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  1. The big Oxfam thread

    To be fair we formed from tos who often were well ahead the MSM!
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Respect to you for single parenting. It’s not easy! I’m not sure what masculinity or femininity means anymore. While I definitely feel that I’m a female I sense that I’m much tougher and more “masculine” than female acquaintances with partners. In fact I find all of the females I know personally who are in partnerships a bit pathetic. Whiners, whining on about how tough life is! Oh dear. I wonder how any of them I know would have coped alone!
  3. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    It’s up to anyone what they think about how people dress. Personally I think the female in the picture dresses like a slut. Increasingly over the years a lot of women are wearing less clothing. Even the fat ones! At least the female in the pic is slim and doesn’t add the revulsion factor of showing off rolls of fat. I’ve no idea whether my opinion is good or bad!
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I can only speak from my own life experience. I’ve divorced twice. The first time in my mid twenties was instigated by me the second time I was left with a four and five year old because he didn’t like parenthood and buggered off. Nothing else to do for me in my circumstances as a single parent but toughen up and be the breadwinner, run the house etc and be a lone parent. I didn’t really feel I had to emulate men but I think I have earned insight into how it can be in life to be and be seen as a provider. Over the years I’ve encountered a few men who have viewed me as the provider. I got rid of the them and can understand the male view and experience of gold digging females!
  5. Tremor South Wales?

    There’s a very big difference from 3-9 on the Richter scale. But you know that anyway!
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    For balance I would say that the majority of females in the uk are having to be like men now I.e. earn your living with all that entails. Nowt to do with feminism for the majority of females. IMO corporations, banks and the lackey governments just latched onto the ideas of hardline feminists and thought......yeh yeh yeh.....get the women out to work too....more money for us!
  7. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Upvote because I believe the female is deluded.
  8. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    LOL. No doubt lots of blokes like her but I think she looks like a trashy slut.
  9. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    ^^^^ I don’t think I look like a man but I have adopted many manly coping in life traits.....simply because I’ve had to in the modern world!
  10. Which Father Ted character are you?

    Perhaps the post likes give clues !
  11. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    I’m a DGAF female. Don’t wear perfume or high heels! That pic isn’t BE!
  12. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    The old story....women can get it whenever they want, but many aren’t fussed....but blokes want it all the time and unfortunately struggle to score!
  13. Tremor South Wales?

    I remember years ago....if I’m correct it was Boxing Day in 1986 about 5am.....being awoken thinking WTF! Wardrobe doors were shaking then there was torrential rain. I couldn’t get back to sleep then I heard there had been an earthquake. It was a relief when I heard that. It was explained! At the time there was a functioning nuclear power station in the area. Folks on shift thought the plant was about to blow. They were relieved too when they understood what had happened.
  14. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Don’t bother JD, I’m very cynical these days about meeting a life partner. Okay being alone now. It’s more desirable than going online dating. What a life tragedy that scenario is for the unattached. Both male and female! Being female I’ve known for many years that getting a shag is the easiest thing to aim for. How depressing when what I would really like is a trusted life partner! I think males and females both want that. Maybe I’m wrong?
  15. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    I’m out. Fantasying about JP is more than enough for now.