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  1. Subaru Forester?
  2. Not sure I get this. When driving somewhere foreign, check which side of the road is correct. It varies.
  3. And the King has to fine you, or take your castle away. Just like the "olden days".
  4. Sounds about right. Those I know that had it bad were down South, in January.
  5. Yes, that's right, and I think Forrest Trump is unwise to describe it as Chinese. The Spanish Flu started in Kansas, and was much more deadly. Only Spain reported it, due to not being in WW1.
  6. There has to be some innuendo in that! Fnarr! Fnarr!
  7. It's because of all your fantastic hi-tech industry, shipbuilding, and drugs.
  8. Ironically they have been too good at capitalism, and become almost a monopoly.
  9. It's because we are in the dark! What is clear, is that some people are troughing it for all it's worth.
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