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    Rachel @ 50

    Nope. Me neither.
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    How to deal with NPD/BPD colleagues.

    = a fellow reader of pistonheads. Excellent. P
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    Back to the subject of Grimsby. I work on the outskirts and live about 16 miles away, close to a small market town. 16 miles takes about 20 minutes in the car. There are lots of very pleasant places to live in the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area. Like everywhere else, you need to be careful selecting somewhere as there are some dodgy areas - but generally less dodgy than all the big cities. Highly paid employment is available if you are in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power Generation, Wind Turbines or shipping. The biggest local employers are the food industry which is poorly paid - but minimum wage goes a lot further in Grimsby that it does almost anywhere else. As you have established for yourself, housing is dirt cheap, and most things here are pretty inexpensive. The issue with the town is location, location and location - it is on the road to nowhere. Sheffield, Leeds and York are less than 1 1/2 hours away by roads that are largely car free. Beverley and Lincoln are less than an hour away, and both are properly lovely. I moved into the area (from the North) and have found the people to be typically Northern in attitude - pretty friendly, relaxed, fairly socially conservative. I know plenty of southern softies that have moved in, they all seem pretty relaxed and in no rush to move back south. The immigrants seem to be largely East European and cause no particular problem, we don't have a big ethnic minority population, and the none-whites that live here (reasonable size Asian population in Scunthorpe) seem fairly well integrated. We don''t get race riots or perceive there to be a problem with Muslim gangs grooming white girls - but maybe they are just very discrete ! We have lived here 24 years and have raised two kids and been pretty happy living a remarkably low stress life. Occasionally we make the trip down south to the big smoke, and we are always very pleased to get home. Hope this helps. P
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    Relentless harassment of women

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    Am I evil?

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    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    I work for big pharma. We all believe that SAP = Sod All Progress P
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    50 ? Bah, nobbut a kid. P
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    Bloody Metric

    52 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 1 day (plus a few hours)
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    Common Purpose...freemason type org for Marxists?

    Hi, Please find my post on a similar discussion 18 months ago. Nothng has changed. Hi Guys, I am a very long term lurker, and only very occasional poster on the old forum and this one. I am a "graduate" of Common Purpose having undertaken the 12 months (one day a month) process in about 2002/3. I work in the private sector and the firm I worked for sent somebody on the course every year. Our MD was a graduate and he fully supported CPs aims. I was the last person from my firm to attend as my feedback to our MD was not positive - largely because free and open debate was prevented if any member of the course found the discussion or views being aired to be in any way "offensive. " This was the frst time I really experienced PC behaviour and I found it to be very disturbing that some people (exclusively women from the state sector and charities) could call foul and close down conversation if they did not agree with the way discussion was going - I suppose in retrospect that they were very early members of the snowflake generation. If I put aside the issues with PC behaviour and the snowflake generation, the intent of the course was very reasonable - the idea was that "thought leaders" (that term is one that CP used, and I found to be somewhat ridiculous) would benefit from experiencing days away from their normal working environment into the local institutions so that they could recognise the challenges and difficulities that other working sectors face. The course structure had a two day residential to kick off the years events, then one day per month for the rest of the year. These one day events were idividually themed. For example we spent a day with the local police force, a day in the local general hospital, a day with the local radio station, a day at a local industrial complex, a day in the courts, a day in the education sector, another day with social services, I am sure you get the idea. The days away were very interesting to me as they gave a really good insight into what is going on in the community and how different reality can be when compared with preconceived ideas. The private sector people had an expectation that those in the state sector had a piss-easy life, and we found that whilst some of them did, a lot most certainly do not - teachers in an inner city comprehensive school, the local cops and social services employees had a fairly tought time. The state sector people expected us in the private sector to be paid a shit-load of money for a relatively easy life - it was very clear that they changed their views about us when they got to see the coal face where the money that paid all their salarys is made. All in all, I suppose it did most of us a lot of good, and exposed us to sides of work and life that most of us never see. Their was no real effort made by the course organisers to mould us all into their clique, the basis of the event was not a marxist plot and as far as I know, I am not a secret member of an elite club aiming to overturn our capitalist society. I am sorry if the reality destroys a few peoples illusions. Hugs & Kisses P
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    Off work with stress?

    The less I care, the happier I am. This is a self evident truism, but it takes a long time (months) before it really sinks in. P
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    No one works

    One adult, two kids receives 25% discount on council tax...
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    Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

    I work for a major chemical plant and we withdraw water from couple of boreholes. Much of the industry within 5 miles of the site has closed and hence the overall rate of abstraction from the aquifier has fallen - dramatically. We have the borehole records from the 1950's and the water level then was 25-30 feet below ground. The boreholes are now overflowing and creating very large puddles. This is a major pita. P
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    The first cut is the deepest

    the less I care, the happier I am.
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    High functioning autism....

    When we had the really cold weather, I arrived at work with a runny nose. This caused great confusion amongst my colleagues who took great delight in pointing out that "he has a runny nose;- that means he's not a robot" Things returned to normal when one wag pointed out that "it's not a runny nose, it's an oil leak" It's not that they all believe I'm autistic .....and I'll keep my score to myself, I'm not sharing it with you lot. P.