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  1. MrPin


    I'll be back.
  2. MrPin


    I am always tempted to propose at funerals. It just seems right.
  3. I see you are a realist!
  4. Sir, you are referring to my wife as a bicycle! Biscuits at dawn, you bounder!
  5. One of mates hanged himself in the garage, for no reason that I could fathom. He had a Humber Sceptre, which is a Hillman Hunter with all the bells and whistles
  6. Don't worry. Now DCLXVI has been reached, my Children's Porno Bible will be available soon
  7. Stop looking, and read your Bible more.
  8. There's a phone on the Clifton bridge in Bristol. A regular leaping point, for a bungee-less descent.
  9. Most excellently put. Sometimes I wish I were 3 foot tall for a better view. As it is I carry an inverted periscope.
  10. Now I have been watching Blaze TV again, and apparently that gherkin building was built by extra terestrials, and contains the Ark of the Covenant. Some claim Masons were involved, but as usual I blame the Bakers.
  11. It's gherkins. One of my mates came down from Manchester, and we went to Covent Garden. We had beef bagels .He's never seen a gherkin before.
  12. Yes that is another issue. I do have neighbours now.