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    Van Lady got a reaction from mooncat69 in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Where is that building? I have tried to find out myself but no joy.
    I’m so cynical that I think that “cover up the wrong doers” from an elite type person who got a quote on a building refers to the millions of down on their luck people. A lot of privileged and lucky in life people do look down on others who haven’t done so well. Lazy, feckless, stupid, uneducated etc. IMO there are millions of underemployed and competent folk across the globe who are simply unlucky due to life circumstances, fate and lack of affordable opportunity.
    Anyway regarding TR he is a very brave person to fight the rulers. It’s easy to sit back and criticise but he has put his life on the line IMO and I hope he continues to stand up for what he believes in. I’m glad that someone has a voice and following that is rattling the rulers
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    Van Lady reacted to One percent in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I’m sure this has been posted but not followed dosbods much today. Apologies if so.  Thanks to @The Masked Tulip for the Kate Hopkins link that led me to this. He is incredibly statesman like here
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    Van Lady reacted to Byron in Conversations about the state of the nation   
    My daughter stopped me yesterday from singing 'Polly Wolly Doodle' to my 5 year old grand daughter.
    I told her that I learned the song from a school song book where we were all taught to sing it in the 1950s.
    She replied that she did not want her daughter getting into trouble in school.
    Probably because 'Polly Wolly Doodle' sounds reminiscent of Golliwog and wooly hair etc.
    In fact the song was sung in the 1930s by Shirley Temple and has been recorded a number of times over the years.
    But the teaching profession is walking on egg shells these days. It only needs one ignorant stupid protester for the usual leftie chorus of condemnation to get going.
    What a horrible country we live in, can't even buy a man sized tissue.
    All because years ago pathologically altruistic idiots encouraged mass immigration and howled down Enoch Powell.
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    Van Lady reacted to One percent in Conversations about the state of the nation   
    Thought I would start a thread (don’t think we have one specifically on this) about people striking up conversation about the state of things 
    yesterday, as I posted in another thread, I had a conversation yesterday with a sparky and plumber about brexit (they voted leave) and TR (who they very much admired).  I sent them off to look at Qanon 
    today on a visit to magnet kitchens, the woman kitchen designer decided to discuss with me about Bennie seekers and that the way this was being paid for was through raising retirement ages. She was incandescent. Brought in about lack of opportunity for young people, the stupidness of student loans and how things were weighted against ordinary people just trying to get by.
    neither of these conversations were started by me but both followed similar lines to discussions on here.
    The anger out there is palpable. The establishment imho is losing both trust and control.
    I will post any more conversations, just for the record.   
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    Van Lady reacted to Byron in Over the Border (Brexit thread)   
    Sorry, no sympathy for your friend at all.
    2 years ago the British People showed that they did not want FOM people here.
    What has your friend done about it?
    Listened to idiots like Blair and thought that Brexit would go away?
    He might yet be able to get UK citizenship, but otherwise he should go home.
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    Van Lady reacted to Cunning Plan in 11   
    This is starting to piss me off greatly. A number of the nice places I am now finding to rent in the Isle of Wight are six months only. They want you out by May so they can milk the air bnb market, only to want you back again in September.
    There is even one that tries to rent every month but will kick you out in August so they can cash in on Cowes week.
    The amusing thing is watching them get more desperate for a tenant if they haven't got one yet. Another month or so and they could be facing a six month void. Shame.
    I hope they all suffer for their greed.
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    Van Lady reacted to Long time lurking in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Here`s the real one 
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    Van Lady reacted to Long time lurking in Tommy Robinson thread   
    It`s the old bailey as for the second part fear not swampy has been at it 
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    Van Lady reacted to XswampyX in Tommy Robinson thread   
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    Van Lady reacted to shindigger in Tommy Robinson thread   
    He sacked one lot as they advised him to admit guilt and be a good boy.
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    Van Lady reacted to ashestoashes in Tommy Robinson thread   
    they wanted to do a deal where he said sorry, but he sacked them
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    Van Lady reacted to wherebee in Tommy Robinson thread   
    wouldn't it be sweet if the authorities had to admit false imprisonment and pay a huge fucking sum to him as compensation.
    And the judge who went on a grinning crusade loses his job.
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    Van Lady reacted to Mr Miyagi in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Apparently the CPS think that telling the truth about Mohammed marrying a 6 year old girl and then having sex with her at 9 is derogatory to Islam and can prejudice an ongoing trial concerning the rape of young white children by muslims. Utter fucking lunacy that would not have been out of place in the witch trials of the middle ages. 
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    Van Lady reacted to twocents in Tommy Robinson thread   
    From his written statement it looks very much like there's no case to answer.  Certainly nothing justifying anything near to imprisonment.  It's all been concocted, cooked up and kangeroo from the very start. 
