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  1. You take a lump sum so you can spend it before you die. Annuities are abit of a gamble, eh, and then the insurance company keeps your money.
  2. Can anybody explain to me exactly what he is supposed to have done?
  3. Three holes per brick.
  4. Yes! Every motor without a V8, is an electric wheelchair.
  5. Yes, I am a miserable old git with nothing but music and a modest motorcycle. Not really, I'm quite happy really.
  6. He would be in the right place.
  7. If he can sell these THNEEDS, I will will salute him. Otherwise he will be firmly arse-bummed by VAG.
  8. DOSBODS Romance? Give me a break. It will be thinner than the "Great Compendium of German Jokes"
  9. He sounds like a right chump Joe, and my mates might see right through him, and give him a black eye.
  10. MrPin


    You probably already have.
  11. Possible mis-buying. As soon as you reach 50, these scam companies reach for your wallet.