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  1. Brill init? Really nice and grotty well back in the day. The Kursel and all those aspiring bands like ACDC!!!!!
  2. Amazing. Probably neither curry sauce. Next you'll be saying you don't do "half and half"!.........Oh my god, you don't do you? You don't do half and half. You really don't do you?
  3. That'll be regressive, hitting the worst off the hardest. Going to hit the well paid another way or just seeking to sow more discord? So much he can do to target where the money is and is being drained from society - the wealthy and the public and third sectors - above all just less governance - so not going to happen! We get more of this BS instead.
  4. Was that the Bracknell lady? She was A1. O'Sullivan is doing well but I have been disappointed in the past (eg. the three you mention). Wierd how he worked with Wright. JHB and Mike are high on opinion but seem to lack a basic understanding of some things (economic and IT) and seem to end up retreating from some positions. Mike is still mostly an OK listen but JHB, despite being an excellent interviewer, and her odd Sancho Panzas are now unbearable. Things defo seemed to have changed after the Youtube incident and now feel more nudgy all round, some more than others. Their new
  5. This is key. I don't watch broadcast tv or read any form of paper. They started doing my head in years ago. I just listen to bits of TalkRadio and that's started doing my head in with constant CV stuff and concerns they are just controlled opposition. I finally mostly turned them off too and if I do listen then it's catchup so I can fast forward. Mostly podcasts and here for me now. Much happier. I just don't know how people watching tv and stuff can cope. It's all vile crap and extremely toxic. I think you need to have distanced yourself from it to see it for what it is.
  6. Just transplanted a two year old willow. Not grown much. Really hard to get a lot of the extended roots, especially the tap one. Will be interesting to see how it does in its new happier place. Rowan next, going to be even tougher. Think I'll use the breaker!
  7. If true (really?), he and his cohort shouldn't be pushing anything. They should be in their offices pressing buttons on their Sinclair ZX81s or whatever.
  8. Those psycho ads on the radio have been replaced by a wee scottish lady. Presumably those in the Control Room finally noticed how deft I was at turning off the radio. Alas, the same OP for Krankie. "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more".
  9. A member of some rapid review committee (seemingly another academic) which had just looked at passports was interviewed on the radio today. Very keen to say they did not actually recommend them, just looked at some blah rules/criteria. You may well have missed that fine point had it not been mentioned. The only questions I wanted answers to (naturally never asked) - who are you, why were you on this committee, who else was and why, and why was it convened given Boris' alledged stance? Is this how we are now being ruled? Silly me, I forgot the finer point about politicians and democracy.
  10. Enough! These constant "this remarkable vaccine may..." have started me thinking this....
  11. Yes, I did, when specifying the install. Various site issues and I naively thought I'd go renewables! Thankfully hot water oil usage is relatively minor and oil is needed for the brute force btus for quick heating (especially as the property was initially only used at the weekends). And other such factors. I'm in a far better position to assess things now I've lived here long enough. Oil will always be key but the additions I mentioned will fine tune things, especially to my room usage, etc and make things more comfortable (eg. conditioned air). Finally, a large holding o
  12. Depends on the time of year. Usually two to three 500 litre deliveries per year. Only two needed in the last 12 months given the use of wood. I used about 500 litres since September 2020, so covering the worst period. Could have used wood more. Target is one to two deliveries per year so 1,000 litres a year. It's partially an old stone house. I've a large pile of insulation bought way back (cheaper) to put in, plus looking at an air to air heat pump to heat my main living room and heat recovery (more for air quality control though). Also looking at remote controlled radiator thermo
  13. Buying bonds direct versus a collective like an ETF are very different. You can decide when to buy and sell an individual bond and realise a gain or loss. You can't in a collective - if others sell the ETF then bonds have to be sold, eg. before redemption. Similar for buys. The way to play bonds, if they had a yield as in the past, is to buy ladders and hold to maturity. Of course it's all worked until maybe now as a bond bull floats all boats.
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