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  1. These just get plastered with parked cars and vans. Unlucky if a fire engine requires access!
  2. Any signs of rebuilding? It’s only a matter of time. If it was round here I’d imagine a boy racer slamming into the house while completing an overtake.u Is the lamppost in the garden?
  3. Does anyone else find Micro usb (both Male and female) fail prematurely? Checking online seems normally down to strain relief. I don’t think I have a micro usb device connection that works as originally purchased. Anyone resolder the connectors? I also go through lightning cables (the cables fail not the connector)
  4. Ash4781b

    Tk max

    I found it good for ski stuff (for the bi decade trip) and as a student. the stores are ok but the jumble sale aspect is to me much worse then I remember. As upthread it’s probably just the population changes over time and reduction in designer brands. I can see how the click and collect would work well. And Imagine works to the leisure aspect - find a bargain type shopper.
  5. Where do you find the 20% that aren’t mad?
  6. Seem to remember watching an episode with I think Ray Mears where he collected water in a condom. Used to keep one in my wallet up until I got married.
  7. The electric car project has been scrapped. Shame.
  8. Did they have the red or blue light of death ?
  9. Blimey and that’s running constant voucher offers and full restaurants. Imagine they are just keeping cash coming in. Silly really that’s far too much debt. Though I guess if you can pass the parcel and successfully exit...,
  10. This will come in handy transferring homebrew. Tempted to move to kegs. Any one use jet system ?
  11. Oh my!
  12. Never heard of them. They can always be rolled onto the Nationwide if it goes wrong! I’ve not gone through the financialS which are for a lender easy ish to follow