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  1. It also makes you wonder about the physical state of them. I think the film said they put an average of 1st in weight and I can't remember how much in height during training. So some pretty poor physical specimens.
  2. Dipsy

    Meerkat - 2 for 1 on food

    Not much meat on a meerkat, you'd need at least half a dozen for a decent stew.
  3. Dipsy

    TV: box-sets to watch

    S1 of True Detectives is excellent, shame S2 didn't meet the high standards.
  4. It is an excellent film, saw it at the cinema, welled up on a number of occasions - how young some of those boys were.
  5. Dipsy

    Children in need

    Nope, I'm watching the rather good Line of Duty on Netflix. I didn't even realise it was on - I'm not sure it's got much coverage this year. There's usually some hideous bake sale at work but nothing this year, saves me having to cough up a quid for a rice crispie cake.
  6. My father was 56 when I was born and served in WWII. He lost a much older brother, my uncle, in WWI. Some of us are only one generation away from WW1.
  7. Dipsy

    Question Time

    Well good luck for this evening, I hope your TV survives. I look forward to reading the DOSBODS commentary later.
  8. Dipsy

    Question Time

    Lord no. I stopped watching a while ago, I reckon this weeks edition will be worse than usual and I've no alcohol to numb myself.
  9. Dipsy

    Black Friday deals

    And why do they always advertise delivery by Christmas - who buys a bloody sofa for Christmas?
  10. Dipsy

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Me too, I'd rather go no deal than this monumental balls up.
  11. Dipsy

    Remembrance Zealots

    I'm not sure they'd go - probably plea human rights. I'd not want my child conscripted. I watched Peter Jacksons "They shall not grow old" and was struck by how willing lads of 15 were to lie their heads off to the army (and the army encouraging them) about their ages so they could sign up. No one should be forced into an act of remembrance, I remember because family members were killed and injured in both world wars. I also agree with @Sideysid it's increasingly a show of solidarity.
  12. Dipsy

    TV: box-sets to watch

    Just started watching Homecoming on Amazon Prime. 1 episode is a bit slow but it does get going. Only 30 minute episodes as well. Julia Roberts and some shading doings in the US military. Directed by the director of Mr Robot, Sam Esmail.
  13. Dipsy

    The big 'wheels coming off GE' thread

    https://www.investopedia.com/insights/rise-and-fall-ge/?utm_campaign=rss-marketwatch&utm_source=marketwatch&utm_medium=referral look at those dividends. They are toast.
  14. Dipsy

    Child management techniques

    I buy Lego for myself, some of those sets are far too good for kids.
  15. Dipsy

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    Agreed, my FIL had both hips replaced in his early 50's. He's always been obese, I'd say morbidly obese. He didn't lose any weight after his hip replacements when he had much improved mobility and they've now worn out so he's going to face 2 operations with a GA in his 70's whilst being morbidly obese - big risk factors for not waking up from the GA.