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  1. He’ll be getting his shopping delivered from Waitrose / Ocado ? As an aside a recent visit to a London Sainsbury’s supermarket and they had added cameras above every self service till unit - like the passport scanners at airports.
  2. What a let down. Though Sansa looked hot!
  3. I’ll post up a photo of my lambswool jumper- moths or carpet beetle you decide!
  4. I did a boot fair recently. I didn’t see many people buying (we sold a few items) and loads of people selling just seemed to be a bit down spirited tbh to the pointlessness of it all. I was scratching my head how do people make this work - items on sale did not look too dissimilar from items discarded at the tip. Maybe there are variety in boot fairs across Uk
  5. Ash4781b

    Its a boy!

    “Meghan reveals baby Archie's feet in US Mother's Day celebration“ It begins. Shame I expected more in depth BBC Analysis - atleast a panel. What can we learn from the feet?
  6. There’s a Similar jump in NHS employers pensions contributions. I assumed as for teachers the department budgets would be increased to compensate for the increased employers contributions. Edit: ok politically it doesn’t look great increasing department budgets and the money going on pensions lol
  7. I wonder which woman will come out on top ? My fear is it’ll end up some alliance of women ruling (could see the scene now - men dead and those men left just bowing).
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    What is beard oil ?
  9. It was a total mess of an episode. Really disappointing.
  10. Ash4781b

    thirsty work

    I’m not sure why but I find him annoying
  11. Any views on UK wage inflation? There seems to be a lot in the statistics (national minimum benchmark for a start) and I can only think in certain areas of the country firms margins will be crushed.
  12. So-called will get a Trump tweet in there in the feed.
  13. Its not just the bricks- look at AO world plc. Also reading about ASOS tweaking return policies- youngsters playing the system almost ‘renting / trialing clothes lol 😂 Back to the bricks and mortar Sainsbury’s Plc will need turning around. Really do not know what the management were thinking there buying Argos then going after Asda. I expect non food margins are collapsing and in the food side haemorrhaging customers to rivals. It appears they cannot abandon the Asda merger. Dixons Carphone looks sick to - on mobiles side Sim only phone deals getting really cheap but handset prices sky high. Seem to be pushing insurance policies hard lol Superdry Plc has had quite a public boardroom battle. It’ll make a good book / article. There’s definitely a sense of a retail shakeout - the likes of Mike Ashley etc and old retailers returning after seeing their companies wrecked.