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  1. A discussion i listened to today in real life was hearing the others discussing what vaccine they were going to have. The Oxford one was THE one...the best choice. I’m an outsider because I am not having a COVID vaccine and have stated that frequently. Had to endure a lecture that I’m lucky to be alive due to vaccinations. 🙄
  2. I’ve given up now. I and my two offspring see no need to be vaccinated for a new virus with a worldwide recorded death rate of plus 1.5 million. 🙄That’s fine in my world. Today, after noting my concerns about the rushed COVID vaccine, I was subjected to a retired teacher’s worldview and lecture that we wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for vaccination. Couldn’t be arsed having a debate so just laughed and said...aren’t we lucky to be living in such a wonderful world.....it’s fantastic....I’ve never felt happier. Trolling really but I don’t care. She looked very pissed off.
  3. An interesting, in my opinion, article from 2019 about the history of smallpox vaccination. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-50713991 From the article...... “In the late 19th Century, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in opposition to compulsory smallpox vaccinations. There were arrests, fines and people were even sent to jail. Banners were brandished demanding "Repeal the Vaccination Acts, the curse of our nation" and vowing "Better a felon's cell than a poisoned babe". Copies of hated laws were burned in the streets and
  4. Yes, I agree with your comment. I’ve endured that type of attitude on and off for 20+ years. Mainly from close family but sometimes from acquaintances. The latter are easily eliminated from my life. What I’ve noticed is that they, the one’s who view people “below them” are usually female. They have got lucky with either family money or a provider husband/partner/lucrative divorce. Males, from my experience, don’t look down at me, they just like a chat, flirting or whatever. Maybe it’s the same life experience for males with other males viewing other males “below them”. I s
  5. Oh well, never mind ....l’ve often been rated lowly in the game of life. I don’t really know what you mean with that response comment. Am I autistic, thick or something? My guess is that the future isn’t looking promising globally for the majority for a variety of reasons.
  6. That would be me. All my posts are random thoughts on a variety of topics. Sometimes it’s an info post, a music video, a link to something I think interesting/funny/relevant, a deeply personal rant/opinion or whatever. We’re all the same deep down. We all have personal opinions. I get despondent when people slag each other off just because of a different worldview. In my opinion that modus operandi is ideal for the promotion of the ongoing divide and conquer way of life.....
  7. I don’t think roger regards himself as an authority/philosopher/ futant etc regarding the future. He’s just feeling despondent about positive political change in the foreseeable future. I’m in roger’s gang because I feel similarly. Of course I’m heartened by the recent brexit and trump victories plus a bit of hope of other upsets in uk/Europe/western world due to votes against globalists.
  8. I’m doing my normal Xmas. No cards, no tree, no decorations, no lights, no presents except money for my kids. Outdoor lights have been dying away here recently after a few years of them until this year. It’s very competitive and the outdoor garden lights and decorations are growing daily. I’m tempted to buy one of those plastic life size skeletons and sit it in a chair in my garden wearing a Santa hat and holding a bah humbug sign.
  9. £50 win for me this month Feeling lucky. Bought a scratch card today for £2 and got my money back with a £2 win. Also bought a £1 thunder ball lucky dip for tonight.
  10. Yes, all socialising venues ruined. Luckily I’m a member of an informal daily dog group meet up at a lovely local walk. We’ve continued to meet since March and none of us give a shit about the “rules”. If they start pressuring me tomorrow when I phone to cancel my flu jab appointment I’m going to tell them to harass all the morbidly obese folk waddling about in my town and tell them they should perhaps be promoting healthy eating and vit d3 supplements instead.
  11. I’m 62. I got a letter today full of reasons why I should have a flu vaccination and an appointment for 7th dec. It’s safer to leave my home to go for the vaccination than not attend according to the letter 🙄. A few weeks ago I was speaking to an early 70’s year old female who runs her own successful shop in the town. Very fit and looks ten years younger. She told me that when she phoned to cancel her flu vaccination appointment she got pressure to attend and was asked why she was refusing......because I have an immune system and it’s served me well so far and I’ve never had a flu va
  12. I liked this performance of lovesong from American idol.
  13. I think you’re underestimating the cost of residential childcare. Ten to fifteen years ago I know for a fact that the private residential childcare provider facility I worked in got a basic of 12k per week Edit to clarify.....£12k per week basic for one looked after child....negotiable though. Heads on beds was the mantra. The whole set up disgusted me.
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