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  1. Yeah Screwfix prices seem to be rocketing. I assume the assumption is the trades pass on any costs to consumers? For me personally as a diy’er some items are available from UK trade suppliers through the dread eBay / Amazon marketplace. (If I am ok with the lead time the items will be cheaper than screwfix)
  2. Intu Plc continue to look in bad shape. Also reports that Arcadia group will embark on a restructuring.
  3. What’s the cause of the collapse ? National Minimum wage heads to £8.21/hr plus the oncosts in April 2019. I’m all for a fair wage but they [Gov] seem to be putting a lot of wage inflation into the system. Margins to be crushed?
  4. What’s changed the with [edit] the emergency order? Must be bad?
  5. Agree but I don’t get the reports of shedding clothes on the way and known to be fasting for days . Do people walk a dog up a mountain and watch sunrise with few clothes on after not eating for days? And in Guatemala!
  6. Very windy here in Kent. The neighbors have lost a fence, another lost the whole fascia from one side. Our fascia is hanging on and our fence is about to go!
  7. I think how it will play out is the SJW’s will ramp up reporting of the camps. In my experience there is little to no appetite to bring the ISIs brides home. So it’ll be a story once , twice a week on the camps.
  8. The one on the left is lovely.
  9. Surely the transgender man would have to get some kind of womb transplant?
  10. “Today's BBC News editorial meeting here in London looked a bit different. As part of efforts to open up coverage of Brexit and be more transparent, we let the public into our morning editorial meeting, where the day's stories are decided on. So what did they make of it?” Seems heavily redacted - a few clips of Brexit. I expect they have a standing agenda items- anything Brexit or Trump is in.
  11. The article mentions he was also a part-time DJ. The article suggests there are grey air taxi operations out there. Not sure who uses them ?
  12. Aww so Pakistan airspace is now closed ? (Airlines having to re-route?)
  13. Funny my sole just fell off the hitecs though after a decade.