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  1. stuckmojo

    Litter Trays

    Litter box with flap and cover. No mess and smell
  2. stuckmojo

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    It's happening all over. My wife pointed out that every single TV advert now is focused on an ethnically diverse family or has some strong SJW perspective. Again. missing the point by a mile
  3. stuckmojo

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    French bint on BBC R4 now saying the issue with Macron is that he is too white and too posh vs les gilets jaunes. Except the fucking gilets jaunes are ALL white working class people. Once again the mainstream media etc missing the point by a mile.
  4. stuckmojo

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    You laugh, but just watch quotas - majority quotas - being enforced on businesses.
  5. stuckmojo

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    No chance. Pockets of it, sure, but most of the cities are beyond saving.
  6. stuckmojo

    UK housing transactions down 15% yoy

    I feel for those poor (literally) bastards being peer-pressured into a 6x mortgage. Imagine the quality of life...
  7. stuckmojo

    Pot noodle

    Beef one with added habanero sauce is where it's at.
  8. I completely agree on that. However, not sure that the masses are that clever to think that strategically. Otherwise they would immediately curb their credit extension/spending/etc to be ready for the high IR/low asset prices scenario (which is what I'm doing).
  9. This is true, the trend is going the right way. Except for the same people making the logical leap that by voting labour things will improve for them,
  10. stuckmojo

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Brother in law is a plod. Confirms as much. (North of England). One thing I'd not skimp on is policing. Benefit bonanza, another story.
  11. stuckmojo

    Nissan boss caught with his hand is the till?

    Oh dear. Sometimes I marvel at the sheer stupidity of people leading multinational companies. It's the pettiness of it that gets me. Already a multimillionaire, just let it fucking go.
  12. And yet, the whole media industry and 80% of the idiot population believe HPI=good . A good find.
  13. stuckmojo

    Trump's progress

    That is the best satire account around. Most people even think it's serious stuff
  14. stuckmojo

    The "Where Can I Watch.." thread

    Fantastico. Sometimes I look up old Italian comedies and have fun with the odd Bud Spencer etc.
  15. stuckmojo

    Italy to act on illegal immigration?

    I was born there. Sadly even that is in decline