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    Van Lady got a reaction from stokiescum in Video adverts on most website   
    No advertising on Dosbods is a major plus for me. I read an article about adverts appearing on Netflix?
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    Van Lady reacted to One percent in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Problem is, how do you stop people like the hard of thinking marr from applying 
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    Van Lady reacted to One percent in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    God, delusional. Poor bloke. 
    i diesagree. Both national news via tv and papers, and indeed, local newspapers have had their day. 
    We have alternate ways of finding out what is happening. 
    They have also collectively signed their own death warrant. At some point they decided to stop actually reporting the news and instead decided it was their job to both shape the news and to tell us what to think. When we didn’t go along with this, they doubled down, driving ever more people away. 
    I travel to work on public transport. It wasn’t that long ago that every person was reading a newspaper. I can’t remember the last time I saw a paid for paper being read. It’s got to be at least two years. Even the towel folder’s paper no longer seems to be read and that’s free 
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    Van Lady reacted to Chewing Grass in MSM and juror intimidation........WTF!?!   
    There was a Bond film about this very thing, Tomorrow Never Dies from 21 years ago.

    James Bond heads to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.
    The media has now become too big to control and too monopolistic to be accountable therefore now has its own dishonest agenda.
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    Van Lady reacted to DurhamBorn in Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.   
    Very much,i actually added some more Harmony and Yamana last week (i always add Yamana below CAD $3.50) ,iv taken Yamana back to a full holding now after profit taking earlier in the year.I also sold a few Sibanye at $2.40,i dont have many of those left and i wont be adding,i had too much South Africa exposure so sold over half the holding.Il also add some more Endeavor Silver maybe this week and i might add some Mcewan Mining,though it would only be a couple of grand as my exposure is around 20% of portfolio and thats my limit for the PM sector.
    I have sold quite a few treasuries late last week,i had a very large holding and they have returned around 12%.I think the dollar is going down (even though everyone says its going up) and sterling looks very over sold on the technicals.
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    Van Lady got a reaction from crashmonitor in Favourite 60’s songs   
    Another all time favourite of mine for more melancholy moments!
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    Van Lady reacted to Sugarlips in Best Songs of the Eighties   
    Also rather good
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    Van Lady reacted to Bedrag Justesen in A celebration of 1970s music   
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    Van Lady reacted to crashmonitor in Your Favourite Song   
    Love this one too, Don't fear the reaper..
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    Van Lady reacted to SpectrumFX in Video adverts on most website   
    The internet is being killed by money grabbing tossers. I want no part of it.
    I only go on this site, Hargreaves Lansdown, Duolingo, and a few select personal blogs that I've stumbled across over the years.
    I also look at Twitter and YouTube using the apps on my phone. I gave up the Duolingo app when it went add crazy, and will have to give it up altogether If the web version ever does the same.
    I occasionally follow links to other sites. If they have video ads I immediately close the window and never go back.
    Fuck 'em I can't be bothered with it.
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    Van Lady reacted to 201p in Something fishy   
    I can see the knocks at the door being more welcome.
    Look at the High street, shops are closing.
    The Supermarkets are self service. 
    The pubs are all closed down. The local small bank is now just a hole in the wall. The post office queue is 20 deep, and the counter assistant has only time for a "good morning, and good bye". The drive for efficiency and productivity has driven all human contact to a bare minimum.
    The neighbours don't talk to each other.
    The days when an OAP can have chat with a stranger about the weather is dying fast. We have a real issue with lonely old folk.
    A knock on the door from a friendly face - that is welcome more that ever.
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    Van Lady reacted to PatronizingGit in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Currently on BBC news featured stories i have
    Kofi Annan (OK, i don't know anyone similarly famous who has died today...fair article choice)
    A story about 'crazy rich asians' (why? What bearing does this have on UK news) 
    Black Stepmums and mums (in an 87% white country, why?)
    Why august is good for the soul (slow news day I guess...still beats reporting about actual things)
    Something Something sexism
    Immigrant Feel Good story
    England needs asian football players, not just blacks (perhaps they aint good enough...not many in premier teams. Why is this shitstirring nonsense 'news')
    Some 3rd world segment
    Daily Drag/Tranny celebration.
    Thats it.
    No recommended stories about the rampant theft and criminality of our political class, banksters. The dodgy foundation of most of our foreign policy. The obscene costs of housing and stagnant wages. Nothing. No actual news, just SJW distraction space fillers that are music to the ears of those who wish to plunder while our attention is elsewhere.
    Vile establishment mouthpiece.
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    Van Lady reacted to Bedrag Justesen in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Many of BBC News reports are fairly meaningless to the average UK viewer.
