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  1. It’s all about the risk you are prepared to take in my opinion, which in my case is the least possible, but with the very small chance of winning a big one. It’s just about ahead of my savings % wise this year so it can stay there.
  2. £25 for me, coincidentally to @Green Devil’s post a young person at work who has a HTB ISA and savings with Nationwide was telling me on Friday how they had cut the interest rates (0.3 on his savings, can’t remember exactly what he said on the HTB ISA but it was about 1.5%) but he would leave it there as he liked all his savings in one place. I guess people that do that are the only reason I get any interest nowadays!
  3. I think she owes you 2% of that cost. The small claims court is your best bet. 😁
  4. I will wait for a vaccine (if it ever happens) and then try and find a pub. I am about 5 miles from the nearest place I would call one at the moment. I hope it survives.
  5. Or changing it the exit before the one they want to take. Riding a motorbike taught me to mistrust any car driver, and be pleasantly surprised when they do what they are meant to.
  6. I tried searching DeLorean, towels and Carlsberg in various forms but I am no closer to the answer. It left me wondering for the last hour anyway, time for another beer! I even thought it might be some HHGTTG reference at some point, no joy there either. If anybody needs some Delorean beach towels I know where you can get them 😁
  7. Sorry, I don’t get it? Or the post about where do you put your towels, I am probably being thick here.
  8. It’s an acquired taste, one I acquire very easily @ £11 for 18 😁
  9. Just get bigger spiders up there that cant fit through the hatch.
  10. Last night I got home from work at just after 5pm and as the outside was 27 and the inside was 24 as I had left the blinds and windows shut all day I waited until the temp equalised inside and out which turned out to be 8.30pm and 26.5 I then threw the windows open....and by the time I went to bed at 11pm it was still 26 in the house. That’s the only time I will turn the aircon on (after shutting all the windows!) The loft hatch trick used to work well though, just as long as you wait until the sun is down and the temperature is cooler outside than in (natural chimney and all that).
  11. I know I have mentioned this before (last summer 😁), but 1K for a proper outside inverter fully fitted was a price I was willing to pay. I really can’t handle the heat at night. I only use it for the few days a year it gets stupid hot, and monitoring the electricity it only burns ~1kWh a night.
  12. Kwyjibo

    ToSsed off?

    I think I have met the chap on the left of that photo, no kidding! and I would like to meet (WLTM) the lady in grey in the middle of the shot....but I look like the guy on the far right so no chance.
  13. Kwyjibo

    ToSsed off?

    I will admit I still look at the site that first directed me here and would never post on for the anger that was on there and seems to have ramped up since, but it has been down since midday today. Has it been pulled? Surely not in the run-up to what people have been anticipating for years (me included) unless they have got wind of the next quadrillion £ HTB scheme and decided no amount of common sense would ever prevail.
  14. I used to get dragged to Black Gang Chine on the IoW every year as a nipper. I secretly rejoiced each year as more of it slipped into the sea.
  15. I think @The Grey Man wants to smash up my furniture 😉