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  1. Not just me then, Boris' "Get Brexit Done" and nauseum has shades of "Brexit means Brexit". Time will tell if Boris is real deal or another charlatan.
  2. Birds of a feather stick together; it is not racism it is survival. On the Election, we have dodged a bullet. I hope we can move on. A Brexit election and in spite of 3 1/2 years of Parliamentary shit the Tories get a chance to do the right thing. BBC must die!
  3. Boris was supposed to come to town the other day. There was the usual out of town Momentum rabble with their professionally printed placards spouting their nonsense. In the end his visit was aborted. I think this has actually helped the incumbent Conservative MP in this marginal seat who has been pro-Brexit. Met and chatted with Labour candidate at an event, she seemed more interested in asylum seekers! Whilst I have a grudging acceptance that Boris will get some sort of Brexit done but fear general disappointment in short order, I think a Momentum-led Labour government propped up by either English-hating SNP or normal people hating LibDems would be disastrous... hastening the country's demise (votes for kids and foreigners!). From what I see this Momentum cult really is quite evil, woe betide those who are not one of them. This incarnation of Labour must not get power!
  4. Dear oh dear a Boris Twitter ad (can't be arsed posting it now) with a couple being visited - and it's a white woman and a black man! The next 5 years are going to be tough for anyone normal and grounded.
  5. Sex sells. I'd noticed this earlier, Big Jo playing on her girly charm(s). Just another example of the hypocrisy. A party that would have no problem selling out real women to men in frocks and feminist loons. This is the party that espouses utilitarian, gender neutral school uniforms. As I said hypocrites.
  6. My next door neighbour was having one fitted today (British Gas). I'll be like that sole resident of the street they want to bulldoze to make way for 'the future' as I hold out against these Smart Meters.
  7. It is always telling what they don't talk about. The way we have problems with the NHS, lack of housing, terrorism, EU. Hard to have any faith in any of them. They are all lying to us to one degree or another.
  8. Votes for 16 year olds* and EU nationals too. End of grown up democracy. That electoral fraud seems to be tolerated by the Tories is madness. We no longer our that country of fair play and adhering to rules (so twee). One man one vote no longer seems to apply. Rigour must be applied to protect our faith in democracy. **Can't see letter up thread. * It's bad enough kids at school being referred to as "students" not pupils.
  9. Alonso Quijano


    Is that real? Can't see the USA coming to our rescue the next time Europe tears itself apart? No siree! These Globalist fuckers really are cunts!
  10. Friday/Saturday Night Live were essential viewing in the 80s. Used to really enjoy Ben Elton's set piece end of show routines - very funny indeed. Anti-Thatcher yes, my sensibilities have changed with life experience and huge dollops of cynicism. That said at the time there was balance in comedy - all sides were targets (see HTNON and Spitting Image); this is simply not the case now in these woke times.
  11. Could he be more woke? Bring back Chandler Bing.
  12. Trump on NHS Deranged Lefties: "He's lying...!"