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  1. Father started in Army not sure how old, came out after end of WW2 (he was 56 when I was born), went to worked as aircraft designer, retired at 60 died at 71 from COPD. So at least 40 years full time. Mother, worked a few years part time and then was my father’s full time carer until he died. She died herself at the age of 61 from cancer. I’m not sure that if she had a state pension she would have got much as I think she was paying the “married woman’s stamp”, she only got whatever she did for a year anyway. So far I’ve done 35 years, aiming to “retire” in 3 years when daughter has finished University and I can get access to my pension.
  2. Dipsy

    Fat Cats

    It’s a musical so best avoided anyway regardless of the content (but even more so with the talent free waste of carbon atoms that is James Corden)
  3. Dipsy


    Will no one think of the trees?
  4. I’d say they need to ensure that they work out what the exit deal will be, then put it to the voters of Scotland, that way they won’t have the crap we’ve had for the last 3 years “no one knew what they were voting for”
  5. I’m looking forward to shingles!
  6. Chickenpox in adults is horrendous. My daughter gave it to me, I’d apparently only had a mild dose in childhood. Ended up in hospital on anti-virals covered from head to foot and down my throat with pox blisters, I was close to my airway closing.
  7. Dipsy


    More likely they are drugged and get chucked onto the pyre.
  8. Stupid woman, if she is only 38 she’s needs to get knocked up by an old bloke, chances are her mature eggs and his elderly sperm will produce a sprog with special needs - a lifetime of PIP and no limits on universal credit - she’s not thought this through.
  9. Cats are arseholes and I say that as a cat owner slave. Bells on collars don’t work - they learn to move without them ringing. I thought that cats are classed as wild life, at least in the UK, you can’t be held responsible for what they do so. We’ve just adopted a new young cat after our elderly one died a few months ago. This one has all the behaviours of being an excellent hunter but has never been outside. I’m tempted to keep him as an indoor cat as I think he will decimate the local bird population and frankly I don’t want to deal with bird innards all over the house.
  10. Well I’ve done my bit for the economy and purchased a bottle of foundation that was reduced on Amazon to £5.65. We are now off to visit the RHS Gardens at Wisley for free courtesy of the National Lottery when Mr Dipsy comes back with a couple of scratch cards - who knows we might win enough to get a free lunch!
  11. Well, I’d put it down to the hot flushes but who knows!
  12. I think there must be something evolutionary about it. When I was younger if the weight went on, it when on to my hips and thighs now as I’m hurtling towards the menopause and so don’t need to breast feed the fat tends to stick around the stomach, more like a bloke.
  13. Being on the receiving end of all this Agile bollocks, I see how it doesn’t work unless the whole company works like that. I get business and change analysts coming to me saying “quick Dipsy, we are starting a sprint and you’re the subject matter expert so give us the answers by tomorrow”. No numbnuts I’m busy, I don’t work in sprints, I’m wrestling with legal and regulatory change that takes months if not years to work through the system and I’m not dropping everything for you. Seriously early retirement can’t come soon enough.
  14. Dipsy

    White Christmas?

    I predict a white Christmas for Surrey as we have just sold our 4x4. I’m looking forward to the ice in rear wheel drive Mazda mx5
  15. Dipsy


    Our Christmas drinks were Babycham (in the official glasses), Advocat (spelling?) to make snowballs topped with a cherry to make it classy, Harvey’s Bristol Cream (brown muck), Cherry Brandy (was given a glass on Christmas Eve by my parents to ensure I fell asleep - I was always awake by 4am on Christmas Day though) and beer which I think came in a barrel but for the life of me I can’t remember what brand it was.