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  1. An ex plod Dodge would be nice.
  2. Almost. I got £120 from the scrapper. Would have bought a nice Shure SM58
  3. Sorry Renty, but you and you mate Peaky only went to the moon to smash your turds into the ground.
  4. Lovely car. I had one of those.
  5. You had better obey Supreme Commander Servalan.
  6. Are you all hypochondriacs?
  7. MrPin

    Dating farmers

    Bigger roads for bigger farmers.
  8. You cannot walk on the moon, as all the gravity is on the back. This is what keeps the disk of cheese in place.
  9. MrPin

    Cheesy Rider

    Shovelhead. 1979. Sold it. Still going.
  10. MrPin

    Cheesy Rider

    Bayerischen Motorrad Werke?
  11. MrPin

    Cheesy Rider

    I have previously posted a picture, somewhere.