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  1. Alonso Quijano

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    @Long time lurking took a moment to get the Mad Sunday reference, but I got there. The tweet is from a few weeks ago. Soubry is something else!
  2. Alonso Quijano

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    They (The People's Vote mob) want to shoe-horn in a Remain (don't bother, it's too hard) option, as voters were too think to understand what they were voting for. There is no Remain, we've seen the direction of travel of this EU dictatorship, we would be swallowed up - all for the sake of those coach loads of boomer pensioners with their house next eggs and fat pensions worried about their multiple foreign holidays being at risk because of Brexit! Selfish bastards. I am happy for some economic pain if we get sovereignty and self-determination. Then we can deal with the shitbag politicians we have (there will be a mood for that). The conduct of our politicians and EU during this period should have awoken many that change is needed. The biggest problem we have is Treason May is 'leading' negotiations! Neither fit for purpose or right for the job.
  3. Alonso Quijano

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Where is it? These rallies are normally around midnight our time.
  4. Alonso Quijano

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Isn't this what certain MPs were involved in? I remember high profile cases under the New Labour regime - Mandy? Lots of people self-certified during those boom years... it helped the Potemkin economy and that 'feel good' factor in pricing out generations of future house-buyers!
  5. Alonso Quijano

    Trump's progress

    Just saw a guy in a supermarket wearing a 'Make America Great Hat'. Had to say hello, well done! Definitely red-pilled, and not a consumer of #fakenews.
  6. Alonso Quijano


    To paraphrase Die Hard, struggling builder boards of directors: "You asked for a miracle, I give you Gideon!" Yet another fuckwit politician with more of our money than sense.
  7. Alonso Quijano

    trans madness

    #ComeOutForTransEquality is trending on the Twitter! Madness I tells ya!
  8. Alonso Quijano

    Trump's progress

    Are we tired of winning yet?
  9. Alonso Quijano

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    I have it on a PC, but the non-embedding is happening on an Android tablet (no adblock). When loading it makes as if it is going to load the tweet. Seems to be a recent thing. Could be my end?
  10. Alonso Quijano

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    Of late Twitter embeds are showing up as text with maybe a hyperlink to imsge and, are not clickable?
  11. Alonso Quijano

    No beer tomorrow

    Not enough barley? That'll be alright then, these climate change zealots want us to stop eating meat, so what we don't feed to animals we can use for beer! We are going to need beer because if these Guardian types are ever taken seriously life is going to be pretty miserable!
  12. Alonso Quijano

    trans madness

    Thank goodness real women are standing up to this nonsense, even though it is indulged by politicians, weirdos, and the soy boys running social media - Posie Parker has managed to get herself banned off Twitter... for the crime of saying men aren't women!
  13. Alonso Quijano

    trans madness

    And another sporting milestone.
  14. Alonso Quijano

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Inner monologue, Austin Powers. (4m 10s in.)
  15. Alonso Quijano

    Where's Jamal?

    Now you tell us!