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  1. Dipsy

    Carney wants to end the RPI figures? Is this true?

    I thought they didn't bother reporting RPI anymore, don't know about getting rid altogether - I've a shed load of RPI linked NS & I certificates, what they going to link them to?
  2. Dipsy

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    You've been on the David Icke forums! I give you http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com/cgi-bin/seigmiaow.pl
  3. Dipsy

    Favourite Comic Strips

    Agree with you on Dilbert, his observations resonate so well having always worked in an office environment. When I was a kid I loved the Wonder Woman comic books, I so wanted to be her!
  4. Dipsy

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Very true, at my gym us 50 + ladies are generally in pretty good shape, the younger ones not so much - but at least they are doing some exercise!
  5. Dipsy

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It's a shame that overweight people don't realise how life is passing them by. My sister in law as always been a big girl and spent decades in unflattering clothes not able to do much physically, which is especially sad when you have children. I think the GP finally put the wind up her and she has started to lose weight, 6 stone so far with a fair bit more to go but you can see the difference it is already making to her. But she's in her 40's now - all those years gone by.
  6. Dipsy

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I don't know, who planted the bottle?
  7. Dipsy

    The one where I offend a staunch leftie.

    To be honest she doesn't sound like much fun.
  8. Dipsy

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    Ooh handbags!
  9. Dipsy

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    Oh dearie me, still time to pull one back and then go out on a penalty shoot out.
  10. Dipsy

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Presumably so he can get his story straight.
  11. Dipsy

    Japanese Demographics

    I'm not googling that to confirm it's a thing. All I can say is lucky Japanese, imagine if we had a similar % reduction in population? They'll have carer robots to wipe the oldies arses.
  12. Dipsy

    What movie are are you watching

    I didn't know so I looked it up - the Widmark was Hell and High Water.
  13. Dipsy

    What movie are are you watching

    Talking of Jeff Bridges and Westerns, have you watch Hell or High Water? Good film.
  14. Dipsy

    Bye bye Treason May?

    So do we think there will be another resignation today - too much to hope it will be TM?