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  1. longtomsilver

    SIPP Advice

    You'll lose money sitting on the sidelines holding cash and you'll be setting yourself up for even more disappointment by allocating 70% of your pension wealth into gold/cash... *Gold has only really held significance for the very wealthy who want to keep assets off the radar when it comes to death(inheritance), divorce(divorce) and debt(bankruptcy) but as an insurance policy against something like hyperinflation it's a ludicrous idea, to put things into perspective of the 10 most severe hyperinflation events recorded in the past century only two have happened in Europe. A once in 50 year event across 1 of 50 countries (odds 1/2,500). The FTSE 100 has pulled back and there are some bargains to be had in the FTSE All Share index or you could just put a wedge in a vanguard FTSE 100 tracker yielding 4%+ then average up/down and pick a dozen defensive stock as well. Not a recommendation but I hold (amongst others) HSBA, SLA and SSE which haven't performed well but that makes a purchase now even more compelling. *Farmland is the new gold standard. Hence the tax breaks given.
  2. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    Edit: however I'll raise you one rentarapeugee. Save tax and expose your fils et fille to cultural enrichment.
  3. longtomsilver

    Islamification of Europe

    These books are as old as the hills and predate all this PC/SJW mumbo jumbo.
  4. longtomsilver

    12 years to save the earth

    Nice reference to Bowie; Lady Stardust is one of my all time favourite tunes (same album). It turned out he had slightly more than five years.
  5. longtomsilver

    Single mums demand to live where they want

    My low wage job is stress free but that isn't to say it isn't hard work it is but that's healthy!
  6. longtomsilver

    Universal Tax Credits

    I doubt very much my ex would be claiming them or be entitled to claim tax credits. It just sticks in ones craw when as a family unit we are net marginal tax rate payers >80% and we are some how vilified for the audacity to pay school fees (are VAT thread). I'll never look at a working single parent in the same way again when they cry being poor.
  7. longtomsilver

    Universal Tax Credits

    I've been offered a part-time job, night shifts x 3 p/week and the gross monthly pay is £850. Hypothetically speaking if my two children were to live with me (single dad) and I sacrificed £500 from that pay into a SIPP I'd be entitledto £1,200 tax credits and child benefits a MONTH. Pack my bags I'm leaving. MENTAL!
  8. longtomsilver

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Yes - we talked about this when it was last proposed by Corbyn. I'd say a third of the intake are from the surrounding farms and half of parents that send their children to our school have professions (engineering, doctors, aerospace, management) or businesses (mostly consultancy's IT/Health/Health&Safety/Recruitment), 2% from armed services and the few percent left are either stonking rich or maybe, just maybe have receive help from bank of mum and dad - these are the ones you can count on the one hand.
  9. longtomsilver

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    I can't believe you're getting so many upvotes for that comment. It's not true. We put our two children through private school using net income and as such pay £13,000 a year in income tax on the fees paid plus we save the state system two school places (~£12,000). It'd be borderline for us along with at least 20% of parents who aren't rich whether or not we can continue to keep our children in private education. It won't be quite the dividend Hammond anticipates.
  10. longtomsilver

    Car insurance

    We've just renewed with eSure. They tried to stiff us for a price hike from £600 to £800 on the one but the online comparison site came in at £550 do that's been matched. The other policy saw a price reduction from £330 to £300 so I didn't bother shopping around as we're happy with eSure and have a positive experience of their claims handling. I doubt they'll ever make money from either of us after writing off a brand new SLK 🤪
  11. Read the small print - some pension providers allow periodic transfers from company schemes while still working for the same employer. They might not explicitly allow this do but pick your way through the small print. I was the first person to successfully do so with the patronisingly named peeples pension. It's unlikely that you'll get your company to pay into your SIPP separately though.
  12. Bankruptcy is also a quantifiable risk.
  13. We must have the same sisters! My mum generously gave us £100k each towards our housing needs with only a verbal agreement to give her some beans in return and only one of us kept their word for two and a half years, religiously and without fail dropping a wad of notes on her kitchen table once a month. One sister flatly refused to acknowledge a reciprocal arrangement had been made and the other would make irregular drops and ask for more in return by inviting her on family holidays but insisting she paid half the cost. When I tried to make them honour our blood contract they turned on me quite viciously and tried to ostracise me from my own mother. The best they could offer was to save in an account in their own names should my mother need it one day and we know that ain't going to happen. They were pushing for fancy IHT schemes or buying overpriced houses in their names and balked at my suggestion we just pay the £100k or so that might be due in time. My other sister is a two faced civil servant social justice warrior whose happy to spend other people's money on her non-job but not her own. Typical.
  14. longtomsilver

    A house that could be an investment

    Incredibly cheap! Even for the area. Is the property unmortageble?
  15. longtomsilver

    DOW down over 3%

    I was a frustrated long term holder of IQE too and sold out 80% of my position to buy a safe divi paying share like Carillion 😳 the dregs of IQE that I had left went on to flatter my whole portfolio to this very day and also alludes to the potential six figure profit missed. Never mind... I'll add on weakness and pick up a few miner/oil minnows along the way with dividends from the bluechips.