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  1. Makes a change as they are normally banging on about sexism in unis - in that all the professors & senior management tend to be blokes and white blokes at that. There's a load of hoo-har at the moment about data science suffering from structural -isms as their neural networks can't detect black faces and whatnot when the training data is all white, but most of that is coming from while male philosophy profs, so it's all fun and games. The interesting thing will be that senior managers do have the clout to bring in more mixed recruiting, whether that's good, bad or indifferent. Ironica
  2. That sounds like a worse approach than the previous one
  3. That doesn't sound like a good approach, unless he's trying to burn out engineers
  4. he looks like he's had a rough time and doesn't sound completely out of the woods either. He sounds like he's using his work as his foundation for value, I suspect that may not be the most suitable value system for him at the moment. Still, time will tell.
  5. >>Maybe dig up the M5? Nah, the DoT are perfectly capable of rendering large parts of the M5 useless without any help from amateur protestors
  6. This is just four minutes of whining noise, I can't think why anyone in their right mind would want to spend more than one second longer than they absolutely had in earshot of that racket.
  7. Obviously that old violent thug is going to attract top drawer fellas
  8. thank christ most of us are still tied up with lockdown / work-from-home and don't have to put up with these lunatics on a daily basis
  9. who cares, it will only be tourists trying to swim in the sewerage outfall pipes or tombstoning off the cliff onto rocks again
  10. I was hoping they were going to change their name to the far less offensive 'Plymouth Chiefs'.
  11. ho ho, the shitty leftfest university I used to work for decided to introduce 'meat-free mondays' in their crappy canteen - even for sandwiches which meant I had to go to the uni shop which wasn't participating in this bullshit. To absolutely no-one's surprise, the meat-free aspect became meat-optional after a couple of weeks and everything went back to normal
  12. Quality! Having just left the employment of a real university of 'bums on seats', I'm really impressed with just how far these institutions have run with the concept.
  13. That's an awfully large number of nights in hotels, trips to airbnbs (if they still exist) and cottaging (if they still exist).
  14. 'standards' is a fairly loosely defined term for unis at the best of times and I expect clearing is going to be an absolute crap-shoot given that students are accepted or rejected based on their applications and not predicted grades. Take a bunch of poor to middling unis looking to fill bums on seats and potential students looking for unis, standards is going to end up being 'does student have pulse'. Although I've had no experience of unis lowering fees to undergrads, I wouldn't be surprised if that starts to occur as well. After all, getting 90% of fees is a lot better than 100% of noth
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