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  1. **I'm just making this up I stand by nothing** From what I can see 10% average total returns on the FTSE works over most time periods, unless you're really unlucky and go all-in right on the edge of a recession. Average dividends are about 4.4%, so personally I'm aiming for at least 100k each by the time we reach escape velocity.
  2. Share it to the Idiot UK Drivers Facebook page. Doubt it'll achieve much but it's a cheap laugh for everyone.
  3. Calcutta

    Bus bashing..

    Funny they should take issue with BoJo, when he saw some silly cow getting attacked in London he jumped off his tredder and got tucked into the scum.
  4. Calcutta

    Bus bashing..

    Took the night bus out to Heathrow once, the state of some of the wasted cunts getting on there with their ridiculous jafaikan accents was shocking. Iirc some idiots were trying it on with women on the bus but they were EE and handled it alright. London is nothing more than a refugee camp now, still calling it London is an insult to the ethnically cleansed natives.
  5. I assume it's a bit of a joke, he's there to give Americans someone foreign to look down on.
  6. Although I managed to write 'very' instead of 'ever' which wasn't so smart.
  7. Best anti surveillance trick I know is to wait at junctions till there is only enough room for you to pull out and the car following has to wait. I very much doubt anybody has very been stupid enough or interested to follow me but this does spice up the commute a bit when practised regularly.
  8. Indians vary quite a lot in skin colour, different castes and ethnic areas can look completely different. Although I did once take the train past a road crossing where the two dozen or so people waiting to cross all had the same face stretched across various ages/sexes, which was a little odd.
  9. Calcutta


    Surely the whole point of the fucking military is to use violence to settle arguments?
  10. Used to go to Salisbury for a night out once a year. Had a mate who liked getting into fights with weridos so it was a Birthday treat for him.
  11. If Steptoe and his pal had stuck to their guns thru all this, fought the parliamentary party and helped us leave the EU then they'd probably have a landslide GE win under their belts by now. As it is they've sold out to their landlording paymasters and doomed themselves. Like their buddies at the IRA they're sad old men trying to convince the young and the confused to fight yesterday's battles for them. Losers.
  12. Goodfellas Pizza, the son of the owners smashed a little girl up driving his Range Rover like a cunt and got away with it because he's brown and rich.
  13. As society crumbles people will be less and less bothered by just doing our business in the street like the rest of the undeveloped/undeveloping world. And obviously a female won't be allowed outside without it's owner and whether it's allowed to soil itself etc is between him and Allah PBUH, not anyone else's concern.
  14. I find watching ice hockey is more educational for my kid than any book. He gets to practise his phonics on the crazy American names and he learns that you if act like a dick you get punched in the face.