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  1. Bizarre response. Wig's point is valid and serious. I went to school with several future squaddies. None were exactly delightful characters, although one or two had their brash, youthful cuntishness smacked out of them by what they experienced in action (Norn Iron in some cases), and went on to become decent human beings after being demobbed. I wouldn't criticise the troops - they really were just boys - but the people who put them in that position. The idea of sending young, intentionally-deluded young men out to die is horrendous. Robert Heinlein was probably not the first to suggest that whichever lawmakers vote to engage in war are themselves shipped out to the front lines the very next day, but the point stands.
  2. Alex

    Me and my Vulva

    How very edgy. Cosmopolitan did something like this in 1992/93 (I remember because several male friends rushed out to buy it, the internet still being somewhat lacking in porn in those days). You go, Guardian girls. Sigh.
  3. Alex

    Learn To Code

    It's a cruel place, this. Cruel.
  4. Alex

    Learn To Code

    Yup, in this case it should be less, not fewer. Unless you want to argue the discontinuity of percentages, but then we're down the mathematical rabbit hole. Also: "From someone that pretends to be a writer." Bit harsh. It's probably human. Probably. (professional wordsmith here)
  5. Alex

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I strongly suspect she'll win. The media is full of tales of woe about 'no-deal Brexit' along with the certainty that she'll lose the vote. She'll win, then the media will proclaim how Britain has been saved from the terrible, terrible threat of... what 52% of the country actually voted for. Either that or she'll lose this one, then they'll do it all again a month later, but with added blackmail. Repeat ad nauseum until the desired result is returned. Edited to add: either way, Britain's fucked.
  6. Alex

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I was in a bar in Berlin with a group of acquaintances before Christmas. German guy lamenting Brexit, saying "I really feel sorry for the British." Crocodile tears, I suspect, but anyway, an Englishman near me, intelligent guy and/but definite remain voter, surprised me by piping up with, "If there was another vote I'm pretty sure it would also be leave, only more so." The longer the shit-show goes on, the more people have the opportunity to see the EU and their supposed Westminster masters/mistresses for what they really are.
  7. Alex

    Ultimate betrayal

    I wouldn't pursue costs. That money's gone into shaping the children's lives. Maybe. Hopefully I'll never know.
  8. Alex

    Ultimate betrayal

    The French lad's? Nicely ambiguous response
  9. Alex

    Ultimate betrayal

    I have a slightly different perspective. If something like this happened to me - unlikely given the appearance of my kids - I'd be furious at my wife but would probably get over it pretty quickly, because I can't imagine not loving my daughters. They're mine not just through DNA but through the life I've had with them, the time and effort spent with them. No way could I ever throw that away.
  10. Alex

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Pretty much all of the media outlets (inc. Guardian, Telegraph, etc.) do it and have done for years. For a while you could tell because their CMSs didn't allow the original URL to be changed, so you could work out the original title from the URL, but I think most of them have moved on since those days, and it appears the So-Called BBC doesn't use keyword URLs anyway.
  11. Alex

    Islamification of Europe

    AfD already has Jewish members, as the press reported (with confusion) earlier this year. I suspect that membership demographic will grow over time.
  12. Alex

    2019 Goals/Plans/Resolutions

    1. Get my hair cut. 2. Watch western society collapse whilst attempting to ensure my family dodges the worst of the fallout by predicting each phase and planning accordingly.
  13. Alex

    Christmas is doing my head in

    NYE in Berlin is like Beirut at its peak/nadir. Millions if not tens of millions of fireworks let off all over the city for the thick end of 12 hours, including by young kids. Last year was the first time I'd experienced it, like nothing I've ever seen. I stood with the kids near a bloody great crowd-control police battle-wagon parked behind the diversity barriers, and people were letting off rockets all around it, bouncing off department stores, etc. Blank-firing pistols too, stacks of pallets on fire, sound systems set up on bridges, etc., etc. It was insane, a brief taste of anarchy. The kids loved it, can't wait to go back this year. This time we'll take skiing goggles to avoid eye injuries, and our own fireworks.
  14. Alex

    Anyone go to the gym?

    I think you're conflating weight-lifting with bodybuilding, two very different things. I've been lifting for over 30 years in gyms all around the world. The real lifters do not flex in front of mirrors, although I have seen some bodybuilders at the 'grunty gyms' I've attended. Generally they're treated with respect but also a little confusion, and they work out in very different ways to the lifters. I regularly squat over 160kg and I'm in my late 40s, but I also have some middle-aged spread. No health issues whatsoever and I don't pose in front of mirrors.
  15. Alex

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Dairy farming is kind of brutal, though. Keep the cows pregnant so they keep producing milk, which means plenty of unwanted calves that end up processed for dog-food when they're a few weeks old. At least, that's how it's done in NZ. No idea about the UK.