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  1. That sounds like my ex marriage!
  2. Perhaps their navy ought to work out of other parts of Germany, like Norway, and France?
  3. MrPin

    Smoking Hot Gingers

    And the beer?
  4. MrPin

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    Well I watched stuff on TV. I wish the best as neither seems nasty. Although I am in favour of the common ownership of the means of production and the dictatorship of the prolitariat.
  5. MrPin

    Smoking Hot Gingers

    Ginger people are a myth! I have spoken!
  6. Comical erroneous taxidermy?
  7. Ha ha! Germany gasses Jews and sells expensive shit cars, and has a very small joke book, and lost that war!
  8. MrPin

    Places you'd like to visit

    Isn't that the whole British Empire?
  9. Shopping will save the planet. Get rid of your old stuff, and buy new green eco-stuff!
  10. Buy more stuff Frank!
  11. MrPin

    Congo Um-Bongo Gorillas in the Midst

    He's borrowed some of my art films, and thinks they were "instructional"??
  12. MrPin

    Interesting Visit to Barclays this morning

    I get over 80 unsolicited spams a day, from somebodies I unfortunately bought something off once. Should have gone round and bought it with cash, rather than online.
  13. MrPin

    Lambrini confidential

  14. I find it easier to boil a kettle and find some tea.
  15. MrPin

    Interesting Visit to Barclays this morning

    Kurt is dodgy, as he has been abroad, and Captain Mainwaring does not approve.