    So far as the authorities are concerned Tommy's case is at the pass the parcel stage now and the Old Bailey judge couldn't pass it all on quickly enough.
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    Van Lady reacted to Long time lurking in Tommy Robinson thread   
    I`m sure he has a patron/go fund me on his website 
    As for the rest of your post ,it has crossed my mind ,and nothing else makes any sense to me, as i refuse to believe the establishment are that daft to not be able to see what the consequences of the actions they are taking are leading to  
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    Van Lady reacted to Alonso Quijano in Tommy Robinson thread   
    That was powerful stuff by Tommy in the video. Good to see ordinary people supporting him. He really socked it to the press calling them out for their lies and appeasement (shades of Trump there).
    Working Class Hero.
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    Van Lady reacted to sleepwello'nights in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Or he's sensible enough not to want to be the scape goat?
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    Van Lady reacted to Horrified Onlooker in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Or he’s a spineless cunt that has climbed the career pole by making sure that his fingerprints are never on any fuckups. Which is more likely?
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    Van Lady reacted to sleepwello'nights in Tommy Robinson thread   
    Does anyone know what the implication of the case being referred to the Attorney General means. 
    I've just looked up the Attorney General's job on Wikipedia and it seems that the role is to advise the government on legal matters. Given from what Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has said in his statement that he denies have breached the contempt of court order given in Maidstone and that he was careful not to be in contempt of court in Leeds does this mean that the Recorder today is in doubt whether there is a contempt committed by S Y-L to be heard?
    Certainly the Recorder has deftly side stepped the political implications of hearing the case and having to make a judgement. Had he already decided that that would be his course of action or was influenced by the size of the crowd who had come to see the proceedings?
    His Honour, Judge Nicholas Hilliard has had a distinguished career is more than competent to hear the case. Why then would he pass the buck? I am sure he is astute and aware of the political implications that a decision would have. Do you agree that his refusal to hear the case is an indication that the senior ranks of the judiciary are less than happy with the way our politicians have dealt with the wave of dissatisfaction over the way our political class and media are handling and have handled issues regarding immigration and racial tension. 
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    Van Lady reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Duffed up by the police.   
    I'll just condense that in the style of my father ....
    "So she's never done a stroke of work in her life."
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    Van Lady reacted to JoeDavola in Fast food shops 'flooding the high street'   
    Too much synthetic folic acid supplementation can be a bad thing.
    Another reason to stick with vegetables and quality meat. Don't ear anything that the government can 'improve' on.
    The biggest benefactor of the above strategy is likely to be the companies that produce synthetic folic acid.
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    Van Lady reacted to dgul in Relentless harassment of women   
    It is an odd report.  They identify a problem (likely to be true), but the recommendations are:
    Is that really their best shot?  
    First, get rid of points 3 and 4 in the discussion -- I remember being working on government projects (although not in this area), and the recommendations always include 'we recommend more work in this area'.  It might be right, but it's a given -- they'll never ever say 'we've probably done enough here'.
    The remaining points don't seem to be directly related to sexual harassment at a 'street' level:
     'viewing porn on public transport' is seriously weird and I doubt the banning of it would make the weirdo normal.  I don't know about women, but I'd feel intimidated by seeing a person doing that ban on non-consensual sharing of intimate images -- This is already illegal. it is already a legal obligation for education institutions to have policies on sexual harassment (although what the hell does a 'policy' do to help).  They clearly don't like porn very much or strip clubs.  I really think there's something deeper going on here.  I'd suggest that they might like to include in their recommendations:
    An understanding of how sexual harassment is changing in the UK, and identification of the drivers for that change -- There appears to be anecdotal evidence for negative change in recent years and I don't believe that they've hit on the causal factors with their 'porn' based approach.
    A breakdown on how cultural background influences harassment behaviour (and 'acceptance).  They even hint at this in the report -- 'social attitudes underpinned sexual harassment' -- yet don't make the obvious intellectual leap in the summary.
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    Van Lady reacted to Virgil Caine in Relentless harassment of women   
    While the world burns non entities write reports of no meaning about something of  no real significance.
    The stats show men are far more likely to be victims of the ultimate form of street harassment which is violence against the person and they make up the vast majority of the murder victims from things such as knife crime. Still better to spend ones time fretting about strip club Licensing or people staring at each other rather than the soaring homicide rate in places like London.
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    Van Lady reacted to MrPin in Single mums demand to live where they want   
    The trouble is with relationships, is sometimes both people want to be in charge, and you can't have that in the navy.
    And if you don't like yourself, nobody else will.
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    Van Lady got a reaction from Kilham in Where's Wiggy?   
    Ah, but  swissy @The XYY Manhas consistently posted about his great wife who he loves having in life. You post about a crazy wife who causes you troubles. Just sayin!