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  1. The main difference to prospective newcomers to Romsey is the lack of violence and crime. I reckon about 90% of the people in social housing are related. So the nice bits stay nice and the not so nice bits are safe and friendly. No crack dealers, no heroin, no postcode stabbings. You can pretty safely pay stupid money for a house on that new estate and by the time you've paid off the mortgage it'll still be worth something. In a lot of the country you by a new build and the neighbours rent their houses out to benefit claimants, you've just spent your life working for a slum tenement surr
  2. You boys sound like you all need a caravan in skeggy. 100k in a tracker fund would pay the ground rent and bills and finance on the f'er just put of the divs.
  3. I had the bright idea to check out astrazeneca. Took one look at the 5 or 10yr charts and it didn't pass the test.
  4. Just checked the tsla charts, to my unproven, uneducated, no numbers involved in the process eye test it actually looks like it might be fucked. He's always stuck me as a funny one, like Branson, rich and famous and apparently successful but I can't see the point in anything he does. Calling that cave diver a nonce was the kicker, hopefully the prick ends up having to sell his rockets for scrap metal.
  5. My smoking bill comes to about £130 a year. Ten packs of duty free baccy, couple of rollies a day mainly for the laxative effect. If it went up to a grand I'd fuck it off.
  6. I've had Changovers so savage they have their own little anniversary celebrations.
  7. Spent half an hour filling in the form and scrolling thru hundreds of pages of calendar to find my date of birth only to find out their 'continue' button won't work on my phone. So yeah nah not fancying this fellas chances. Lot of shares are on the way up. I have to come clean and admit I'm looking at BA starting to recover a little and can't stop thinking how sweet it would be to own an airline...
  8. A few years back I found a place selling cans of 'Bear Beer' and 'Cruise Lager'. They come from some little brewery in Denmark and are unbeleievebly savage. Iirc the bear was 8%,the cruise was more like 12. Shocking stuff. Back then I could tuck into 4 cans of the bear without much problem but topping it off with a few cruise was a classic error of judgement. After a few days of it I decided it would be more sensible just to buy a bottle vodka and down that after dinner.
  9. Anybody got any insight? I'm thinking along the lines of having a fun account, to replace the betting as I'm getting old and find watching the FTSE more fun than watching the football. There was once a thread on here about something called free trade, but I've not seen it lately. A googling pulls up a few options etoro, trading 212, but I've no idea where to start. I've no need for isas or sipps with this, just somewhere I can chuck a tenner or two on a few 'liar standing infront of a hole' miners or whatever wallstreetbets are using to try and mug me this week..
  10. What's happened with the talk of Texas leaving the US? Paint this winter the right way it could help the debate along a bit.
  11. The price of maccydees is ridiculous. I was going to have a double big mac when I saw them advertised, just for a trip down memory lane. Fucking £4 just for the burger. I'm not paying that they can fuck off.
  12. There was a video of Kenosha cut with scenes from Batman film. It was brilliant.
  13. You need to get the fuck away from that situation believe me. Trying to clean 100k in one lump by giving it to someone for a house is a schmuck play. Criminals are alright if they're smart, if they're that thick then you need to get to fuck.
  14. BK incoming yet? I know the numbers work but as far as I can see the biggest losers now would be Amazon, Google etc and they've just had their candidate win the US election. Surely that's their insurance plan? All these years of what is basically propaganda so that when shtf they can call in favours.
  15. A Southampton Punjabi iirc, certainly no need for the 'paki' bit.
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