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  1. Durabo

    What they do to big houses

    So many large, beautiful Victorian homes have been ruined by HMO Landlords - all the lovely old features ripped out for the same shitty furnishings. If the HMO market does go tits up, I'm not sure how they will sell them to anyone who wants to reconvert them back to family homes at anything other than massive discounts.
  2. Durabo

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Anyone need a new watch?
  3. Homebuyers survey values house at £0! I refuse to believe the vendors/agents didn't realise that the house had most of these issues. Absolute scum.
  4. Durabo

    Prison sentences under six months to end?

    I think over 50s are actually the fastest growing part of the prison population
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46847162 Short sentences are "long enough to damage you and not long enough to heal you". An MoJ spokesperson said: "As we have said previously, short sentences are too often ineffective, provide little opportunity to rehabilitate offenders and lead to unacceptably high rates of reoffending. "That's why we are exploring potential alternatives, but this work is ongoing and we have reached no conclusions at this time." What does the hive mind think? Soft on crime or a sensible way to rehabilitate/prevent future offences?
  6. Stop teasing DB. Give me some names so I can spend even more time ignoring my wife in 2019 and looking at charts instead
  7. Debt is higher now than it was then in many areas - much higher. Personal/corporate especially. Interest Rates dipped once the recession started but didn't they raise going into it? Just like now?
  8. The US posted very strong job numbers in 2007. Doesn't a booming job market mean that interest rates are more likely to rise, which brings us closer to the crash?
  9. Is the feeling that this is well under way now? I've seen MSM articles about an economic slowdown in 2019, including on the So-Called BBC website. Would anyone care to guess a timescale?
  10. Durabo

    South East London / Kent area

    Commute to Stratford from a lot of those areas may be easier to do by getting the bus/train into Woolwich then the DLR. It will definitely be a less packed journey than going into LB then back out
  11. Durabo

    South East London / Kent area

    That area between Blackheath/Greenwich is decent except for the odd estate e.g Cherry Tree. It can also be very HMO heavy in some areas. With a bit of work you could find a good area. Less pricey than either Greenwich or Blackheath, but less well connected. Some great Primary/Secondary schools too
  12. Durabo

    South East London / Kent area

    If you've got the budget, Blackheath/Greenwich. It would need to be a hefty budget! Some areas of Deptford/Peckham/Woolwich or near to them are now actually quite nice (for example East Dulwich) but you'll never be far from rougher areas - although that's basically true of all of London. Avoid Plumstead/Thamesmead like the plague.
  13. Durabo

    South East London / Kent area

    Welwyn Garden City is nice. The commute to the city centre is 35ish minutes but I'm not sure how that translates exactly for you. Expensive though
  14. I'd forgotten about these guys. Mines all over the world, exposure to gold/silver/uranium. They'd be my most expensive share!
  15. I only have the cash to buy three or four miners. Would it be best to spread them around locations e.g SA, North/South America? Does it make sense to throw in a silver miner (e.g Endeavour) too based on potential green energy requirements for Silver? I've got a lot less to play with than most here but i still want to play! If you had to pick 4 of the miners, who would you pick and why? So far I'm set on Endeavour for the reasons outlined above, and also Sibanye as they mine a lot of additional minerals e.g palladium. I'm happy to be told I'm wrong, just looking for opinions to help me do my own research!