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  1. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    FM radio! Cool!
  2. NHS - envy of the world

    Doctors are people that play golf a lot. Occasionally they exhibit an interest in the workings of bodies. Avoid leptospirosis, by cutting down on your consumption of rat urine.
  3. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    I like my older V8s. Seem to pass emissions tests every year (usually). Still would like a Citroen DS though. Being French was cool back then. Sure cars got fat, which is why the parking spaces don't fit.
  4. Snow Track.

    This is the coldest day since time began, according to an expert.
  5. low fat cheese

    Australia has some funny import rules. You are not allowed narcotics, potatoes, or live insects. Are cane toads OK?
  6. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Ha ha, nothing like that happens here.
  7. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I would rather have Russia as an uneasy ally than an opponent. The expelling of diplomats is a charade, and more will replace them. We and they know that. Something "has to be seen to be done", and it has been. Russians do no not generally drive busses into children, and there are greater foes out there.
  8. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Why should the public be informed?
  9. Rover 75

    If Jeremy Clarkson doesn't want one, I reckon it's a good car. I'd rather listen to that Willson chap.
  10. Soundtrack to my brain right now.

    What a nice guitar. I have one a bit likr that.
  11. Celeb boom bust

    I just buy stupidly oversized vehicles with dents, and people assume I am posh.
  12. Career advice

    Wasn't that Miriam Margolys?