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  1. Indeed. Very sad news. Of course, the 80s synth stuff was just the beginning, their later works were truly stunning works of art.
  2. Depends where you live. Up here the tap water's as good as you would get in a bottle. I'd suggest the harder waters of southern regions might not complement the whisky as well. Yet to be convinced as to the merit of buying bottles of Speyside water to dilute a Speyside whisky and so on, but it's a good marketing angle I guess.
  3. Absolutely. And it's probably this very arrogance of thinking we're smarter than the market that ruins many an investment!
  4. If ever there was something which embodied the whisky world we're trying to move away from, it'd be that video. Drink it however the f*** you like, neat, with a small amount of ice, with a mixer, in a cocktail if you so desire, but don't ever let anyone tell you how to drink your whisky. Only thing I would agree on there is that Whyte and Mackay should indeed be thrown straight out of the glass to be replaced with a decent whisky!
  5. Winter's Gold was one of mine! Possibly not the best whisky I've ever made, but fairly drinkable for the (discounted) price...
  6. Indeed. This website - - suggests up to five days of cold fermentation. Never tried it, will get round to it one day. Apologies for turning this into a pizza chat forum. Now how about that reflation cycle?!
  7. Yep, just use one of those trays with the holes in it. Found getting the pizza onto the stone too problematic, and the base had a habit of burning before the top was fully cooked. This way you can put the toppings on then transfer it easily. The other thing I've found is that the dough just gets better and better the longer you prove it for. Usually do it in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours before shaping the bases. Gives it a much better texture and rises better.
  8. I've got one of those. It's tremendous. I use a breadmaker to make large batches of dough, which are proved a little then frozen. Take out a couple of hours before using, shape after an hour then allow to prove further on a greased pizza tin. Add some toppings and cook for three minutes. Best pizza you'll get this side of Napoli. The dough also makes tremendous garlic bread or focaccia.
  9. Always fancied getting a S - H - I - T for my bathroom wall. Funnily enough, my wife wasn't too keen...
  10. Think the architect designed that directly after a particularly long liquid lunch!
  11. While Aldi stuff is generally decent, at my local one the main issue is the lack of stock management and rotation. Nothing that can't be remedied by checking the date on everything mind. Also, a lot of products are delivered in mixed cases, so quite often you end up with loads of boxes of pecan cereal, when all you want is some strawberry. Guess that's the result of their ultra-lean model.