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  1. How about a boxy shaped van with an insulated box within in it? Would also make the fitting out easier. Or would you lose too much space?
  2. Can we please call it what it is: "locked in".
  3. Art is the preserve of the intellectuals and must be crushed. At least that's what they said last time, save for the odd tractor poster.
  4. Pussies. Mid 30s I had a lot more scarier things to cope with than that! Best they stay home with mother.
  5. Poorly written article. Read a couple of those articles in a day and it'll be time for bed! Needs another article, with a customary conclusion, clearly answering the question! If there was ever the need for a table! Clearly not a great communicator, leading the reader on a not so merry dance. I think he is trying to say the answer to his question (which itself is not clear as to which period) is the US private investor and, according to the graph and despite what he says, the Fed? Is this shocking enough to warrant the undue effort? Er no! The Japanese have been doing the same for yonk
  6. https://www.financialsense.com/financial-sense-newshour Probably a bit light for you! You can get these and many others automatically to your phone via a podcast app. I use AntennaPod on Android after trying a few. Very good. Also on Apples. I can provide URLs although the search function should pick them up. I also subscribed to their paidi podcasts because these are good and Puplava and his team have done great free work for many years. The general financial podcast community is excellent and great for when working, etc.
  7. This week's Financial Sense podcast majors on the growing rotation to our favourite sectors. We'll materials. Not sure they were brave enough to mention energy or telco. Still, b*gger!
  8. II should have mentioned I was thinking of the UK. A bit focussed on that and the upcoming Budget atm. The Fed and USD is a far bigger fish!
  9. Flushed with success at the stock screener in TWS, I've created a nice chart screen and reconfigured the global settings for the display, etc. TWS is indeed something you have to configure the eff out of. Unfortunately that reminds me of SAP!
  10. I think anything they do will be as much about pacifying the international markets (creditors) as anything that is really necessary. Also to "demonstrate" to the domestic plebs that this thing really was serious and that their actions were indeed proportionate (despite the increasingly emerging data, the real data that is, not their twisted stuff)! All in, yet another kind of "virtue signalling"!
  11. Wow top post! You clearly thought that one through and took time to succinctly write it down. Much appreciated and to think about regarding #2 in particular. Rhyming but not repeating and all that!
  12. Ah, watched video and found out how to create my own scans. A bit basic though and I still need to sort out the subscriptions which look like they could get costly per month quite quickly. Looking at the bundle for say Europe but unclear if it includes the LSE. What subs do you use?
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