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  1. Something in the news today about LK Bennett being in trouble?
  2. Trades for £150 a day? Maybe back when that house last sold (96)!!
  3. Do I have to have a certain post count for editing typos? I wonder what the next idea is when AirBnB turns out as duff an option as sticking rents up to cover section 24??
  4. Recently on some other forums, messages boards and social media platforms I have noticed that the resident BTL gurus have cottoned on to the fact that they can't increase rents to cover their increased costs due to section 24. Apparently this will be resolved by "letting via Airbnb innit, get a normal month's rent in only a week". Is the demand really there? 🥴
  5. It's a little slacker on the ban front, Happy Guy has managed over 500 posts! BTW, I'm in Tenerifé so will have a fruity IP address. Has TCON ever posted under a French IP? 😉
  6. UK rate is 0.75%, that's not much about 0.50%. So what they were saying is 100% correct, so far. I'd be amazed if they hit 2% over the course of a decade.
  7. Not entirely, no, I agree regarding the debt levels - both private and government. But we'll see about the effect of Brexit on GDP etc over the coming few years, there'll be a lot more debt added to the pile if things go south.
  8. You are one of the biggest trolls on both sides; to claim that you called the last two rate rises and the FED raise. Especially when you claim that they are going up at pretty much every single BOE base rate announcement, it's rather absurd. I'm not stalking you b.t.w., I just find your whole forum ‘raison d'etre’ (and apparent lack of grip on facts + reality), utterly bizarre. We may have one or two token rises in the next year or two, but then it'll be rate cuts if Brexit takes a toll. Where is your evidence by the way, that your move to France etc isn't (in your prior words) ‘made up shit’. I provided photos of the actual site I was covering when you denounced my insider info from one of the biggest house builders in the country, and by the way, sales are apparently about 15% down y-o-y for the home counties now.
  9. Three times up, vs several dozen when they didn't, isn't something to crow about.
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    +infinity Grim, although (I think) she is probably what women think men find attractive.
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    Talking of which, I don't get this one either!
  12. I don't work for Persimmon anymore 😉 Word is 10% reductions on most of the home counties sites I was involved with (currently) .