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  1. and as we know, Allele has just lost about 7 stone...................or is that Adele ?
  2. One of Mrs B's mates is a professional women (teacher, and to be fair she is one of the bright ones) who divorced her husband for no good reason (that we can see) when their kids were around 10-12 years old. When she has had a few wines she is prepared to admit that the last thing she or any woman should do is divorce her husband unless things are really shit - and by shit she means addiction or violence. He has moved on and chosen a fairly decent new partner. She has been on a car crash ever since and has married somebody who is bad for her - I know her well enough to talk things through before she got remarried and she knew then it was probably a mistake, but she felt that she was getting older and wanted a partner - this one would do. They have come some bad patches and come close to splitting up a few times, they probably should divorce but I think she will tough it out because she is scared of the alternative. Making piss-poor life choices is what some women keep doing, and sometimes they know they are doing it but can't stop themselves. She is right, she should not have divorced her first husband.
  3. Bornagain

    BLM UK

    The reality is that it all depends on how you look at things - as a population or as individuals. On a population level, it appears that the Orientals are the smartest, the Whites in the middle and the Blacks being the least intelligent. The differences are probably very small. On an individual basis, there are loads of thick orientals and plenty of smart blacks. But on average, if you want to randomly pick an intelligent person then go to China, if you want to randomly pick a thick person then go to Africa. There does not have to be a large difference in average performance on any metric (could be a mental or physical ability) to make a substantial difference to the number of outliers - for example if the average Black person was a couple of percent faster over 100m than the average White person,then just about everybody winning the Olympic 100m would be black. Anecdotes are not data but when I was at school there were only a few black kids in my year group but they were ridiculously quicker and more athletic than the white kids - to the extent that it made you wonder if they were a different species.... Look at the number of black players in premiership football - they are well over represented and presumably this is because at a population level they are on average marginally more athletic than the white kids, I accept it could be social factors but somehow I doubt it. None of this is to say that one racial group is better than, or worth more than an other, in any event I try to treat everybody I meet as an individual, but averages matter as your first impressions of anything tend to be based on previous experience. If I were a cop and 19 out of 20 drug dealers that I arrested were black teenagers wearing hoodies with trousers hanging off their arses, then no matter how hard I try to be open minded, whenever I bump into somebody who fits that description I am going to be suspicious. I really don't give a shit what colour somebody is, but only really care about how somebody behaves, however because I believe that there are differences (on a population level) between the races, then according to some definitions then I am a racist. Fine, if thats how they label me then I don't give a shit.
  4. You are both making the mistake of assuming that Islamic air follows the laws of thermodynamics- we should never forget that good muslim air only follows the laws set out in the koran.
  5. Refering to your student notes is fine, but a full scale experiment is much more fun.....
  6. Presumably, if the air is say 80% RH - a summer day in a port on the med- then it would not take much blast pressurisation to create a fog, but if the explosion yielded a lot of heat then the RH would go down as hot air can hold more moisture than cooler air......quite a lot of stuff was going on at the same time so it would be interesting to know exactly what happened to lead to the fog.... Perhaps we should carry out an experiment - would you happen to have access to 3000 tonnes of fertilizer?
  7. I was under the impression that it was the other way round; when you compress air then water vapour turns to proper water and forms clouds of droplets, that is why air compressors and receivers need water separators to get rid of the water....
  8. There used to be an Ammonium Nitrate factory at Immingham docks, not too far from Simon Storage which has very large tanks full of flammable material, which in turn is within sight of two Oil Refineries. An explosion at the Ammonium Nitrate factory could have set of something of a chain reaction. Fortunately it closed in the early 2000s. I believe that Ammonium Nitrate is now imported through the docks, so there is still potential for a huge firework party....
  9. Their was a big fire where I used to work caused by a reaction took place between dusts in a vent system.....
  10. This. The national gas and electicity infrastructure is spread all over country in rural locations with next to no protection from attack. If the gas and electricity were to be off during a period of cold weather then many, many old people would die. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. The prepper community are not as stupid as we might want to think. How long before a western country without electricity is in flames ? The inner city rioting would make 2011 look like a childrens party.
  11. Place I used to work at had a few people who transferred from the Clayton Aniline site to ours in ther late 90's
  12. Whatever the event, it is almost always incompetence or lazyness rather than whatever conspiracy theory is being suggested......