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  1. Weirdly, it's the only activity that causes this. I can cycle, ski, row with no issues.
  2. Game of Thrones is very popular. Therefore, using my rule of thumb, this means I won't like it.
  3. I mountain bike or at least I did up until we moved two years ago. I will get back on the saddle again when we move oop north.
  4. Photo from last outing (about 10 days ago). Ground is just too hard at the moment. usual buttons plus another bronze roman coin (possibly Constantine again) and what I think might be the top of an old bronze enamel ring (possible roman).
  5. Ah yes, strange lumps of iron. Frequency wise, second only to buttons.
  6. It's really frustrating for me as I can't run. I get terrible chronic pain in my left knee. Tried and then gave up again a couple of years ago. Even went to a sports scientist for a diagnosis. He offered some potential training solutions and I tried these for a time but it was too much hassle in the end.
  7. I have eaten at a Nandos. It was shit (and the acoustics were terrible - it made my brain hurt).
  8. I was also taking the piss........ and I take everything with a pinch of salt
  9. I do not lie, especially when on an anonymous internet forum. I eat very little red meat and have not eaten in a fast food joint for at least 20 years. The only place I'll call into occasionally is subway and even then I just go for a veggie delite. Never been into a KFC (honest) although I was the project manager for a new one in Ipswich back in the early 2000's. I have a deep suspicion of anything that is popular.
  10. Not true! It is behemoth-like though and you have to trawl through the crap to get to the good stuff. I bought a tray of 'collectables' yesterday for £30 and I'm 99% sure the scrap value of the silver items will be at least double that. There might be an antique japanese snuff bottle lurking in the lot as well - photos were obscure so I'm guessing a bit. It's a bit like secret santa but with a higher chance of something decent popping up.
  11. These days I find it hard to remember anything from the last millennium but I'll give it a go. I do remember splashing out for a new shiny Dan Technology computer back in about 1994 and with my dial up modem rocking along at a blistering 28.8kb the world was my oyster. However, in reality the oyster was actually fairly minuscule and I'm sure most of the content on the web was bollocks (bit like now really). I definitely remember coming across an early version of ebay. If I recall correctly there were other competing selling sites as well at the time. I thought the first ebay site was a bit crap. Search for "books' for example, and there would only be 67 for sale in the whole of the UK. I will also confess that I was taken in by the "Ramones Name Generator" site. I'm sure others on dosbods remember this? It said something like what would your name be if you were a member of the Ramones? You typed in your full name, waited a few seconds and of course the answer was simply 'Sasquatch Ramone'. How we used to laugh.... There will be some more interweb memories in my cranium but it makes my brain hurt if I have to dig into it too much and it's nearly whisky time so over to you for your ancient stories.