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  1. Double necked guitars, are a 70s thing. Truly horrible and unweildy.
  2. MrPin


    don't tell her I left.
  3. I always wondered what the "I" stood for? Ian. Ivan Kevin?
  4. Yer talkin so much shite, I can see winnets on yer teeth.
  5. Obviously I do the West Country Cockney Brummie Geordie accent.
  6. I think LSE is quite a good university compared to some. You can disagree.
  7. Maybe not. you have to think when it was made. Maybe a precursor for "V for Vendetta".
  8. MrPin


    Don't you go to lots of dangerous places full of heffalumps, and zombies?
  9. MrPin

    Next PM

    I think you are correct that Brexit will not change immigration.
  10. I fancy getting a 12 string acoustic for that "sound".
  11. Just ordered this. Was only young when it was on TV. See if it lives up.
  12. Does anyone remember "I Claudius"? I thought it was good.
  13. The Catholic church is not short of a few bob, and I am sure they can fix it. Wasn't it insured? I went straight to my house insurance company when my roof blew off, and it worked, and it wasn't fraud.
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    I had to look that up.
  15. Well two of me mates kids are off to Uni this year. I hope they find it a good deal.
  16. Probably pissing up wind with this one as adverts usually stereotype the extremely average, but are played by reasonable looking actors. Can anyone good looking get out of a Nissan Juke?
  17. MrPin


    Ok, so if some places have gone a bit "upmarket", what went downmarket?
  18. I think that's right. The fact you only have a limited number of shots on a film, encourages better composition. And you get to keep them in a suitcase in the loft, for future generations to wonder who those old reletives were. Digital photos may be lost on a memory stick, and people in the future might call this "The Dark Ages"
  19. Saw The Jam a few times. They were pretty good.
  20. MrPin


    Just watched a documentary about "The North" which I thought started at Hatfield. Newcastle is unrecognisable from the time I spent there (84-85). Whitby looks the same as when my coffin arrived.
  21. Yes, they are not fighting against social injustice for "normal" people.