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    Alonso Quijano got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Question Time   
    Spike lady is good (being easy on the eye a bonus). Leslie is a hypocrite of course - so-called Independent Group are anything but independent rather dependent (on EU): it is the Rattle-out-the-Pram Group.
    Politicians are mostly awful. Brexit has shone a light on this. No Brexit then all bets are off.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Chewing Grass in When the oil (and sand) runs out   
    Quote:- The UK 'must' slash greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent compared to 1990 levels by 2050 under the Climate Change Act 2008.
    Lets see, Population of the UK 1990 (probably accurate) there were 57 Million in the UK, by 2050 it will be almost 80 Million and they want to reduce emissions to 0.2 x 1990 levels which would effectively mean every individual in the country emitting 15% of what was allowed per capita in 1990.
    The worst thing they ever did then was let millions of third worlders in from hot countries who cannot cope with the cold or manage without imported ethnic food.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to whitevanman in Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness   
    It's well worth reading Vox Day's book 'SJWs Always Lie'
    That's the first rule of SJWs. The second is 'SJWs always double down'. The third is 'SJWs always project'.
    You'll see those rules manifest themselves every time an SJW opens their mouth. Look at the recent Smollett case. He lied about the assault, he doubled down when confronted with evidence of his lies and the whole sorry escapade was a projection of his own racial and class hatred projected onto white conservative Trump supporters.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Sgt Hartman in Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness   
    What irritates me beyond measure is that people saying that iconic photo is sexual assault are even being given the time of day. 
    We should be pointing and laughing at these absolute fuckwits not giving them column inches in which to spout their shite. 
    #metoo might have had a point at it's inception but it's been hijacked by absolute lunatics and very few people have the balls to say that it jumped the shark some time ago. It's a fucking feminist internet Antifa.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to The XYY Man in Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..   
    I saw David Icke at the Brixton Academy in 2005. It was my 40th birthday present to myself.
    Nearly eight hours of the provocative, thought-provoking, and often funny musings of a man well worth listening to.
    Much of what he says resonates with my experience of life.
    I did find a few of his theories sounded right off the deep-end - but I came away from the show feeling that while he may be many things, he is certainly NOT a nutter...!
    Me and the rest of the audience I'm not so sure of mind...

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    Alonso Quijano reacted to snaga in Hoax hate   
    Here Are 21 Fake Hate Crime Hoaxes Promoted by the Left Since Trump Took Office
    and another 350
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Van Lady in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    What you describe is total bad manners from the female. Now don’t get me wrong in my next paragraph because plenty of born and bred uk folk are also very short on manners.
    Now and again I used to go into a local paper shop that also sells sweets, crisps, stationery, milk, cards etc. My occasional visits were to buy a lottery ticket and even rarer to collect a win. Very pleasant shop with everyday pleasantries always exchanged. It was taken over a few years ago by a couple where the female wears the headscarf thing. After a few visits I stopped going because they never had any social chit chat e.g. I’d say lovely response. Never said thank you after the transaction and didn’t put any change in my hand it was put on the counter. I felt they didn’t want to touch me.
    I go to an RS McColl? branch now a bit further down the high street where the staff are polite and pleasant plus put my change in my hand as I’ve been used to all my life.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to One percent in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Why? Who cares. These people are not British in any sense of the word. Just look at them. Look at the way they dress. Look at the values they hold. They wish to do us harm. To undermine our culture, our democracy. Our way of life. 
    They should not have been given British citizenship in the first place. 
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to The Masked Tulip in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    I was in a local supermarket yesterday. A muslim lady, full headscarf and wearing some kind of sheet thing, walked towards me so I smiled, stood aside in the aisle and said "After you."
    No response. No thank you. No smile. As if I was not there. 
    Perhaps she does not speak English. That would be bad enough.
    I went to look at some cakes. Loads were on sale so I spent some time having a good nose. I suddenly became aware that she was standing about 10 feet behind me.
    "Sorry, am I in your way? I asked, moving aside so she could get to the cakes.
    Nothing. Not a word. Not a smile. She did not move.
    So I walked about 10 feet away. At which point she immediately walked to the cakes and began sorting through them.
    I suspect that she is not allowed to talk to a male. Or perhaps it was because I was not a muslim? Perhaps both. Is it because I am a dirty infidel? Is that what she was thinking?
    But this is not my culture. It is alien to me. It also changes the atmosphere of where I was born and live. It is uncomfortable. I find it offensive. Insulting. My life and my society is expected to change to appease them. Worse, I suspect this lady thought bad things about me.
    It is a little thing but it is not. It is happening all across the country in various forms. Together it is a war on our culture and collective soul.
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    Alonso Quijano got a reaction from GARCH in Islamification of Europe   
    What is amazing is that these women (in Afghanistan, Iran) went from freedom to submission. How long did this take ? What happened to those that fought it? What of the men who agreed to this? Did the women just obey and comply without tears and sadness? Complete regression to times medieval.
    It couldn't happen here? Well, these countries were once liberal, modern and free, and progressing quite nicely in terms of equality, rights and getting along.
    This is why manifestations of this oppressive culture should send shivers down the spine, and should neither be encouraged nor defended.  
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to The Masked Tulip in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    No, you misunderstood me or I did not convey myself well. I have no sympathy for her as an individual. I have no doubt that jihadi women could do terrible things to us if they had power of life and death over us. They did terrible things to so many that they did have that power over.
