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  1. Rover 75

    Ah, I too have a 75 diesel estate that is currently sitting on the driveway with 100,000 miles and a wonky clutch. I haven't spoken to the local garage about diagnosing the fault, but I can see it's going to cost a few bob to sort out :(.
  2. Jordan Peterson

    Good luck with the Bookfacers. I find it hard to see how people can misrepresent the content of the Peterson interview, as it's not like he's flying off the handle or ranting around like nobody's business and Newman is full of 'so you are saying'-type goading and attempts to put words his mouth, which Peterson sidesteps fairly easily. Of course, sjws aren't going to worry about logic in arguments. I think what's a lot more interesting is why Channel 4 would want to schedule a car crash interview like this, what are they trying to get out of this outcome?
  3. Jordan Peterson

    They were watching a different telly programme to the rest of us then
  4. Jordan Peterson

    I find it staggering that channel 4 news are prepared to let their fearless news anchor have a go at interviewing professional thinkers when the result is such a car crash.
  5. Postgraduate study - is it worth it?

    Joe, it depends what you want out of more education. I make video games and I found the easiest / best way to increase my salary and get promoted was through job hopping through my 20s and early 30s. I don't know if IT is the same, but I found once I had been at a firm for more than a year or so, it became difficult to keep my salary in line with inflation as the bastards would always think of ways of delaying pay rises. Getting a new job makes that problem disappear Going contracting in my mid 30s took my earnings to a new level of bonkers that worked very well for me. As for education, if you have a deep interest in something academic, you can get a lot of books to read for the price of your course fees. I think academia is worth it if, and it's a big if, you can link your degree or masters to a job that you want. For IT, i think you're probably better off just writing code at home until it clicks. HTH
  6. Annoying Colleagues

    you might find this website of use: