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  1. MrPin

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    It wouldn't look out of place in Liberace's bathroom. I have a liking for over decorated tat.
  2. MrPin

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    I can't consider myself retired until I have an over elaborate French clock like Empress Eugenie had.
  3. MrPin

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    Did you get a clock?
  4. This belief that a test will change anything is bollocks. It will only be for the seriously ill, or medical staff showing symptoms. If medical staff are showing symptoms, they should take a sicko. It's not important which virus it is, as ill people in the hospital might get it.
  5. He won't be the only one to have buggered up his country's economy.
  6. People in Sweden live more than 2 metres apart.
  7. ! Did you mean to say that?.....
  8. I think it unfair that "famous children" get a special hospital. Still I imagine they would be recognised, so can't be sold as orphans.
  9. I believe I have urinated on the Cathedral there.
  10. Institute of Electrical Engineers (now rebranded)
  11. You have a square toilet? It is you that should use the "Sponge Bob" avatar.
  12. I don't know when it is, as it not shown in my IET diary. Apparently today is "Rama Navami"?
  13. It's Spring. The helicopters are looking for somewhere to nest. It's Goth Week every week here.
  14. No. That's just more kinky dressing up stuff.