rise with fuel and the end of cheap flights?
  13. Thanks for this @201p. Personally (although I'm fairly new to all this still) I treat anything that's a "penny" stock as a risk in the same way I would a bet on a horse. If I make more than 50% on it I look to sell (HZM recently was an anomaly because it made 100%+).