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  1. I'm one of those lucky cunts who can get away with eating what I like pretty much without weight consequence. I know I have put a bit on in the last two months though as my belt buckle is expanded a notch. Not sure how much as I don't have any scales. I've not had the level of excercise that I would do as swimming is my thing as I have a back problem that I can get by with but always end up injuring so things like running and the gym are not an option. I have being gorging on food though as I enjoy cooking. As some of you may have guessed, I've not exactly been holding back on the booze either with My Beautiful Pubs being shut. Would have been interesting to know what the before and after numbers were though. I bet a few gains are widespread across the country and I'm sure it can come off relatively quickly in most cases.
  2. No. Rubber hoses, my dear. Rubber hoses.
  3. Well put. I still don't like him and think he's dangerous, but to be honest anything that upsets the apple cart...
  4. They need to be very careful with this one. Very careful.
  5. I have caused more grief for myself in the work place over the last 25 years by insisting on refering to HR people as "from personnel". Can't help it.
  6. ICU nurse I know says early lockdown lifting is their greatest concern. Known the girl since childhood and she is not exactly a shrinking violet.
  7. I have slippers made of that.
  8. The Devil's work Pin. I don't know what men were thinking of.
  9. My Beautiful Pubs To be honest at this stage I'd happily risk a dose of ebola to be able to get out and have a proper pint. Or Eight. And several large malts.
  10. If it involves a young Jenny Agutter, get me on that carousel now!
  11. I did laugh, but that is likely real policy by the end of next month.
  12. That bit. I never understood fully how they managed to keep everything going after 08. I see just fewer jobs, on less money and no pensions. Interestingly, the friends I have with children who have so far been untouched by and large since the crash, have now got those children hitting early adulthood. I don't think there is a hope in hell of one of them buying a house on the street they grew up on. Only one couple are actually affluent enough to support their kids to the level that will be needed financially. They are starting to make noises as it is now dawning on them. And they are a large demographic.
  13. Bletchley museum is well worth a trip. The replica Bombe is stunning, worth going to see that alone. I think there have been a few political problems with the museum and the adjacent computing museum since I visited some years ago though.