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  1. I did some work for a certain outsourcer and I found them to be !*?!* and most of the management were not British.
  2. I took out an FT sub only to find adverts and the need to pay more for some content. Similar with Amazon Prime. I can pay extra to watch some content. WTF! Screw all that.
  3. Now those reports way back (from you or the masked one) about helicopters around Cardiff make sense! The tosspots getting their bugout route sorted? They'll need it.
  4. It's all kicking off. The msm are scum and that boy has effectively called me a daft c*nt! Going to get rough come Friday night, pubs open or not!
  5. Gotta day there and many others were really nice back in the day, just at the start of the house building. Relatively quality stuff with space, etc. Swindon was nice once too, at least for me to get out of London for a week or so on assignment. Packing people in since to fake the GDP numbers is scummy.
  6. Lagarde saying something about this being twice as worse as 2008? Where did I hear that before? Oh yes, to justify lockdown. She's coming for your hard earnt?
  7. In the land of TOWIE, I think not! I have an authentication word/answer which would suffice but will leave it there as I fell better now. But if you were that chap then it was a pity.
  8. I think he's cumming down with a bit of the .......! He apparently lives in the IOW and no sane person would go to Newport, especially not to celebrate the end to the travel restriction. Wife's birthday or not! PS: If that happened to me my reaction would defo get me banned from Aldi Newport which would be a good thing and I would be also be the happy new owner of several carabiniers!
  9. I'm surprised no-one has said all of this is part of his brilliance to neuter the media. Certainly an anti-MSM and a "we need to move on" narrative is being pushed hard today by some outlets.
  10. IMO academic whether he told me to p*ss off or f*ck off.
  11. Indeed, especially if they start using Blackwater! Fortunately, not currently recruiting: https://silentprofessionals.org/#all-jobs
  12. Cheaper than the alternative. A lot cheaper. And more practical and effective (especially if (but not only if) this herd immunity is true), at least as a starter. Could always ramp up if needed, rather than try and ramp down from the carnage, as currently. Aka, "arse about face"! PS: We had an unresolved issue about all sorts of alleged "vulnerable" people before CV!