    I am one who keeps telling left of centre friends that jihadi women do not see another woman when they see a non-muslim female. There is no sisterhood there or thought of coming to the rescue of another female being beaten or raped or murdered. Quite the opposite in fact.
    I meant that, as a man, I am hard-wired to feel compassion for a mother and child. It is in the DNA. As a mother and a child I do feel for her. As a person, none.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to spunko in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    It's quite simple really. Ignore all the guff about Corbyn, UKIP or Jews. The long and short of it is a handful of common purpose MPs can't fathom why the little people would vote to leave their beloved EU. They've tried court cases, labelling everyone as racists, the People's Vote,  but nothing worked. Now they're setting up a Continuity Remain party, and that war criminal Blair will probably join them. 
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to maynardgravy in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    People. I think we're deluding ourselves.
    This is one case of one person to show how tough our government is, when boatloads of NGO led 'refugees' land unhindered, truckloads of ropers come in unabated and muzzers piss off on holiday and come back with husbands/brides a-plenty.
    Our leaders are doing fuck all and never will. Do you honestly think they've only just noticed the numbers or the lack of integration or the danger posed? You'd have to have an IQ in single digits to see it so late.
    A story promoted from nowhere - smoke and mirrors.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to sleepwello'nights in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    We know how and why they got radicalised. Its part and parcel of the intolerant Islamic theology. Survey after survey shows that the vast majority of muslims in the UK believe in the superiority of islam over decadent western secularism. It has no place in our culture and we must stop treating it as simply another religion. They see our tolerance as a weakness and will continue to abuse it while we continue to appease them and accede to their demands. 
    The only difference between Begum and countless others is that she took some action that was identified and publicised. So many others, thankfully, don't have the courage or are to lazy or comfortable to do what they believe they should do. And there must be others who's actions have not been picked up and publicised.
    Anyway from the figures I've seen there are less than 100 muslims who have had their British citizenship revoked. What about the thousands of others who should be stripped of their UK citizenship?
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to TheBlueCat in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Sadly true. Why we submit ourselves to the jurisdiction of a tinpot court with politically appointed non-judges from places like Georgia & Russia is totally beyond me.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to A_P in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    I was just thinking that myself. An interesting choice of party name given they don't want to be an independent sovereign nation 
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Dave Bloke in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2   
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    Alonso Quijano got a reaction from Austin Allegro in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2   
    May's Withdrawal Agreement is not a deal, it is framework or a direction for some sort of deal. A capitulation that would likely get worse. In much the same way you cannot negotiate with terrorists because we are not of the same mind, you cannot deal with the EU as they will do anything to save and serve The Project.
    There is no Remain, nor is there a nicey-nicey, God speed old boy Leave.
    If we manage to No Deal there is hope for us, if not we are screwed.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to BadAlchemy in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    I found this interview with an anonymous GJ protester to be quite inspiring and heartening...
    Resonates with many views and opinions shared on here.
    "We will not give up! We are full of fighting spirit and strong in the knowledge that the people always prevails in the end. They don’t want more abuse of power and a detached elite who controls them. We want direct democracy, an opportunity to remove politicians who harm the country, and to tear up laws that don’t benefit our people.”
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to onlyme in Gonda   
    Wouldn't surprise me in the least, neither would the fact that the Japanese would then renege on any private agreement as public disclosure would be highly damaging to the EU, though would not put it past them to then backtrack on the written giveaway of zero tariff access.
    The timing is all too convenient and no coincidence. If it were just a matter of ensuring UK was not used as a low tariff source of Japanese cars then Uk tariffs would have sufficed, but no this is effectively an attempt to kick the boot in in the event of no Brexit as well.
    Deindustrialisation of the UK has been an objective of the EU for a long time IMHO and our leaders were/are happy to go ahead with it.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to spunko in Countdown to Brexit   
    Countdown to BREXITCountdown Does this work for everyone?
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Malthus in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Her only link to Britain is that we offered her family shelter because their country of birth is a shithole 
    She decided she hated it here so left and joined our bitter enemies
    Her choice but it was a one way trip 
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to twocents in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    If what he said is used to justify her return (sympathy, she had been abused and radicalised) then those who carried out the abuse and radicalisation in Britain must be held to account and jailed/deported. 
    People like JRM can't be allowed to continue to get away with using such excuses if there's no evidence that what he claims actually happened.
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    Alonso Quijano reacted to Frank Hovis in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Hasn't it.
    Back in the 80s I assumed that things would carry on as they were, everybody was perfectly happy, with the only changes being the slow advance in technology such as video recorders and walkmans. They weren't vital but they were nice.
    It wasn't a paradise but people had enough, communities were genuinely that rather than just hournalistic licence, and if you worked hard you had a decent life and certainly owned your own home.
    Meanwhile the EU and globalist organisations were plotting the trashing of the British nation. 
    In the 90s it all started to go wrong.  Maastricht in 1992 saw John Major give away our sovereignty without even asking the people, then the globalists continued with their stooge Tony Blair (was John Smith murdered to allow him into power?) who opened the flood gates of mass immigration to boost GDP and house prices whilst stamping upon wage increases and so crushing the life dreams of tens of millions of indigenous people who he was meant to represent.  Brown with his tax credits and pension raid made it not worth working for average wage and Cameron and May kept it all going down the same lines.
    This has been thirty years of national catastrophe that only the Brexit vote and hopefully Brexit can bring to an end.