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  1. Depression is torture and real. I've experienced its depths and also helped others to escape from it. Although I normally wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, what this particular individual has done with his life makes me think that perhaps there are some who deserve to suffer its effects.
  2. Nice idea for a thread. I have a file called "Shadow CV" which I've been adding to for decades, containing all the experiences and achievements of which I'm most proud, none of which would make it into my work CV. As well as marriage and parenthood, it includes self-actualisation events and lots of sex, but there are less profound experiences in there too, including some semi-altruistic ones. If I ever doubt what I've achieved so far in life, a re-read of that document reminds me that I've done pretty damned well. I too could die happy now... but I'd rather not just yet.
  3. I miss the era when satire required wit, even though it was long before I was born.
  4. To be cynical for a moment, I bet one never sees the Special KTV girls and the demure, everyday girls in the same room. Just like Clark Kent and Superman.
  5. I may be wrong/naive about this, but it might have the opposite effect to the one intended, in that some of the less hardcore Trump-haters might pause for thought and think, "Erm... is this really how adults should respond to political opponents?"
  6. Lucky her, surely? Nipples isn't so unusual as there's a direct connection to the 'clench' response, as one of my lovers terms it. But through fellatio is unusual, certainly. She sounds worth hanging onto, but/and is almost certainly mental.
  7. It is impressive what's been done. I don't know enough about him to be fully supportive, but I would have an open discussion about any and every topic and give him the benefit of the doubt. Yet even my self-confessed red-pilled friends go straight to mental autocue when his name is mentioned.
  8. Bit harsh on your own flesh and blood. Will you take the dog out too? (sorry, I've had a strange day)
  9. Sure, but they know of its existence, which is enough. It'll be back on air. This current event will have helped remind such people that it exists, reinforcing their feelings of superiority. "We're so much better than those ghastly people. Now back to the 10-hour work day and 2-hour commute, Dear Hubby."
  10. Both can be true. Raise the topic at a middle-class dinner party (or whatever today's equivalent is) and enjoy the reactions.
  11. I don't think I've ever watched it, although I'm aware of his work. No comment on the current case but I think some people underestimate the value such TV has in keeping the masses in line. It's a constant reminder to the middle classes that if they don't keep striving for success and working hard, they have a long way to fall. Even as their lives and finances are hollowed-out, they can always look down on someone else and feel better about themselves. Take away the likes of JK and they might wake up one day and realise their true predicament, that the thickness of a cigarette paper separates "them" from "us." This is a warm blanket to cover their decline and help maintain their delusion.
  12. Alex

    sex strike

    I've finally worked out who you remind me of, in spelling, grammar and worldly cynicism. You are Nigel Molesworth AICM£5.
  13. European. The American one has a higher unladen air velocity.