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  1. Van Lady

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    That's the clip I watched. Cheers @Carl Fimble. Thank you, I don’t mind at all that I don’t have to look for it 👍🏻
  2. Van Lady

    Stop and search

    An anecdote from me about my son. He was never totally out of control because I was very strict with him but he did cause me ongoing stress due to his, IMO, unacceptable behaviour and life choices. It was hard work for me! A major turning point was around two or three years ago when he was drunk, abusive to police, smashed one of their torches and refused to behave in the very early hours of that Saturday after his Friday night out. He was arrested and put in a cell but I didn’t know that had happened. I didn’t bother too much until he hadn’t turned up at home by 6pm Saturday. Was wondering if something dire had happened to him but no news is good news was my thinking. A little bit later I got a phone call from police that he was locked up to appear at court on Monday on a charge but they couldn’t divulge what it was. Daughter found out on Facebook that it was breach of the peace. Relief for me! He got fined £400 at court on the Monday and when he returned home I told him that’s it. If that ever happens again you can fuck off and get a place of your own to live because you’re not living here if you attract police attention to my home and get arrested. He responded that he would never ever be locked up all weekend again with no phone/internet, no tv and crap food. They gave him a book to read and I can’t remember what it was but he thought it was shite. Best thing that happened to him and for me too! Since that weekend he has never got into any more minor trouble and has really worked hard in building a life for himself.
  3. Van Lady

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    If you’re interested I’ll have a look to see if I can find a video I watched a few years ago where he showed his flat from inside and out while refuting he lived in a mansion. Not tonight though!
  4. Van Lady

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    Not from me unfortunately! Good chance that you may bump into DI when you’ll be living so near. I think he travels a lot though. I’d be interested in trusted photo of what his home on IOW is like having read several conflicting reports. Mansion or modest flat?
  5. Van Lady

    The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

    Not so sure about that these days according to what I hear in daily chit chat with acquaintances (in a rural area). Totally different from only a few years ago! I would put the percentage of people who believe what MSM say at less but not sure enough to estimate.
  6. Van Lady

    Gender pay gap increases in 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent point!
  7. Van Lady

    Why are the royals suddenly giving the plebs advice?

    Yes, I remember those newspaper headlines.
  8. Van Lady

    Resident Parking

    With respect, I was only replying to your thoughtful post with some of my thoughts. I have very rarely had to exchange pleasantries with any of them since they bought the property around two years ago. I made a polite comment about the wind being chilly today at the weekend and I would have expected her to say yes it is or some other trivial chit chat shite. Instead I got her finger pointing at me telling me where she thought I should park. Nope shan’t be bothering making polite but inane comments anymore to such an arsehole. I can very easily ignore them from now and won’t even respond if she tries to rant about anything else. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this situation
  9. Van Lady

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    @Wight Flight attracts celebrities so hopefully he’ll meet DI when relocated and be able to offer us a personal assessment. I would love a chat with DI simply because he’s interesting. He does make money from his talks, books etc but I don’t think he has a lavish lifestyle Personally I think DI went through a breakdown about his life situation and was exploited by the So-Called BBC but after some recovery, IMO, he was very correct in a lot of what he predicted. Hindsight from my perspective. I can’t relate to his lizard alien stuff at all though. I hope your relocation plans are going reasonably well WF 🤞
  10. Van Lady

    Resident Parking

    It’s over now for me because I’ve endured some very short term personal stress but I decided I had to attempt to send them an important message that they have no right at all to tell where I should park unless I’m not parked legally or causing an obstruction. Also it’ll prevent any possible future whining from them because hopefully they realise that I’m no pushover. As mentioned in a few of my posts the female who thought she could tell me where I should park is the wife of a small group of independent but all pals landlords who have been buying a lot of local properties. Perhaps it’s a competition between them who “owns” the most houses! Maybe the woman is stressed about this Maybe not.....she seems uneducated to me due to her antics last Saturday ...but perhaps hubby is and restricting her spending? Her and her husband are at a guess approaching age 50 and due to local knowledge neither of them come from a wealthy background so I’m guessing they have a lot of debt on the property they rent out. Tick tock! Anyway, I’ve decided to never look at them or engage in any sociable chit chat again and totally ignore any attempt to speak to me about anything. Very easy for me as I rarely see them anyway.
  11. Van Lady

    Doctors are mainly cunts. or not. There has been a shortage of gps in Dumfries & Galloway for several years.
  12. Van Lady

    Doctors are mainly cunts. or not.

    Your doctor comes to see you? I’m jesting I suppose you mean when he greets you as you trudge to his consulting room after a spell sitting in the waiting room. I remember the days when your well known to you family gp came to your house in the morning if the admin staff deemed you were too ill to go to the surgery. GP answered emergency phone calls outwith surgery hours and decided themselves if it was something that could wait until next day. No doubt the system was abused a lot hence the changes. These days I expect to die before anyone turns up if I think I’m having a heart attack and make an emergency call. I haven’t voted in the poll because I can’t remember the last time I visited a gp or had a hospital appointment for anything. Just remembered though that late last year my 25 year old son who has rarely visited a gp had been kept awake all night with a very painful swollen lip and area surrounding it. He phoned at surgery opening time. Nope sorry no appointments available for the next five days. Son suffered it and it was even worse next morning. Tried again to see gp. Nope sorry, no appointments. I drove him a forty mile round trip to nearest hospital A&E dept. Fobbed off and told it was just a virus. When we returned home I advised son to phone surgery again and beg to see a gp because of his hard to bear pain and increasingly swelling face but not to mention hospital visit. Told someone would phone back within an hour and they did. Person gave him a gp appointment. GP said immediately he had a serious face infection that required antibiotics and advised my son that if it got any worse to seek immediate attention because the infection could cause serious complications. Thankfully by next day it was getting better when antibiotics kicked in. Because of that episode I’m going to the poll to vote that they’re c**ts.
  13. Van Lady

    Resident Parking

    No, not for me, but like I’ve posted on this thread I’ve had to put up with, IMO, uncalled for general fuckwittery about legal parking scenario. It upsets me so much and disrupts my day to day life that I’ve ended my stance a day earlier than planned. Admittedly it’s because I know original complainer plus her husband now definitely know that I won’t defer to them. If it wasn’t clear to them I would have endured it until they got the message that they will never push me around. I had to take a stand. If I had meekly done nothing other complaints could come. Dogs barking in garden, too many weeds and not dealing with them......just the fact that they have neighbours and don’t like like it in general! I’m really glad that it’s over now a day earlier than planned. They, IMO, have got the message that I’m no pushover so will hopefully now just accept their life circumstances and not pick on me and I can get on with my life without unnecessary shite from arses.
  14. Van Lady

    Resident Parking

    I know I shouldn’t “lose it” either but I’m only human. I’m a bit touchy just now about preaching people telling me how I should behave or what I should do. I respect your acknowledgment that you are the same at times. Oh dear....parking wars can escalate to posting wars!
  15. Van Lady

    Resident Parking

    You’re being a bit picky perhaps! You never rant or let or others get under your skin? Ever! My minor parking problem is, hopefully, sorted within three days. How long did it take you to sort your sibling out? Just saying!