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  1. thank christ most of us are still tied up with lockdown / work-from-home and don't have to put up with these lunatics on a daily basis
  2. who cares, it will only be tourists trying to swim in the sewerage outfall pipes or tombstoning off the cliff onto rocks again
  3. I was hoping they were going to change their name to the far less offensive 'Plymouth Chiefs'.
  4. ho ho, the shitty leftfest university I used to work for decided to introduce 'meat-free mondays' in their crappy canteen - even for sandwiches which meant I had to go to the uni shop which wasn't participating in this bullshit. To absolutely no-one's surprise, the meat-free aspect became meat-optional after a couple of weeks and everything went back to normal
  5. Quality! Having just left the employment of a real university of 'bums on seats', I'm really impressed with just how far these institutions have run with the concept.
  6. That's an awfully large number of nights in hotels, trips to airbnbs (if they still exist) and cottaging (if they still exist).
  7. 'standards' is a fairly loosely defined term for unis at the best of times and I expect clearing is going to be an absolute crap-shoot given that students are accepted or rejected based on their applications and not predicted grades. Take a bunch of poor to middling unis looking to fill bums on seats and potential students looking for unis, standards is going to end up being 'does student have pulse'. Although I've had no experience of unis lowering fees to undergrads, I wouldn't be surprised if that starts to occur as well. After all, getting 90% of fees is a lot better than 100% of nothing.
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    prepare to be disappointed
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    like guitars, there's always room for at least one more
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    is the future Dave. sorry bout that.
  11. I think that's a fair assessment. I used to be a lecturist, but I left once I found it as shonky as hell. I suspect that a lot of unis are going to be taking some serious haircuts come the autumn and, for some of them, it's going to be extremely existential for them. There seems to be far too many polyversities and former colleges of FE that became unis that were right on the edge of their turnover in the good years. The next few years are going to be very bad years indeed. Hopefully, far fewer school leavers will be tempted by remote learning at home while the are 'at' uni, which will be great to see fewer kids getting shafted with long-term debt.
  12. also no. Just get a big amp and speakers, then you'll get a multi-room audio solution for free. Seriously though, I use spotify as my streaming solution of choice. I've got an iphone dock radio in the bedroom, a pc and speakers in the office, a media pc in the lounge and a portable bluetooth speaker that I carry from room to room - that works fine for me and it's a fairly inexpensive solution that meets my old person's hearing. I'm a bit cautious with in-a-box type solutions as so many companies that provide that kind of thing seem to be nerfing their existing products or finding new ways to charge their customers - neither option is particularly appealing to me. Having been down the hi-fi blackhole and spent a fair few bob on big black boxes, I find the above works well for my needs.
  13. it would have been cheaper (and perhaps more rewarding) for him to have bought a few Porsche and and taken them to destruction derbies.
  14. I kind of lost interest in 'hifi' for music many years ago when some hifi mag was reviewing amps with an oscilloscope. here's a recent wtaf moment:
  15. honestly, she's just big boned or something