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  1. Why there's nothing wrong with that. Ahoy matey from HMS Fishfinger! And all we proudly bumped into. Unfortunately, academia is corrupt and always has been.
  2. Some bits of the coastal world do fall into the sea (like Norfolk). Scotland is OK however as it is still rising after the weight of the ice has gone.
  3. MrPin

    The next EU

    I used to approve of the EU, before countries I couldn't even find on a map (1957 World Atlas) got let in.
  4. MrPin

    Guarantor loans.

    No he watched it live from Surrey.
  5. MrPin

    Guarantor loans.

    My dad watched the Crystal Palace burn down in 1936, although he was not charged.
  6. MrPin

    Guarantor loans.

    They could go to Crystal Palace to get the full force of the So-Called BBC transmission.
  7. Nobody here needs a hair transplant???? Just polish.
  8. I only see flat ones, so they can't read.
  9. HBO will probaly make 7 series of that! And obvioulsy it goes wrong after the 4th.
  10. I'll bet that's our Frank. I had a few in Viz. You may have seen them.
  11. You know I'm a Swarfega and WD40 man. The loveliest thing I ever said to a lady, was you smell of Dexron ATF. She was a Ford girl, and we never got on.
  12. Think of her like Milla Jovavich, with zombie neighbours.
  13. Wimp! Huttle Leadbeter (Leadbelly) could do it.