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  1. I share your pain but I support anyone who writes to them and think more people should do it. I’ll bet that many folk moan about their mp but never write/email or attend a surgery. In my opinion if more people....massive number of people..... contacted them it would make a difference. The only way many people will even think to contact their mp regarding grievances is if a nationwide social media campaign is organised. A sort of grassroots rebellion perhaps?
  2. I agree but it needs to be a political campaign organised through social media to make any impact. A few people writing/emailing/turning up at surgery will make no difference to mps arrogance. However sack loads of letters, inbox blocked with emails and large groups turning up at their surgeries. I can’t be bothered to organise such an approach but I hope someone out there will!
  3. Do you have anyideas how ordinary individuals being shafted by government can do that?
  4. Also there are many other issues for working folk in the uk. For example, student loans. My daughter was moaning about getting a deduction from her pay to start repaying her student loan. She’ll really grasp her life situation when she gets a statement showing the INTEREST added to her borrowing. Disgusting really. Both my son and daughter who are in their mid twenties voted leave the Eu as did I. I don’t think any of us are thick, bigoted or racist. We just want a decent life where we work to live and our taxes are used to improve our country!
  5. I disagree that bornagain is naive.....he/she is at least trying to get change I agree that mps these days are arrogant and have forgotten their job description but doing nothing at all will allow the current state of affairs to continue. Now there’s an idea......a job description for an mp.......after all I have had to meet a job description for any job I’ve ever done!
  6. Yes, for mps it’s all about votes!
  7. I agree, keep writing....I wish more people would do so! I’m hopeful that the next general election will be epic with many traitorous mps losing their seat. It would be a start in trying to remind mps that they are elected by their constituents to represent them at parliament.
  8. I think it’s a good idea to repeatedly write to and email your mp if you’re dissatisfied about an issue. In my experience though the MP’s desk monkey replies with standard shite and eventually your communication is ignored. Mp’s have also blocked constituents communications. Another method is to turn up at the mp’s surgery where you have the chance to speak face to face. They don’t like this, especially if a group of people who are dissatisfied about the same issue turn up. Still the MP refuses to really listen and fobs people off with a party line or an empty promise to look into the issue. It would need to be a nationwide campaign organised through social media to write etc and keep pressuring mp’s about honouring the result of the referendum. They simply, in general, ignore constituents in my experience.
  9. Good thinking. I suspect bliar will give us a sound bite very soon ......if he endorses it it’s a bad deal for us plebs.
  10. No thanks. I have my own mobile accommodation. Anyway you’re far too young for me....I couldn’t possibly keep up!
  11. It’s good to be hopeful but unless her kids are at least 20 but preferably older I wouldn’t bother if I were you!
  12. Stoke is too far away for me to be bothered setting myself up to be wickered.
  13. Same in every area of life. Profit before people is the modus operandi! I don’t fly anywhere these days due to low income and resources. Can’t say I’m bothered. Waiting in a holding pen, queuing to board, shite food on plane etc
  14. Van Lady


    Indeed! When I started full time work many years ago aged 16 that was my understanding of the system. Pay your NI and you’ll receive help if you become ill and a state pension at age 60/65. Well, that’s worked out well for working folk......NOT! I’ve withdrawn from the system now being older and realised that paying into NI does not benefit me! I endured a spell of illness and was treated like shite when I made a claim for sick money! Not wealthy regarding income but lucky enough to have a paid for home (downsized with surplus), smallish occupational pension and help from still at home son with digmoney. Still waiting for my state pension despite paying NI for over 40 years now.
  15. Stokie is probably too busy testing the new chair for satisfactory shagging positions. No time to keep us updated about trivia like home renovations/updates!