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  1. Dipsy

    The cult of corbyn

    What not even a transgender woman?
  2. Dipsy

    Am I being paranoid?

    It's likely to be attempted theft. I had the same with some post recently that was clearly a card, it was opened so someone had been hoping to find cash or a gift card.
  3. Dipsy

    Where's Wiggy?

    Maybe somebody has bumped him off for eating quiche in "the North"
  4. Dipsy

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Weight Watchers doesn't devote itself to making fat people thin. It devotes itself to prising money out of fat people in return for them losing some weight, putting it back on again, rinse and repeat. Same with all these fat fighter clubs, their return rates are very high. Some of Mr Dipsy's family have been losing the same few stone with Slimming World for decades.
  5. Dipsy

    Oven cleaning

    Yes the self cleaning function isn't that good. Mind you when we bought the house the grubby gits who owed it before us had clearly never cleaned it so it was asking too much for it to cope with 7 years of cooking debris. We got a professional oven cleaner in and use the self clean fairly regularly but it's still not that effective.
  6. Dipsy

    Oven cleaning

    Timely thread, our 12 year old Bosch is going to need replacing soon. I've always swerved anyway from Miele because of the upfront cost (I remember seeing a £2000 washing machine!).
  7. Dipsy


    We've cut back on meat and now eat only organic - the cost means eating less! I'd say we eat meat twice a week, the rest is veg/fish.
  8. Dipsy

    Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills

    Same with my grandfather, prostate cancer and my mother, breast cancer. They were both drugged up to the eyeballs and I'm glad they were, both more than 25 years ago. My elderly cat was put to sleep in my arms a few months ago, she had a peaceful death - why can we not afford humans the same right?
  9. Dipsy

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I honestly can't follow most of these Q drops but it's caught the attention of the nutjobs at the Fortean Times, covered in their latest edition.
  10. Dipsy

    The great crash sweepstake

    October 2020.
  11. Dipsy

    The bodyguard

    I've enjoyed Killing Eve, BBC2 and also all episodes on iplayer. Quirky tale about a female assassin and the woman trying to catch her. It's not particularly complex, so ideal for Saturday night binge watching.
  12. Dipsy

    International Hobbit Day

    The Silmarillion is something to be endured, I've read it just the once. It doesn't read like a novel, I view it more as a reference book for Tolkiens world. I suspect from the review, The Fall of Gondolin may not be an easy read either. I shall order it from the library before deciding whether to part with hard cash.
  13. Dipsy

    International Hobbit Day

    Nah, I'll come and steal them from under your nose, even more dwarf like - or maybe hire a burglar to do it for me.
  14. Dipsy

    International Hobbit Day

    Amongst my favourite books, I have several copies of each - wish I could afford first editions, re-read on a regular basis during the winter (I do believe that books have seasons).
  15. Dipsy

    Community fridges

    Exactly, I'd rather someone uses it whether they are the "deserving poor" or not than it go to waste.