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  1. When we are particularly interested in a house, I pay £6 and download the land registry details and do a search on the local planning site for any local permissions or applications.
  2. Called into my local garden machinery specialist this morning to pick up a new brushcutter. The owner there has officially the muckiest mask in the UK. I think he's been wearing the same one since March. Covered in so much grease and grime that the virus wouldn't have a look in. Known him for years - lovely chap.
  3. Topped up the isa today and bought some more BP and RDSB. Will grab some XOM later as well. Met up with some friends the other day and one of them was baffled with my desire to invest in oil as it's not very 'ethical'. He drives a BMW, goes on foreign holidays and has a nice lifestyle. We moved onto other topics.....
  4. Another one of my random mining buys back in July. Just checked into my SIPP and they are way up! Didn't read up on them at the time (I only bought £300 worth, about 8,000 shares) but it looks like they are a gold exploration company in South America. They must have found some of the shiny stuff.
  5. Interesting. Two more SSTC houses have come back on to the market near us. One of these was very high end. No new sales above £400,000 in the last 3 weeks. Looking pretty weak in our neck of the woods.
  6. This property is not in Yorkshire or Cumbria. Classic money pit project if one was brave enough to take it on....
  7. I'm one of those fussy people! It will sell but you might need to drop the price get it done. We wouldn't have shifted ours without the reduction.
  8. Amazing vice in the workshop. Could come in handy
  9. Had a second viewing on a property yesterday. Took a few photos including one of the lav. Efficient waste system. 15 foot drop into the river below. I shit you not.
  10. Holy coincidence batman. Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the sky playing on my spotify playlist as I peruse this topic. Perhaps there is a god after all?
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