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  1. I'm seeing the phrase "Build Back Better" appearing everywhere. The slogan is Joe Biden's theme... it is being used by NGOs, Boris Johnson's, Layla Moron according to a Google search.
  2. Mick Jagger Tries To Sell His Car On Ebay... Impersonator Stevie Riks.
  3. Alonso Quijano

    BLM UK

    This is where the constant appeasement that is multi-culturalism gets you. Minorities can openly and without fear of recourse abuse the majority (white) population and the British culture. We have seen it with Islamic creep, #refugeeswelcome and you are paying for it, and now black entitlement over something that happened hundreds of years ago and we weren't actually such baddies in the scheme of things. Our politicians are the cause of this, selling us out on the one hand to Globablists on the other whiney minorities. They do nothing. What next? Got to feel sorry for those under 30, the future is not going to be very nice for them.
  4. Out for a walk this afternoon. Called in to see friends, after which we all (3) out for a beer together. Wetherspoons, guy on door making people sign NHS Contact Tracer form (leader name, mobile, duration of stay) - I had breezed past. Pub fairly busy but felt distinctly uncomfortable. A few didn't bother with coming in, most complied. Emerging from pub onto main street, saw arrival of the Plod in a mini-bus, teams of PCs begin walk along town centre to check social distancing. I by then had temporarily separated from my 'non-bubble' friends. We passed Gestapo and entered pub no. 2... More relaxed. Would later see video surveillance van pass by. Next pub, start-up venture, had had two room hire party cancellations... A final drink in another pub - quietish, not dead... headed home 8ish. This is a smallish, predominantly white northern town where you hardly ever see the police, let alone get any response for disturbances/anti-social behaviour. All afternoon I'm thinking this is ridiculous. Unsettling. Strange, strange times.
  5. It was really nice and warm earlier, then started to rain this evening. Quite chilly! In the plague-hit north west!
  6. 1 The weather is unusually inclement for the time of year. 2 If only we could move to that island we've dreamed of.
  7. And "Think of the children" is a another favourite. Obviously not in the Bill Clinton way 😉
  8. How exciting (if you are into that sort of thing), a new ferry just ordered to get you there from Spring 2023. To be built in South Korea not Cammel Lairds! How times change.
  9. Again another tweet that could go in several threads, the diminishion of the fairer sex continues. CNN, that bastion of exemplary news reporting.
  10. Drew Barrymore is 45, here she is talking to her young self in a promo for her new chats how. Thought she was great in The Wedding Singer.
  11. Damned fishy if you ask me. Politico take on it and the supression of the HQC treatment.
  12. A veritable swamp. I have no idea why people vote for these sleasebags. Surely people must see it!