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  1. I like the old ones that were like a Volkswagen, with a really rattly engine.
  2. Denmark? It's full of bacon!
  3. I will, but it's a bit dark for my pinhole camera at the moment.
  4. Wink and a nod and DOSBODS discount, eh?
  5. I have already spoken on riderless motorcycles. I reckon you could just send them to the offie, for a few bottles.
  6. Yes it will. It will have to pass all the tests. Not just an MOT.
  7. MrPin

    Why Bother?

    No, I meant "Iron John", ha ha look it up.
  8. MrPin


    Some here read the wrong internet.
  9. You have embraced the "Age of Stupidity".
  10. Once again we admire your linguistic conjuring. I imagine you have nothing better to do. Yes I noticed Mohammed was a very popular name. If they are called John or Peter, they are usually Christian. Should you be interested in genuine fake religious artifacts, I've got a container load of "Ark of the Covenant" style blanket boxes arriving from China. All with Bluetooth, and USB chargers..
  11. And in Spy's case "the old country", whichever one he has forgotten he was shippen in from.
  12. MrPin


    If you are MAN enough, you can get the most hard boiled witch, to go a bit feminine. It's like magnets, North and South pole and that.