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  1. Yes I have a Boss "thingy". It records. I've never worked out the other 98% of what it does.
  2. Nobody will notice due to the amount of "fake news" about a virus.
  3. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    I'm not sure today, but it's certainly true the Scots had more universities than England a long time ago. I never went to school in Scotland, so I don't know.
  4. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    I hate to tell Carl, but I think the Scots are over represented in all sorts of places. Pot Kettle Black.
  5. If you had inserted it into your anus, you could have been officer material.
  6. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    Quite a few of the Founding Fathers, wot made America grate, were Masons with a Scottish connection. Allegedly from a TV program I watched once.
  7. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    I am, and I recognised it straight away.
  8. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    Are there any Masons (or Bakers)?
  9. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    I picked on Methodists at random, as just some invisible group, that aren't noticeable until you look. I wonder how many of the new US administration are radio hams, and is there a plot in it? Maybe there are an unfeasable number of bassoonists?
  10. MrPin

    Jew Biden

    I assume Catholics are allowed to be head of state. It happened before, unlike here. Quite a lot of Americans would be of Catholic or Jewish descent, so I wouldn't read too much into it.. Has Joe appointed any Methodists?
  11. DAF91 http://www.daveysradios.org.uk/b1v.html
  12. I'm sure it is. It's why proper vampires have big castles, and I am in an ex-council house.
  13. Major Sharpe. We are buried in the white stuff here today.
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