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    Oops I thought he’d carked it. As @The Masked Tulipposted above he was ousted because of “wrong” views about life according to the mouthpiece bbc. I don’t blame Desmond Morris for retiring from public life because of his unpopular views. Best for him just to enjoy his own life as much as possible while quietly watching in dismay the destruction of the idea of the family unfold.
  2. Probably but advancements are being made in recycling plastic however I do think because slow degrading plastic is everywhere now that it’s probably too late to mitigate the damage it’s causing to everything. I buy some meat from a local butcher and some from a supermarket and other independent providers. The local butcher etc meat has less packaging in comparison to supermarket although they could improve in my opinion. I think local butchers etc would embrace a bring your own container policy as they don’t have seem to have been troubled with basic hygiene protocols over the years.
  3. Even self control regarding diet won’t save the population from food causing illness in my opinion. I try to eat no sugar, unprocessed food and mainly home made but I’m well aware that most of the stuff I eat is full of man made chemicals. My prediction is that contamination of the food chain by man made chemicals is going to create disaster.
  4. I disagree. I can’t see a problem with people taking a container to supermarket for the meat they buy. I’d welcome that but it won’t happen due to staffing costs! If the buyer has no basic hygiene it’s their problem in my opinion and it’s easy for sellers to provide staff with gloves, spoons, tongs etc to put it in containers.
  5. Van Lady


