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  1. £50 on ~ £37K. Now £20K moved out for cash ISA.
  2. By pile I meant big house, structurally sound but the broken downpipes hint at it not actively been looked after, sad.
  3. Not sure what will happen when all the sites currently shut down re-start and the new jobs all want fitting at the same time. The main contractors are a pushy bunch even when it was business as usual.
  4. I’m on holiday this week, but the boss has just phoned to let me know that most of our current sites are shutting down (construction) and that as of CoP today all the fitters are being furloughed and the majority of the office staff are going to be working from home. We did actually win a job yesterday for about 6 weeks work, but when that 6 weeks will be is anyones guess!
  5. ...still can’t stop looking at those pictures, haunting.
  6. That house is one hell of a pile, sad to see that and the car go to ruin, is that a victim of easy credit? I think so.
  7. I forgot to respond to the OP in that response, I have no vanity. Here I am.
  8. I was regarded as a good looking bloke in my late teens / early 20’s, helped massively by my resemblance to the star of the day Jason Donovan. Zero self confidence meant I didn’t use that to it’s full potential! Now I realise that was all bullshit and hormone driven, and now older, uglier and I hope wiser....I’m still alone, but happy with that.
  9. 3 tonight, and I had the first letter to help me to one of them!
  10. I was about to mention it must be bad as I hadn’t seen the C word yet, but then I scrolled back through the’ll be fine. Looking forward to the tally marks on the wall as you count down the days, just remember to put another coat of paint over it before you are allowed out.
  11. Iphone 6s, work got a new contract with new phones so I bought one of the old ones (only 3 years old) for £100. Tariff is £6 a month with O2 for more than I ever use....I took the bait 😁
  12. The worst post on this subject IMO (might have been this thread) was about cold calling scammers trying to pretend to be from the the WHO and offering services to deal with this outbreak for a fee. Now that is truly despicable, but today all the recruitment agencies have jumped on the band wagon and started offering deep cleaning staff etc. If making money is all everyone is bothered about this “society” deserves to get wiped out.
  13. The amount of money sloshing about in the “beautiful game” is outstanding. It’s got to stop at some point, but I thought that about 15 years ago and the GFC didn’t even kill it. It all stopped for me when paying to go and watch a bunch of people who weren’t interested in anything but themselves stopped being my idea of entertainment. I still like to meet the old stalwart supporters in the bar after though, proper characters.
  14. You have reached Nirvana here, now rest 😁
  15. True, just the only one I can get by on😁