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  1. I've fitted security locks at police riot training centres and they certainly do ‘‘act out’’ the role of protestors, so it is little wonder that they use certain tactics to justify a few cracked skulls in order to shut protests down quicker.
  2. Apparently "the jab" reduces transmission by 2/3rds? After being initially told it did nothing much to reduce the spread and chance of infection, I would have hoped that such important information was already well known for a supposedly ''extensively trialed'' vaccine 🤔 Making things up, or at least changing the narrative, as you go along probably isn't the best way to inspire people's confidence that they aren't being used as human guinea pigs?
  3. We don't appear to have lined up any dates yet!
  4. F*ckers. I would suggest getting pissed in the Pitcher & Piano but unfortunately that's obviously a no-go too I'm getting messed about trying to find anther contract, lots up in the air right now & only 2 weeks left on my current gig so I know the frustration. There seems to be rather a lot of building work going on still so I'm not too concerned...... just yet! May have to dig the trade tools out though, it's always an option but my back may disagree after a couple of weeks!
  5. A friend has a house in Arnold so I've done a bit of a tour of the local hostelries, the Pitcher & Piano sticks in my mind. In more relevant news, my ex local council (Oxford) had spent it's housing budget by January and apparently quite a bit of social housing is being built and refurbed afaik.
  6. i live on the edge but try within 1/4 mile of sn1 3nb, that's was my OH's old postcode and she lived right in the middle of Old Town.
  7. Old Town, Swindon. Try to find a 2 bed Victorian terrace, with decent garden and rear access, for under £200k around the Lansdown road area(1/4 mile radius). Anything further north than Dixon Street is new town.
  8. A near identical house (mine has better fixtures and a loft conversion, theirs's extended up above the rear kitchen) which just over the road from me, has just gone up for a staggering £70k more than I paid for mine just over 3 years ago. Considering I only paid £180k in the first place that's insane!
  9. Apart from a couple months during the first lockdown (late March - late May) I've worked constantly, I'm probably about break even despite the two month blip. I consider myself very fortunate and grateful considering what others have been through, however 2008 set me back years, so swings and roundabouts! The only debt that I have is a reasonable mortgage
  10. No written bio, but the little checkbox stuff seemed to match up, like height, smoker, kids, pets, smoker/non et etc afaik
  11. Apparently Ulrika is on bumble? I suspect it's a fake profile but the location was listed as Cholsey which I am fairly certain is where she has an Oxfordshire home? Myself and the lads on site have all installed bumble and swiped on her, will update with any''results'' 😆😆😆
  12. Well well well...... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-news-covid-shielding-lockdown-end-vaccine-uk-cases/?fbclid=IwAR13OoK5WYdubnW8fzkv8Lb2HXdegmBOzv3Q0Tl-asAYFF2NGjh0nq-fGsM
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