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  1. Van Lady

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    I agree it’s Americanised. Market it successfully and they will buy! While I don’t have any Xmas decorations I do enjoy going a dog walk around town to observe the competitiveness of outdoor Xmas displays. It’s getting worthwhile to do it at Halloween time these days! Personally I’d like to see some gardens at bonfire night time with politician “guys” hanging in them and all ready to be burnt. Is there an opening market for bonfire night general household decoration tat. Maybe, but perhaps I’m extreme in wanting to see political effigys hanging then burning.
  2. Van Lady

    I'm Surprised Halloween hasn't been banned yet

    Halloween is just another consumerism date in the dairy! I’m 60 now but recall from my childhood making a dressing up costume myself from what was available, carving a turnip lantern and practising a song, rhyme or joke to deliver to get some monkey nuts, a piece of fruit......and really good fun in the community. Also at girl guides dooking for apples, dressing up, singing etc. Fond memories. When my own children were in that phase I noticed change creeping up. It’s full on now. Halloween decorations, costumes and “special” packs of fruit, sweets etc. FFS, it’s like a new Christmas! I know someone who changes their chimney flag frequently and the Halloween is flying now and the garden decorated with suitable purchased Halloween stuff.
  3. That’s a very good point. I’ve read stories about e.g. Ian Huntley being “abused” and “persecuted” in prison because of his crime. I don’t recall reading about anyone from these grooming gangs being persecuted etc in prison. Hmmmm!
  4. Van Lady

    Operation Nookie 60

    I think you have lots of life knowledge and personal insight. IMO you’re in a period of adjustment due to your changed life circumstances. Big life changes can be very difficult to adjust to for many people. Be kind to yourself, look after yourself and your livelihood. Take time to do things you want to do for personal enjoyment and don’t invest thoughts on particular outcomes while participating in activities, outings, dates etc.
  5. Van Lady

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Very interesting, I’m glad I know that now because I didn’t until I read the link. I don’t eat many figs but it wouldn’t put me off eating them after learning how they are grown.
  6. Van Lady

    68 days to christmas

    I can predict that my Xmas day will be like last year. No cards sent and only a few received, no decorations, no tv and no presents although I do give my son, daughter and my nephews two kids cash. Christmas to me is just a consumerism date on the calendar and I don’t feel any need to join in because it means nothing to me. I will enjoy a nice meal with my grown up kids at home, walk with dogs and a relaxing day though. I prefer celebrating the winter solstice and daylight hours starting to increase.
  7. Van Lady

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    Indeed! I’ve been very fortunate all my life to have always lived in nice but modest homes with a garden in a lovely rural area. I didn’t appreciate this when younger but I know how lucky I am now. TBH if I’d had to put up with those circumstances in bold I may well have given up. I encountered people in AA when I quit alcohol who had reached total rock bottom and turned their lives around. I have always admired them because I really don’t think I could have been as strong as them. I suppose people vary in what they can endure but I think life in the uk is declining at a rapid pace for many. Anti depressant prescriptions have rocketed according to reports.
  8. Van Lady

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    Thank you for sharing that and I hope doing so has been cathartic for you. I agree that isolation and feeling isolated is difficult. IMO it’s one of the major human experiences to deal with along with loss and fear. After unexpectedly becoming a single parent to a 4 & 5 year old I became very isolated due to living in a rural village, lack of spare money and of course the 24/7 responsibility of bringing my kids up. I did get family help with the kids but my family excluded me as much as possible by taking my kids on holiday and arranging day trips without me. I was perfectly capable of walking, going to beach, doing crafts etc with my kids but my family didn’t think that was good enough. I’ve no idea why they were so cruel. I felt unable to stand up to them because I was reliant on them to look after my kids, pick them up from school etc when I was at work so I kept my mouth shut. There were many times in those days while at work or at home alone when I wished I would die but I never attempted to end my life. Truthfully I was too scared in case I messed it up and couldn’t do that to my kids anyway. It’s a terrible feeling when one’s thoughts and life experiences feel so bad that death seems preferable. Kids are grown up now and I no longer have family interference in my life and life is more peaceful and calmer. My understanding is that suicides are increasing, particularly in males who have always been more likely to suicide. If suicide is increasing it doesn’t surprise me because IMO living standards and life satisfaction in the uk are hurtling downwards at a rapid pace for people of all ages and life circumstances.
  9. Van Lady

