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  1. “The Department of Health said a "full infectious disease risk assessment" was done before Saturday's repatriation flight from Japan, adding that no-one who boarded the flight had displayed any symptoms of the virus.” Yet 4 of those flown on Saturday now test positive. Very worrying.
  2. Four New UK cases? edit:- they’ll be from the cruise ship how are the bus drivers?
  3. “A US daredevil pilot has been killed during an attempted launch of a homemade rocket in the Californian desert. "Mad" Mike Hughes, 64, crash-landed his steam-powered rocket shortly after take-off near Barstow on Saturday. A video on social media shows a rocket being fired into the sky before plummeting to the ground nearby. Hughes was well-known for his belief that the Earth was flat. He hoped to prove his theory by going to space.” I’m not sure whether he was in the capsule or on the ground ? Edited
  4. Maybe they’ll lockdown flights this weeks. Would dovetail with that report from a poster upthread re the airlines.
  5. What time does that doctor post on YouTube? I imagine he’ll have his head in is hands.
  6. Oh shit virus looks to be out in the wild in Italy.
  7. Ash4781b


    Episode 5 went all Guardians of the Galaxy for me. Which is fair enough. Where’s the AI home world ? Earth?
  8. I wonder if there was one super spreader the whole stadium gets infected? What worries me is the Brighton spreader example, the South Korean church, and that Chinese banquet. The conspiracy side of me falls back to this thing seems weaponised.
  9. Just looks like a fit to me.
  10. Who is left on the plague ship ? Just the crew?
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    The schools in my area are back on Monday from half term. Not sure about Bristol. Oh it’s on a Friday. Even better!
  12. Not much protection there. Risky
  13. Does anyone have a work contingency plan ? They pushed out a message of self-isolation and this is already in workers minds (eg. They will not turn up). Not good if the workforce downs tools - hospital workers too I’d imagine! Anyway I’d imagine they will push through a Coronavirus NHS 2020 act of parliament to rapidly reorganise the NHS as I just don’t see how the current structures will function in a crisis.
  14. The bus photos are in ! No hazmats?
  15. We should see what they are greeted with. Hazmats into a bus (driver has no protection) I guess is the balanced public view. Maybe the Brighton super spreader can drive ? ET the movie by Spielberg is my reference