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    My ex's feet were about 1/8 inch longer than mine! She was 5'11" tall though
  2. maffo


    I'm 6'1" and take a 9 in shoes, occasionally an 8 if they are wider fitting. The cliché isn't true about men & foot size btw
  3. Tax and NI lowers that too? Sounds daft but i think furlough is still subject to both!?
  4. Justin Trudeau's looks like a pair of little boy's pants
  5. My Motorcycle was due on the 30th July, it was already extended to the 30th Jan 21 when I checked back in May. I've only done about 400 miles since the last one, so I won't feel too worried about possible defects
  6. My local spoons was dead at 8am, we had a breakfast and coffee each no problem.
  7. People said that to me several years ago, it'd have to be a 30% plus drop to get back to my purchase price.
  8. Can you link to where this is stated in the hasawa?
  9. I know it's mandatory for an employer to provide PPE, and instruct on its use, as necessary for tasks that require it. Is it actually against the law to not wear it though? I also know that a lot of company policy insists on it (at a company rule level) but if an employee signed a risk assessment/method statement detailing PPE use and then refused/forgot to wear it, would the employer still be responsible if there were an injury? I cannot find a law mentioned that the actual wearing of Personal Protective Equipment is mandatory.
  10. Review due tomorrow according to various sources?!
  11. Even amateur sports without close contact are still not up & running, the equestrian sports calendar has been effectively cancelled until next year. No motor racing either.
  12. Cunt. (Meant in the nicest, possible way of course )