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  1. For info, G10 spot desk and the propheads on the eTrading desk at my bank expect little if any movement in GBPUSD in the event of May's deal being rejected; in their opinion, it's already priced in.
  2. AWW

    Islamification of Europe

    "Muslimness" I'd love to see the divs who came up with that word actually define it.
  3. These posters have just gone up at the bank I currently work at...
  4. AWW

    Grr Traffic

    Even in shit weather I'd rather cycle my ten mile commute than use any of the available alternatives. It takes me half an hour. Train - not frequent enough, packed, takes longer. Tube - like the black hole of Calcutta, also takes longer. Car - Seriously, it would probably be quicker to run it. Bus - I do have some dignity. Also probably quicker to walk. Cycling also means you don't have to find time to do exercise (for those of us with sedentary jobs). I'm surprised it's not more popular. Oh and for the frugal gits out there, it works out at around 7p a mile. HMRC let me claim 20p! Even at the weekend, the roads are a joke. Too many people, not enough infrastructure.
  5. AWW

    Subway (food) closures

    Depends what you're comparing it to. A large Big Mac meal with a shake (which is a fairly "default" option) is getting on for 1500 calories and a day's saturated fat and sugar intake, and isn't particularly satisfying (speaking as someone who once ate 10 double cheeseburgers in one sitting for a bet). Fine once in a while, but judging by the average punter at Liverpool St McD's, they're in there a few times a week, and they're not stopping off to fuel for a long bike ride...
  6. AWW

    Subway (food) closures

    You can usually find plenty of people who love some crap restaurant/coffee chain - my barber confessed his love of McDonald's the other day, while my Mrs used to have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks chai tea lattes until she realised how much sugar they contain... but I've never heard anyone say that they "love" Subway; their ad campaign slogan will never be "I'm lovin' it". Their product isn't particularly tasty or novel, the marketing isn't great and the places themselves usually have a down-at-heel vibe that's at odds with the pricing, which is surprisingly not that cheap.
  7. AWW

    Last share you bought?

    Out of interest Harley, what tools do you use for technical analysis? I've had access to Reuters and Bloomberg terminals ever since I started work, but would be interested to hear what's used in the wild, so to speak. Sorry, "Refinitiv". Another awful re-brand that probably cost $millions...
  8. Don't worry, there'll be demand alright. In Tower Hamlets, over 70% of secondary school kids have a first language that's not English. More than half the kids get free school meals.
  9. AWW

    Last share you bought?

    Increased my CNA holding by 50% last week @141.6. Would add some more but only if there's a significant decline below that price as the markets digest the Brexit fudge - which I don't think is likely.
  10. True, and if that's the real reason for seeking out a 40 year mortgage, these homeowners better damn well like where they live, because they won't be moving, ever.
  11. Because it's essentially a free option. If your circumstances change dramatically, it might be the difference between keeping your house and being turfed out of it. Given how many people (myself included) now work on a contract basis, and given how precarious even "permanent" employment can be, I think it's a good idea to get as long a term as you can get away with, providing of course that overpayments don't attract a penalty fee.
  12. I completely agree and would have submitted a buy order at a lower level. I was hovering over the sell button at 158 which would have nicked me a couple of hundred quid if I'd gone back in later this afternoon. I know, it's day trading gambling and retail investors' biggest mistake is over-trading...
  13. Bought two dips below 145 over the last fortnight. 10% was not to be sniffed at. Decided to hold.
  14. Nice bounce for VOD, now approaching 160. I'm very tempted to take a profit at this point.
  15. It would require a punitive taxation regime, or a sea change in the mindset of the man in the street. At the moment, property (even highly-leveraged BTL) is seen as a safe, wise investment, while unleveraged stocks and commodities investments are seen as very risky. Most people aren't very imaginative with their money and see owning a couple of houses as a passport to a life of ease.