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    Add to that the bile poured toward the older generation by Remainers - agitators and media - and resentment will build. Shame blame lies squarely with politicians of all parties who abandoned youth. That said, NO EXCUSE for such moronic behaviour.
  2. He's doing one on the So-Called BBC but not the Channel 4 one.
  3. Not going to lie, I blubbed at that moment, when the song DLBIA came on - wow! (pity said song has been hijacked!). Fantastic drama. Amazing journey of group of friends dealing with what life throws at them. Worth investing in.
  4. Looks like the cynics amongst you early doors about this incident were right. Lesbian couple were the problem and picked on the wrong people with their flaunting of their sexuality. A couple of months SJWs with a cause to push. Weare reaching an apogee of non-standard sexual behaviour with its in-your-faceness. Pride Month! Come on!
  5. Remembrance Service today, vicar talks of a "a fire that started with a faulty fridge". It seems with Public Enquiries likely to go on until 2022, charges not possible until then! Why do these Enquiries take so long? Doubt we will ever be told the truth!
  6. Can't be arsed with it anymore! Instead watching a very interesting programme on Ceramics (How it Works). Did not know glass and concrete is in the ceramic family. Human ingenuity can be amazing. To add, series was on BBC 4, the only BBC channel worth keeping.
  7. News that Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Saunders is leaving White House after 3 1/2 years. She has been great. Talk of her becoming a Governor in her home State.
  8. The problem is the Muslim community, which plays by different rules and is more easily bribed. There are 3m of them (very many voters that vote as a block). Currently it is a community that disproportionately votes Labour, and Labour under the guise of diversity and multi-culturism disproportionately favours that community at Council level. Strange that voter ID and tightening up Postal Voting is resisted particularly by Labour, and gets little traction from other parties more concerned about being racist or discriminatory than a clean, beyond reproach voting system.
  9. This is the idiocy. The cut-off date should have been 23/6/16. After which staying couldn't be guaranteed. Instead our wanker politicians are falling over themselves to be virtuous; it's not as if Brits will be clamouring to relocate to Europe. Really showing the lack of business/management experience today's politicians have - they have no idea! It is like having 650 Chamberlains.
  10. Boycotting BBC on Friday 21st is just typical of the look at me, virtue-signalling people do on Social Media. Meaningless. Pointless. And more about them than the cause.
  11. Never thought of that 😁 Believe the 'popper' is a pill.
  12. Getting hair cut yesterday, was chatting about a local litter problem in a park and the use of silver capsules to fill balloons to inhale, laughing gas or something similar hi-jinks (you often see these and little empty plastic sachets - weed?); anyway conversation led to drinking (broken glass) and what kids get up to when out... poppers it seems taken in the gay community are liked as they widen the anal cavity... If only these Corporate virtue-signallers knew what they were promoting. Advertising it isn't!
  13. Indeed. Gave up listening to the Top 40 because of that. Some years ago now. Haven't got the foggiest idea who is topping the hit parade these days.