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  1. Get totally wankered on booze and weed and stay like that.
  2. Haven't done christmas since my parents moved overseas after the last grandparent died nearly twenty years ago. First time I spent it on my own, got a fillet of beef in, loads of other good food and enough booze to fill a lake. Absolutely marvellous. Best ever was when I went to Dahab for sixteen nights of scuba, scuba and apres scuba. Would do it every year but fucking expensive. Friends seem perplexed by the fact I'm more than happy to do this.
  3. A more civilised communications device for a more civilised age.
  4. Yes, bit different to today. A friends eleven year old had been browsing the web when he became a latch key kid and got found out. 1080p high definition girl on girl action. With a horse.
  5. I've found a single rain soaked page of Razzle in the park. Lucky boy
  6. Pretty much every time I go to the supermarket, there is a young mum with a large trolley piled high - probably a hundred and fifty quids worth. Never a sign of fresh meat, fruit or vegetables. All processed shite.
  7. You have to book for the pool at my place and can get a couple of slots a week, they won't let me go every day which is what I require. Need it for the excercise because of a back problem and it is starting to cause me real grief having not been since feb. Bothersome, to say the least.
  8. My friends and I got ready for Ivan roaring across the Fulda Gap after watching that!
  9. Protests. In Llandudno. The revolution started today.
  10. Had a friend who went in the navy with the intention of seeing the world, did his seven and got out. I remember him talking a kid out of joining as "You won't see the world. You'll see every dockside bar in the world".
  11. Yes, been seeing quite a bit of that. I had noticed an increase in it a bit before Covid, but it has increased exponentially in the last six months. A couple of instances have really quite surprised me considering the people involved, I wouldn't have expected it. I suspect that the impact it is having on their kids and concern for the future is fueling a lot of it.
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