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  1. Oops I meant to post this elsewhere in dosbods.
  2. Ash4781b

    So your next World Bank leader is....

    “17 DECEMBER, 2018 6 MIN READ Gordon Brown spearheads campaign to protect free TV licences for the hard-pressed over-75s” I just got a little angry reading that article.
  3. Building a wort chiller for homebrew. It’s a bit of a plumbing voyage. So starting at the kitchen tap it has an aerator (some metric thing with a thread male I think) then somehow getting that to connect to 10mm copper tube. A few options most seem to go from 3/4 bsp / 1/2 quick connect I think garden hose to converter to 15mm then short section15mm pipe then compression reducer to 10mm then to 10mm pipe. Other option I have seen is garden hose to jubilee clip / duct tape to 10mm - seems risky? I don’t fancy the pipe out the window to the garden tap so my plan is to use Hozelock kitchen tap connector into where the aerator (M? female) is which converts to 3/4 bsp male. Then connect that to a JG speedfit 3/8 pushfit (not exactly 10mm and not sure of temp properties ) to 3/4 female. I think i’ll Have to screw the whole chiller coil onto the kitchen tap or setup 1/2bsp quick connectors and run a hose between them? Lots of stories of flooding and leaks into wort and all sorts Anyway how should one navigate this type of problem ? (Navigation between standards) Else be that guy in screwfix with a load of different connectors all laid out on the desk! (Sure an answer will be buy beer ready made )
  4. Ash4781b

    Driving habits that annoy me intensely.

    I see odd behaviour at petrol stations. Has anyone else come across cars pulling off main roads in to petrol stations at breakneck speed? I was Recently at a forecourt where I filled up A lad in is BMW came steaming off the main road almost crashed into s pump (imagine it might have created a fireball and lead to many deaths). Another time a chap decided he liked to enter the petrol station at the exit, fill up and then drive out the entrance. (Against all the traffic ) Then another time a lady filling up an unsuitable container with petrol (the staff came running out).
  5. Ash4781b

    So your next World Bank leader is....

    Gordon Brown is devastated
  6. The flip side (if those mentioned have de-skilled) might be skills shortages and rapidly rising wages. Whether they adjust the tax bands to encourage work I’m not sure.
  7. Ash4781b

    What's going to collapse next...

    I suspect This week it’ll all be about Debenhams Plc.
  8. Ash4781b

    Win a £3m house in Hampshire

    I would expect expenses like that to be foreseen tbh. Seems kinda sneaky. Edit: should add I would expect the likelihood of selling all tickets in a raffle like this is 0. Or as they suggest to get it closer to 1 have to spend big.
  9. Ash4781b

    Retailer Crap Christmas thread

    From Sancho’s post B&M needs to be looked at. I’m not sure if it’s a case of the total sales were up but like for like dropped or they just f’d up Black Friday. “Sales at discount retailer B&M fell 1.6% in the 13 weeks to 29 December after a "disappointing" November”
  10. Ash4781b

    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray looks set to retire from Tennis due to injury. Rather sad as he wants to genuinely play on but from appearances at 31 his body is knackered. Tennis can be brutal.
  11. Ash4781b

    Retailer Crap Christmas thread

    A dramatic Debenhams AGM. I think they’ll be some press from Mike Ashley in the morning.
  12. Ash4781b

    What's going to collapse next...

    It looks quiet too. No shops, no customers = Dead malls.
  13. Ash4781b

    Retailer Crap Christmas thread

    A humongous profit warning from Halfords Plc today.
  14. Ash4781b

    Retailer Crap Christmas thread

    Is there much guidance on margins other than the John Lewis note re bonuses?