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  1. True but they [Leveraged BTL] are now carrying at lot of risk. But if it goes wrong and then home residence is at risk I’m sure Sunak will help! Payment holidays for BTL mortgages etc.
  2. Who is he blaming for this? Let me guess!
  3. I’m going to be laughing all afternoon. Am I in the matrix ?
  4. I saw the coverage of the seas on the local so-called report and thought it didn’t look great. Not sure I would have gone sea fishing off a pier in that! Cross the channel in a dingy in rough seas. Maybe it’s a bad idea ?
  5. So-called have regained interest after a break from free school meals and migrant crossings.
  6. It is a bit mad. Where I used to rent for £800 per month 5 years ago the two bed now rents for £1,000 per month. However, on the flip side mortgage interest costs are actually less in short term now than when I rented. 5 year fixed rates with 20% deposit I have seen for 1.85%. Back then was 3%. The maths for renting where I am looks rubbish so it’s no surprise that demand for house purchasing is at record levels! Early morning maths E.g house is 1000 a month rent let’s say 4% yield so 300k. Need 80% 240K mortgage but you can get this at 1.85% 5 year fixed rates so a repayment mortga
  7. There was a very brief article on so-called news yesterday where in a clip with a medical professional mentioned about better treatments and they now know when to put people with covid on ventilators. I don’t know the background but to me it implied there were some big mistakes back in the ‘first‘ wave lobbing people onto ventilators. It’s too early to look at blame as I imagine it was chaotic at the time and hindsight too!
  8. “This week, a typical meal will be the roast pigeon with foraged blackberries” Jesse. 'This week I 'ave mostly been eating...'
  9. Yeah they certainly consulted because there was a ‘gap’ I think due to universal credit criteria.
  10. I’ve seen videos of people foraging for food because of lack of funding!. Bloody Social media! Best not go picking random mushrooms
  11. As the free school meal criteria has expanded to all and sundry (I remember being one of 3 kids back in 90s who queued up at school for tokens ). I expect As upthread the calls for a universal entitlement is coming. So will have to fund all kids lunches in school and out of school. Then dinners.
  12. Here’s a quote from the so-called about the non universal credit element. Probably more going on there than Free school Meals. Must have been an non ringfenced grant or something. Anyway as the kids are on half term then they aren’t school meals as I expect the kitchens aren’t open? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54692880 “The Conservative leader of Warwickshire County Council told the BBC they had already spent all the money allocated under the £63m fund and it was not enough to fund school meals too.”
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