    Polio type disease

    Nature will win regarding mutating viruses and diseases. Already antibiotics, due to over prescribing IMO, aren’t the wonder drug they used to be. Nature is always a step ahead of humanity.
  10. Van Lady

    London Fricking Underground/TfL

    Service is only for folk fortunate in life with wealth to pay for it. The majority have to put up with poor service from public transport, utilities due to lack of choice.
  11. Van Lady

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Various posts in this thread remind me of a failure of science because it wants to generalise. The reason for this approach IMO is because of rulers using science to their advantage to manage the herd and treat them as as a group. How fascinating to read about the different mind function experiences in this thread. IMO mainstream science would gain more respect from me if it was really interested in exploring the human condition and do huge studies on material such as in this thread. Unfortunately I can’t see it happening anytime soon. Science is used to herd the masses IMO.
  12. Van Lady

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    This shite simply illustrates the ongoing, IMO, decline of life in the uk. FFS it’s only a sandwich. PC getting more insane by the day. However I do think that the internet plays a part in it all. Anyone can go online and latch on to their idiosyncratic preferences in life and add their thoughts, join campaigns etc. While I appreciate having this forum to read interesting debate about current world affairs and the internet in general for accessing a variety of stuff with a fingertip I really think life was better pre internet. My guess is that there will be continuing attempts to curb the ability of plebs to mobilise via the internet. There’s no going back now though. Life has changed. The genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in! Who shall win all the battles?...too numerous to post about but much more important than what to name a sandwich! IMO, humanity is riding multiple runaway trains that are getting near crash point.
  13. Van Lady

    Bye bye Treason May?

    They don’t have to organise a referendum now though. A deal to have one is good enough for them at the negotiating table!
  14. Van Lady

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Yes, it’s interesting that a lot of Scottish inhabitants will vote for Scottish independence but when they get the chance to be independent from the eu project they say no. The snp and conservatives are probably currently conspiring together to keep the uk in the eu. None of them from any current political party care about ordinary people and their day to day lives or how decisions they make today may impact life for uk inhabitants. IMO they are so out of touch that they really don’t realise how angry ordinary people can become when they are continually abused and shafted.
  15. Van Lady

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I concur with what @Errolposted upthread. May is a place person doing a job and knows full well the personal rewards awaiting. Her banker husband is the same type. Her remit is to botch Brexit and I think she’s outstanding in how she is managing that! May is quite happy to offer the SNP another independence referendum if they back her in her remit. It’s of no consequence to May if it causes further divisions in the uk. IMO the uk has been ripped apart and really gone down hill starting from the Scottish independence referendum. Or perhaps what was festering underneath is being brought to light? The big business decision makers thought that that there was no way that Scotland would vote for independence but they forgot that New Labour had used the Scots for parliamentary votes and also abandoned the ethos of the original Labour Party. Oh how I laughed for a week after that poll before the vote that showed Yes in the lead. I won’t ever forget how much I laughed at all the antics to secure a no win over that week. It was the first time I voted in years, although I always spoil papers. YES. Not for the snp......I voted for Scottish independence because that was the ballot option and an opportunity to break the status quo. Made the decision makers sweat for sure! Well, blow me, not long after that came another opportunity to vote yes/no in the eu referendum. NO, out I voted. However I do prefer to be out of the eu and was elated to find that so many felt the same that the decision makers got a bloody snout with the generally unexpected result. Since that result there has been nothing but sound bites, disarray, fudging and further divisions in the uk. Hard times ahead IMO. The uk is broken and many in the population from all walks of life are disgruntled and getting angrier. I just wonder how hard big decision makers think they can push the masses. Oh well, just need to wait and see what transpires as the days unfold.