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  1. I saw a documentary on so-called iPlayer about Neil Armstrong. ace pilot, engineer, astronaut, academic. It’s quite impressive tbh
  2. Ok it’s so called but I did not realise Turkey could buy F35 fighters and a Russian air defence system. Presumably useful for testing
  3. Ok as it’s so-called the key bit for me. “Between 200 and 300 migrants” As it’s so-called so they put an article up but really should be s footnote.
  4. No-one has placed a dosbods flag up there. Any volunteers?
  5. Ash4781b


    Yeah they stuck it on the front page of the hard copy newspaper according to so-called. I have no idea whether the old media’s will have it all plastered over the Sunday papers. If it sells papers.....
  6. Anecdotal Ash here. Sainsbury’s have been sending Those ‘discount’ vouchers to relatives, friends and work colleagues for months. When I Visit the stores and people are walking around the store commenting publicly how expensive the products on sale are that’s a worry. I’ve seen recently a few Sainsbury’s staff shopping in Aldi. That’s not good as presumably they would get a staff discount there.
  7. With a memory foam mattress do you get that horrible smell for a few days on first open.
  8. We’ve got a Hypnos model and it’s on the firm side. I also got a deal on the hideaway storage (quite high). We did test the model beforehand but one needs an extended test. Sometimes it’s great other times it’s pins and needles time in the morning. I think it maybe to do with lying on the firm edge to the mattress which gives more useable space. From memory I thought the Premier inn model was firm.
  9. Apologies if it’s upthread. It’s awful but A dichotomy. So called cut footage back to the stage - swearing and what not and then back to mum, magnolia and tea. Hey to be a teenager. Just a phase...
  10. They Should have got Thamsanqa Jantjie to sign. Just reading Stormzy set it reads a little odd
  11. There’s Increasing focus on liquidity and The regulators are piping up.