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  1. I mentioned this before but relates to the black economy and also universal (income) credit. My BIL is an architect and they have a holiday home in france and a 'trendy' house in Peckham. He employs mostly eastern europeans and used them to create an extra room under their London residence, it was a £150k extension so they gave them the key code to their house and promptly headed to france for the six week summer break. Through blissful ignorance their safe also had the same code and while they returned to find the house in order they discovered £30k and my grandmas gold rolex missing fro
  2. For clarity here she is cooking me breakfast last week... they were retaliatory love bites because she bit me. Mentally unstable apparently but aren't all women to a degree.
  3. Agreed! The burd I'm tapping atm is similar in shape and size to the girl right of photo and she's sexy as they come for a 38 year old with two kids under her belt. No stretch marks, good strong arms, cracking arse and thighs and a nice pair of charlies to boot. As for the fat fat burd in the middle, what is going on with her breasts - I'd never get a hard on with that in front of me even if sex starved.
  4. I've done that and I'm not in the top 20% - confidence was an attractive trait back then.
  5. While it may be true today, before dating apps young women were in the clubs for the same reason as men... my recollection of clubbing was a world apart from yours - all my mates pulled including myself. In 10 years I must have snogged 500 burds and taken 50 of them home. I'm the wrong side of 40 now so sticking to local pubs as that's more realistic and viable than competing with young pups.
  6. No I'm just the *special one convinced nobody ever 😂 *I know I must be though as she's having Intitial Plc come in to remove the johnny machine from the bathroom next week.
  7. Haha thankfully I am red pilled and not one to be seen to be either jealous or needy so fill your boots 😁 she has a sister if anyone wants a hookup (really shocking history that one and only 26).
  8. I'm a DOSBODER not going to put a cherry on it and call it something else. I'm also a bloke and we have this amazing ability to take what's on offer. Men the truly wondrous creatures, hewn from the iron core of Venus. Hoping she moves on before I do but the signals aren't good, she's given me a house key.
  9. I started dating a burd who was on tinder that I met in my local and she was always comparing me to the chads she could have and had had at the swipe of a finger... did my head in - also a coke head so I sacked it off in July. I'm *loosely seeing a new person who I also met in the real world who has been on dating apps in the past. What they do is get 3-4 men they like from here as regular fuck buddies and then go off tinder altogether maybe add 1 or 2 fished out the local and hey presto sex on tap. When one bloke can't be arsed to service her there's an orderly queue. *she's been open ab
  10. As a close to irrelevant Z lister Gary Lineker will make more money from sponsorship deals (TM Lewin won't be able to shake him off now) and BBC pc points based incentives than it'll cost him taking in a gimmigrant. His accountant has told him so. Virtuous tosser. If Harry and Meghan could take a further $150million on top of their Netflix deal by doing the same they would. They are all doing good stuff for themselves which is the wrong reason so they'd be better off just disappearing to one of their many mansions.
  11. The sound of dystopia! They'll have to sync them with all the other Fiat 500s in the area. Pipe music here, there and everywhere. Let's get on with DOSBODs island and move away from this insanity.
  12. You'll do far better frequenting the pub *locals on the periphery of big towns and cities than taking up a hobby you have zero interest in - imagine meeting a burd and having to keep up the pretence of enjoying a dressage competition. Local doesn't necessarily mean your local either. I've had plenty of bites that way just not caught anything yet but that's more to do with my fragile state of mind.
  13. I don't want to be holding HZM when solid state batteries make it to the car market which could be 5-6 years away.
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