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  1. @Vendettadude you're off your tits and/or you're overthinking it there is enough shite out there to short already without getting into bonds ie that shitty £££££ dumped its arsehole as soon as there was the smallest hint of risk off....that's what the world thinks of the UK nowadays #islandprison #donttakeitpersonally
  2. ALGOS bought the dip again, panic over cunt bollock bastards they just spiked Nasdaq up only to slam the bastard down.......I can smell what they're doing but my concentration is a bit unreliable think I need some diamond hands, doggy style
  3. Aye but I think Nasdaq smelt it before the bond spike....apparently there was fuck all interest in an auction but that might just be Tyler exaggerating again...
  4. the SEC are gonna investigate Musk for tweeting about doggy coin... NASDAQ is currently shitting the bed and taking other markets with it.... Although some gurus on Twatter are saying GAMESTOP has broken the markets again... funny I was just gonna start a 'diamond hands thread' but it'll probably be like tumbleweed in there
  5. Apparently GAMESTOP has broken the markets again
  6. christ I didn't! If I got a gob full of that I'd be fuming! TMI in here.......best be off and do something more peaceful instead
  7. said the actress to the bishop..... I agree with @Van LadyI can't understand all the sheeple keep running to the docs to get poked, prodded and filled with drugs thinking it's a membership card to a longer life.......you'll never cure cancers cos most of them are self-inflicted and then there's this theory that cancer is a 'by product' of the bodies 'self repair and heal process' but it's just gone on a wobbler this time cos your body is the size of a cow, etc etc Keep healthy everyone!
  8. what about the wall street bets Silver ramp? It better start getting some traction or else I'll have to cancel the Lambo order
  9. yeah I moved out of Oil into HZM and something else.....arrgghhhhh!
  10. nirvana

    E10 Petrol

    bloody litter louts
  11. nirvana

    E10 Petrol

    methinks you're right and E10 just means up to 10% ethanol....it's been common in Europe for over 10 years and the froggies drive some right old knackered sheds........maybe they're filling em up with SP98
  12. DAX goes bonkers at breakfast time.....you need to be quick to catch the dip One of the twitterati reckons SIlver poised to break over 30.......could be a furu....that's a fake guru re Elon and his McLaren F1...apparently he smashed it up and it wasn't insured Caught another dip.....so you can buy dips in a downtrend ....it dumped 100 pips in 35 mins Now I'm playing 'should I stay or should I go'...... Wow I bought 3 dips and they all paid! That buys a nice lunch and a cheap ebike battery.....better than dreaming of silly Lambos
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