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  1. Me Fitbit has given me an undeserved fitness score of "excellent" so this virus can go and whistle Dixie! Not sure why so high given my only exercise is posting here. Oh, I did lay a patio this morning. Nah.
  2. Sold my physical yesterday at a loss so should be good to go now! Your fired!
  3. Ah, no wonder it's progressed so rapidly there. Gawd bless OpenReach!
  4. Silly boys. There are a few things in life you should never mess around with and one of those is anything with "Yorkshire" in its name!
  5. Yeh, Card Factory 0.03% up. Hope you've all stockpiled your get well cards!
  6. I mostly seem to have stopped at the thinking time/contemplation stage, with a little bit of work on the side. I used to beat myself up rotten for being so "lazy" but my detox is now fully complete!
  7. "Teagate" (a very British affair) takes a further sinister turn as the Health Secretary reveals live on breakfast radio that he's an Earl Grey drinker!
  8. JHB taking the Health Secretary to task about this on TalkRadio this morning. IMO, a ridiculous reaction leaving you to guess what she thinks should be done for the self employed apparently such as herself. And why should I care what an ex teacher, comedian, etc thinks about things each morning? I'm out.
  9. Is that a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
  10. I hope this series runs and runs and runs and runs and.....Well, you get the idea!
  11. Looks like they're for kids. Anyways, plasters suck as the boxes are full of silly sizes. I just buy the rolls now in manly pink!
  12. Think I've got enough of a potential virus problem to contend with thanks!
  13. Indeed. Always been a bit of an embarrassment at the back of the larder but I was looking fondly at it yesterday. Have some powdered custard too, which friends were stunned about when I bought it way back. People just don't do dry goods these days.