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  1. Accumulated 120m oz in the space of eight years, according to the first Google link I clicked on - Quite impressive! While concurrently manipulating the price, naturally -
  2. Not sure what the official line is, but the tinfoil hat version is that JPM and possibly others have been suppressing the price while accumulating vast amounts of the stuff, presumably with an eye to pumping it at some point in the future.
  3. So, China apparently threatening to dump US Treasuries. I'm guessing this wouldn't be a good thing for my modest bag of IBTL?
  4. Looked awfully to me like CZ from Binance and his six mates could've quite easily amended the ledger if they'd wanted to. That to me rings serious alarm bells.
  5. Not sure (never had one), but I doubt it, otherwise leasing companies would risk being lumbered with thousands of unwanted motors.
  6. Except this time you won't be able to flog the BMW, as it's tied into a four-year PCP deal!
  7. Looks like CZ from Binance pretty much admitted they could pull back the BTC ledger at will in response to a hack. Decided against it in the end, mainly due to loss of reputation, but still doesn't paint a very good picture for the ledger's immutability.
  8. Craig

    Fake Lager

    Not entirely sure, but I'd wager that piss waters such as Carling, Fosters, Carlsberg etc are guilty of it.
  9. Love this kind of stuff. As with the OP, I suspect I rewired my brain somewhat back in the day, hence my listening to weird shit like this...
  10. Something a bit different...
  11. Craig

    Fake Lager

    The main culprit for bland beer is high gravity brewing. By brewing your lager to around 6-7%, then diluting it down, you're creating massive economies of scale which allow the brewer to knock the stuff out far cheaper. But clearly, you're not just diluting the abv, you're diluting down all the other congeners which give flavour, mouthfeel, head retention etc.
  12. Craig

    Fake Lager

    Probably mentioned this before on ToS, but what you gents want is a PerfectDraft machine. Pours pub-quality draught beer and crucially, the beers are all German/Dutch.
  13. Exactly. It's not necessarily a gender issue, it's a slow swimmer issue. As stated above, just get out of the fucking way.
  14. Craig

    Tourists Fuckoff

    Sounds like an interesting idea, but just wait until a spider crawls onto the camera and suddenly the old folk's home might not have quite as many clients any more...
  15. Always fancied getting a 'SHIT' on my bathroom wall. Not in the early 80s 'H' Blocks sense, you understand...