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  1. My special crop is a bit slower than my first attempt last year. More sun and warmth over the last couple of weeks has resulted in them stretching and flourishing
  2. Vets aren’t much better. I was forced recently to take one of my dogs to vet due to allergy/skin problem and an infection. Was given pills antibiotics plus allergy ones and they’ve settled the problem down. Went yesterday to check infection was clear and discussed allergy pills. Decided to take some more but plan to wean dog off them and keep some spare if there’s an emergency weekend flare up. Vet searched the cabinet for pills, computer wasn’t working so couldn’t check the mg of pills. Decided 3.6mg was right for dogs weight. When I got home checked the pack and the ones I’d had were 5.4mg. FFS! Checking on line the correct dose for my dogs weight is 3.6mg. Thankfully I only gave two tablets per day for three days instead of two weeks before cutting to one!
  3. I found his family very odd particularly after the separation and divorce. It was suddenly like they had no grandchildren. The grandmother posts on their Facebook thingys.....well done, how proud she is of them etc stuff. See’s them once or sometimes twice a year and some years zero times. I’ve never stopped them from seeing them. Nothing stranger than folk. As I’ve mentioned I haven’t got on great personally with my immediate family but they loved my kids and gave them many fantastic experiences plus ordinary family meals, picking them up from school, looking after them etc
  4. I didn’t know he had no fatherly instincts until after the kids were born. He wanted the kids initially or should I say said he did.....he didn’t seem bothered about their day to day welfare. No interest in school meetings,taking them to activities, phoning them regularly etc He was a skilled joiner and came from a settled and comfortable financially family. Better off than my family financially I would say but different outlooks on life from each family. Earned a fair amount of money and able to hide it. The house was a very sore point in the break up. It was a very desirable roomy cottage in a nice coastal village. His parents owned it and sold it to us at market value. I provided the deposit of a third of the cost and obtained the mortgage as a bank employee in my own right but it was put in joint names. When he got his girlfriend and left both him and his family wanted “their” house back. After it was put in my name I sold it six years later. It was purchased for £36k in 1990 and sold in 2015 for £186k so that didn’t go down too well with. Such is life! Edit...the house was sold in 2005 not 2015. His parents owned it outright when they sold it to us so would have been a nice profit for them! I had two kids aged 11 and 12 plus struggling financially so I moved to a cheaper place and reduced my mortgage.
  5. I would guess that the divorce process deranges most men and women. Both have self interests! My own divorce experience in hindsight is that being the single mother of two kids <5 resulted in a lot of personal sacrifices and extreme stress for me. Not so much for him though. He’s rarely seen them over twenty years and contributed minimally financially. The house was in joint names but I’d paid a third deposit plus paid the mortgage every month so it was formally put in my sole name. I continued to pay the mortgage until I paid it off with little help from him. Last time I had the misfortune to speak to him he was still saying I was a greedy money grabbing bitch That was 20 years ago though and I do agree that these days women are being awarded assets that their partner has worked for/inherited or whatever. I can understand why men get annoyed about someone trying to take their life earnings off them to enhance their own life!
  6. I wonder why paul bonsor hasn’t been banned from facebook for “hate speech” ?
  7. Yes probably true to all those out there who currently have minimal caring obligations to others regardless of being male or female. People, myself included, are inherently selfish but some of us aren’t completely selfish! You look after your own stokie as a priority and make the most of your spare time in your chosen way.
  8. It’s been okay weather here in Dumfries & Galloway despite forecasts of torrential rain, thunderstorms and high temperatures. Pleasantly warm and dry apart from some heavy rain overnight a few days ago and one torrential downpour at an afternoon dog walk when we all sheltered under a large tree until it stopped. Some sunshine and sometimes overcast but not totally dismal and dark grey skies with little light. I can’t remember the last time it was a chore to venture out in a day due to continual rain, maybe a couple of weeks ago. Last year at this time it was a bit of a chore because to venture out dog walking was too hot for them.
  9. Everyone is selfish to varying degrees. It’s a harsh world! For the record I think that people should think about the balance between their own needs in life in comparison to those around them who require care or help. Some people will suck the life out of others vampires......... From my observations over the years IMO it’s the female sex overall who are less selfish and spend many hours of their time in comparison to the male sex caring for other folk e.g. kids, elderly relatives and sometimes friends or acquaintances
  10. I know......the name is as common as muck . Still I don’t mind my name at all it’s much better than a lot of the more recent female forenames. My kids also have what I consider ordinary names.
  11. Don’t worry I think I’m still fairly incognito because I have acquired three surnames over the years
  12. Van Lady

    LED bulbs

    I don’t like artificial lights at all and never have. Since moving into my own home 40+ years ago I’ve consistently not used much artificial lighting. E.g. no lights on when darkness falls other than a hall light and other targeted lights switched on when only when required....reading a book, cooking or craft stuff. I’ve mainly had coal fires and recently a multi fuel stove and they provide enough light for listening to music, watching a film/programme or surfing the Internet. I also rarely switch a light on if I have to get out of bed during the night.
  13. Depends on your circumstances and local area. In my town a landlord who owned a large number of high street premises has continually let out shops over the years then increased rent. I don’t know the lease terms. Some businesses folded and others found a new landlord. The landlord died last year and his alcoholic son is now presiding over the many empty high street units in a dying rural town. Their residential letting are ok for now though.
  14. Had to look that up. Thanks, I like learning new words. At first I thought it might be a fear of people with my forename. ....there could be a few out there who have helenophobia though
  15. Indeed! Plus manages to mainly keep out the MSM while raking in very lucrative house of lord payments/Eu salary/pensions/expenses/jollies etc.