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  1. Wish there was video of the incident to check out the security. On the face of it, and it's unfair I know, but somewhat p*ss poor close protection. Not like others have not suffered similar so the threat is out there. Could have been worse. The guy is very high value. Need context - was he canvassing or leaving the Sky offices? Or what? If leaving somewhere and heading to say his car then why the walk? Very bad idea. And the follow up was not the best. Someone a bit riled and not thinking? Should have taken off his jacket just in case, and if ok, turned it inside out, and over shoulder. Exit route should have been better. Too long a walk, imagine if something had kicked off. Shame not a wider camera shot to see how many protection guys and their placement. The guy (presumably the offender) laughing was unconvincing, but then the offender apparently works for Sky! Still, should be beneficial to Farage. But need to up their game, a lot! https://www.bodyguardcareers.com/2010/10/15/bodyguard-formations-a-quick-and-easy-overview/ I saw another photo which looked possibly OK (except a few things like standing on the wrong side!) but.......the idea of any formation is to stop ingress! It didn't. It failed.
  2. Maybe they'll fix the vote in the interests of "national security" as odd they've done nothing to stop it. Or maybe they're thinking it will cause WA4 to bounce through, especially with the talk (stage setting) that WA4 will get rejected. But high risk - really think that will lance the boil? Delusional, unless they intend to follow up with mass shock and awe (war and/or economic crisis and/or massive tupperist event, etc) to permenantly distract us all. It's going to get rough.
  3. A year's supply of agreeable reps here for you! And they and their mates may have set things up so anything but a rut will be seen as weak support for Brexit! T*ssers.
  4. Harley


    Many thanks for mentioning the New Culture Forum. I'll investigate.
  5. The oh so clever t*ssers are probably hoping the thick as sh*te sc*m thought the vote was last night!
  6. Harley

    Eurovision 2019

    Apparently The Netherlands won. Other than that, the same old.
  7. I use an LED LG plugged into an OpenElec Kodi box I made myself and Chromecast. I made sure I bought a phone which works with Chromecast as well as can nicely cast the phone screen when I use non Chromecast enabled apps (Google has a list of phones and tablets). Works brill, making Kodi a bit redundant except for music and photos. The smart TV functions died off long ago. Waste of time. I also have a soundbar but tbh the LG sound is good enough unlike the Samsungs.
  8. Come on you weekly hole diggers!! Or more of the same (monthlies)?
  9. I bought one, thought it rubbish and never use it but a dedicated box instead. I just pretend it's not there!
  10. Phew, tastes better this lunchtime with a bit of very garlicky spag olio, parmesan cheese, cracked black pepper, and garlic bread. But that's the last one!
  11. Harley

    M & S Food

    100% to make your own and maybe using something bought as a base. Have to say the Aldi sauces (with the dry and wet combined) are great. Curry night tonight - cauliflower rice fried with some onions, frozen veg and curry powder, and a sauce of something and/or an Aldi baji or samosa with a bit of caramelised onion relish. A bottle of good beer. Happy days.
  12. 100%. Get a non-Smart one and connect a dedicated box for the apps. The TVs are under-powered, proprietary (locked into them and their rubbish software and out of date apps), some have adverts, poor privacy, etc. I go for LG as I like the colour saturation, sound quality (though a soundbar is often a good addon), etc.
  13. TalkRadio just did a report on this launch. Hilarious. Something like only one invited journalist (from the duty pool!), a few candidates, and May well....being May!