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  1. Try and do that and you'll soon find out who owns what you think are your belongings.
  2. I actually did something similar back in 2014 (North East) but I was working away at the time and had plenty of time to wait. Also, I wasn't looking at something entirely unique. It worked out well for me (up to a point, still bubble prices in my view)
  3. Agreed. Zero substance. But it's better than whatever substance Corbyn is made of. That one and Diane make me shudder. Plus McDonnell.
  4. Every Tesco trip is annoying. I would buy everything non perishable online and get delivered and buy groceries once a week at the market/butcher. I still can't prevent my wife from going into every single fucking isle of the shop even if she doesn't need anything. Such is the mentality.
  5. The thing to do is to park the car on the street away from the house so that scum won't know which house this belongs to. Of course, this is annoying and shouldn't be needed but this is what you have to do. I'd avoid anything VAG with 4 doors and 4wd. it WILL get stolen unless you keep it away from home. Insurance quotes confirm this too. Parked in drive? Higher premium than on the street
  6. India is by far the most racist country on earth. The difference there is that it's Indians being racist against other Indians. It really shocked me when I visited. Scores of destitute people who aren't even considered human.
  7. Sarcasm detected. Off to the isolation pen you go.
  8. I'm open minded about body types. I find her quite lovely. (But I can see she's possibly venomous )
  9. stuckmojo

    The Wilsons

    I would love to see them destitute.
  10. Litter box with flap and cover. No mess and smell
  11. It's happening all over. My wife pointed out that every single TV advert now is focused on an ethnically diverse family or has some strong SJW perspective. Again. missing the point by a mile
  12. French bint on BBC R4 now saying the issue with Macron is that he is too white and too posh vs les gilets jaunes. Except the fucking gilets jaunes are ALL white working class people. Once again the mainstream media etc missing the point by a mile.
  13. You laugh, but just watch quotas - majority quotas - being enforced on businesses.