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  1. I cancelled back in October, yet I've been getting threatening letters and I'm under instigation awaiting a visit. Shows how inept they are.
  2. A new take on a favourite song of mine @Chewing Grass. Dominic Frisby 😂 such talent.
  3. Social Media might put paid to the Speak Easy @Libspero - people won't be able to help themselves showing off nor the Ratters their glee in dibbing them in.
  4. One plus to this lock down, a number of musicians and singers doing gigs on Facebook. Nice to catch up with those I would go and see when away on my holidays!
  5. @snaga that Porn site list made me laugh so much! Great that you took enough Viagra to keep going. An education.
  6. Thought site had been punished after some failed to clap for Our NHS.
  7. One of my favourite songs! Tied to a moment of course (still takes me there!). Underrated band Depeche Mode.
  8. Leave the mobile at home? I need pasta! Made a slab bol yesterday, good for 3 servings, except only had spaghetti for one meal. Clearly didn't panic enough all those weeks ago.
  9. Cy Tucker and the Friars, Liverpool band doing the clubs. They were really good. Had been going forever.
  10. Rick Beato. Love anything like that. Getting under the hood of great songs. Always fascinating the magic that happens in the recording studio, whether meant or arrived at.