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  1. Remember watching the last season of The West Wing (2005) with Democrat Presidential candidate Matt Stantos campaigning in Mexico, and building that wall and illegal immigration was an issue they covered, Santos (of immigrant stock) campaigning for the necessity of a wall. It is an issue as old as the hills. One day a President would have to deliver. It would take an outsider.
  2. Sounds exactly like the so-called Climate Change mantra. This is a Globalist coup assisted by the greedy and the raft of useful idiots liming their own pits.
  3. This is the YouTube link if you want to share it. https://youtu.be/Qu6PH9E5jiA
  4. Islamophobia is a legitimate, life-preserving strategy. A community that want to dominate and destroy you, and not integrate, are you kidding me?
  5. @The XYY Man has little virtue, couldn't possibly virtue-signal.
  6. Just off the phone with my brother, a little how are you / catch-up. He is something of a Leftie, the oppressed need protecting type, resolute in that position. Classic Labour, pro-EU, anti-Trump, evil Tories... we are polar opposites (though I'm more ambivalent about the Tories). Tells me student son has Covid, he thinks he may have it (always gets flu)... chat about that for a bit, trying to apply perspective. He throws in a Trump jibe about it being the end of the world if he get re-elected (knows I like Trump). It gets heated, all his opinions come from watching Channel 4... he is rac
  7. That is pretty powerful. Marred somewhat by the ridiculousness of the masks. Note, a totally white European assembly. Poor fella. M. Paty. I suspect this is all a show nothing will change, and in time heads will be falling like acorns from oak trees. PS English language reigns supreme, even in a Frenchman's death. Never forget just how awesome this nation has been.
  8. You are such a cynic! 'Tired of Waiting', first song I ever sung in a pub, pre-karaoke, my old man playing guitar. First steps to ungreatness. Sentimental moment nonetheless.
  9. Interesting interview: Nigel Farage talks with Dosbods favourite Dominic Frisby. Topic of taxation through the ages. 20 mins.
  10. News just in, from the U S of A, bright light of wisdom James Cordon is tweeting his support of hero Andy Burnham, Mayor of GM. Surprised he has the time with all his anti-Trump bile. Interesting Burnham isn't challenging the Lockdown per say, or even the disproportionate measures regarding a spent pandemic, no it's showboating about the money to impose that Lockdown. At least Trump is asking questions, and consistently has.
  11. Today I had to go into a public building - "Covid Safe" - to complete an IT assistance job within the building but separate. I was quite anxious and had made a mask exempt lanyard as I wasn't doing a mask (I don't have one). Literally 20 meter passage through a public place currently devoid of people. As I boldly went through, 3 masked public sector workers looked on. No signal of my 'exemption'. I breezed through. No doubt causing some indignation - these sheep are forced to wear a bacteria infested mask all day. Hours later I had to run the gauntlet again (seconds), 2 people in the buil
  12. Trump not only fighting the Democrats, the media, and the Swamp but Big Tech. Another @project_veritas investigation: Google manipulating searches to favour Biden, disfavour Trump.
  13. Is there a Western Government that hasn't been compromised? As blogger Effie Deans points out of Scotland with its Muslim infiltrated tin pot dictatorship and laws aimed at crushing uncomfortable truths. https://www.effiedeans.com/2020/10/would-samuel-paty-have-been-jailed-in.html
  14. This is why Christianity is doomed. They won't even defend their cross, their symbol. It offers nothing.
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