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  1. longtomuranium

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Anecdotal (I've said it before but haven't included the union subs (Unison). When I joined the Civil Service we had the compulsory Union Representative introduction and them hard sell their then £12 monthly fee (1% of salary?). The guy was a complete berk, never did any work - always off to meetings and jolly's. The best bit was his attire dressed appropriately for working on the the railways but we worked in a job centre contact centre ffs anyway... as you all know I got called-up to serve in Iraq as a reservist and came back to find (after 2.5 years working there and paying subs) they'd sent my P45 through the post and I'd be let go. That was a BIG legal mistake as we were supposedly protected (in fairness to the Army they were ready to unleash their lawyers however I had other plans to sign-on myself for the summer/six months so asked them not to bother). The union representatives response however about summed up their contempt for the people they are supposedly looking out for... he looked at an excel spreadsheet informed me that I'd stopped paying my subs (the Army had taken over paying my salary, afaik you can't even be a 'paying member of a union'), told me it wouldn't be a union issue now and literally turned his back on me and ignored me when I spoke again. I guess he was happy on his gravy train.
  2. longtomuranium

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    yes me! Yes the indigenous population mentioned it had nothing to do with themselves but everything to do with the Saudis. Israel is a strategic platform for the West to carry out future operations as it's in the heart of the Middle East and if America were to withdraw support it'd fall in no time. Iran would make sure of that either via proxy wars or nuclear bombs.
  3. longtomuranium

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    Hey do you mind that's me you're talking about 🤣😂 *disclaimer: I killed no Muslims bro. Witnessed a fair few casualties including the fall out from a grenade in a confined space. Total waste of life for the living with life changing injuries (off the scale, hardly reported back home - only coffins).
  4. Sick. PC mental torture from birth. Child will be a mess.
  5. longtomuranium

    Oi Wanka! Get in da facking H'army

    I completed regular basic training and was already with my regiment when a motorcycle accident put me in a holding platoon. While I received the best Bupa medical intervention they could throw at me it became clear the recovery would take longer than we'd hoped so they allowed me to sign-off while staying on strength. Six months down the line I knocked on the door of my local TA centre and they persuaded the CO to authorise the transfer and because of the unusual circumstances with the rules being bent the system paid me the full bounty from day 1. RESULT! Every other Wednesday, a few weekends and an annual camp (paid) would entitle me to ~£1,500 tax free so for five years I took the money. If the transfer was refused I'd have had to return to the unit if only to be discharged or continue with the training (learning Arabic badly/failing). If I had my chance again (back then) I'd have approached it differently and made a career of the Army, nowadays however nah no thank you especially as I know morale throughout the ranks is at rock bottom. If my children wanted to pursue a military career I'd push them towards the RAF or Navy, life preservation rules. Some of my friends aren't far off 22 years and retirement. edit: your assememt of Iraq was spot on. A lot of time spent on footpatrols thinking why the feck and for what purpose... I couldn't see any.
  6. longtomuranium

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Black current liquor or blueberry; he really didn't have a clue. Most of what he drank we serve in spoons anyway - for a fraction of the price.
  7. longtomuranium

    Rachel @ 50

    Nooooooooooo! I'm on the fence with Jennifer but Gillian gets a resounding yes from me - in my top 5 of sexiest women. If you happen to rub shoulders with her again kindly put a good word in for me... let her know I'm single.
  8. longtomuranium

    Last share you bought?

    Last share I'm selling? I've put in a fill/kill order to sell 1,490 SSE shares @ £11.90p across three portfolios. Going from substantially long to sensibly balanced.
  9. longtomuranium

    Good places to live in UK

    I might be naive here (coming from Shropshire originally, and soon to return) but Herefordshire is a place I'd put at the top of my list. On the doorstep to Wales and civilisation in the other direction.
  10. longtomuranium

    Islamification of Europe

    You say in jest but it'll be interpreted that way by the very people who are at odds with Western practices. I give up.
  11. longtomuranium

    Islamification of Europe

    What's wrong with this picture? I'm triggered as both the tranny in a dress having a wee and the non-binary person making brown hills on a lay-by in Brownhills, Walsall are both black actually, I expect this will be changed in future as they are both protected characteristics and I take offence as a #whiteprivilegedself-hatingmale who is equally as likely to take a dump wherever I please so this sign is as much for me as it is for our middle eastern guests.
  12. longtomuranium

    The future is not bright(house)

    Are you serious? If so, bravo! 🥳
  13. The difference this time is that we are coming in from above and not below. For those of us who reinvest the dividends the drops are welcome as we get more shares and a higher yield overall. In light of what you said I can't see the FTSE breaking out anytime soon.
  14. Seeming as you like round numbers... FTSE100 is looking good at the 7,000 mark especially on the long range charts (medium term not so much).
  15. longtomuranium

    New tech and other new things nobody actually wants (bar numpties)

    That was some nervous laugh from the gentleman... guilty!