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  1. There should be a virtue-signalling tick-box whereby they are registered with HMRC, Treasury, Local Council to pay extra tax to cover their social conscience and indulgence. An opt-in for anyone who wants to put their money where their mouth is and cough up, instead the normal mugs paying for it and suffering for it. 5% extra from these do-gooders to cover housing. schools, infrastructure, healthcare, police and crime, diversity bollards, rescue boats, terrorism costs, multi-culti initiatives, etc., etc. PAYE or VAT or Council Tax precept...
  2. It's in the SNP activist mindset - the have a sectarian hatred of the English. Auld alliances, my enemy's enemy matter more. Did my degree up in Scotland; most Scots were fine, though there was something about the more political ones - quite tribal.
  3. This is a great idea, though it would become an easy target by the lefty loons. Got to love Tommy's enthusiasm. Noted in the general deplatforming of Our Tommy: can't embed the video, and going to YouTube brings up all sorts of warnings to dissuade viewing. As for UKIP, really like Battern and his no-nonsense approach. Bringing in popular YouTubers with reach is differentiation. They have followings because people trust them more than the MSM. The UKIP Press Conference clip is great: one-track lamestream media batted away by people who will mock them for the establishment lackies they have become. Days of LibLabCon must surely be numbered.
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    That's kind of sweet @The Masked Tulip I've had ladybirds living with me this winter - and a cat!
  5. European Elections are going to be a disaster for LibLabCon, they could short-circuit it by passing May's turd of a Withdrawal Agreement, so pretending are to leave the EU. I would not put selling out the country for their short-term survival past these bastards.
  6. John Redwood MP has written to the Attorney General (again) about what the Merkel-May Withdrawal Agreement would mean to UK if signed. It is hard to countenance a Leader of a sovereign country so intent on abject surrender in terms of duration, lack of say and being completely at the whim of the EU. The mind boggles. I wonder how many of our craven MPs have actually read this document and understand what it means; can they not reconcile just how evil the EU actually is? We sign it and the only way out will be war!
  7. We've had Web 2.0, the internet of everything. We now have Web 2.5, the internet our masters think you should see. The techie vanguard has sold out of simply fallen into line. A revolution is being tamed.
  8. Tweet with photo of timbers within. Look as if they'd take some setting alight 'by accident'.
  9. #Refugees Welcome Virtue-signalling hypocrites!
  10. So I'm in Wetherspoons last night, next table party of eight young people (male/female) - young enough to have a bored bouncer come up and ask for ID. Coming in sitting next to them an older/middle-aged couple sit on next table. Bloke gets up and asks youngsters what they think of Brexit...? Within a couple of sentences (didn't really catch the responses), but the bloke is "it's your future!" It would appear these oldies were #PeoplesVote types trying to shore up the Remain vote. Cheeky twats! I could just see them on their coach to London to protect their present from any inconvenience caused by the stupid people who voted Leave. This will be what we are up against should they get a second vote. Only hope it backfires! Old people telling young people what to do always has the opposite effect!
  11. Isn't there something in the FISA documents that implicates the UK Govt in what is now treason against Trump - a certain Steele whose handywork led to Mueller. In different times that would be a scandal that should bring down a Govt. - interference in a Presidential election!
  12. Spring is here! Call me old fashioned, always nice to the ladies spring and summer wardrobe out!
  13. In the locals there is a new batch of Independent candidates; Council I'll vote UKIP, can't vote LibLabCon ever again now - we are done! Euros probably UKIP. Temptation not to vote but that doesn't work in FPTP. No one wanted regional mayors, 20% turnout enough to get Burnham a cushy role.