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  1. I'm not suggesting this thread should be anything other than a push in the right direction. I've tried to list the general themes (as I understand them) and I'm trying to encourage further discussion around these themes, as well as tips or signposting on specific stocks to act as a starting point for further research. As you say, the idea is to learn. Hopefully we both get what we want from this!
  2. Sorry, thats the one I meant!
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has very little experience in investing and wants to use the info contained within the fantastic threads to position ourselves as well as possible for the next cycle. As I understand it, we should be looking at Private Mining companies, especially those who mine Silver, but also potentially Gold, Platinum and at the riskier end of an already risky investment area Uranium/Thorium. When looking for good companies to invest in, the key things to look for are how much they have in the ground, how much debt they have and ensuring you have a good spread geographically - e.g. not buying ONLY South African miners as a change in political circumstances within South Africa could result in total losses if you have no other miners. Other areas to look at are companies again with very little debt, who control or build large pieces of infrastructure - telecoms, public transport, gas pipelines, solar wind farms etc. What I'm interested in is what your advice would be to a new investor like me who wants to invest a few thousand and understands that this IS a risky portfolio - while it may halve in value, it could also double or in some cases improve by a factor of 10. Which companies EXACTLY would you invest in if you had to pick only 2 or 3 from the following industries Telco, Infrastructure, Transport, PMS? From my own research it seems like Vodafone and Centrica are great options right now, but I've also seen First Direct and SSE Bandied about. Royal Mail has also been mentioned if it falls under 300. When it comes to PMS I'm a lot more confused. To those "in the know", which names would you suggest for Silver, Gold, Uranium, Platinum? It also seems clear that buying physical gold/silver is an option - what are the best sites for this, and how do we avoid VAT/Store them? My aim with this post is to distill the wisdom of Durhamborn's larger thread into one solely focused on to what are the best/interesting stocks to take advantage of the crash that we know is coming. Obviously, that means that once a name is mentioned its up to you to do your own further research into the stock! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to help out those less knowledgeable. This really is a fantastic corner of the internet! If this post takes off, I will edit in a table with all the info about the stocks/companies mentioned.
  4. Further sentiment indicator from The Daily Star - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/732344/global-financial-economic-crash-2008-news-market-recession-bank-collapse/amp
  5. Peter Schiff in the NY Post predicting a deflationary recession as hard hitting as the 1929 Great Depression in the next 2 years - https://nypost.com/2018/09/22/next-crash-will-be-worse-than-the-great-depression-experts/?utm_source=reddit.com