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  1. A lot of jobs insist on it. Nothing top secret. I may have mentioned I worked on Naval radio systems. The RN has ships. Ships have radio equipment. I don't think that breaks the Official Secrets Act. You all know that anyway.
  2. Just what is real Neo?
  3. You know, from some I wouldn't believe that.
  4. I had a working holiday in Narnia once, polishing unicorn's golden balls
  5. Fraid not Mr @The XYY Man. I have a British passport, and sometimes the requirement of the job, means you are not allowed to hold another passport, although I could probably get an Irish one.
  6. And the educated mind. I hope people here realise I don't repost unsubstantiated tweets. I post what I know, and have seen personally. If you don't believe it Q can't help you.
  7. I saw many on my fake sea voyages. I also saw mermaids, the Kraken, and Fantasy Island.
  8. It only comes from living round the London area. I was not cool at all, but I tried. My sister seemed to know the "good and famous".
  9. I was trendy, and you were not.
  10. MrPin

    chai latte

    Fuck off coffee threads.
  11. Crikey I used to come home with perfume on me boots after a trip to Carnaby Street. We seek him there, and all that. Dedicated follower of fashion, but I can see you started your fashion.
  12. No six inch guns then?
  13. You should play one of those funny short 5 string guitars.
  14. What's a coble then? I only got O level in Geordie, which ain't Sunderland.