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  1. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    A teletubby tongue twister. CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAY THE MAGIC SPELL OUT LOUD. signing off! longtom al-britani
  2. longtomsilver

    Investing for the collapse?

    Ignoring dividends (which makes holding stocks an incredibly compelling reason to invest) the FTSE has grown by roughly the rate of inflation (2.7%) annually since 1984. The companies that comprise the index have a global reach and if any one of the countries mentioned above went to shit they'd spring up in a place like Switzerland and operate from there in less time than saying smoke me a kipper I'll be home for teatime. We are already seeing big business relocate there for financial reasons (HQs and service companies) and it'd be no different just political not economical. I'd hope they'd survive/thrive as otherwise it'd be game over. AFAIK gold miners do an order of magnitude better than holding gold in a crises.
  3. longtomsilver

    Another pointer to the UK being fucked.

    The BIG ISSUE! any one for a big issue, anyone? is pretend self-employment, tax credits and organised crime and the Roma and Bulgarians are renowned for their hard work and entrepreneurialship.
  4. longtomsilver

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    I love how the authorities have 'spoken to their parents' somehow insinuating this has #nothingtodowithislam
  5. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    Joy is not a word I'd have used. 😂 I work in a pub and before that a Lloyd's bar and have to say the ladies toilets are always the worst hygiene wise. Thankfully, cleaning up after them is not in my job description. The blokes bog they only tend to put holes in the wall with their fists.
  6. longtomsilver

    Westmister car of peace

    I loathe how the MSM play down the injuries as non-life threatening which is very half glass full when clearly life changing injuries will have been inflicted on innocent civilians. Having been in their back yard (Middle East) and been witness to the sort of injuries sustained I can say confidently I'd rather be dead than severely maimed/disabled by Islamic nut jobs. Disclaimer: until the facts are proven otherwise this looks to me to be an accident not an act of terror on British soil and the perpetrator looks very British to me and to clear the air... I'm wearing a jumper now too
  7. longtomsilver

    Car Broken Into

    One time I left a leather cartridge bag (shooting) on the front passenger seat that must have been mistaken for a ladies handbag, again at a picnic spot and returned 15 minutes later to find the thieves had used a crowbar to pop out the window from the inside as the police told me this was silent. Other than that snippet of information they weren't interested either and told me to claim on my insurance which I had to do as the *repair cost came to £1,400. *to get the crowbar on the inside the thieves levered through the c-pillar which made a real mess that had to be cut out and a new section welded in its place.
  8. longtomsilver

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    With regards to the intelligence vs common sense thing my mother rented half her house (the landladys quarters to the 'Old Bush') as it used to be and the occupants were two doctors, one a renowned brain surgeon who had a love for gardening and spent many, many hours redesigning and replanting it (the kind of residents you can only dream of). Anyway on two occasions I found myself (a humble barman) lecturing him on health and safety... one time I found him two thirds up a half dead tree, no harnes and reaching with a chain side trying to chop a limb and the other time he was breaking up old asbestos roofing that I'd neatly stacked behind an outbuilding and trying his best at mole pest-control stuffing shards of the stuff into their mole hills, maybe the idea was to give them a slow lingering death from mesothelioma. I don't know but clearly an intelligent man with no commonsense.
  9. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    Usual suspects... https://www.insuranceage.co.uk/broker/3538831/ghost-brokers-in-dock-after-esure-and-police-uncover-racket Only chanced upon this article as I'm a shareholder and I was looking for snippets of information on (off topic) topic. Basically, another string to the bow of multiculturalism specifically Muslims and that arrow is aimed at the heart of the Western capitalist machine. Can't knock them for their ingenuity and innovation but I can't see this behaviour adding to GDP.
  10. longtomsilver

    Uranium - huge potential?

    Cameco is the only Uranium producer share that I hold. Yellow Cake it seems was a fairly good punt. Both long term DYOR (which is basically, are you bullish or bearish on Uranium?!).
  11. longtomsilver

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I don't think we are. If we put single mothers in poor houses like they used to then the bars would be chocka with women chasing £££s like the good old times.
  12. longtomsilver

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Biological and economic not cultural reasons. The system rewards mothers to go it alone (2,000,000+ single mothers in the UK alone and probably a further million younger, pretty females trying to get on that bandwagon/pregnant - all on dating sites/the Chad thundercock carousel(R).) and they'll be driven innately to get the prized Chad semen inside of them; they won't care that Chad isn't going to stick around when they know the taxpayer (aka Beta Bucks Ben now twice removed from having any chance of a date let alone a partner themselves) is going to pick up the tab. So where are all the other women; either too ugly (sorry if this offends but it's true), too fat, too old, too young or all the above bar one. Population 70million; half are blokes leaves 35million. 25% aged 18-38 (viable) leaves 9million less 2million single mothers plus 1million wannabes, less 3.5million landwhales, less 2million ugly burds (<4/10 without makeup) leaves 499,950 who are the ones happily married and not delusional then we have the 50 in that photo of a 500+ sausage fest. edit: from my numbers I failed to merge some of the fat and ugly so add a million to the pool then deduct a million for the LGBT/purple hair feminists. Net zero.
  13. longtomsilver

    Employers ‘don’t bother’ finding British staff

    I did fruit picking (hated it) and potato picking during the summer holidays in the early nineties and there wasn't a single foreigner. The workforce comprised entirely of students and men from the council estates as this work favoured them (cash-in-hand) and now there isn't a single indigenous worker. My godfather has absolutely no say who works on his farm and wouldn't even be able to offer me work as a favour as it's all contracted out to farm managers now who bus in their labour comprised solely of Eastern Europeans.
  14. longtomsilver

    House of Fraser calls in administrators

    I'm trying to buy a few Debenhams shares with the £600 dividend I've just received from Dairy Crest however funds aren't showing as available just yet. If I was in the position of renegotiating their escalating rent clauses I'd put HoF in as an example to all landlords that retail isn't quite the cash cow they'd hoped for. I agree that HoF was reaching for the shrinking middle classes but Debenhams is different right, right?! It's a small punt and a token of solidarity for the high street.
  15. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    Oops - l let that one slip through.