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  1. Turning point UK are wolves in sheep clothing. I commented on an ad they had posted on facebook and my question was 'so what is your position on mass immigration and the detrimental impact it is having on British culture?' I received a barrage of replies from members of their group, which basically revolved around the question of what is British culture and how it is no longer representative of traditional past values. I was sarcastically asked to define it myself so I responded by saying what it is not: - It is not Islam - It is not trans gender or any other of 100 genders that exist - It is not Anti white - It is not having guilt and shame for our history - It is not fanatical feminism - It is not fascist - It is not diversity is our strength You get the idea, a few more, I cant remember but it started a big discussion, where a couple of people supported my points but most were quick to reject them. In the morning when I checked for updates I realised they had deleted the thread and put a block on me. Fucking outrageous when apparently one of their key principles is freedom of speech. These charlatans are not conservative. They are trying to exploit a backlash against left wing madness by trying to drum up support for their cause, which is basically to continue with mass immigration, continually pull down the remnants of British tradition and culture in order to continue turning the UK into a mirror image of Londonistan.
  2. Absolute legend !!!!
  3. Historically people have fought tooth and nail, sacrificed themselves, to preserve their land, traditions and identity, how did things become so bad that we can just limply, complicity give it all away. And even worse pay for it by our work taxes that are paid back into educational brainwashing and continued mass immigration - UN FUCKING THINKABLE
  4. I wouldn’t mind but I sent my comments on a mates post who is a white working class male and who I grew up with late 70s and 80s. If you can’t get a response with your male working class then there really is no hope
  5. I posted these comments on Facebook in response to someone posting the video of Katie Hopkins being harassed by Abdul’s. For some reason I thought people would care THEY DO NOT This lot will be running the country in 30-40 years. Everyday as a nation we aid and abet its inevitability. And no one gives a shit except Katie, Tommy, Douglas Murray, Anne Marie. It’s so sad!! Just in case you think I’m involved in a conspiracy theory or sensationalising the claims remember a) 6 million upward Muslims in the uk over last 20 years b) mass immigration will continue for the ongoing foreseeable future under the false pretence enrich the economy c) they are out breeding the natives 1.8 - 3.2 nearly double. d) London, Bradford, Leicester, Birmingham, Luton the natives already a minority. e)they stick together so one political party representing Islam will walk an election 30 years from now No comment, no likes, no dislikes just shows what a weak feeble useless bunch we are. Just hand a fertile land that has been our ancestral home for millennia and witnessed the pinnacle of human evolution over to a bunch of offended left wing, liberal morons who will give way to a strong Islam that knows exactly what it is, where it’s going, and is united and strong. And take us back to the dark ages. Women gays et.x surely you know the deal
  6. That is one ugly bird. Supposedly a model. Great example of black privilege. She’s a howler
  7. Interesting and worrying read as it pretty much reflects the same thing going on here but on the one hand it looks like the authorities and media have zero tolerance to any free speech that addresses the threat of Islam, but on the other hand, it highlights their increasingly desperate and overly oppressive reaction, which shows how scared and worried they are of a national uprising in the face of such prolonged, blatant abuse and incompetence of allowing mass immigration to take place for years.
  8. I really like the look of this group. Youngsters committed to addressing apathy and nihilism among their ranks. Focused on preserving culture, history and heritage and trying to reconnect the people of Europe to their land. It would be inspiring to see a rise in nationalist pride among the young in order to reverse the multi cultural shit hole the uk has become and also to give youngsters meaning and purpose beyond getting wasted https://www.generation-identity.org.uk/
  9. Ok you go on tv and fly the flag of reason then
  10. This guys brilliant. Total sense written in Strange death of Europe targeting mass immigration and the inevitable woes it brings. Now shining the light of reason on the pathetic social justice turds that have dictated the social norms and values over the past 20 years. If only millions read the spectator instead of the shit bbc
  11. Mickey Dolenz Drummer from the monkies. His mum invented Tipex
  12. Desperately using every trick in the book to counter the fact that Orban, Salvini, Le Pen and hopefully Farage/Anne Marie Waters are resurgent as a result of the lack of democracy. When was it ever put to the public to import 250-300,000 backward, non english speaking, resentful, utterly uncivilized, unskilled, third world, benefit sponging parasites a year to come and take over our towns, cities and communities.