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  1. Yes, it could get worse. My life has been totally fucked up and I’m struggling to readjust to the changes. Getting there! I’m similar to you, live rurally, don’t mix much, don’t spend much and don’t attend crowded places. I don’t leave uk though and haven’t done for years. I’m struggling to see any resumption of “normality” any time soon. I haven’t put anyone vulnerable at risk and wouldn’t do that but know for a fact I’ve been criticised locally for being selfish/uncaring just because I’ve chatted with acquaintances at the local river throughout lockdown. We shouldn’t have been doing that etc etc etc. Standing apart chatting that’s all! What a world!
  2. Higher death rates from avian flu from stuff I’ve read. There have been higher death rates from flu pandemics in recent years. I don’t know though. It could be that COVID-19 will cause devastation with many excess deaths come winter. Personally I still won’t care though.
  3. Agreed. If the virus is such a serious killer a national government should have been formed to take decisions to deal with it. I don’t believe it’s a serious virus and I believe that it’s being used in uk to cover up seriously bad management of the economy that’s been going on for years while chickens are coming home to roost
  4. Maybe when we get a bird flu pandemic the nation will listen to a grave address? I would! I’m rightly or wrongly not bothered about Covid 19 regarding my risk of death and other decently healthy folk. However I’m very angry about how the new virus has been dealt with worldwide. I’m a fan of the let it rip while protecting/trying to help those vulnerable approach. If a serious pandemic comes.....when probably...........well I don’t want to think of the carnage and economic/social consequences from that.
  5. I could never drink pints or half pints in volume. Unfortunately I went onto spirits early in my twenties. A quarter bottle was one drink before going out and downed easily with half an hour. In my mid twenties I had a female lodger who easily downed numerous pints like drinking a yard of ale. I’ve never seen anyone else drink like her. After that she knocked back vodkas. Unfortunately she never quit drink and died last year. I’m surprised she lasted so long!
  6. Yes, it’s all very well for those who live in a nice family and mix with other couples or have socially available family/friends/acquaintances to meet up with next day a few days time on a whim. It ain’t so easy when living alone and socialising is mostly attending places/events to chat. I feel your pain. Lockdown changed my simple day to day in an instant. I’m trying to adjust to the new world! Tough times but yes it is interesting to have the capacity to be able to evaluate all the changes and wait and see what happens next.
  7. I fancied them all apart from Nick Rhodes. Check out John Taylor’s bass tutorials on the music forum. He does one on Rio....really interesting and he’s looking great and full of life age 62. Still fancy him! Nice boots!
  8. The residents living in the area from Dumfries to Gretna have been advised to not go further than 5 miles from home. Spar shop assistants have been wearing masks and lots of folk panicking thinking that the virus had been eradicated but it’s back . Testing stations set up everywhere implemented by army. A spike of 10 cases. I don’t think any are in hospital. Gretna Gateway Shopping Outlet still open and I’ve heard that lots of young folk are off to Carlisle tomorrow to go to the pub. The panickers will all be moaning about the idiots/selfish people who just can’t stay at home.....that’ll be you and me they’re whining about
  9. Aye. Since the Scottish Indy referendum and the eu referendum then trump/boris bashing my acquaintances have diminished. I can’t be bothered listening to all the warriors telling me how the world is from their perspective when they can’t listen to mine, The virus is another division that is occurring. I’m a heartless bastard according to some because I disagree with the lockdown after the nhs was able to cope. I’m not the only heartless bastard around here though as I know a few who think similarly.
  10. Aye, dream on.........It would be nice to be wrong but I expect the draw to pass and no one anyone on here knows will win it. Still, I personally know a local woman who won 4.4 million about 15 years ago so there is a little hope.
  11. Aye, @ccc suggested a couple of weeks ago that I should rob a bank to curb my temptation to go back on the bevy. Shoplifting seems like a better option
  12. I’m just joking along really. If I won £112 million (minus your 2%) I wouldn’t end up destitute if I bought balcary tower. My favourite place in Scotland is the north west coast. I’d be wanting Tanera Mor island if I had money to buy what I wanted.
  13. Thankfully I chatted today with a like minded acquaintance. We are both wearing scarfs loosely wrapped around our face plus sunglasses. I as usual will be wearing a hat. Also we will not be entering any shops unless for essential purchases. We do hope there are lots of folk out there like us. Hope is a good thing
  14. Sadly in my rural area I’m increasingly hearing praise for krankie and her performance in handling the virus. This is a conservative stronghold area in d&g . To be honest I’ve been astonished because I think she’s a enforcing face coverings in shops from 10th July. Deep down though I think a lot of folk in this area (not business people) don’t like tourists so that’s why they like stuff she says about being cautious, disallow activities and travelling more than 5 miles from home. Son was at Gretna today. Army there and huge cues for testing. Krankie said today? it’s ridiculous to say there is no Scottish/English border. A reported spike in Covid cases at Gretna/Annan area yesterday. Just more shite! Meantime those of us who just want to get on with life plod on amongst the madness of it all.
  15. It would be interesting to have a bizarre pact on the Internet come to real life. For a few years I’ve picked coins up off the street and put them in premium bonds. Thought it would make a good story ......I won a million from discarded coins. Still waiting! Yes, good luck to you too but remember I have only pledged 2% of the jackpot whereas you have pledged half of it plus 2% to me.