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  1. Proton VPN Also integrates with Tor and has an encrypted e-mail service. Swiss based, originates from a project at CERN.
  2. Quickly. Properly. Cheaply. You can pick two. Was always thus.
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    Make Ecstasy Great Again?
  4. Yes 2010-12. Friends asked me what it was like at the time. "It's simple. Ingest a very large quantity of high quality LSD, sit down and put on the collectors edition DVD boxed set of Yes Minister". All the staff "got rid of" were very few in number, all senior mandarins. Basically shifting their own people in to tow the line. They tried implementing things overnight (especially technology) with no understanding of what they were doing. All the few decent competent staff were leaving in their droves. I do agree that you could cull 50% of them and not notice a difference though.
  5. I was working at the DFE at the time (long story) and it was nothing of the sort. It was my first (and last) foray into the full fat public sector (I took it on as I was interested to know what it would be like) and it was a fiasco. The only thing that was missing was circus music playing. I actually walked out in the end and went down the pub shaking my head incredulously.
  6. While I have found some of Cummings antics amusing, I'm still of the opinion he is one of the most dangerous people ever to walk the corridors of Westminster. And I include Blair and Campbell in that group. Totally ideologically driven.
  7. Yes, she was ex IDF and a martial arts instructor - she used to run self defence classes for women at the time. Two of my female housemates used to go - the shit eating grins they used to come back with afterwards were huge. Should have married her but she pissed off to Denmark to do her masters.
  8. Oh I don't know. I dated an Israeli gal in my early twenties who could have killed most blokes, me included, with her bare hands. She was 5'4" and a slim size 8 She used to do security in the student union bar and seeing her take on 3 rugby players one evening was a sight to behold.
  9. Funnily enough, my two top choices that I've considered as my next motor for that very reason (always fancied an S1 Elise but could never have considered it when they first came out)
  10. 26? Is she a meth addict?
  11. The problem with this type of thing is we've had all this before from more than a decade and a half ago and since. Think "Joined up Government", the NHS National Project for IT (11 billion down the shitter) and all the rest. More databases, more data sharing (and data subsequently being sold off), with a complete lack of transparency or oversight. Then add in all the pork barrel from the usual suspects lined up at the trough, crapita, crap gemini, fujitsu siemens et al etc etc etc. Kerching, trebles all round. Same old fucking same old. I bet some of the fuckers are already salivating and working on proposals if they haven't been lobbying for it in the first place.
  12. Bastards. Utter, utter bastards.
  13. Infected GP was working in Sussex A&E unit Hospital continues to operate as normal. Brilliant.
  14. Bastards - Cloudflare holding pages said DC online but server down. I was waiting for a knock on the door