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  1. Electric may be the answer for personal transport but moving the commercial fleet off fossil fuels is never discussed and remains unanswered. Hydrogen provides a potential solution so I see both electric and hydrogen in the future servicing separate sectors.
  2. That's why we don't let 'em have guns in this country....
  3. Never quite sure where any savings with driverless are meant to be made - would still need a fully qualified employee on the bus/taxi etc. I think the rewards will be to green tech ahead of driverless - govt incentives etc. Agree with Stagecoach generally though.
  4. Ground source pumps are a tricky install with multiple facets to consider to get it right e.g. ground loop length and size, pump capacity, water storage (ideally separate heating and hot water). System balancing is key or acceptable COP simply won't be achieved. My figures quoted are total since the system was installed ( 18 months). We used the old pipe work flushed through and put in new rads - underfloor would be more efficient but not realistic in my situation. We also run the pump via solar panels giving even greater savings. The best thing is the entire costs of equipment and installation are repaid over seven years through the government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme ( I even managed to squeeze the solar panels into the total cost to be repaid 👍) The government has switched its green emphasis away from PV into ground and air source so well worth investigating. Install costs are far higher than conventional heating so without government support most people wouldn't consider the move.
  5. I have a ground source heat pump and know several others who have them nearby (West Country). All are very happy with them and our one copes easily with a 500 year old cob built house. We get a 1kw to 3kw output on hot water and 1to 4 on heating so no contest with oil costs.
  6. I live in a SW secret paradise and it's totally ignored by the media in their stupid best places to live lists and long may it continue 😀. Not going to tell you where either 😜
  7. Until batteries become portable for cars (and bikes) then it seems to me that electric vehicles will remain a niche product. Once you can charge batteries inside your home or at the 'energy station' then the move off petrol and diesel will be rapid (not so sure about HGVs though). Big Oil has to be looking at this....