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  1. You would get your stapler, and parrot!
  2. I don't believe you Frank. But if you do want a fight, it's probably best to do it for your country. Still if you still want a Naval career, we have some nice desks.
  3. What actually happened is some poor buggers in a church in NZ got completely wasted by a known nutter. I can't see how ANYONE can celebrate that.
  4. Obviously here that is a requirement. I really hope people are not wishing for a war!
  5. You know fuck all about it.
  6. No. I notice a "cheering" for war from people who do not understand what that means, and that is really off-topic.
  7. That was another topic. I know I dribble all over the place at my age, but let's keep the serious topics on topic.
  8. Everyone seems to want it. My dad's generation were sick of war.
  9. Keep the trucks, but ban wheels?
  10. Maybe Mr Mooncat has learned some notes?
  11. For some reason, I misread that as FELCHING.
  12. We might have Maynard on the cornet? Actually I'm really a guitar man.
  13. It's not a good explanation as you have just said "lefties" and "far right", so you are explaining one piece of Newspeak with another.
  14. One fire engine from Fidderminster Fire Station was dispatched to the scene. ????? Trumpton?
  15. Beer is mostly water, and you have to drink enough of that.
  16. MrPin

    trans madness

    My imaginary friends are here!
  17. It's not is it? I reckon 6 pints a night is OK.
  18. I think you only get "missing" keys if you buy a real antique one. The Yamaha ones are good. I have a Tenor. Mr Maynard, do not encourage bugling. You can form a brass section with Mr XYY?
  19. With Brexit as an example I think a few others may be wanting to leave the EU too. Bets anyone?
  20. You must feel like a right hard nut going into the music shop, and asking for a set of those?
  21. Careful with your words, as I don't understand "lefties" and "far right" either
  22. That is the sort of explanation I was expecting, but what does it really mean, and why is there a word for it?