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  1. Actually, I'd rather welcome that. Man on the Moon, Concorde, an old Lotus Elan. No cell phones, slim women and you can smoke in pubs with no political correctness. Sounds like heaven to be honest.
  2. Yep. They'll be telling them exactly how it is and what needs to be done, and not mincing about in saying so most likely. This will not be going down well with the IT department if they are crap and the board regardless. The CFO will most likely think his teenage nephew could fix it.
  3. Not surprised, and you are not the only one. I've been hearing that some hit by it are imploding because boards won't accept the extent and cost of the remediation. Some are trying to pretend it never happened. Government side of things unless you are on the inside is very quiet.
  4. Looking really good. I'm almost decided on a Guillows Spitfire. Not sure whether to start off with the small one or go for the same scale as yours.
  5. I think I read 500 kg somewhere but can't find the reference.
  6. Continuing the staggering levels of hypocrisy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-55720106 A group of politicians drank alcohol on Welsh Parliament premises, days after a ban on serving it in pubs took effect.
  7. Fucking right wing, far right, alt-right, fascist extremist. Or, hang on a minute. You might have a point...
  8. First hit I got in the city centre. You can get a lot more in the burbs, but not much in NG1.
  9. I keep getting this shit through the door too. Makes a mockery of it, same as the dominos menus I keep getting. I keep taking a deep breath, counting to ten and reminding myself that spring will be here before we know it. In fact that reminds me, I need some compost for my window boxes. This grey, wet dismal weather doesn't help one bit.
  10. I can't help thinking of the scene in The Walking Dead where one of the protagonists regains consciousness and can see all these blury figures sat around him and the nearby fire, tucking into meat and smiling/laughing at him. He then looks down at his bandaged stump and realises they are eating his leg. The day they ban meat, that's my MP that is.
  11. 1 bedroom flat https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/101889029#/
  12. I've always wanted to say when interviewing. "Well, just one final question for you before we finish (pause, cross legs, steeple fingers, fearsome eye contact). Scalextric or TCR?" You can probably see why I have always struggled in a corporate environment...
  13. Just when you thought it was safe, eh? Good point, hadn't thought of that. The thing is, did anyone look at these fucking things when they were introduced and think they were a good idea?
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