    The other channels same.
    Instead of endless coverage of foreign events from their selected locations focus on UK.
    There's plenty to investigate here without roaming the world. Shine a light on the goings on that impact us.
    Rolling news is bits and bobs endlessly repeated, only being worthwhile when breaking coverage occurs.
    They could separate World News, for those interested in Rohingyas, Syrian orphans, Mediterranean migrants, detailed Trump scandals, and African famine. Broadcast programmes on UK without all that shit.
    Regional TV news is mostly worthless. Where are the undercover probes into local crime ? What happened to real journalism ? Instead they show us 15 minutes of disabled youngsters organising a concert to welcome refugees, or schools raising money for NHS with nightime walks, then 10 minutes of football and rugby. Ending with the weather.
    Propaganda, fake news, thought control, opinion presented as facts, distraction and bollocks.
    No news is good news.
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    Van Lady reacted to Bod in What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread   
    Some other things I hardly hear discussed (or their current affairs and actualité were 15 years behind the debate)
    LVT UBI House Price Bubble Money is permitted to be made from thin air by private banks who split zero The uselessness of degrees The oppression of men and masculinity The mysterious NHS, and how costs increase as technology improves, unlike every other industry Utility suppliers/supermarket proxy figures for UK population are at complete odds with the government's official ones The downsides of diversity of culture The views of grass-roots followers of Islam, rather than intellectuals Anything Christian or heteronormative in a positive light (Jeremy Vine said he can't mention his belief on air else he'd be out of a job) How much you get get in benefits if you play the system
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    Van Lady reacted to Alonso Quijano in Westmister car of peace   
    If there is a vehicle with flashing lights behind you: Do you slow down / move out of the way / stop until it has passed? OR do you drive on at speed for some distance mowing down cyclists and pedestrians?
    Unless the Highway Code has changed, it is the former.
    Every time we *(they) make excuses for these fuckers instead of shooting them on the spot. No wonder they continue to plot and plan our destruction with impunity.
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    Van Lady got a reaction from Bricks & Mortar in Never, ever take responsibility. For anything.   
    Maybe they have lost hope of creating a successful life in the modern world so food comforts them?
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    Van Lady reacted to twocents in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I expect he has the support of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions around the world.
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    Van Lady reacted to Hopeful in I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!   
    I was going to post that there is no time but the present.
    For me, I spend as much of the present time as possible outside in the natural world, watching the sea, watching an ant run over my hand, turning over a pebble in my hand, looking at the complexity of a daisy, watching ths sky, feeling the sun wind and rain. That is the point of being alive, none other.
    I'm not looking forward to an old age when i cannot do that, that is the dark side.
    Hope that isn't to soft for y'all
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    Van Lady reacted to The Masked Tulip in The Germany is fucked thread   
    Merkel will do nothing. She will talk, say words and do nothing.
    The numbers they need to deport are staggering - several hundred thousand at least. Never going to happen.
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    Van Lady reacted to Wahoo in Tommy Robinson thread   
    These journalists have no idea about the cold anger growing in peoples hearts.
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    Van Lady reacted to twocents in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Well done Mr Robinson. 
    They were even stalking him on holiday and noting who he was talking to.  Despicable stuff.
    No doubt to write some snidey article about him with the usual intros - maybe distributed amongst their MSM pals for similar headlines and intros.
    Excellent points he made that there's being no press investigation into the wrongdoings of the Leeds judge and the extremely dodgy actions and the evil judgment and kangeroo court there and the dodgy and evil treatment in jail.
    Not to mention Judge Leveson apparently prejudicing Mr Robinson's possible innocence.
    People are still waiting for the answers to the questions in the video below.
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    Van Lady reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Christ that's moving to see it written down like that. In that kind of 'hierarchy of hopelessness'....I mean I've given up on 1-3 pretty much but I'm still mostly happy and am looking after myself....however I've known dudes who went further down to the point where they stopped looking after themselves physically, became fat and old before their time, no job....and one of them did actually kill themselves recently.
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    Van Lady reacted to dgul in Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions   
    Why wouldn't he just go on a 48 hour (or whatever) intensive course and get his full license?  Normal people have got an excuse, but a guy like that riding on L is just crazy.
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    Van Lady reacted to Malthus in Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018   
    Would I feel like a natural woman be banned these days as a slur on the trans community ? 
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    Van Lady reacted to twocents in Islamification of Europe   
    Stand for what you believe in.
    Isn't that exactly what Boris is doing - but they don't like him doing that do they.  They want him punished for it - they want the whip withdrawn.
    Only one side is allowed to express an opinion - it's all very evil.