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  1. I liked Unforgotten. There are 3 six episode series on Netflix and itv is currently airing series 4. As an aside the generally adverse comments exploding across social media/news sites about episode 3 being delayed until Tuesday because of the interview scoop by Oprah are very heartening. Anyway, the format of the story in each series is a discovery of remains that are from over 30 or so years ago. Then piecing together evidence from the remains. Introduction of several characters from various locations.....and the story unfolds by detective work. Nice locations and I really like th
  2. @the gardenerand @Wight Flight It’s a difficult dilemma regarding masking school kids. Kids want to conform, many parents are against masking kids. I’m entirely supportive of no masks for kids. If teachers truly cared about the kids they encounter surely, in my opinion, they’d be totally against masking them up because it will be very detrimental to children’s social development. Covid isn’t a serious problem to kids. If teachers think it’s a problem perhaps time to give them a choice? Get back to work with no restrictions for kids or take redundancy then get another job wh
  3. Yes, surreal. I can’t believe the current mass insanity and destruction of people’s lives due to the new virus. I’ve no intention of ever having a Covid test unless forced by unexpected hospitalisation due to any sudden illness. Wouldn’t want to be labelled as a carrier of a “dangerous” new variant etc.
  4. £25 for me on a small holding of around £3.5k
  5. ^^^^ Public sector workers have no worries. Haven’t heard of any paid off or lost their jobs. Know of quite a few who are “working from home” from local chat or others I know of from local knowledge where I always see their car parked up outside their home these days but they weren’t pre Covid.
  6. No idea because I haven’t watched the other two films.
  7. I never pay any attention to who the actors are in a film. It’s of no consequence to me as long as the plot/story and overall film is something I think is good.
  8. Rewatched Shallow Grave for the 3rd? time. Great film about human nature. On you tube.
  9. I haven’t had smear tests, or any others, for years due to mistrust. Interesting article below https://www.theguardian.com/society/2003/may/22/genderissues.publichealth
  10. I won £5 and have a lucky dip for this Saturday’s lotto draw. Better than nowt 👍🏻
  11. I really can’t remember. It was around 15 years ago. Throughout my lifetime I’ve mainly eaten home cooked food. Although by that time I was working on cutting out veg oil, sugar, unnecessary food additives etc. For years I’ve only drank coffee, fruit tea or water. An occasional feverfew tonic water now and again. In my 60+ years experience of life I’ve gradually realised that most health “problems” just go away with no action. If not a bit of effort put in to researching can provide tips to try and the problem resolves or can be alleviated. Perhaps because of action taken or maybe just to
  12. No. I’ve lived in rural town/villages all my life. Always been out in the countryside walking most days. Anyway whatever it was I haven’t had it again. I also used to smell a putrid odour at times in the same timeframe. Again no idea what caused it but never had it again.
  13. I found that out a few years ago. One Sunday on the day before the premium bond big winners announcement I was tending my veg garden at the side of my home and noticed an expensive looking car stop at my gate. My heart started pounding.....could it be agent millionaire?. A bloke dressed in a smart suit with a briefcase got out and headed to the side of my home. As he came in sight I was stood there waiting for him to ask are you ********? Alas he kept walking down the street. Ah well, maybe one day! Anyway I’ve got my ticket for tonight. Good luck to all and I hope to see some winnin
  14. I haven’t had a smear test for years. Never had a mammogram. Through the menopause by early 40’s. Don’t go near doctors. When I was 38 and married after having my two kids I opted to be sterilised. Didn’t cause me any problems other than a severely sore abdomen for a few days. The reason I wanted to be sterilised was because I was absolutely sure I didn’t want anymore children.
  15. FFS! Typical of “designers” with no real life experience of a problem.
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