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  1. Don't be silly. More Scots voted for Brexit than voted for the SNP. 30% of SNP voters also voted Brexit. It's all show with Sturgeon she could pick a fight in an empty room.
  2. Good rant. I'll bet half the monies earned/claimed don't get spent here either. That can't be good for the economy.
  3. bobo


    Could be wrong but I think it can have an efect on internal rubber components and other parts
  4. As its a secret ballot and there's a chance of a general election soon I'll say 160
  5. Maybe no one. I think it's got to a point of critical mass and this is the only way to fight back. I wish them well.
  6. A few speed bumps will shift it. Try Tesco
  7. Magnet + String = Result
  8. What's your problem? Not enough state control?
  10. My brother is due to replace his car. Always AUDI since 1995. All change now looks like Range Rover is getting his £80k
  11. bobo

    Bye bye Treason May?

    You really need to read up more on this. UDI really? Who funds you?
  12. bobo

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Scotland would never in a million years meet the accession criteria. Latest poll puts 60% in favour of remaining in UK so even if you get your 5% its still a loss. Sturgeon is stringing along these nutters and she's going to get found out sooner or later. I think most in people Scotland aren't thinking about sweet spots for independence. Most are just trying to avoid the mess created by SNP incompetence. Education, Health, Police, Transport all markedly worse since SNP. Named person, Illegal databases, Rebranding everything in Gaelic. Freedom of speech (Count Dankula) Removal of Union Jack from produce and endless meddling in what you can eat or drink. SNP I don't think so. Scots are smarter than that.
  13. bobo

    Bye bye Treason May?

    They know only too well if Brexit happens then any future vote for Scot independence is finito