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  1. I think you will find that the Vikings ARE your (and my) ancestors.
  2. I disagree, it's the A19 that's a road to nowhere.
  3. Now then, leave Hull out of this, it's done nothing wrong.
  4. Owen Jones, Diane Abbott, Gary Lineker and Jeremy Corbyn are going to spend a lot of time in isolation.....
  5. I am probably being naive, but I can't see the Government doing that ; if they did then many would feel that the social contract was broken and almost nobody would continue to play the game.
  6. You are correct, the contrast between South Korea (obesity rate 4.7%) and the US (obesity rate rate 36.2%) and UK (obesity rate 27.8%) is stark. The obesity rate in China is 6.2% As just about everybody accepts, one of the key risk factors is weight and colour of skin, not many fat or black people in China or South Korea, plenty of fat and black people here and in the US.
  7. Somebody appears to have forgotten that it is likely that a large proportion of us are going to get the virus one way or another, it is the way of things and cannot be avoided. If somebody dies from the virus then they are by definition vulnerable; the only way for such people to be sure they are not killed by the virus is to live like a hermit until we have all been vaccinated (maybe years from now, maybe never) Ultimately it is their choice, take a chance and get on with life or lock away and hide. There will be more deaths whatever we do, there will only be unncessary deaths if we go berserk, infect huge numbers in a short time and overwhelm the NHS leading to the death of people who would otherwise have survived - I would suggest that this is pretty unlikely. So yes, their will be deaths - but there is nothing practical that can be done to prevent them without totally destroying our economy, and the effect of destroying the economy would lead to many more deaths by different causes - starvation, civil disorder, collapse of the state and the NHS. You choose.
  8. Bornagain

    Let's BRAG

    I remember the Vauxhall Viva that he had before the Datsun, it was visibly rusty before its first birthday. The old man was not happy, and he has not had a British car since.
  9. Bornagain

    Let's BRAG

    It was by long margin the best equipped and most reliable car that he had had at the time. Made everything else he had owned (Vauxhalls and Fords) look like unreliable shit.
  10. Bornagain

    Let's BRAG

    Mr Dad bought a brand new Datsun 120y in August 1977. The reg was PEN100S, only 99 out. We lived in Salford, so not far from Bury.
  11. So can the same be said of commercial jets, and if so, when did it change ?
  12. I've not looked for a few years, but the old underground trains used to have a plate in the doorways that gave the date of construction, used to be some really old ones, presumably all gone now ?
  13. Liz Hurley (54) is worth a few hours of anyones time.