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  1. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you... It never would have occured to me to hasten the "laugh at you" stage but I'd rule nothing out these days.
  2. "Stop thinking about a pink elephant. Stop it!"
  3. The state can do whatever the fuck it wants. I think that's quite obvious by now.
  4. Don't know. I think Priti Patel announced it a couple of weeks ago. Laws don't matter any more. I think that should be obvious by now.
  5. I've generally found myself to be a good bellwether of political dissent, in that I often agree with the actions of protestors but can't quite be arsed to lever myself out of my comfortable sofa and join in. The fact that I'm now the closest I've ever been to getting off my arse and joining others in walking to the Reichstag here in Berlin indicates that the level of disagreement with lockdown policies is the highest it's been for anything in my lifetime. Or I'm getting more pissed off as I get older.
  6. I believe a protest of two or more people is now illegal in the UK. National emergencies are very useful things for those in power. Luckily they're only temporary* powers. * in age-of-the-known-universe terms.
  7. Including those watching on social media and TV. Which may get the cogs whirring a little. Easy to support the police when they're beating up "them" but less so when they're beating up "us".
  8. I'm sure it's a completely unrelated fact that Lil' Rishi's major spending splurge announcement last week included provision for 20,000 more police and 18,000 new prison places.
  9. Not just the American people. Several billion others may also feel somewhat aggrieved.
  10. From an old 1990 fortune cookie program: Ken Thompson has an automobile which he helped design. Unlike most automobiles, it has neither speedometer, nor gas gage, nor any of the numerous idiot lights which plague the modern driver. Rather, if the driver makes any mistake, a giant "?" lights up in the center of the dashboard. "The experienced driver", he says, "will usually know what's wrong."
  11. So you're subliminally brainwashing yourself?
  12. Not physically possible? How about electronically possible?
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