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  1. No surprise at the poor itv advertising revenue metric. They keep showing that crazy fairy advert pointing out the merits of tv advertising!
  2. I remember building a multi vibrator with transistors. It was a Set with a lot of projects. Good fun - learnt resistor codings (presumably mostly surface mint now), pnp and npn transistors . Think I had a problem using wires that were too long affecting stability. i guess it’s all raspberry pi these days. A little disappointed to see the price of that device but I guess it’s much more capable then I was messing about building an am/fm radio from diodes and coils etc. I’m 38.
  3. The Beirut authorities have said they urgently need fertiliser for their crops?
  4. Yeah they will route a financing channel through some channel else there be section 114 notices all over the country. Hey it’s Sunak though and he won’t let Local Authorities finances blowing up cascade back into a major crisis up in Central. Or he’ll be gone. Not sure who would want to follow him- the other guy just wrote blank cheques!
  5. Oh is that what the number was on my phone! Oh well.
  6. I might go tomorrow see if I can get a whole restaurant to myself ?
  7. Haha. Like the bond film ? Garbage (In my opinion)
  8. Not the banks? Even what I thought were the good ones share price well down. Whole sector seems to be in a slump ?
  9. “Disney's decision to release its Mulan remake on its streaming platform has been strongly criticised by the body representing British cinemas. The live-action reboot had been due in cinemas, but the company has now said it will be put on Disney+ in the US. The UK Cinema Association said it understands the same will happen in the UK, which is "hugely disappointing".” Not great news for cinemas this one.
  10. What store it in your port where most of your goods come in, and where large food storage areas area.
  11. Confiscated in 2014! Were they storing it because it goes up in value ?
  12. No More grubby ketchup bottles? Would have thought one might have seen staff cleaning them or picking them up with tongs? Or throw them into the fire to kill the virus. what’s the paperwork like for a restaurant?
  13. I’ve only got my ash odds of the schools opening up for new academic year at 50:50. Not sure why Boris hasn’t sacked the Education yet. Probably needs a full on reshuffle to be honest.
  14. The builders share price look a bit weak. Just looking at redrow plc and it’s similar for the others. Clearly something must be done else they will just wind down and land bank and build f’all. Where’s Sunak?