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  1. Bradford is like a mini Pakistan, says actress! Northern Powder Keg.
  2. Learned recently that the Manx government bought an extra 9 miles of territorial waters of its coast extending it to 12 miles, thus getting rights to the sea's use and exploitation. A few quid for the Crown. In other news... Trump cancels state visit to Denmark after PM's curt dismissal of proposal. ITV breakfast commentator sniggers at this "ridiculous idea" - sniggers all round. < Switches off >
  3. Alonso Quijano


    Greta is the new Polar Bear. A symbol for the movement, designed to guilt people into green submission.
  4. It would appear British schoolgirls might be coerced into wearing a hijab for a day* in November to understand what it's like to be subject to abuse or something. Politico video on the Muslim activist proposal. * First a day, then a week... soon they own you.
  5. It was the weirdest thing, the other day an early evening knock at the door, a couple asking if I knew any Hungarians in the area! Surprised I got them to repeat their question. As they replied across the street another couple were knocking on another door! Made a change from Charity chuggers, Windows and Utilities annoyers.
  6. Ship-building too. Get those strategic skills back. A fleet of patrol vessels and new frigates needed asap. Country has been hollowed out by a greedy, negligent political class in cahoots with the finance sector (obedient to EU competition rules), time to turn that around. That said, the housing bubble must be popped for competitiveness; therein lies the problem!
  7. Funnily enough I was talking to a Pcso yesterday who was going on about a new computer system and how much of a pain it was to use, and crime information being months behind. IT consultants strike again or changing goalposts render the simple impossible.
  8. Saw a picture yesterday on Twitter of a Remain event organised by an MP, room was full of white boomers, late 50s/60s (the I'm Alright Jack generation). Reminiscent of the coach loads going to London for the anti-Brexit protests. Probably mostly ex-teachers/public sector or activists. A bunch of selfish bastards as far as I could see.
  9. This dysfunctional, traitorous Parliament is the problem, the roadblock to democracy. It needs to be taken out. Boris does that, he goes down in history as a hero (the negatives won't be end of the world level). Faith restored in democracy, #FBPEers move on to their next tantrum. We must leave and taste self-determination again.
  10. Alonso Quijano


    BBC: Epstein found dead in his cell, a friend of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew, then ran VT of Epstein and Trump from many years ago, Trump once saying Epstein was a great guy... A total disgrace.
  11. I see what you did there. Yaris good car, good on petrol, and seats dropped surprisingly spacious.
  12. My goodness what have they done? Merkhell, ist es nicht?
  13. This is Politico's final video on the TR trial covering the sentencing, with reference to another contempt case and punishment. So don't be 'mean to Muslims!'. BTW almost impossible to find this Politico through web search. Suppressed?
  14. The more the So-Called BBC does this shoehorns diversity (and climate change) into everything, the more I switch off. Drama output lately is taking a hit. My TV Licence is up for renewal in October, could this be the year finally I ditch it? Only decent output is BBC4, and that is mainly music nostalgia and repeats.