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  1. I'd rather buy a second hand C4 Cactus and a 2 second pop up tent and save £25k..... Sleeping in uninsulated vehicles is not good.... One adventure in a service station.....I got my self-inflating mattress out and slept down by the kerb..... In the morning I realised it was an area where truckers stopped to have a piss
  2. It's a BRILLIANT from me too! Is the lid next to your cooker for a bin? Have you measured your power consumption and generation at all? Happy travels!
  3. @Lightly ToastedI agree, cooling is important for me too, gotta be in ghetto heaven Desk leg integrated 'Desktop PC'.... 120watt laptop psu, 65watt plenty fast cpu, idles at something like 15-20watts, save the planet! Wires need tidying
  4. Wouldn't you be better off getting a HAPPY lamp? OP get some weed and have a mega shagging session Even if you're not in 'mega shagging' you might have some really weird dreams and when you wake up you'll jump out of bed and be relieved to be alive some mornings! Somebody attacked me last night so I tried to bite their fingers off......my teeth and jaw are aching this morning
  5. US indices are looking heavy....well Nasdaq is ..... Trump might have to call in the PPT next week or things will be getting even cheaper Don't forget cycling at the weekend
  6. if you chop and saw your wood in winter that keeps you warm too I had an accident with a stihl saw a while back and a large thorn from a branch went into my wrist as the branch fell.....when I 'pulled out' the blood spurted about 6 inches into the air before I threw the saw out the way and put my other hand on it...... I seriously thought I might bleed to death cos I was in a remote location but actually it stopped quite quickly, stung for a while though and I limit myself to lawnmowers now
  7. errr dark metal and dirty fuel oil coloured.......the scrap man took the fuel and never came back for the tank It's my house but it's surrounded by a metal fence and wild cats so don't try and get in uninvited
  8. @HarleyI've got a 3 meter long fuel oil tank you can have..... I ripped out the central heating.....in mid winter you can chuck an extra log on and a fleece Maybe we need a 'hardcore preppers' thread?
  9. All this RDSB talk... need to log off.... must, resist, buying, more, oil... somebody post some tits instead?
  10. but why? Arch linux ftw! I've been messing with python, django and other geeky crap, too much time on my hands........was thinking about setting up an ecommerce site to sell some stuff but can't think of anything to sell, well not legal Your Ryzen is fast as ffffffffffff! UP there with that Intel crap spunko bought EDIT: yup you've defo trumped spunkos Intel
  11. I've got HyperX Fury! 16gb....... I'm running a browser with 116 tabs open and MT4 in the background and it only uses 22% memory And nearly forgot about a car auction being too geeky
  12. I once did some mathematical modelling on diabetes mellitus, pointless cos the fatties have taken over the world That's slow ram. I'd be looking at ddr4-3600 BUT I know that affects Ryzen performance a lot, not clued up on Intel stuff now...
  13. NVMe ssd I only want small and low power components nowadays for the fleet of bots I'll be building soon
  14. Thinking about it, you'll probably be stuck in 'Windows driver hell' whilst it tries to reconfigure and find drivers for all your hardware.....then if it can't find em you'll be left with stuff that doesn't work.... Methinks you'd be best off with a clean virgin install......but I'm an Arch linux geek......I need to mention that to entertain @gibbon Disclaimer: I don't just slag off Windows cos I hate big corporates and Bill Gates, it is truly shite and that comes from an ex certified M$ Pro........now just certifiable Oh yeah I started to work on Windows NT Pro 3.51 and the g
  15. 'us geeks' will chip in with help.... I would have bought an AMD Ryzen 5/7 with integrated graphics myself...... HDD should be an M.2 SSD (they clip into your motherboard) and I was just reading about Thunderbolt 3 (but that's too bleeding edge for a tight arse like me) RAM is pretty cheap methinks, you need to match the speed to your CPU though So what did you buy out of interest? Bon courage!
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