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  1. Alonso Quijano

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    May's Withdrawal Agreement is not a deal, it is framework or a direction for some sort of deal. A capitulation that would likely get worse. In much the same way you cannot negotiate with terrorists because we are not of the same mind, you cannot deal with the EU as they will do anything to save and serve The Project. There is no Remain, nor is there a nicey-nicey, God speed old boy Leave. If we manage to No Deal there is hope for us, if not we are screwed.
  2. She comes back. The Sun gets an Exclusive "My ISIS Brainwashing Hell". Makes a quick fortune. Laughing all the way to the bank, with a nice donation to the local mosque, and another soldier of Allah is born.
  3. Liberal media hand-wringers are at it with this one. Don't give a f*** about her as she did not give a f*** about the country. Cultural relevatism doesn't work - these people and their ideology are evil. We let her back, support her... and then what? How many more? They take the piss enough.
  4. If only we could use this against MPs, Lord and the various political hangers-on who seem to be intend on betraying the nation and handing it over to unelected, megalomaniacs in the EU.
  5. Alonso Quijano

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Muslim/Islam problem will get political. Sooner or later a pure Muslim party will emerge, detach from LibLabCon and gain critical mass, and achieve real country-changing power; demographics tell you this. Farage has lost some of his kudos and trustworthiness. Splitting the Brexit vote not clever. Certainly counter productive. I have been impressed by Battern, though believed UKIP needed to rebrand.
  6. Alonso Quijano

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Tommy is this flawed man battling the establishment raging against him (pre-Panorama exposé) attempting to shoot the messenger to turn people off. It will be nasty and dirty; TR probably has more integrity than most MPs (certainly the Speaker), but cannot afford cock-ups. The Sun probably going against its demographic - working class types.
  7. Alonso Quijano

    Islamification of Europe

    What is amazing is that these women (in Afghanistan, Iran) went from freedom to submission. How long did this take ? What happened to those that fought it? What of the men who agreed to this? Did the women just obey and comply without tears and sadness? Complete regression to times medieval. It couldn't happen here? Well, these countries were once liberal, modern and free, and progressing quite nicely in terms of equality, rights and getting along. This is why manifestations of this oppressive culture should send shivers down the spine, and should neither be encouraged nor defended.
  8. Alonso Quijano

    Barbarians at the gates

    It really is like the end of the Roman Empire! The weak-minded and intellectually lost have become too powerful. The classics are meant to be hard... cultures finding their way; thinking formed. Not everything can be measured by today's jaundiced and cucked way of thinking.
  9. Alonso Quijano

    Tommy Robinson thread

    BBC will be relying on apathy and silence. When its not their money those with access to it take the piss. It's everywhere with taxpayer money once the special ones break through - health, education, local government, Quangos, media. More and more are seeing through it. TR has the potential to be a rough diamond turned working class hero.
  10. Alonso Quijano

    Sports what we invented

    Imagine having a leader who could reel off all that this tiny nation has given the world. Its genius, its endeavour, its amazing people. It's time we believed in ourselves again, time meritocracy was rewarded, as being the best, encouraging excellence... benefits everyone - it creates wealth, raises standards and gives us a competitive edge. For too long we have been dumbing down, accepting less, rewarding easy fashionable choices. Brexit is so important in our rebirth; unfortunately those who have been holding us back for decades are still in charge. We deserve better.
  11. Alonso Quijano

    Grauniad out-BBCs the So-Called BBC

    No, the So-Called BBC main news were on it with their economic Armageddon due "Brexit Uncertainty". Also, insects and Climate Change / carbon. Women winning all the Grammys (note fawning over appearance of Michelle Obama (boy is an tall and manly). And there was all the poverty and baby supplies (food) banks... nasty Tories). ITV too going with Brexit dooming economy. UK has been flatlining since 2008 crash, emergency interest rates whilst rich and asset holders plunder the coffers.
  12. Alonso Quijano

    Tommy Robinson thread

    If Hope Not Hate are taken down, that will be a bonus - vile organisation. As the left does, twisting words to hide its true purpose.. Surely somebody has to deal with Soros.
  13. Alonso Quijano

    Me and my Vulva

    I fear for the extinction of the human race!
  14. Alonso Quijano

    Tommy Robinson thread

    He needs to keep safe. the So-Called BBC is a disgrace. Establishment swamp fears a galvanising figure.