    Agree. In my opinion the feminism movement was utilised by those with power to make policy. I think you are correct that women were viewed as economic units who could pay more tax and NI. Unfortunately it’s “normal“ women who have suffered in the changes to enforce more women to work even when they have caring responsibilities. By that I mean women who are in a committed partnership and in my opinion any reasonable person would agree that raising children is a full time job if you want to do it well. I agree that anyone doing the same job should be paid equally but that’s it for me regarding equal rights because males and females are different biologically/socially and that’s how it is. It’s saddened me often throughout my life that my ex husband chose to leave me and our two children. We didn’t really get on as it turned out but I can’t understand how he could disadvantage his children and me by being unsupportive and plunging us into a life of continually just getting by and periodically facing financial duress. I’m lucky because I was basically gifted a house due to HPI and was able to move twice to cheaper homes. It’s definitely caused “mental health” problems for me but I’ve came out the other side and have a mid twenties son and daughter whom I have very good relationships with. He doesn’t though. According to him I’ve poisoned them but he’s very wrong there. I never ever denigrated him and just got on with my circumstances. Both my children have slagged him off to me in the past few years but I just shrug my shoulders and say well he wasn’t very nice to me either but you should try to keep contact with him. They usually only see him once a year and get less than five phone calls from him per year. I think there will be more and more women who develop “mental health” problems due to young women being fed by the media re careers, having children can wait etc. It’s true in real life now that women can’t expect to get married so they just have to fend for themselves. My daughter is doing well because she has a great job and personal life that she is happy with. A change at the Xmas just past for her though because her friend set are partnered, moving away and her usual things have fallen by the wayside. She has had two longer term boyfriends who both dumped her so feels wary. No doubt she’s probably had a few one night stands in her early uni years but I really do not think she’s on tinder or whatever swiping etc. She’d like a steady boyfriend at least! Son is doing well in brick laying and soon will have the bit of paper to “prove” he’s qualified. He’s shagging plenty of women and has done for years. I’ve only spoken to two of his conquests two or three times over a few months or a few weeks. The one I spoke to last year I thought was really nice but unfortunately she turned up at our door creating a commotion in the early hours after they’d fallen out. Her make up and bank card were retrieved from the front garden and returned to her. Oh dear! I think those with the power to implement policy have done a stellar job in the modern world by destroying any notion of creating a family with dad as breadwinner and mum as carer doing part time work around commitments or even not working at all for a while. Sad really because I agree with the late Desmond Morris that humanity will regret abandoning the idea of the family as a decent way to tackle the trials of life.
  6. Best I’ve found other than my own are made by independent butcher shops. More expensive than supermarket, greggs etc but worth it due to being made on the premises.
  7. There are millions of drivers like this in my opinion regardless of what vehicle they are driving. Not focussed properly in the moment and paying attention to actually driving as safely as possible. Not just trivial stuff distractions like you mention but simply trying to get to a place on time for work, doing a driving job, going to an arranged appointment or whatever. Stressed feelings often over ride safety concerns in my opinion.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. I like seeing the old photos you are posting however it would be good if you could also post a sentence about them. Makes it even more interesting and allows further reading up.
  9. In Dumfries and Galloway it’s very predictable where speed camera vans park up. Personally, these days, I don’t go over speed limits unless I’m well away from their parking spots or I’m pretty sure there aren’t any unmarked cars around. Speed camera vans are easy jobs for cops in my opinion. I doubt overall they save lives. Okay there will always be accidents and sometimes speeding is a contributing factor but many folk are just incompetent drivers who don’t realise the variety of hazards one may encounter when driving. Speed cameras will never stop that type of general driving incompetence. Police time should not be used to sit for hours in a van to swell the coffers with speeding fines!
  10. Indeed. Wages for the majority continue to be well out of line regarding house prices for the majority of younger people. Oh never mind about all that nonsense......picture Boris waffling and flailing hands.....the main thing is to unite the population......a celebration of leaving the eu. The thing is many of us are wondering when we will actually leave the eu or if we ever will. A clock chiming to mark a date is just nonsense banal stuff to many and will not suffice to bluff them!
  11. I like reading poetry out aloud. If I really like a poem I’ll eventually be able to recite it from memory while standing a solo dramatic act with no observers. Yes, I don’t get out much . It might sound quirky but it’s something I do on long winter nights to pass the time. Included would be reading up about the poet. Another thing I like is pretending I’m conducting the orchestra while listening to classical music. Also you can read up on famous composers and while away more hours interestingly.
  12. I never found it difficult at all getting part time work from age 12. Babysitting was regular....looking after younger kids above aged around seven if I remember correctly. Parents and friends were out somewhere in the town and I had a phone number if necessary. Never had to phone anyone. Gave the kids their supper, tucked them in bed according to instructions then I had the supper provided and control of the TV. On late nights I slept over. Hotels for waitressing at weekends were plentiful. I got a regular weekend job at a heavily subsidised local works social club and felt minted with the generous pay. That took me up until I got a full time decent paid job aged 16 at a local utility company Of course these days nobody is deemed capable of being a paid employee until they are aged 14? I’ve always loathed that law because in my opinion it delays allowing people to grow up, learn about life and of course gather life skills.
  13. Van Lady

    Ok Boomer

    Well I’m a boomer, almost age 62. Throughout most of my life I never noticed that I was a gilded, privileged person who existed in a “golden time” in the uk. A lot of my life has been hard work as a single parent for twenty years due to divorce....not initiated by me! We weren’t suited. In hindsight, I agree there was a spell where many were lifted out of getting by to experiencing riches beyond their wildest dreams due to decent pay, reasonably priced housing plus HPI and final salary pension. Not all boomers though! Okay I have acquired a paid up semi detached 2 bed home. It’s a decent home but will need rewired, new windows, replacement boiler etc eventually as houses do but money is tight. I do have a pension, it’s equivalent to job seekers allowance per week so I’m not rolling in money. I’m grateful to have both those things though due to chance of when I was born and the social contracts/arrangements of the time. The problem for me though is that despite trying throughout my life to get better pay I’ve never ever got near to average pay figures. I’m resentful about that because money buys a lot of experiences. I’m well aware how I’ve missed out on that aspect of life! I dread how my mid twenties kids will fare in life. We seem to be heading back to work until you drop unless you come from a better off family. My son and daughter aren’t earning much more than I did 25 years ago when I left a bank job due to parenting duties. They both have reasonable jobs as I did.