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  1. I do like the rowing machine, as a cardio machine it works so many muscle groups. I like to do intervals, warm up 2 minutes at around 26 strokes per minute then 30 seconds as hard as I can go, usually up to 33/34 strokes per minute, drop down for 60 seconds and repeat. I've gradually increased how many intervals I can do before I have to give up. When I first started it was 4, I'm currently doing 9.
  2. Enjoyed '83 including the music. I've not caught up with '86 yet.
  3. same old shit some 2000 years later, except you don't get a numb bum for sitting on a stone step in an amphitheatre.
  4. Totally agree. I've had a termination for reasons I won't get into here. It's not a decision I took lightly and I do have issues stemming from it many years later. I will defend to the hilt a woman's right to choose - it's like the Handmaid's Tale in the US - fucking terrifying frankly.
  5. We saw Aida in Verona a few years ago. It's not an opera I particularly care for but the setting is spectacular. The tickets were easy to get then, we went to the tourist information and they directed us to the box office - got tickets for the next day performance. They were about £60 then I think.
  6. It only bothers me if someone takes up my space as well as their own regardless of which bit of their anatomy it is or whatever their gender.
  7. How delightful, we taxpayers get to fund his prison stay. Knew enough English to tell his victim "it's ok" Let's hope something unpleasant happens to him in the showers
  8. Mr Dipsy nabs the free copy of The Times in Cafe Nero, he's the only one I know who reads a real newspaper
  9. I'd forgotten about broadsheet spread!
  10. Yes but most blokes aren't Buster Gonad. It's the same thing as women putting handbags on seats. We should simply get used to asking them to "move your balls" as we ask women to "move your bag"
  11. Still Tory controlled here- they lost 6 seats but have 29 out of 45. Didn't vote, shall vote Brexit party if we get Euro elections but suspect Treason and Steptoe will stitch a shit deal together so they can avoid.
  12. They allow "fun" runners so have to expect the chronically slow. I think these marshalls are a bit cuntish.
  13. I agree that councils have helped create the problem and it's a pain in the arse when you realise the dump is shut but that doesn't give carte blanche to dump your crap anywhere. In my area they just leave it in the middle of the road.
  14. Dipsy

    voice and tax

    Yeah it's a breach but personally I'm not bothered that they had my voice recording, if it saves having to answer bloody security questions.