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  1. Alas, economics has become like accountancy - they answer the question by asking what number you want. If you want the data, ask a bookeeper. Sad to see economics become part of political economics rather than the study of it. The conclusions mean little, it's the assumptions and methodology which means all. Alas, too much for today's fast paced and superficial MSM and the public it fails to serve. I remember a more noble and gentler time.......
  2. Last time I watched football the blokes wore hairspray so not much has changed.
  3. Harley

    Bus bashing..

    Hope they didn't delete it as not relevant and according to normal procedure.
  4. IMO, an excellent shout out. I did exactly the same things in Q1 last year. Locked myself up and focussed on this and the rest for 3 long months to prepare for retirement, or at least downsizing. I stayed with the PP but will look at yours. I use it for my floor fund, complemented with a separate HYP for my upside fund. This suits me as I now value capital preservation at the expense of modest gains given where I'm at retirement/downsize wise. I just reworked my floor fund to include more than my SIPP, bringing in other instruments such as NS&I certificates to the bond part of the fund. That has increased my flexibility and options, and lowered risks. I've also have extended holdings in each asset class so for example include regional ETFs in the equity section. I've also renamed the gold section "hard assets" to include other PMs and maybe property ETFs. I also run a trading account for higher gains at risk. I feel this setup covers all the bases for me. A lot more stuff in the detail as well, like a fair system to identify when to buy, etc. It feels great! But the key point is that the sources you mention are excellent for crafting portfolios to suit whatever you're after. I would also add JustETF.com as worth a look if you are just looking at UK available ETFs as it helps plough through the array of ETFs. DYOR to work out what's right for you all though!
  5. That zero debt schedule on Morningstar was something I thought I would never see anywhere! Think I'll spend time fishing in the smaller caps if there's stuff like this around (not that I've bought this one though)! I need a bit more excitement in my HYP than the usual FTSE players (although some of those are getting a risque)!
  6. Never known a company that moved into France and stayed or was pleased about it. Nightmare.
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    Next PM

    Indeed, and then bang goes the Cons last hope (the one they currently think will save them) - Project Fear v.Corbyn. They have walked into a trap, clinging to this hope rather than making the necessary fundamental changes to the party. Or at least they have put all their eggs in one basket and that never ends well. But such is the historic strategic inability of the Cons. PS: MIlliband over in the US has been "washed" and would be a potent foe to the Cons (and Libs). Talk about squandering the remaining time they (Cons) have left.....
  8. Shame as it and Twitter were quite good ways to check up on people in the day. Now with only the real wierdos left, you can't be sure. Oh well, at least we now have people's internet history, phone logs, mast tracking, NPR cameras, big data, DNA databases, bio id, and facial recognition.
  9. We're becoming like those folk in the old Soviet Block, for those who can remember. Say the right thing to be safe, but think another.
  10. Very believable except it was the So-Called BBC who dropped a total ballock, if they indeed did, by letting it go out unedited. I assume they're always all over Bland's stuff to edit it to sound entertaining so they would have been all over this recording. Maybe it's all rogue actors running around the So-Called BBC and/or just complete bubble distortion and denial.
  11. I tried smoking dried bananas once. Nada. Me mate was a plank!
  12. This thread is really interesting for a few reasons: . I stubbed a toe quite a while back, thought nothing of it, but get regular incidents of swelling and pain. The docs just ignore it. Obviously a tendon/ligament issue. . I've been reading about the possibility of D3 and K2 helping limit (even reduce) calcification in the arteries. Limited (no proper) studies though. . Magnesium for heart health, its importance in the potassium/magnesium/calcium balance, the difficulty in measuring it correctly, etc. I certainly believe soil depletion is an issue. Anyways I've been taking the three so hope they're working. Maybe an artery scan later! Any links to suggested dosing rates, especially for the D3 and K2?
  13. The MSM media are saying oil has "spiked" the last two days. It was their finance shite that first made me realise they talk shite about everything and caused me to end up here without a TV licence..... Technically it's still on a sell but may start rising soon, just naturally, through the ebb and flow of the markets. The above is WTI. Brent crude had been rising very slightly since 5 June but actually fell a bit on 11 and 12 June! The MSM will make you financially, and every other which way, poor. Bet you'll see continued price rises at the pumps despite all these crude prices - but that's a different issue!
  14. This and others show just how much these polos need civil servants. That from Brexit, to everything else, the civil servants (and maybe others) run the show. Polos are just a well fed front. Saying the Civil Service (at a certain level) just follows orders is like the So-Called BBC saying they're impartial.
  15. Harley

    Next PM

    Then there will be no need for a members vote: no members, as they would have buggered off with the electorate! The husk of a party already needs to ask the two candidates to pay for their own hustings FFS!
  16. I think all postal votes should be sent to Father Christmas!
  17. The lefty SJWs have made live miserable. I remember a time........
  18. Bland, the licence fee, and all the other stuff. Must be deliberate. the So-Called BBC are just seeking to wind us up. But I don't know why. I don't live in their effed up little world.
  19. Wow, a first! I've never managed a double off-topic before! How boring so sorry y'all and I better start behaving! .....But just before I do, reminds me of the old ambush - cover the bug out route with the gun group - you do more damage on the retreat. That's why they teach the SFs to advance and fight - not expected! Must be a lot of peed off people, peed off with a lot of people, not just the man. 20% (probably more if you add the assumed general FTSE gain) doesn't just happen overnight. I learnt a while ago never to buy into anything new. They always take a tumble before settling down. Especially for ETFs. The man just had too much money with too many expectations to invest, amongst a few other things. DOYOeffingR!
  20. Ta. A 6% to 7% (Morningstar can't decide!) yield looks nice but share price up 16% at the open today to 33.6p. You a pump and dump? Just joking! Operating cash flow was nice and steady but that 2018 financing charge a bit of a jump from a running £3m to £4m to £17m. Also big div increase at the same time? Nice and steady P&L. Nice to see well owned by the staff. Crikey, 12p back in 2012ish! So ta, keep em coming! PS: Actually muchas ta! DYOR!
  21. Along with the outdoor play sand in winter! They should have traveled more! One for the MBAs, if they also still exist!
  22. So in effect, we can say folk will be taking their illusory gains to their graves. All a bit pointless really. Unless they're buried with a valuation certificate for some archaeologist to marvel over in the years to come! Housing is a chattel and should not appear on your list of assets. A silly price does not change it from chattel to investment. Take it off and the small list of "wealthy" people becomes minute.