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  1. I refered a number of these questions from Lord James of Blackheath to my current MP (Cons), and am still awaiting a response. I'm wondering if it will be black helicopters...
  2. I did a couple of stints in the public sector and what you have described is spot on. In my first post and first week I was taken aback by the army of administrative staff, sat around doing fuck all, discussing childcare arrangements/cunt idol/dancing cunts/game of cunts etc all day long. The large number of people off at any one time on maternity leave and the useless temps brought in to backfill was also a sight to behold. The public sector does have some fantastic staff, but they tend to be in the minority, and the ones that are any good are constantly held back as I (and by the sound of things your wife) discovered much to my dismay. I did come across a few politicians (mainly political nobodies apart from one) and the level of ability and competency left me wondering how anything in government functions at all. The level of arrogance the higher up the food chain you go is also quite simply staggering. The current Brexit debacle is no surprise to be honest. With things as bad as they are, it is hard to believe at times that what is happening is not due to some plan, design or wider conspiracy. I suspect that actually it is not the majority of the time, and is probably due to a simple lack of talent and more significantly anything that could be described as resembling calibre amongst the political class.
  3. The Seagulls in some places are a nightmare now. I was attacked by three in St Ives while trying to eat a pastie (hadn't even unwrapped it). One of them was an absolutely massive fucker. I gave it a pretty good punch in the breast thinking it would piss off but it just got more agressive!
  4. Build your own Dalek There were several of these at Nottinghams Comic-Con type event a few years back. The kids loved them and the verbal abuse in a modulated Dalek voice of the PCSO's was a sight to behold. Probably need plenty of time on your hands though.
  5. Happy days! Had a massive collection of cap and spud guns as a kid. Gave them away when I progressed to air rifles and IED's. Wish I'd kept them now as I looked after them and they were all in good nick.
  6. Coming from a small market town in Deryshire I would have to agree. Whenever I go back I always keep my hands in my pockets so they can't see that I have opposable thumbs.
  7. Handed all our research data to the Americans for no return, prototype months away from being completed and cancelled. We could have broken the sound barrier, and it wouldn't have been rocket propelled and needed to be dropped from a plane. The begining of the end was somewhere between this and them scrapping the TSR2. I hold great hopes for Reaction Engines hybrid air breathing engine though. I just hope it isn't in vain.
  8. Saw an SR-71as a young teenager when they were still flying (Farnborough I think). Awesome looking and sounding piece of kit. Funnily enough, still reminds me of the Bristol 188 . Don't get me started on the Miles M52...
  9. A different set of circumstances, but I believe the Poll Tax was scrapped not because of the rioting and protests but because of the passive resistance of the law abiding - by the millions. Local authorities were still writing off small fortunes six years after it was scrapped. This is different, as the Poll Tax required affirmative action (i.e. paying up) on the part of the electorate. However, we are living in very different times. Everything from the dissengaged in our society who frankly have little to lose, to the extent of the "just in time" supply chain and the digital age we now find ourselves in. How much of our infrastructure (and everything else) isn't plugged into and dependent on the Net for instance? I find it hard to believe if the leavers get shafted on this that there will not be significant push back. Interesting times either way.
  10. Have to wonder how many of these there have already been.
  11. Saw the same even in Spain. Counted nearly 8 minutes once without seeing another car. There were a few tolls over a 270km trip (about 5 Euro's total if I recall). Turns out not used by the locals as they can't afford it. All EU money though apparently.
  12. It's what "smart" meters were designed for. I'll presume all the associated problems with these will be the same with EV charging devices. Data slurping Security vulnerabilities Criminal element Infrastructure issues All the usual suspects most likely.
  13. Can someone please explain to me the current propensity for shaving ones eyebrows off and then having them painted back on?
  14. Figures In A Landscape. Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell. Saw it as a kid and was entranced. Watched again some years ago and was holding up well.