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  1. Well at least you will be able to purchase DOSBODS Island and be our benevolent landlady.
  2. Yeah but if you paid by card "they" know you've purchased pile cream.
  3. Yes that's true and when the syndicate at work win I'll regret it I guess!
  4. They appear to be relying on the pharmacist to spot this going by the poster. The reality will be hoping the spotty teenager behind the counter at Boots knows how to use Dr Google. To be honest you are best off doing your own research - I've had crap advice recently from a Dr, googled it and ended up being referred because I'd correctly identified a symptom that needed further investigation.
  5. I don't know what's wrong with growing old gracefully. I've taken reasonable care of myself over the years, kept fit etc but I can't see the point in emulating women 30 years younger than me. These are people that aren't happy in their own skin.
  6. It's a tax on the stupid, I've never bothered with it. Actually, I remember that I did it once when someone at work persuaded me to part with £2 when the Euro one rolled over to some stupendous amount. I won £3. I've not bothered since.
  7. Dipsy

    trans madness

    I understand now why my council tax went up to pay for 100 extra police in Surrey. This woman has been subjected to online harassment, stalking and threats of violence yet the Police don't want to deal with that. I understand she has legal representation now - I hope after the Miranda Yardley debacle the CPS tell the police to take a running jump. It's stuff like this that eats away at the policing by consent concept.
  8. Neither do we, if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down. (If it's purple, you've been eating too much beetroot)
  9. She looks like a caricature.
  10. Because the traffic is slow anyway during the day (at least it was last time I had the misfortune to drive on it)
  11. Going to use a plastic straw to drink my water,
  12. £3300 pa this year. Police element biggest rise at 10%, the rest went up by 3.99% which was a smaller increase than last year. I think they are filling in the potholes with scrunched up £20's.