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  1. Is it not the case that if a VoNC takes place on Boris then he has 14 days to get a vote of confidence? If he can't then the queen asks someone else. As the Government is Tory then only a Tory could be the next PM. If on the other hand it's a VoNC in the Government and they cant get their vote of confidence then I presume it can be from another party. This would still leave Boris leader of the Tories and by default leader of the opposition.
  2. bobo


    Isle of Wight I believe.
  3. They've lost all pretense at impartiality.
  4. BBC News this morning were going on about how the UK had already agreed to the backstop. They were actively making out it's the UK that's messing around with the poor EU. I know I shouldn't watch it but it was on at my Dads.
  5. Don't be silly. More Scots voted for Brexit than voted for the SNP. 30% of SNP voters also voted Brexit. It's all show with Sturgeon she could pick a fight in an empty room.
  6. Good rant. I'll bet half the monies earned/claimed don't get spent here either. That can't be good for the economy.
  7. bobo


    Could be wrong but I think it can have an efect on internal rubber components and other parts
  8. As its a secret ballot and there's a chance of a general election soon I'll say 160
  9. Maybe no one. I think it's got to a point of critical mass and this is the only way to fight back. I wish them well.
  10. A few speed bumps will shift it. Try Tesco
  11. Magnet + String = Result
  12. What's your problem? Not enough state control?