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  1. Has this actually ever happened in reality though? I don't see any operational difference between "running a business" and "buying things that you think will increase in value and then selling them".
  2. Sell them on eBay when they have a £1 final value fee offer on. That's how I've been selling tubes of Brits for a while and I've never had an issue with a scammer. I always put my direct contact details in the package and have then had people buy more off me outside eBay, saving the PayPal fee as well. I usually advertise at 3% below spot but accept offers down to about 5% below.
  3. Could just be his opening gambit, to be relaxed after negotiating something else.
  4. Relevant to this thread: A phone without Tencent's WeChat has no chance of selling in China. It would be like trying to sell a phone without support for WhatsApp and PayPal in the west. If AAPL shits itself when the market works out the significance of this, it could trigger the long-awaited NASDAQ collapse.
  5. What's more likely, SILJ to move up or for the froth to come off XAG. I think the latter.
  6. Well I became a Covid economic statistic yesterday, although they did give me almost a full month's notice, which is quite nice for a contract. Am now out of 3SIL and the silver miners and have offloaded more than half of my physical silver on eBay while there's a final value fee offer on, for a nice profit considering I only held it for a fortnight :-) Will look to buy more physical on a pullback from what looks to me to be an unsustainable move.
  7. Apparently that explosion was a fireworks warehouse, not the act of war it looked like.
  8. You might be surprised at what drives premiums. We moved from a crap area with the car parked on the street to a nice area with the car parked in a garage. Premium doubled. Asked insurer why. 1. Nicer areas generally suffer from more vehicle crime, and the vehicles involved in claims tend to be more expensive to buy and therefore to repair. 2. People with garages are more likely to claim than those with on-street parking. Two reasons: they scrape the car as they are manoeuvring into and out of the garage, and, people with cars parked on the street don't usually bother claiming for parking dents, because they expect them and own commensurately crap cars.
  9. We used to treat the kids (and ourselves) to a weekly visit to the local "nice" cafe and would spend nearly £30 on sandwiches and drinks. Since Lockdown, we've been doing the same thing, but on the village green where the cafe is (it's just outside our flat). I cook at home, then walk over with the food on a little coffee table. We've found that we prefer doing that to going to the cafe, at least when the weather is nice. And it costs less than a tenner, although there is some washing up to do after! I can't image we're the only people with this sort of experience. People have even taken to drinking on the green in the evenings rather than sitting in the pubs around it. Yummy Mummy types with bottles of Veuve Clicquot rubbing shoulders with builders with a 4-pack of lager. Everyone behaves well (although some leave litter, grrr), so it's not a problem. Maybe in winter, when it's cold outside, we'll head back to the cafe and the drinkers will take to the pubs. But I can't see it happening while it's 20+ degrees and sunny, and you can get a bottle of champagne from the off-licence for the price of a bottle of plonk in the pub.
  10. Royal Mail are still better than all the rest. I sent some bike wheels (worth £300) via Herpes. I didn't insure them for loss or damage because I thought the parcel was too big to lose and bike wheels are quite hard to damage. Lo and behold, they were scanned into a Herpes depot and promptly disappeared. I know, I know, I didn't insure them - but I still feel aggrieved, because I didn't realise you had to insure against the parcel company's own incompetence (/thieving staff). They refunded me £20 and the cost of postage. Fucking thieving cunts. Won't use them again, hope they go bust.
  11. I have two criteria before spending time applying for jobs: 1. The recruitment agent tells me who the end client is. 2. They tell me what the day rate is. If either of those pieces of information are unavailable, it's either a shit company or shit money.
  12. Haha, at least they're honest. Most of our devs don't bother with boring stuff like reading requirements - only the other day, I started an epic in Jira with the words, "Build what you like, you usually do." Chickened out and deleted it before assigning, but it's still there in the audit trail if anyone looks (they won't)