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  1. A list of the apps that I’ve given permission to, for example my biometric scales app
  2. He hasn’t resigned because he’s crap at his job but because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.
  3. Dipsy

    Nikola Tesla

  4. So that’s what happened to Madeleine McCann!
  5. Unless I recognise the number I never answer my phone. Unsolicited calls get their number blocked pronto from my missed calls list after I’ve looked up the number. I’m not downloading some app to tell me some random has a sniffle.
  6. Yes much busier. I had to use the pedestrian crossing in our town today rather than just walk straight across road. There’s also more people out exercising. My daughter and small group of friends are rotating around each other’s gardens of an evening, they are bored witless and realising that social media is no substitute for meeting up in person.
  7. Wolf of Wall Street I, Tonya Atonement Hot Fuzz Eye in the Sky The Dark Knight Captain America, The Winter Soldier Little Miss Sunshine Inception Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The Favourite
  8. I got a “gin and tonic” scented candle from some relatives for my birthday, what’s wrong with actual bloody gin and tonic? I now asked for Amazon vouchers.
  9. RIP Tim. Huge loss, so many years of ISIHAC, including introducing my daughter to the programme. Occasionally there are “celebrity” deaths that have an impact on you - this is one.
  10. Daughters best friends uncle died with it/because of it. Next door neighbours colleague died of it - that’s as close as it has come...so far.
  11. https://www.devonlive.com/news/people-can-drive-reasonable-distance-4006925 drove 5 miles today to get to somewhere we’ve not walked for a while. Frankly it’s bloody boring walking the same old routes. We still hardly see anyone, even sat on a bench - so arrest me!
  12. I used to work at Abbey Life, what a shit hole that was.
  13. Yes my chakras are now unblocked. If I did, I’d be Jen in the IT Crowd.
  14. Dipsy was my favourite teletubbie and I like cats.