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  1. I posted this some time ago, but i beleive it explains why I thnk we should not be part of any large scale EU type government..... I believe that all government is bad. I believe that some government is necessary; we need a system of law and order, basic infrastructure, education, national defence, environmental protection, basic consumer protection and healthcare (probably) The government should be sized to just cover these items and nothing else. The less Government the better. Working for the necessary bits of government should not be seen by the general population as a means of living the high-life at tax payers expense. As an employer, the government should be seen as tough but fair. It should definitely not offer employee benefits not available to the general public (who after all are paying for them) the prime example of these would be final salary pensions. The government should not be allowed to increase the legislative burden; if they introduce a new law, then they should have to repeal something else. MPs should represent the public so they should not be professional politicians, MPs should only be allowed to sit in three parliaments. 650 MPs (and all the related expenses) is much too many, I would like to see a 50% cut. I really do not believe that there is any need for another level of government and that is why I want us to leave (and stop paying for) the EU immediately. The EU is entirely disconnected from the people who fund it and it pursues its own agenda with no real political mandate; how many people can even name their own MEP ? and as for the unelected mandarins – just don’t get me started……
  2. Allow me to correct your mistake....
  3. Which is precisely my point....the labour party have walked away from there natural voters, this may well cause them to collapse at the next election - I really hope so..
  4. I refer you to the venn diagram on the previous page.
  5. Somebody touched on the voting base for the major political parties a few pages ago. Here is my view.
  6. This the point I was making earlier in the thread, but in essence it is about all I can do short of turning up at his office brandishing a pitchfork, but the coppers would be there in an instant and I would probably spend so long in jail that I would not get to vote against the bastard at the next election. If I lived in London, then I could turn up at Parliament and protest a few times a week, boots on the ground are probably what matters to our political elite. I assume its the only language they understand. Bastards. Come the revolution then the feeling of cold steel in the ribs with their backs pushed against a concrete wall may make them think, but by then its too late and we are living in a Western European Balkan type war.
  7. My letter to our MP says " will be doing anything and everything in my power to campaign for which ever Brexiteer candidate is most likely to beat you."
  8. If I had any idea who to write to, and any confidence that they would not simply write off my views as being those of a Nazi ( remember Gordon Brown and that biggoted women) then I would. The problem as I see it is they really believe that what they are doing is a good thing and nothing is going to change that. The people of London are largely remainers and they are free to turn up at parliament and make a lot of noise whenever they want for very little cost, for us Northern oiks to turn up in force in Westminster requires organisation and lots of very expensive train's not gonna happen.
  9. I have always been a firm believer in the rule of law, the power of parliament and the UK democratic (ish) process. The events of the last three years, and in particular the last month or so have jolted me to review my position. I no longer have any trust in UK parliament and the political class. I beleive that the authority and credibility that parliament held has been destroyed by the remainer MPs I do not believe that the remainer MPs have any idea of the contempt that people like me hold them in. I do not know what to do about it. I have already decided to play Frank H's game and stop paying income tax, so I will claim back the tax I have paid this year and not pay anymore. What other practical steps can I take to express my feelings ? not that the political elite give even the tiniest shit about what we think..... I find the idea of a revolution extremely appealing, and a few years ago it would be inconceivable for me to say such a thing. If I am in any way reflective of society then what the fuck happens next ? If Brexit is cancelled then I feel that widespread violence becomes a real possibility. My god, what the fuck have they done ? and do they realise ? or care ?
  10. I would not have to struggle with my conscience. Bastards. Hanging is (much) too good for them. All my belief in our political system has been washed away over the last 3 years, as far as I am concerned they can all fuck off and die.
  11. I was at an event where she spoke - I'm afraid that I consider her to be as thick as mince....
  12. This is my experience, the last time we were with my parents we were disussing out eldest son who graduated this summer and has just entered the world of work, I made the point that when I graduated in 1988 my pay was lot more in real terms, my mother then started off with the "you don't know how poor we were when we got married" bit. I pointed out to her that she and my father were able to rent a house, buy a car and bring up two kids on the salary of a manual worker - try that now.... She shut up.
  13. Ah, I see what you mean, I also consider the currency devaluation as a temporary thing that will eventually pass (as long as we get our act into gear and become a proper country with politicians with the courage to do unpopular but necessary things - some chance...) However, as over 70% of my investments are abroad, then a further crash of the ££ is good for me in terms on my ££ wealth, of course it won't make a difference as everything bought here in the UK gets a little more expensive. What's for sure is that when the ££ finally gets stronger, prices won't go down - with the possible exception of fuel, but that will just present the government with an opportunity to increase the tax. Bastards.
  14. Thats an interesting take on things, I assume I am in a similar postion to you and yet if we get out with no deal I expect the pound to drop and hence my investments to increase in pounds. Could you explain your thinking ?