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  1. Dipsy

    luxuary items

    You can get nitrate free bacon, so hopefully it reduces whatever the risk is of it be carcinogenic
  2. Dipsy

    whats with this layout

    I'd like to think that by the time I'm old enough to welcome death we will be civilised enough to allow euthanasia. Our pets get treated better at that point in their lives than we do.
  3. Dipsy

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    I'm not sure Mr D sorted it out - I think it's about £120 per year or thereabouts.
  4. Dipsy

    luxuary items

    The keyless entry thing does worry me, I've got an old fashioned crook lock for it. Plus overnight it's in a garage with Mr D's car parked in front of it.
  5. Dipsy

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    We have it, our boiler is 11 years old now and we've had them out 3 times in the last 2 years so it's been worth it for us. I wouldn't bother with a newer boiler though.
  6. Dipsy

    luxuary items

    My MX -5, it's the third car in the house, I really don't need it but it makes me smile when I drive it.
  7. Dipsy

    Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    Given this happened over 10 years ago what are the chances she's not their only victim. Good that they get a minimum of 20 years inside.
  8. Dipsy

    DIY SOS - The big build

    Read about this in the paper. I don't understand why they were convicted for violent disorder, why not attempted murder - too difficult to prove? Their victim can't move or speak, his life is effectively over, so his wife's as she is now his carer and these little turds get between 18 months and 5 years (which I assume they'll only serve half of). There's something very, very wrong with our justice system.
  9. Dipsy

    Favourite Food?

    I didn't know there was a goddess of deadly poison - every day is a school day on this site!
  10. Dipsy

    Favourite Food?

    Food of the gods.
  11. Dipsy

    Favourite Food?

    Cheese. Home made curries Black pudding Marmite Oysters Rack of lamb Forerib of beef
  12. Dipsy

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Thank god you didn't think I'm Diane Abbott!
  13. Dipsy

    Sackler family: OxyContin

    That's a very interesting website, I've bookmarked it.
  14. Dipsy

    Anyone go to the gym?

    Right, going by that emoji, I'm not clicking on that link!
  15. Dipsy

    Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    No the girl who was in on the plot was killed as she knew too much and I'm pretty certain I read that the thick cunts thought there would be a better insurance payout if people died.