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  1. Only readon i can think of. Wouldnt be the heat, as presumably these viruses (virii?!) are happiest at 37°C ie mammalian body temperature.
  2. FB is officially banned in China, but it's not too difficult to run a VPN, and most locals do this.
  3. Isn't that a Deacon Blue song? "A ship named Dignitas"
  4. Watched a great documentary on Netflix last night, American Factory. Good insight into the duplicitous culture which seems to be ingrained into Chinese society. Thiugh to be fair, the Americans didn't come across too well either.
  5. I remember stuffing a vent full of bog roll to avoid the stench coming in from the drains in a less-than-salubrious Ibiza hotel once. Think I'd be wanting a HEPA filter to stuff the vents on a cruise ship right now...
  6. Maybe he's in on it? Could this be the 'levelling the playing field' he's always talking of? Levelling the population more like...
  7. What's the timeframe for these 10k calories?
  8. Henceforth known as the SICK countries.
  9. Pets are fair game then?!
  10. They can try, I'm not sure how far they'd get.
  11. Good luck to them. Probably not a great long-term strategy for the survival of the species though...
  12. The irony here being China is one of the few countries which did actually have state-mandated population control, albeit not very well policed by all accounts. One can't help but wonder if this will go truly stratospheric when it reaches one of the truly overpopulated areas of the world; this could rip through an India, Mexico, Pakistan etc or one of these massively growing cities in Africa, Lagos for example. I'd add greedy, self-serving religions to your list too. Their opposition to any form of birth control to ensure bums on seats is criminal.
  13. Intuitively, I'd imagine it'd be older companies who've lobbied government over many years who stand to benefit. Possibly startups set up by established friends of government might benefit too, at a push.