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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55666399 “Pfizer said the reduced deliveries were a temporary issue. In a statement on Friday, the drugmaker said shipments were being affected by changes to its manufacturing processes designed to boost production. "Although this will temporarily impact shipments in late January to early February, it will provide a significant increase in doses available for patients” Any ideas what this is about ? I have no idea how they ramp up production- reconfigure production line ?
  2. I work in Healthcare but not frontline. When I heard non front line colleagues requesting I was a bit taken aback.
  3. “it was mentioned on the radio that Jeremy Clarkson had been giving vaccinations at his local clinic” I’m not sure if his training but if say they got celebrities to do the vaccines get the people in.l that would boost uptake. Promise of a hot celeb doing the jab.... Lie down while I jab this in you.
  4. Is this the post here when you have had the vaccine thread? I’ve got an offer of a covid vaccine from my company.
  5. Yeah I’ve heard rumours of spare vaccines and I don’t understand what’s gone wrong. I think it must be people refusing the vaccine and that can’t get out!
  6. The March budget is a problem timing wise. If he drags it out to then there will be calls he should have acted sooner so I expect he will have to come out with packages pre budget. Then on the other hand the economic forecasts are based on the vaccine delivery and I’m not sure by March we’ll have a clue if that’s working. Unless the forecasts build in future cyclic lockdowns 😉 but that wouldn’t go down well! Would need a permanent furlough to cover that!
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-55666013 “A TikTok stunt featuring a car parked on a level crossing has been branded "staggeringly stupid". The "reckless" social media post, recorded on the line at Bromley Cross, Bolton, showed a camera and tripod set up on the railway to record the scene.” in search of likes?
  8. Let’s talk bannisters & balustrades, and newel post. So confusing.
  9. We ban them to stop the Brazilian strain and they ban us to stop the Kent strain.
  10. I tried a New England iPA yesterday. Brewdog hazy Jane. Pretty spectacular. Very nice. I’m sure connoisseurs would say there are better out there.
  11. Andy Murray tested positive. It’s reported as well enough to play professional tennis?
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