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  1. Harley

    Young people

    OMG, a post modernist. Be gone ye, be gone!
  2. Harley


    The Co-op are selling a rather decent reduced alcohol red. Aldi did a nice sulphite free red but alas no more. However, apparently, organic wines have to have less sulphites than normal ones.
  3. "I should 'ave told the Fire Brigade there was a cat at the bottom"!
  4. Caption competition time.....
  5. Harley

    Bolton fire

    A hell of a lot more to it than that!
  6. Harley


    Love the idea the Pizza Express was in "Woking"!
  7. Harley


    Ah, problem solved, thought it was postie!
  8. Harley


    Sounds like the good old BBC days: Interviewer: "Minister, what do you think about <blah>" Minister, turns to camera, monologue ensues...... Interviewer: "Humbly thank you Minister"
  9. Good luck. Remember, "It was ......"....
  10. Lots of options - time for a poll?
  11. It just gets funnier, if a little black...... Does he mean a dystopian totalitarian 1984 style dentist:
  12. But you said it better, more succinctly!
  13. If the top of the new tank is lower than the old, then just connect a pipe between the two, using the stopcock on the new (which you must have) or just fill some Jerry cans, sssuming you can securely fasten a pipe to the new tank outlet.
  14. Petrol stations sell heating oil? But I can buy by the Jerry can in person from a local agricultural supplier.