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  1. As I made clear, I believe him. Having said that, I am quite capable of pulling the wool over most peoples eyes in my areas of expertise - I am sure most of us could say that. Taking him at face value leaves some really uncomfortable questions - like what the fuck is going on ?
  2. If Valance does not fight back in the courts, then he is more-or-less admitting that Dr Mike Yeadon is telling the truth. But if Yeadon is correct, then Valance cannot take him to court as he will be humiliated. Valance has no choice, he has to go to court and he has to win, if he does not go, or does not win then his credibility is in tatters. Pass the popcorn....
  3. I have just sat and listened to the the youtube interview of Dr Mike Yeadon. It's a long listen, but if he is correct then something very odd is going on. If you take what he says at face value (and I do) then it appears that either the Government are unbelievably badly advised, or are using Covid as an elaborate means of diverting our attention from something else that is going on.... I would recommend that you listen. #Hopeful have you listened to this, and if you have, is he talking sense ?
  4. They would not all be additonal deaths, we can reasonably expect a lot of the deaths to be people who are on their last legs and are just waiting for something to come along and give them a shove off this mortal coil. I think you are correct in that the government is allowing this to play out in such a manner as to not overwhelm the NHS, not because they care about the old, but because they are keen not to play into the hands of the labour party at future elections.... This is what I object to, the Tories ( who I have always voted for) are throwing away huge amounts of taxpayers mone
  5. I would disagree, if we assume that the UK population is evenly spread across the ages of 0-85 ( which I doubt as I suspect that their are a lot less 85 year olds than their are 1 year olds) then using the CDC numbers and a UK populaton of 75m (which again I doubt - wikipedia estimates about 67m) then I get about 808,000 deaths. This is clearly not good (unless you are an undertaker) but 715,000 of the deaths would be of people over the age of 70. EDIT I have just found some data which breaks down the UK population in a very convenient manner, using this data, I estimate
  6. This. The 83 yr old lady will just remember the end of WW II. She grew up surrounded by people who had lived and fought through it. Those people understood hardship, danger and fear. They would be turning in their graves if they could see todays reaction to a virus that almost exclusively kills the old and the vulnerable. As a society we have lost all sense of proportion. The old lady hits the nail perfectly on the head, the young are the people who will suffer from the economic & emotional effects of all this bullshit, and they will be the people paying for it fo
  7. If "they don't put up with it" means no suicide bombings and teachers heads don't get cut off, then I think they are probably onto something.. perhaps we should give it a try.
  8. Which reminds me of the old joke. "what do men and toilets have in common? Either engaged or full of shit....."
  9. Our youngest son and just about all his mates had in a couple of weeks ago, all competely recovered and going about their daily lives as if nothing had happened. Our eldest sons girlfriends student house is all infected at the moment, no big deal, another week or so and they will be allowed out. For the young it's a lot of fuss about nothing. It would appear that just about every student in the country will have had it and recovered by Christmas - probably earlier.
  10. You don't need 7 months to perform a strategic review to conclude that you are too expensive and need a much bigger online presence. And who on earth thinks that they should get into renting out social housing - this is about as far from its core business as it's possible to get. The employees should be very worried as their firm is going to go bust in the foreseeable future.
  11. There is almost nothing that cannot be achieved if you throw enough effort, manpower and resources at it. The Americans put a man on the moon in 9 years. We have had have 7 months to prepare for this, and all we need is a few million beds with Oxygen on tap. Think of the Gyms, sport halls, exhibition centres, hotels, office buildings not being used. It is not beyond the wit of man to prepare for the inevitable.....
  12. But i was under the impression that they quickly organised a lot of extra beds in those temporary hospitals they set up, they have had all summer to build essentially limitless capacity.....let it rip and get it done....
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