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  1. I was recently working with an ex-UKIP regional organiser, who has a nice off-beat sense of humour, and has written books on politics. I didn't tell him about here, as his wife is black, and some people here see Sambos coming up through the drains.
  2. Stop buying all this French and German water and power. Oh shit. Maggie sold it all!
  3. It is the DM, and it's a no news day.
  4. You beat me to it. Next we'll have merchandising, and a sequel, like "Spaceballs"!
  5. Well I saw a nice house, buy pylon wires ran over the garden. It put me off. 5-Bit Baudot is all you need. Waste of bits that above.
  6. MrPin

    DOSBODS Academy

    Does anyone here work in cement, or construction?
  7. How many is having a cellphone stuck to your head all day?
  8. MrPin

    DOSBODS Academy

    that would be an excellent Christmas present.
  9. Transformers make a pleasing hum.
  10. Serious answer. No a house under a pylon is not a good idea. Nor is a mansion on a decaying cliff, or a flat over a brothel.
  11. You should not wear your electrodes outside your treament centre. Fucking right you winnet!
  12. You have been on 27 MHz? This is CB where you can do it with no licence, and a much politer place than it used to be.