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  1. Interesting. A 'friend' tells me his is still working fine.
  2. Surely if these people had some integrity and confidence in their beliefs, they wouldn't be giving interviews to the Mail?
  3. Last penny share I bought was Sirius Minerals, and now look at the state of it...
  4. Which would work if Jeremy Corbyn was some kind of master tactician, and not just a jumped-up backbencher.
  5. I'm utterly exasperated by them all. I don't believe any of them have got a coherent plan, and they're just making it up as they go along. Hanlon's Razor writ large...
  6. Fortunately it wasn't whisky.
  7. Was written with tongue at least partly in cheek, but pray tell oh great one.
  8. House price crash postponed as HSBC pump another £35bn into the market:
  9. Just working my way through Andrew Craig's "How to Own the World". Great book, a lot of parallels with the material on here. Thank you to whoever recommended it on here (can't find the exact post, sorry!). Would certainly suggest anyone looking for a primer in investment should give it a look.
  10. And quite telling that no other bankers, the media or Trump himself have criticised Carney's comments. Almost as if they were expecting them...
  11. You could be right, although they do (sometimes) enjoy it. Your feminist would say it's a denial of the vagina, which presumably is a sign of womanhood, or something like that.
  12. That was proper test cricket today. Much more compelling than the bish-bash-bosh one-day stuff I've been watching more of recently. Surely England are screwed, but you never know. That team's got something about it, just hope they can show it tomorrow.
  13. I have a theory about this. I blame Paul Raymond and his publishing empire airbrushing out the arseholes back in the day, has led to an entire generation obsessed with anal sex.
  14. Totally agree B&M. Wouldn't surprise me if the IMF are considering extending the SDR to become a de-facto reserve currency. And listening to Trump last night, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's in on it either...