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  1. Van Lady

    Video adverts on most website

    No advertising on Dosbods is a major plus for me. I read an article about adverts appearing on Netflix?
  2. Van Lady

    FFS Handshake

    Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb nail.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden I wonder what Thoreau would think about the complexity of the modern world?
  3. Van Lady

    Islamification of Europe

    Oh so again a religion of peace follower has been mollycoddled and given money because it’s against her religion to shake hands with men. Does she shake hands with women? I personally see hand shaking as a male thing but I’ve politely shook hands and smiled when in a situation where a hand was offered. The hands offered have been both male and female. Thinking about it though this having to do unwanted hand shaking stuff from my perspective as a female has only been over the last ten to fifteen years. I found @Austin Allegro’s *post above interesting regarding hand shaking with regard to women. Being older and always living in rural areas I was probably influenced by the social mores. Anyway, the point is, I’ve adapted to hand shaking with a pleasant demeanour when required even though I don’t wish to shake anyone’s hand. From my female perspective and life experiences I find shaking hands a ridiculous ritual but heyho that’s how it is these days. IMO that women should have got no payment she should just STFU and get on with modern life like the rest of us have to do. * Maybe not this thread but a post about this issue.
  4. Van Lady

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    It’s a sad story about that bridge collapse and the loss of life incurred. In the uk the general lack of maintenance of roads is obvious to all. I have no faith that bridges are being maintained either. OK in Scotland we have had a new forth bridge built due to safety concerns. However I’m unconvinced that the new one will be sound and well built to last plus there are thousands of bridges in Scotland and uk. I doubt that they are all being inspected and maintained thoroughly. FFS it’s basic thinking IMO to maintain your country’s infrastructure, public buildings and housing stock!
  5. Van Lady

    Bloody Metric

    Aye. In my household there’s no way that six folk would be allowed just under a 1lb of ham each in one sitting!
  6. As a parent I sat through hours of shite films with my kids but I have to put Toy Story l up there in my favourite film list. Fantastic! I rewatch it now and again. My favourite character in it is Buzz Lightyear...Space Ranger. Fabulous! Sorry to gush but it was so good and funny too. Anyway, back on topic. IMO acting is about pretending to be another character so WTF does it matter what you are in the first place!
  7. Van Lady

    Another pointer to the UK being fucked.

    I can’t comment because I gave up working competitively 25 years ago when I had my kids. After that it was anything available to earn money but never well paid! What I can comment on though is that over the last ten years since my kids were able to be more independent I’ve found that the job opportunities, other than minimum wage drones, for people approaching fifty and over are rare. I felt very motivated for working when the kids became independent but when I realised that there were rarely opportunities other than being a minimum wage drone I’ve withdrawn as much as I can from the world of work. If the government wants us to work until we’re 70 they need to realise that many folk won’t mind that as long as there are opportunities for doing something you can reasonably enjoy with worthwhile monetary reward. Of course they are so out of touch with ordinary people they don’t know that so more people will opt out of working as much as they can if it’s crap for well being or monetary reward.
  8. Van Lady

    Another pointer to the UK being fucked.

    I’m enraged about it. Particularly since in my mind I should have started receiving my state pension last March. Yes I’m female and males say stuff like you wanted to be equal, suck it up etc. I never wanted to be equal because I’ve always seen myself as different from men and that we can never be equal other than property rights, same pay for same job. Also I had two children and they needed cared for so I had to do it and work at nights because like most folk back then there was only family to help out. Furthermore when I started work in 1974 I most definitely was not viewed or treated as equal to the males in the public utility company or bank where I worked. As it happens I did get on because I strived and made myself stand out. It was automatic for blokes, particularly in the bank. We always had a young city male who’d been transferred to our rural branch on his path to promotion. Anyway a group called back to 60 have lodged a request for a judicial review of up to six year increase on SPA. IMO every age group should be mobilising and campaigning to say NO to any state pension increases. 63 seems a reasonable age to me to access state pension but if you want to work on you get extra.
  9. Van Lady

    Another pointer to the UK being fucked.

