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  1. Yes. My son may well end up overall doing better than daughter. No debt and another year until he has a bricklayer qualification then much higher wages than being a labourer. He’s very motivated because the rewards are in his sights !
  2. Thank you. I’m extremely pissed off though that she has incurred £35k debt to get on a decent life path. In comparison to daughter, age 25, at age 28 I had no debt, a decent job from aged 16 and was able to put down a £12k deposit on a very nice home costing £36k. FFS my council tax these days is more than my mortgage back then. My council tax was around 10 pounds per week back then.
  3. If the police won’t do their job, fighting crime, then ordinary folk will step up and protect themselves and their communities.
  4. prices more than doubled here. I bought a place in 1990 for 36k and sold it 15 years later for £186k. My experience has been that local wages have stagnated. 25 years ago I earned around 12k per year in a local run of the mill bank job. Left school aged 16. Daughter has incurred around £35k student debt to work as an ecologist earning around £7k more per year. At least she has prospects for the future! Oh @spygirldon’t attempt to pontificate that she’s wasted her money. Nope, she hasn’t!
  5. I agree that there is plenty of work to be done but as I said, IMO, it doesn’t pay enough to be self sufficient for the majority. Also agree that rents/house prices are totally out of line with wages hence the staggering housing benefit figures in uk. My understanding is that under half of uk inhabitants are net contributors through tax/ni. I haven't been a net contributor but I don’t care. I’d have been willing to work full time up until around 8 years ago but gave up trying because it’s just not worth working full time for low pay. Of course I had a choice. I work as little as possible these days to supplement my occupational pension and other private means. I suspect many people are opting out of shit paid work any way they can. I really feel sorry for folk who have to work in shit low paid and unfulfilling jobs just to get by. What a fucking dire existence that must be. The uk and wider world is really a shithole where a few do well and the rest compete for meagre scraps!
  6. There aren’t enough decent paying jobs in law or anything else for the majority!
  7. Exactly! IMO the disconnect between wages allowing a decent standard of life for the majority (without a benefit claim for rent etc) is going to continue to decline. I expect more dissatisfaction in the uk from workers across the board. It’s inevitable because I can’t see any way that the uk will get out of what seems to me an ongoing decline in living standards apart from a minority of people.
  8. Awwwww....their wages aren’t adequate for living expenses and some spare. No sympathy from me! The legal “profession” didn’t care when the inhabitants of rural areas were, and still are, enduring being in circumstances where earning a decent living is only available to a few lucky people. They think they might as well be a barista because pay rates are the same? Easy money, eh? I’d bet the majority of whining lawyers would only last a few days working in a coffee shop!
  9. Nice photos posted on this thread of nice places. IMO the best way to relieve stress and/or enjoy life is walking in nature preferably in a quiet place. Focusing on sound is helpful....birds, water, leaves rustling in breeze etc. I don’t take photos when I’m out and about but up here in Dumfries & Galloway I cant remember when it last rained. Over a week ago? Sunshine and warmth with lots to see in nature and mostly happy people to chat with.
  10. I wonder how many would sign up to take refugees into their home if a register was set up in the uk? My guess would be very few. I’d also guess that it would be people who weren’t financially well off who would be the majority of willing signers. Quiet, decent type folk thinking they’re helping others in life. As for those in the public arena who write articles, narrate tv stuff, tweet and defend unlimited immigration......I’d bet none of those would sign up to take refugees into their homes despite the probability that they have much larger homes. In those type of interviews people just say what they perceive as “the right thing” or lie due to knowing the risk of backlash if you utter “the wrong thing” but it was interesting to see their responses when they got the chance to put their words into action. Hilarious but unsurprising!
  11. Here’s what the elected PM of the Uk said about the Eu referendum..... The clip is almost 5 mins. In the final minute Cameron explicitly says that the people should decide in a referendum. The people did decide. The result, albeit unexpected, was leave. Regardless of what any individual voted it’s clear to me that the political and corporate elite are doing everything and anything they can to subvert the result of a democratic vote. IMO it’s a worrying scenario for the future of the uk.
  12. Van Lady

    A TV first..

    Somebody has nicked my idea formerly Economic Exile Members 8,151 5,538 posts Report post Posted December 17, 2017 (edited) I think funeral directors have a monopoly and are surviving because employing them is the done thing and little other option to pay their extortionate prices. They prey on people’s grief and charge a great deal for “professional” services. Having seen two detailed funeral bills they didn’t do anything I or any competent person could do themselves. Can’t be arsed looking for the link but the funeral director gang have been lobbying for legislation to disallow plebs arranging a cremation themselves. Are they seeing the writing on the wall? For some time I’ve thought that offering cut price funerals would be a winner. People would have to have no coffin at the funeral for my idea. Direct disposal! All you need is a van to collect the body. Arrange and drop body off for cremation. Add to that a compassionate stance and willingness to help family find a suitable way to commemorate their loved one for a fee. Family could hold a memorial service of their choosing anywhere. Beach? Favourite haunt of loved one? At home? There are many possibilities. Would definitely cost a lot less than a funeral director charges!
  13. It’s just an excuse, IMO, that an ageing population is draining the nhs resources. Many younger people I encounter, say under 50-60, are massive nhs “consumers”. Worried well types who are running to the doctor for checks, preventative medication and lots of them are on multiple prescribed pills per day. Most of them are overweight, eating a lot of processed food and have a mindset that the nhs will prolong their life.
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    Something I learned from daughter is that there are 40+ (can’t remember) different types of bees in the uk but only a few of them are the honey producing variety i.e. socialise in hives and make harvesting honey viable. Nothing is perfect in life but I admire and respect local type beekeepers who are honey producers. At least the bees are getting help to survive and I’m happy to buy local raw honey a few times a year.
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    Just name the hive obee wan kenobi that should cover it.