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  1. stuckmojo

    The "Where Can I Watch.." thread

    Fantastico. Sometimes I look up old Italian comedies and have fun with the odd Bud Spencer etc.
  2. stuckmojo

    Italy to act on illegal immigration?

    I was born there. Sadly even that is in decline
  3. When I lived in Singapore any foreigners buying property would have to pay a 20% extra. Made perfect sense.
  4. Yes. Still it's a lot better than today's bonanza. Nevertheless, it will be compensated by the fall in Sterling
  5. stuckmojo

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Interesting. Also the energy expenditure must be very minimal as to just walk around with that weight one would incinerate calories very fast. Meaning she must do absolutely nothing all day (and possibly can't either)
  6. stuckmojo

    Musicians you really miss because they are dead

    Cliff Burton, Dimebag Darrell, Chuck Schuldiner, Lemmy, Nick Menza, Vinnie Paul, Randy Rhoads. So many more.
  7. stuckmojo

    Old Musicians who can still cut it

    Iron Maiden. Average age over 60. Possibly at the very top of their game, flying their own 747 around the world and still producing amazing music. Judas Priest too, I was impressed. Agreed on Alice Cooper - saw him in France this summer.
  8. stuckmojo

    The Police embarrassing themselves on social media

    That story about the South Yorkshire police. How can they moan they have no resources when they can waste time on stuff like this.
  9. that's basically what Autotrader does. It works for lazy viewers. I would think that anyone seriously looking for a house would figure out how to filter all the ones that fit their criteria, regardless of indexation? Still, any kick in the teeth for estate agents is a good thing. A recent interaction with one reminded me of why I despise them.
  10. stuckmojo

    Investing In Maturing Whisky

    Was looking for a high quality financial/property forum and come from one of the "historical" ones.
  11. stuckmojo

    Investing In Maturing Whisky

    First post. I have been looking at this after buying then selling shares in brewdog a few years back. In particular, the Lakes distillery - google. Might be a good idea as a diversification plan. And a good doomsday one too.