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  1. Harley

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    According to the comments, The Independent Group, registering as a private limited company rather than political party means not having to disclose funding, toys out of prams, no People's Vote style by-elections, etc: https://order-order.com/2019/02/20/anna-soubry-heidi-allen-sarah-wollastons-resignation-letter-theresa-may/#disqus_thread Theatrics surrounding the Independent Group launch, including Blarites, Powell, Rachel Riley, frontrunning deselection in both parties, sex, etc, etc: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexwickham/30-mps-labour-independent-group
  2. Harley

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    I read from wiki yet another (former?) member of Labour Friends of Israel. Indeed a former chair. Must be a real battle going on in the Labour party, unless most MPs are members so not notable.
  3. The lights will be on late into the night in Islington as they prepare tomorrow's onslaught.
  4. I met a couple once who were citizens of the UN. Had passports and all. So boohoo to that.
  5. Been looking at technical charts this afternoon for all my target buy and holds. Almost nada, certainly no new buys. More the market looks like topping at least short term. Stock technicals are weakening and my canary FTSE short ETF may start turning up soon. Bought in March, October and December and now just going to the gym a lot! BUT the miners have been doing well (I just look at the aggregates like GDX). Trouble is my system just doesn't work for this market! The GDX run up from 11 Sep 18 was impressive since the SPX, FTSE, etc were in decline. But they seem to be moving in lockstep since these markets turned. And given my caution on those markets, I'll think I'll wait and spend the time trying (again!) to come up with a custom trading system for them! I'm a bit bummed I'd didn't get in more in Dec 18 but I was distracted, plus I still expect this year to be up and down so hopefully another opportunity will be along soon! PS: Think I might have a lead on a system for the miners - use the gold price (which does seem to behave) as a proxy and buy say GDX on buy signals for gold. Bit obvious really. The big issue though is selling early enough (if sensible) 'cause GDX certainly undershoots gold which would cause me to miss a large part of a later run up!
  6. Harley

    Best UK City to live

    Did London then one day on the tube realised I couldn't do it any more. Moved to xxxxxx which was great back in the day. Then travelled the world which was one of the best things I ever did, especially now looking back at my life. Well before FOM - skills travel. I met many engineers in all sorts of places, some of the more adventurous were creaming it in and UK house prices were fine on their return.
  7. Harley

    Boilers in bedrooms

    Forever, if the CO gets you!
  8. Harley


    £3k shy of a top end Duster! Bought a Dacia to replace my old Polo for half that price. And it came with 4 wheels so not half the car!
  9. Harley

    Boilers in bedrooms

    That boiler in the bedroom should go in the Horror section of next month's Heating & Plumbing Magazine! Insane!
  10. Judging by the talk shows and papers, it's Brexit again - the elite spinning things for a return and the plebs saying eff off. And what happened with all that talk a while back about stripping fighters (questionable in this specific case) of their UK citizenship? The usual cheap talky-talky it would seem.
  11. Harley

    London - Grenfell House

    I thought we were all meant to have forgotten about Grenfell by now!
  12. Harley

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Wasn't the troubled Montford one on £350k? Staggering. Got to be a total muppet throwing money their (any of them) way. Several better alternatives for those able to think. Schools go on about making pupils critical thinkers over fact learners - dipstick talk!
  13. Harley

    The Big Barry Bonanza Boycott the Bastards Thread

    I'm starting to boycott organisations using Capatcha, especially the high (excessive) security options. Life's too short. Fortunately, I'm already signed up to DOSBODS.
  14. Harley


    So, from here: o Declining sales; o EU trade deal makes EU assembly unecessary; o Japanese plants running at only 76%; o One Japanese plant also closing; o All EU production to cease; o Specifically stated not Brexit related. Just listened to the So-Called BBC news, not a single one of the above mentioned. The So-Called BBC doesn't do news, DOSBODS does though! The mightly expensive and intellectually "superior" elite BBC, totally outdone by a cosy little forum (but then they have objectives other than news). Wonkers.