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    I'm sure you are all head banging away to the new King Gizz album "Infest The Rats' Nest'. My daughter kindly bought me a t shirt from their recent Leeds gig (when i say bought me, I've ultimately paid for it but it's the thought that counts!). Anyway - behold the gentle ditty that is Planet B.
  2. Popped into town to buy a 2020 desk diary this morning. WH Smith/Paperchase = approx £7. Card Factory = £2. Guess which one I bought? ...and guess which shop will potentially survive in the long run? It's so end of cycle out there it almost hurts to witness it.
  3. We're sticking our house on the market in the next couple of weeks. Having two more valuations on Tuesday. The agents we spoke to reckon the market is still hot where we live and they have just had a great September. We've got our fingers crossed that the wheels keep on turning locally for a few months so we can get sold (we're moving into a rental for a couple of years before our retirement move to northern parts).
  4. Marcus Worthington Construction have gone bang today. There's a part finished student development of theirs near us that won't be opening any time soon.
  5. Thanks. I'm aware of the implications but we are still fully active in our core business and earning decent sums per annum. I'll be talking to our accountant when the ratios change.
  6. By the way, if anyone is planning to deal in stocks through their limited company, the process is a bit more long winded than normal. I've got some spare dosh in the company bank account and have just set up a Hargreaves Lansdown fund and share account. I had to fill out old fashioned paper forms and send them off to HL along with a bill proving the business address and a form of identification for myself. Before doing this I had to get our company on to the LEI register (Legal identifier) and be allocated a certificate and number ( and pay a fee for this). Finally, to deal in US and Canadian stocks I have to fill out the usual W-8BEN form but an alternative form specific to corporations and, again, this has to be printed out and sent to HL through the post.
  7. Total punt in the dark and to be honest I wasn't taking it very seriously. I think someone mentioned the company on the site somewhere and I like the 'rare earths' angle as I'm sure Lithium will be in greater demand in the future. Only bought £300 of stock at just under 0.1p a share (not 10p). Interestingly I got an email last week from HL telling me that a consolidation was going to be voted on at Cadence Minerals AGM today. My 290,000 shares will be reduced to a mere 2,900 which is a bit sad.... My long term aspiration is either a 50 to 100 bagger or zilch. My preference obviously for the former!
  8. Currently on holiday in deepest Cornwall and managed to pick up nine sovereigns today at a local auction at about £15 to £20 under the market rate. This included a three coin jubilee set which arguably was an even better buy as they normally sell at a bit of a premium. Nothing like mixing business with pleasure Had to pay with cash as auctioneer got a bit twitchy about debit card charge backs. Thought I had an honest face........
  9. My silver/golds are down but not all one way traffic. Chesapeake Energy (CHK) up 7.5% today. Mosaic Co (MOS) also up over 6%..... I'm in for the long haul on gold and silver and will continue to buy stocks and physical for the next 12 months or so. Order in for some more VAT free silver britannias today.
  10. I'm in the construction sector and obviously keeping a close eye on any trends (Midlands based). Nothing affecting us directly but we are small and niche. I can see a student housing development site from my office and that was supposed to be open for this academic year but everything stopped after the demolition works in the spring. Currently a hoarded site with nothing going on. Big student housing bubble where we live/work.
  11. Just bought 290,135 shares in Cadence Minerals. This time next year.....
  12. Well, Mrs S has agreed (with quite a bit of enthusiasm) that we should put the house on the market and go into rented. We almost pulled this trigger when we moved at the beginning of last year but in the end bought a house that needed work. It's now been fully refurbished and, at the moment, we are in a decent marketplace in a growing city. However, our gut feeling is that our house 'value' is likely to be at a high point with only one direction of travel in the nearish future. We have a large chunk of equity and I would like this to be invested elsewhere, before we move and buy a house in Cumbria or Yorkshire. Interestingly. when speaking to an estate agent, he confirmed what we already knew. Hardly anyone is prepared to roll up their sleeves and buy a wreck or even a tatty house these days. Everyone seems to want shiny shiny and no DIY work. We sold our last house quite easily as it was in mint refurbished condition and hopefully the work carried out to the latest one will stand us in good stead again. The marketplace where we live is mental. Our city has 3 bed terraced houses down at £80,000 and 3 bed posh flats at £800,000 - £900,000! Anyone who buys at that top level must surely crash and burn. Even our house is far too expensive for most people. The housing market has to be corrected at some point. As I've mentioned on dosbods before, we bought our first house in Nottingham in 1992. A very nice 3 bed edwardian semi bought for about £55,000 on a 95% mortgage based upon 2.5 x joint income with a £2,500 affordability gap dealt with by a parent acting as guarantor. Interest rates were around 8% I think. Therefore all sensibly affordable for a pair of young graduates (albeit with a bit of help from parents). That same calculation doesn't work anymore.
  13. My spider senses must have been tinging yesterday. I bought £1,000 of HZM shares yesterday afternoon. Currently up 48%! According to the newsfeed on HL they've just signed a $25M royalty agreement with Orion Mine Finance. Will probably go down 50% tomorrow!
  14. Anyone read's weekly insights? Obviously a bit of a vested interest but I am a sucker for excitable predictions. Gold to $7000 and silver to $100's. I almost bought another monster box of britannias last week. Up £700 since then. Damn!
  15. Was speaking to the site team on one of our larger construction projects last week. We had a colourful discussion about Brexit. All of them from Yorkshire (mining towns mainly), all of them long standing labour voters (including their family members and friends). None of them willing to vote for Labour at the moment due to Brexit 'betrayal'. Some even prepared to hold their nose and vote Tory but I think most would vote Brexit Party or abstain. I totally get it.