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  1. As with Trump you can take as gospel what the media says about him or you can listen to what he is saying and see what he does (as his speech and video evidence shows) and make up your own mind. Once you are aware how the media operates your perspective will change.
  2. The chilling power of the So-Called BBC to effect change. This change goes back to Tony 'Things Can Only Get Better' Blair, and the policy of filling key roles with his Fifth Columnists to sew fear, uncertainty and doubt; the destruction of the traditional family unit the worst of New Labour and its Tory incarnation's worst crime against the nation.
  3. Top post @Van Lady Women and therefore men have been screwed over. The assault on the family unit and life's certainties has been so sad to see. Life is hard enough. Lunatics are running the asylum, and some nasty quite disturbed people seem to have the keys.
  4. A little more old fashioned values and ways wouldn't be a bad thing. Pity about the cost of living and expectations of the rat race. Sadly, we lost our way some years ago when women were seen as economic units and misandrists took over equality.
  5. Stopped watching anything he is involved with a long time ago, he couldn't just leave it at the mesmeric beauty of nature, had to push the Armageddon agenda each and every time. Fair play if he states population is the problem, yet it never makes the programmes people used to be glued to - it is more of an issue than anything facing the planet; BBC will ignore it because it questions immigration, open borders and thus multi-culturism. It would appear he's got a national cinema event coming soon. Hysteria to 11. We really are at mania levels with Atters, Greta's dad, and the skimming 1%ers.
  6. This is what happens when little politicians with big egos get a little bit of power. I wish they would just leave us alone, life is challenging enough as it is. Small pleasures and little economies make life more bearable for the many not the few!
  7. Indeed. 20 mph signs appeared over a couple of days in my town. No correlation to accident blackspots. Just another Council decision prompted by the handful of moaners that attend public meetings (usually more councillors and officials than residents), and the urge to 'do something!'. A poor law, imposed with sledgehammer precision. Not an ounce of common sense or consideration of location conditions. So everyone (everyone) ignores the new speed limit because it's too slow and they are not maniacs. Everyday, everywhere, every driver now breaking the law. Unenforceable... unless they turn up to catch people when the coffers need a boost. Do any politicians or people in power ever say: "Hang on a minute, is this really justified?"
  8. I've had sites/email with TSO Host for years, and this year I've had quite a few problems with changes implemented and things ceasing to function properly (my FTP recently just stopped connecting requiring new software). Support has been OK but a bit frustrating. I had been looking for an alternative, but have renewed (hassle of moving everything)... though they are on notice and if something better comes along though.
  9. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned... Report into failings of Greater Manchester Police around Asian (Pakistani) grooming gangs (Operation Augusta). Same old story mass abuse by a certain community going back decades and ignored or downplayed by the authorities due to racial sensitivity. Raped 300 times by multiple men; 15 year old Victoria murdered. "Pedophiles able to operate in plain sight." Doubt if there is a northern town with a sizeable Pakistani Muslim population where this hasn't happened. Cultural loathing of native community. Has got a bit of news coverage, but the usual lessons will be learned. The uselss bandwagon hoping Andy Burnham presiding for a bit of handwriting. Credit to vindicated ex-detective Maggie Oliver for keeping at it trying to expose this - 15 years. Politicians of course needed votes and demographic support more than young girls needed protection. Concerns actively supressed. To add: media full of the Asians tag, it is about time this stopped, it is not Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  10. Project Veritas undercover with a Bernie Sanders activist. Very reminiscent of our own Momentum loons. Absolutely 'right', and nasty, very nasty indeed - should not be anywhere near power.
  11. Fizzers going for Number One on the 31st with this delightful, celebratory ditty. 17 million Fuck Offs
  12. Great song @Bus Stop Boxer The comparisons are interesting... though after with the years I tend to cut Yoko some slack, as did the remaining Beatles.
  13. It is a great pity we now have to import our nuclear expertise, weren't we once world leaders (same old...)? Wind does indeed make a significant non-baseload contribution now, though can't say I'm a fan 😗 certainly not on land. There will be an issue of what to do with these structures in 20-25 years when they are spent (numerous and in hard to get to places) - can't be recycled apparently.