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  1. I think it is. Just something I don't get, like Rap music.
  2. noo! And I am much too thick to be depressed.
  3. Your appointment is in the post.
  4. I never get depressed. I might be too thick or not "poetic" enough.
  5. Wake up people. UK propaganda is targetting YOU. Just because it's on TwitBook, doesn't mean it's not paid for.
  6. I have to admire this.
  7. MrPin

    DNA jackpot

    Maybe I should open mine? For the curious.
  8. MrPin


    I'm going the other way. Once I was certain.
  9. MrPin

    Climate Change

    Straight out of "DailyMash" or "TheOnion". Viz-worthy
  10. It's OK, he lives in Glasgow.
  11. I think Salisbury is still waiting for the internet.
  12. I thought it meant a 50 year old bloke on a scooter. I know one.
  13. MrPin

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Nobody else wants the job.
  14. MrPin

    May's Bunker

    Maybe we at the end of "the age of stupidity" which started in 1995?
  15. It wasn't painful at all. Bob's a nice guy. Still in contact.