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  1. Found them useful back in the day. I put a replacement engine in a mates escort after he blew it up when I was 17 and would never have managed it if I hadn't had the haynes book as a reference, or at least a starting point. Helped me out on other occasions when I was running bangers in the following years. Noticed a few errors though. I had wondered how useful they would be today considering how much cars have changed as I haven't done anything other than the odd bit or bob for nearly twenty years.
  2. Considering the state of the school computer network of the daughter of a friend of mine, if I was her my results would be whatever I said they would be.
  3. Aaahhh. My apologies Sir. If your teeth were in it I would have understood.
  4. Never mind trackballs boy. Is that a plastic glass I spy? @stokiescum don't know what you think of this but I have grave concerns. Very grave concerns.
  5. Quite. I've always thought that we are lucky that the Jihadis are not that bright. A couple of dozen of the right people with the right backgrounds and professional knowledge, and there are more than a few on here and I know plenty in real life, you could shut this country down and cause more damage than Covid in probably a day if the feeling took you.
  6. Bless him. Even the IDF have put their hands up and said "no - wasn't us" He's the gift that never stops giving.
  7. I get chinese and indian takeaways, but from very good restaurants (established over twenty years or more, known by local community where I'm a regular etc) that I eat in at and sometimes order out if I've have been busy working late etc. Usually the places I get them from I would eat in with friends. Definately nothing from the counter at abduls money laundering front that I could do a better job of if I was half cut.
  8. Very good point. I think they may have a lot less tolerence in rural areas, as the video would suggest.
  9. The last several posts are nearly as Beautiful as my Beautiful Pubs. Sweet And thanks as ever @The Masked Tulip
  10. Yes, I swim a mile every morning seven days a week with the odd Sunday off if I've had a late Saturday night. I even moved to a place that I didn't really want so I could be five minutes walk from a pool. It isn't the easiest thing to keep up, but location means I can be in at 06:30 before work. I don't think I'd have maintained it otherwise. It took 3 months or so to notice a difference and within 6 I had no back pain at all (I have scoliosis and have compressed and degenerative discs through L1-L5). Added general better health has been a fringe benefit too. I wasted a lot of time with physio. I don't time myself, just bang out my mile. Interestingly, I have problems if I do anything else other than an intense breast stroke such as a crawl, but it certainly does the job. Well, it used to....
  11. Seriously - you need to bin Windows 7 soonest if it is on anything you have connected to the web. Its not had any security updates since it was retired so is wide open security wise and is asking for trouble. Certainly don't do any internet banking or make any online purchases. If you don't want to go the Windows 10 route (and I wouldn't blame you for that), look at some of the Linux alternatives such as Ubuntu or Mint (although the later depends on if you run any software you can only use on Windows). They have become a lot more user friendly in recent years, although you will have to dedicate some time to setting up and learning the ropes
  12. Never taken them regularly, and I get chronic lumbar back pain if I don't do an excersise programme to keep it at bay. Max prescription of Codeine for instance doesn't even touch it, tried various different types to test efficacy. Had to have minor op last year for it. If I had to take pain killers for it I'd have a Fentanyl/Oxy/Morpheine habit or something by the end of the month. I've never been convinced other stuff was much use for anything other than the odd headache.