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  1. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Net migration is used to underplay the level of population change. It is disengenous. Who are we losing and who is arriving? Who is a contributor and who is a drain? The levels of gross immigration are insane, and have been since Blair. Wasn't Gillian 'the Bigot' Duffy (Oldham - lost town now) worried about immigration in 2005? People see the change; they weren't allowed to talk about it.
  2. Dosbods Chatroom?

    Not for me. You can always PM people if need be. Would also be an extra hassle for Spunko to maintain, keep an eye on.
  3. Trump's progress

    He's lost a few Brownie points over Syria assuming it wasn't 'monster' Assad. He just has a such a cool style on the twitter!
  4. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    They are making it up as they go along - all to push an anti-Russian and tangentially pro-action in Syria angle - liquid chemical weapons, one that sticks around like thick Demostos, and will need £millions spent on clean-up/decontamination that has killed no-one. Really silly now. The lies are going to get bigger and more ridiculous - and dangerous. Power is threatened, well it would be if we had a credible opposition and media. Ho-hum. I miss the good old days of Ministerial integrity and resignations for being bad or grossly incompetent.
  5. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    I think people are actually getting more stupid (present company excepted), that can be the only explanation for the mess we are in and the madness that pervades so many. The more we learn the less we know.
  6. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Haven't watched #Newsnight for years. Saw this was on and thought: bound to be a whitewash (am I allowed to say that these days): Sweden is fine - lefty paradise. We have a problem (saw it with Brown), is that those pushing a narrative will never be able to backtrack and admit they were wrong. It will all become a bigger lie. Nero fiddling as Rome burned. The die is cast and it is not going to end well - they wrong people are in power or in positions of influence,
  7. reducing the girth

    House prices remain crazy, and completely detrimental to the nation sucking all that money out of the economy. Mortgage terms were 25 years, so now the norm is 30? Glad I'm out of it (mine paid off a couple of years ago. House prices half of what they are now back then.). Thought about a fresh start somewhere, but the thought of taking on more debt and being a slave to it does not appeal. The only winners are the banks and govt with their faux GDP. Apologies for coming over all HPC!
  8. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    Who knows what to believe anymore. If things escalated there would be a clampdown on social media, the MSM are clearly on message. It's strange we never hear about Al Qaeda anymore: the Bogeymen move on and morph into mother things.
  9. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Another era and our Prime Minister would be forced to resign. Deceiving the nation, and putting its citizens at risk by committing it to reckless military action. No faith nor any trust in that bloody woman.
  10. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Special training for putting chemical weapons on door handles was actually mentioned on the News! I know. Gets sillier by the day, pity the stakes are so high. Treason May is out of her depth.
  11. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    Assad, is he all bad? Or it is another bogey man set-up. We never hear anything other than what we are given by the So-Called BBC and other so-called Media.
  12. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    Macron is French for "lying bastard".
  13. Best thread title - nominations đŸ”¥

    Welcome to the Pleasure Dome!