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  1. MrPin

    Hoax hate

    Nobody will tell you stuff for YOUR benefit.
  2. MrPin

    Hoax hate

    Yes, once people thought the Bible was true, then newspapers, radio, TV, and what next?
  3. MrPin

    Favourite Food?

    Still, I'll bet there's a parmo in the freezer!
  4. MrPin

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    The delights of Salford. Down where I was the vehicle wouldn't be stolen unless it ran on hay! Gurt Clodney, BTW, my fictitious homeland.
  5. MrPin

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    Insert a tiidly switch somewhere hidden, that nobody can find. Your car stays where it is. Pimp!
  6. MrPin

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    Oh mine was just a Granada hatchback. Nothing like a rally car but a nioe motorway plodder.
  7. MrPin

    Hoax hate

    Many lies on Internet. People thought it was all true once.
  8. MrPin

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    Yes, I had one. Nobody stole it, as they stopped putting the word Cosworth on them
  9. MrPin

    Hoax hate

    Is it Catholics again?
  10. MrPin

    Favourite Food?

    Is this available in Norway? All brunost and sild up there. The second best place for a proper black pudding is Cockney Land.
  11. MrPin

    Favourite Food?

    Lot of votes for Black Pudding. Has to be a Bury one tied in a ring and boiled.
  12. MrPin

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Most advertising budget seems to be spent promoting brands which are basically indistinguishable from the rival product.
  13. MrPin

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    Yes, and the Kinks were good. One of my favourites.
  14. MrPin

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    I think it was a camel. There were pyramids behind me.