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  1. That's a real insight into your character. We all regret decisions we never made.
  2. There's other manly things like cross-stich, and cushions.
  3. You'll have work for years!
  4. Accountancy is for real men, and the Marines are half arsed bollocks.
  5. You would get your stapler, and parrot!
  6. I don't believe you Frank. But if you do want a fight, it's probably best to do it for your country. Still if you still want a Naval career, we have some nice desks.
  7. What actually happened is some poor buggers in a church in NZ got completely wasted by a known nutter. I can't see how ANYONE can celebrate that.
  8. Obviously here that is a requirement. I really hope people are not wishing for a war!
  9. You know fuck all about it.
  10. No. I notice a "cheering" for war from people who do not understand what that means, and that is really off-topic.
  11. That was another topic. I know I dribble all over the place at my age, but let's keep the serious topics on topic.
  12. Everyone seems to want it. My dad's generation were sick of war.
  13. Keep the trucks, but ban wheels?
  14. Maybe Mr Mooncat has learned some notes?