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  1. Cambridge. Once had a university.
  2. A combo of MACD and Stochastics. Wait for them to break out in a certain way - i.e. momentum. I mainly look at weekly data given my available time plus gives a better buy and hold signal (daily means more risk of just optimising a buy in a downtrend). Usually good at getting in on the lows but there could always be lower lows later (e.g. VOD)! Hard part is when to sell, if a trade. So now do three lots (assuming success): after the initial spurt, when things look like flagging, when things have started flagging. Reliable but nowhere near infallable. Add some money management and nets out OK though. £5,000 for the specifics - took a lot of painstaking research! PS: Thanks for sharing your shortlist and will also take a look. PPS: For those interested in momentum trading, I found the turtle traders book a good story back in the day. Highlighted being simple but consistent.
  3. Er sorry, what did you say?
  4. I'm quite enjoying getting old with my partner!
  5. I know the feeling, every Friday night!
  6. How much do I drink? How much you got?
  7. And boy could he dance, so say "The Producers". Perfect for a Strictly comeback! "Springtime for Brexit and everyone........" "Come on now, be a smarty, come and join the leavers party"
  8. Thanks, as is yours! Your historical context seems spot on. This new world order is not necessarily a rejection of the past globalisation but an evolution in which the need for monolithic political and social structures such as the EU, uniformity through mass immigration, etc are no longer necessary and actually hinder progress. The internet, social trends, and the like have made us a complex and virtually connected world. A physically mirroring through such monoliths has served its purpose and is now archaic in the extreme. As is monolithic and simplistic binary thinking such as "Brexit equals no immigration" as opposed to an opportunity to establish rationalism and provide a means to express (decent) consensus values. We need to move to a more sophisticated global place defined by secularism, pluralism, culturalism, and social, economic and political independence co-existing within a dynamic common purpose, using the tools now available to facilitate this state. The parallel with the rise and then subtle "retreat" of global IT system thinking, design and implementation facilitated by technological progress is stark. That our current Establishment cannot see this subtlety is offensive at an intellectual as well as practical level. Temporarily hindering it, in some sort of Canute sort of way, will only set us back as a nation as the prize slips from our hands and we play catch up. But such is our (their) historic way.
  9. I got it, I think! Brexit has, in a way, ceased to be the issue, if indeed it ever really was. It was the catalyst back in 2016, a lightning rod for all the bad stuff people were increasingly feeling (but not necessarily "seeing" (articulating) given the expertise of the MSM and Establishment at mass manipulation and our declining deferential nature). But the Emperor has been steadily divesting his clothes ever since then and is about to stand there totally naked for all to see. Not just the machinations within Parliament, but everything else is also being swept up in the phenomena. It's the fatal late stages of greed, to which all eventually succumb, where the Establishment no longer has the ability to adapt to survive, being riddled as it is by so many parasites and vested interests seeking to protect their share of a declining pie. Brexit is a journey of discovery, of a fundamental realisation, in which each of us is walking at our own pace. So, in a way, to blame the EU is a bit like that seminal moment in which the masses are told to eat cake. A pathetic riposte by a lost elite to a hungry nation. And yet, that is exactly what the decaying Establishment has done. Importantly, new parties, the Brexit Party or whatever, will only succeed if they can articulate and demonstrate a new vision, not of more frivolous radicalism, but of inherent fundamentalism which reconnects with the people. A vision in which an honest less is more. A successful party needs to redefine and expand the meaning of Brexit, to articulate what the masses, not the incestuous few, are desperately seeking and in which they remain so unfulfilled. Maybe only then can we have a painless transition and renewal. Or summing like that!
  10. The Tories really are utterly useless at the most basic of coherent strategic action. It's because of their vested interests, especially the work of their "grandees". It's now very questionable whether they can re-invent themselves or are simply finished. May certainly is accelerating their decline, probably by being counselled by the very same VIs and grandees. Her general election shambles was the equivalent of dangling the Party by its feet out the window but even then the learnings were "rationalised" away. Her subsequent administration's delusional talk and pathetic behaviour provides an insight into the psyche embedded deep within those governing the Party. They elected Cameron to "out Blair" Blair when they failed to see Blair's sun was setting (things were catching up with his adminstration). The strategic move would have been to build that place, using the right persona of leader, to where the electorate was clearly already heading. They were totally on the back foot, preparing for the last war. Even now, they kid themselves the BAU of time, timely hand outs to the masses, and the horror of Corbyn will see them right. Brexit was their chance for political immortality, but the VIs and grandees have squandered that for short term gain which suits them given their remaining time. But short because it is not sustainable over the medium term and toxic to those left. Yet again, they miss where the electorate is now marching and will again look quite pathetic standing there alone, "Billy no mates". It's all so painful to watch.
  11. The Netherlands has been a remarkable country throughout history. Such a small country, which they have expanded through ingenuity and hard work, and refocussed to become a highly successful outward facing trading nation. Not that I'd buy their tomatoes, sorry!
  12. Well done. Is it possible our humour has rubbed off on all those French people running away from France to come here, get good jobs, and further their careers? Good people BTW, worked very well with quite a few in the UK. Hope our new immigration system will continue to facilitate the smarter cream.
  13. Spot on, being promoted on TalkRadio at the moment in a piece with Alastair Campbell and Matthew Wright saying he wished he knew about it yesterday so he could have also promoted it. Oh, and it was soooo popular the website crashed!
  14. Project Fear hasn't been fun either!
  15. Can it wait until 30 March? The answer will be a lot simpler, no WA permitting? Otherwise D (all the above)? Does highlight how our MPs and institutions have been reduced to rubber stampers rather than material decision makers. No wonder they're trying to run away from our brave new world.
  16. Definitely easy to overcomplicate and analyse things. I have a lot of skills to do so but don't. Depends what you're after but for trading, I go momentum based, using a bit of financial common and basic price charts, plus two technical indicators. I don't care about the "story", just the price. Simple systems are DIY, and better because you live and own them. More bells and whistles progressively add little. Totally different for say a buy and hold high div portfolio but the trading approach still works for timing the buys.
  17. Very interesting. Maybe I need to read the prospectus as not clear what they mean: Purchases securities in companies and industries where capital spending is declining, and seeks to avoid companies, assets, and business models that can be easily replicated.
  18. To make the point about fiat, in a topical manner, would you trust it if it had a picture of May on it? Now why trust any picture? It's faith based and they are undermining that faith. When faith goes, the velocity of money rises, causing (inter alia) inflation, causing the velocity of money to rise, and onwards and upwards we go. It is V, the velocity of money, which brings in the human side to the inflationary equation. And with QE, the potential tsunami from an elevated V is huge. The other variables are technical and are managed by technical solutions. V isn't hence the mental manipulation, aka BS which they only have a tenuous grip on. That is why we need to read and think for ourselves.
  19. Tidy. Now we need names, names I say! Or at least a list of criteria, like you've started. We have: . Expensive fixed assets already in depreciation. . Price setters, not takers. Such as in markets with barriers to entry. . Producers to future trending sectors (electrification) and players in those sectors. So I start looking at the VOD, RIO, etc accounts! Other criteria, such as debt position (eg. below a certain ratio and fixed at low rates)?
  20. Fair enough, although you assume a parent, not a teacher, invited "specialist", or whatever.