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  1. Two Brass Eye references in one post? Nice.
  2. While Aldi stuff is generally decent, at my local one the main issue is the lack of stock management and rotation. Nothing that can't be remedied by checking the date on everything mind. Also, a lot of products are delivered in mixed cases, so quite often you end up with loads of boxes of pecan cereal, when all you want is some strawberry. Guess that's the result of their ultra-lean model.
  3. Craig

    Daytime telly that is actually quite good

    The place in Leith?
  4. Craig

    Left Handers

    Guilty as charged. Gave me some good early practice at being an awkward bastard though, so not all bad.
  5. Craig

    Subway (food) closures

    Would be glad to see the back of Subway. The smell coming out of them turns my stomach. Anyone know what it is? Some sort of cooking oil perhaps?
  6. Craig

    CH4 news just now. Fat people in poverty.

    My understanding is that the body is either programmed to produce muscle or fat, depending on the levels of physical activity, so it stands to reason that most of these abominations probably don't get a huge amount of exercise, therefore any excess calories are converted directly into more fat.
  7. This article from thirty years ago seems to be getting a bit of attention just now, mainly due to the year in the picture:
  8. Exactly the same with the Scotsman. When JP took over they had huge offices in Edinburgh city centre. It's now operated out of crap rented offices in the north-west of town and printed in Glasgow! Journalistic standards have followed a similar path to your Evening Telegraph.
  9. Craig

    Best Songs of the Eighties

    Bit of a specialist subject of mine. I'd go for I Believe In You from Spirit of Eden, although perhaps not in the spirit of this thread. From their more eighties-sounding oeuvre, I'd go for Life's What You Make It or the song Talk Talk.