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  1. To criticise it would lead to jail time funnily enough. Time to leave I think
  2. SNP want to maintain housing benefit and pay UBI to kids. They also want to increase tax by 8% and do away with the personal allowance. It's as far away from a proper UBI as I am from a large crowd.
  3. I read public sector workers were getting full pay not 80%. Could be wrong tho. Lots of disinformation going around.
  4. I had something last March. All the symptoms of this including the pneumonia at the tail end. 3 lots of antibiotics 3 lots of steroids and 3 weeks in bed. Still a year later with reduced lung capacity. Picked my bro up from Edinburgh airport returning from Italy the day before it came on. I know it's unlikely it's this thing but I've never been so ill. Thought it was lights out.
  5. I used to do it for a living. Employed quite a few as well. Your ratio of thickos far underestimates my own. I eventually gave it up after years of running around like a madman fixing mistakes. Did most/all 2nd fix pfi schools 2000 to 2009 in Scotland and beyond. Never again ptsd lol
  6. You're overthinking it a tad. Calorific value won't change much in our climate and some meters are indoors anyway.
  7. Pressure is set by a regulator at the meter. Should be around 21 mb
  8. I don't think they are testing for antibodies at present only for the virus. Therefore the test is useless on cured folk Should have read the whole thread before opening my gub
  9. Yes your probably right but that's for sharper minds than mine.
  10. I think it'll be a different world on the other side of this and no countries are escaping the devastation. There's no paying this back in any timeframe and the only way forward is to dump the past. Hang on to whats important to you but I think a complete reset is the only cure. I don't know how its done or who loses or gains but I cant see another way without decades of pain. Just my humble opinion. Happy to be corrected.
  11. Even weirder what/who are they seriously crapping themselves from. Have we had a visit and been given a timescale? I don't think it's deliberate but as with many things the less you know the more you conject
  12. I think their furniture is all made in Wales not sure about their textiles/wallpaper. They've been going out of business for 20 years.
  13. bobo

    Buy more cars

    I'm sure they won't be anymore reliable than ice. They still will have suspension arms/bushes, wheel bearings, driveshafts cv joints. brakes etc and are significantly heavier so more wear. Then there's rust. I don't see them passing mot's any easier and any required repairs will be costlier. I see it as a big exercise to see just how gullible the public are. I'm not giving up my car for some fad