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  1. Follow on, I happened to see her social media posting (I'm not on any that she is) and it's about her dreaming of a particular male strip/dance group the dreamboys. Dream on I think 🙄.
  2. I love how Changes from 100% ownership to shared ownership are reported as price ‘‘drops’’ on twitter, I hope your index doesn't use the same methodology!! Here's one that (hasn't) fallen 30%
  3. Absolutely not, most single women seem to be of the opinion that Christian Grey is going to bowl them over any day now......just one more swipe!
  4. I also had a bargain pair of charity shop boots, Ariat Bromont riding boots which retail for £330. A snip at £50 with the labels still on them
  5. I bet you haven't bought a house yet though, 2p isn't much to brag about He couldn't even provide a photo of today's French newspaper with either Dosbods or HPC written on it. A bit hard to do from a bedsit in hull I must admit.
  6. maffo


    Not for 30 miles (via) road to the showground, no! It's bad enough doing the short stretches of road between bridal paths ,let alone any decent distance.
  7. maffo


    Some of us have to own one, my Touareg tows 3500kg one of the few 4x4 to do so apart from the mega expensive Discovery and Range Rover. Two 17hh draught horses weight 1500kg, the trailer is 1000kg empty so having capacity for 3500kg leaves a nice safety margin. Few offer tow capacity between 2500kg and 3500kg, some pickup are capable but drive horribly compared to the Touareg. What would you suggest as a viable alternative? I could have a Fiat 500 but then I'd need a 7.5 ton horsebx which is far bigger, slower and more polluting.
  8. I meant to put size but surely stating 'women' wouldn't mean referring to the under 16s in age terms!
  9. I'm fortunate enough to be reasonably well blessed in the trouser region, plus I'm rugger build and over 6ft tall so like a bigger girl. However I always seem to end up pulling tiny women - to whom I seem rather large If I have a preference then it's tall, broad women around 14-16 who carry weight well, they generally don't seem to find me that attractive.
  10. Would not give...that? up the arse. Looks like a South Park representation of special person.
  11. Probably! I do like a chunky gal in tights, rip a hole in 'em it as it hides the cellulite and you get a lovely soft squishy spooning/her face down grind. All against a slinky nylon clad bottom Tights = Much nicer than stockings IMO On topic, I wonder what Boris will enact first?
  12. I'd love to give her one up the arse
  13. Where does Angela live? One of the whitest and most middle class areas local to her constituency I presume?