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  1. MrPin

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    Remember ladies! Black men have cocks the size of a canoe, so you had better have a giant vagina!
  2. MrPin

    How to make democracy work

    People resist having their faith condemned, whatever faith that is.
  3. MrPin

    Interesting dog revenge attack

    If you are nice to your dog (which I don't have), it probably hugs more than it fights!
  4. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    Which side did she fight for? Either way some of my relativews did that. I cant tell. It's all in Roman numerals.
  5. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    You are cheering me up no end mate!
  6. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    You are an old cunt too!
  7. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    I'm not average, and I'm not 70!
  8. MrPin

    What if I don't Want Halal?

    You could always visit My Uncle Mauritz' Kosher store for the real shit.
  9. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    I have heard of giant vaginas, but mine seems to fit OK.
  10. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    Spunky your funeral for your hair, was aqes ago. Birds don't give a shit as long as you are nioe. Old biker here! Fuck off old people?
  11. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    You don't live up to your name.
  12. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    Mr Popular, eh?
  13. MrPin

    Fucking Funerals

    Kin'ell. Now I have unlimited access to daytime television again, I am being bombarded with adverts for funeral plans. I don't feel ill BTW. I'm only going tto have one funeral, and I hope somebody turns up.
  14. MrPin

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    I do have parts that a bit like a potato. Does that count?