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  1. Unfortunately the vast majority use the legal drug.....alcohol. It causes more misery than any other drug in my opinion. Alcohol is a drug but a legally sanctioned one. Personally I think any drug people choose to imbibe is ok in moderation. If people are unable to imbibe moderately and unable to do their job/study/look after kids etc no test is needed because it will become obvious that an individual has a problem.
  2. Yes, it would but until there is evidence of unprecedented numbers of previously reasonably healthy people being hospitalised, suffering long term effects or even dying countrywide I think Mr ******** is doing the right thing by just getting on with day to day life and his job.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up. I doubt there would be one poster on this forum who hasn’t experienced that running over an experience in the mind .......if only I had said this, hadn’t said that etc. Still, I think it has some value because we can be more prepared for a future encounter if we’ve thought about it a bit.
  4. Your youngsters are in the same position as mine and many others. Wages totally out of line with housing costs and facing the prospect of work until you drop unless your extremely lucky. The chat with the old guy mentioned above had agreement that us older folk have been lucky in a blip of good fortune for many but now we’re going back to hard times for the majority.
  5. I had a nice chat today with a like minded person. Totally random. Visiting the area guy. When I arrived at a usual smoke stop bench someone was sitting there. Old guy around 80 smoking with his dog. I asked if he minded if I sat at the opposite end of the bench and he patted it and said you can sit right next to me if you want....do I look like a feart shite scared of the corona stuff. Much laughter and then a half hour or so discussing and lamenting the general decline of the uk. Great chat!
  6. The whole of the uk has declined. Some folk say that it’s a normal ageing experience to think that. In my opinion though the decline of the uk has been rapidly increased over the past 30 years due to various reasons. Unprecedented decline due to the 24/7 online availability of everything these days. Very fast changes that our human brains struggle to keep up with. The last 6 months has gobsmacked me. I can’t help but feel pessimistic about the future. I think dissatisfaction with life in the uk is rocketing in all age groups.
  7. The day trippers won’t fuck off. The only option is to live in a place where they don’t descend in hoards. I like where I live but there are places in my area where there has always been moaning about visitors.
  8. You surely can’t possibly believe that the new virus can be stopped by lockdowns etc?
  9. Around my part of the uk it’s mainly reasonably well off folk who can afford to hire holiday cottages plus wild campers and caravan types who are being moaned about. All the really well off folk are hidden out of sight around here as they are in other parts of the country. Doesn't bother me about people travelling around because it’s still very under occupied around here. I can appreciate though that it must be not nice to live in area where outsiders are descending in hoards. Lots of local usual quiet spots are experiencing it here.
  10. Good idea to have a cuppa. The only thing I can think of posting is something I heard in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting 30 years ago.......don’t let the bastards grind you down. Its tough though currently
  11. Totally agree. As long as you do the work you’re contracted to do that should be it. Fuck all the yearly appraisal, testing etc. Depressing bullshit for decent folk who do the job they’re paid to do to a satisfactory standard. Glad I don’t have to put up with it anymore!
  12. Locktober. Very good! You should email the behavioural nudge unit with that for a soundbite suggestion
  13. What you described is just what everyone I know is saying. Going into a shop is no longer a carefree experience. It’s changed drastically in a very short time. OK, food shopping etc can be a chore at times but most folk like to browse sometimes. Everyone I know is going in and then getting out of shops ASAP because it’s so unpleasant now.
  14. I’ve never taken cocaine so can’t comment on it’s effects. If government want to introduce this I’m sure an “advisor” and cherry picked research will be able to spin it that cocaine users are a danger to others due to not following virus prevention rules.
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