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  1. Descaled my bathroom taps. Went for a 5 mile walk. A few people out, we all managed to keep our distance, walked in the roads when needs be as so few cars.
  2. I do like this but have to watch with subtitles
  3. I’ve listened to snippets over the years. You very occasionally get a good item - mainly health related, the rest is absolute bollocks (or should that be ovaries?)
  4. I’ve only a bottle left. I’ve no idea what local supplies are like. Mr Dipsy managed to secure some beer at Morrison’s today, grim times.
  5. In fairness, I think my gin consumption has increased.
  6. Surely “part and parcel memorial hospital” with a Sadiq Khan wing.
  7. Dipsy

    DOSBODS Cheese club

    Got served sheep’s cheese with black current jam in the Pyrenees many years ago, bloody gorgeous!
  8. I wander over to Mumsnet occasionally but have stopped doing so as feared I may catch stupid whilst browsing.
  9. Working in the fashion industry, living cheek by jowl so they could still say “made in Italy”. I’m convinced (clearly by nothing but personal observation) that this was here in December. I had what I thought was a horrible cold with a long lasting cough, many colleagues the same, including one hospitalised for pneumonia (perfectly healthy 40 ish year old with no underlying conditions). Heard a GP on Radio 4 say earlier that they would have expected increase in deaths but what if they were put down to seasonal flu? They weren’t testing for Wu-Flu back then.
  10. Portion control. Use a smaller plate, they have been getting larger of the last few decades. You can cut calories easily by just serving up a bit less for every meal. Eat more fat and protein - fills you up.
  11. But it never seems to be limited to fruit or veg?
  12. Aliens, NWO, Tony Blair - I think it’s just nature combined with shit hygiene in China. This happens periodically - hello Black Death was that a conspiracy?
  13. Yup. I have a regular order of UK only veg from a veg box provider, it can be a bit challenging during the winter to make interesting meals but is doable - thanks to the Internet. Coffins