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  1. Passengerless cars, and Tourette's syndrome swearing riderless bicycles!
  2. MrPin

    The one where I offend a staunch leftie.

    Well I still believe in "the common ownership of the means of tractor production", something which the Labour Party ditched in 1995. I don't know how staunch that makes me, but I may be the only Socialist left, that doesn't ponce around in rainbow flags, and worry about recycling, when plenty of these people of this country have shit lives. Comrade Pin!
  3. MrPin

    Israel arming its citizens - about time we did

    Criminals can get their own guns, which are amortised as a company expense, and is tax efficient. If I buy a gun, it's with my money after tax, so I want to make sure I use it, to get best value out of it by shooting it a lot!
  4. MrPin


    I think Renty needs to trade in his Maxi soon. Go on! Do it!
  5. MrPin


    Toyota airbag sensors were made in Germany. I know as I programmed the welding machine. I like those Maseratis, and I think if you get a good one it will be nice. Get an auto or a proper manual one, not one of the flippy paddle shifters. I would like one myself, but my sister would tell be off!
  6. MrPin

    How The World Sees The UK

    Chinese aren't as polite as the Japanese. The Koreans are very funny (I mean they have a good sense of humour!)
  7. MrPin

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    Ha ha! I've been there!
  8. MrPin

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    I've never been motivated by "having a career". It's all crap. I don't want to chat about golf in an executive urinal. In fact I don't really want to see the MD's willy at all, unless it is extraordinary.
  9. MrPin

    How The World Sees The UK

    We are exactly like Japan. A small island driving on the other side of the road, with a healthy obsession with large girls in school uniforms.
  10. MrPin

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    Yes I would post them my excrement, with their own return address.
  11. MrPin

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    Yes Joe, and I wish I was 45 again, to tell those people I didn't like exactly what I thought of them. I know what you mean about "low level managers". They can't make a decision.
  12. MrPin

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    I will give you a very thorough agreement on that.
  13. MrPin

    The Demise of California?

    Are you investing in slaves now, Frank?