    Indeed, but instead we’re all getting our state pension ages increased to pay for people who don’t contribute to the system
  10. Van Lady

    Having sex with ghosts

    Agree that some kids would perhaps fare better in life if they were removed from parents but only if systems are in place to give them a better chance. When I was thoroughly disillusioned with “support” for young homeless people (mainly female IME) I got a job in the area of looked after children......those who had been taken off parents. From my experiences there the system is hopeless. Kids pulled radiators off walls, smashed stuff, refused to participate in education, were allowed to eat whatever they wanted, were taken to expensive activities like water skiing, horse riding. Not one of them ever went to school! Police were regularly called to the houses to deal with out of control kids. Punishment was no sweetie money for three days. These places were in remote country locations to hide it all. FFS! I left under a cloud because I told them they were doing nothing to help children in care get on in life because of their reluctance to discipline the kids. Of course I was told I didn’t understand the complex problems of the kids. Bullshit! Interestingly not one of the house managers I encountered was a parent.....most were ex social workers and few had worked their way up. That cost taxpayers at least £12k a week to look after a kid in care. Heads in beds was the mantra!
  11. Van Lady

    Having sex with ghosts

    Lots are going by my long term experience in a rural town! One that really makes me angry is a thirtyish year old who is now housed around the corner from me. I encountered her around ten years ago when I worked for a young homelessness enterprise in the social housing sector. (The talk back then was lots of funding to eradicate homelessness by 2012..............yeah right!) When I first encountered the young woman she was housed by the tax payer in a two bed house in a reasonable area with her baby. She fed her <less than six month old baby pot noodles. She said if they weren’t ok they wouldn’t be sold. Too lazy to learn how to cook, didn’t want a job.....fuck that, she said! I resigned from the job because IMO all the “support” services done was allow her to carry on with no challenge to change. Fast forward to today. She has never worked a day in her life. Housed, utilities and food paid for. Support services provided for several years. Her oldest child has a very low IQ (what a surprise...not!) and has been in a secure cared for children unit for almost two years now. She’s still on the tax payers tab though. Another eight year old daughter still in her care but with social worker visits several times a week. Oh, she has a husband too now.....he can’t work due to mental illness though! I dread to think what she has cost tax payers over the past thirty years plus her mother wasthe same as her.
  12. Van Lady

    Having sex with ghosts

    Nailed it! This woman is seeking to shock and find a niche to exploit vulnerable people while being a self employed charlatan. Oh well, such is the’s desperate out there to make a living if you don’t get lucky and secure a job with enough to live off and some spare. Surely this woman will disappear into the ether and never be heard of again? Maybe she’ll do okay for a while......disappointed by modern men?.........find nirvana with my spells to attract a ghost lover who’ll never let you down........special offer £9.99
  13. Van Lady

    Car Broken Into

    I’m sorry to hear that too. Welcome to the way of life in the uk. Work, pay tax, ni, shelter costs, food, utilities and take out insurance for peace of mind. Insurance companies are really taking the piss now. Despite paying compulsory insurance for our vehicles we find that claiming for minor theft (no intention of belittling your loss) and minor bumps will disadvantage us. It’s cheaper to pay ourselves rather than risk getting a higher quote because we have had the audacity to claim on what we’re paying for. You've gone back to work after having time to yourself and then get some low life breaking into your vehicle stealing your stuff and the police won’t help and neither will your insurance company! UK is going down the pan for the decent working person!
  14. Van Lady

    Never, ever take responsibility. For anything.

    Maybe they have lost hope of creating a successful life in the modern world so food comforts them?
  15. Van Lady

    Never, ever take responsibility. For anything.

    So you think the NHS and MSM media should indulge them by promoting their life problem? The 14 year old kid is vastly overweight and the mother doesn’t know what to do about it except whine and get in the papers! Perhaps the NHS and media could be more honest and not indulge such uninformed folk? Another example of the terminal decline in the uk