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  1. For how long? In what capacity?
  2. 'nother Friday afternoon jam job on the fraudexes. China fixed again? How come China always gets fixed on Fridays?
  3. zugzwang

    Jock Itch

  4. zugzwang

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    Was there a slope on the road?
  5. February 2009: "Now is not the time to apportion blame." A get out jail card for the bankers but in hindsight the rocking-horse jockey was absolving himself of responsibility, too.
  6. zugzwang

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    They make it worse.
  7. zugzwang

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    It only applies to the little white people.
  8. Big balls on them coppers. Jaysuz.
  9. zugzwang

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    For the same reason the Bank does, and the Treasury, and the City, and Nissan, BMW etc. etc. 1. Leaving will deliver a tremendous negative economic shock in the short-term to both the UK and the EU. 2. They hope and expect the EU to proceed towards a full fiscal/banking union, a single European army etc. in the medium-term. Manifestly they are prepared only to discuss 1. and not 2., which makes them every bit as dishonest as the gaslighters on the other side.
  10. zugzwang

    Black crime!

    James Watson isn't the only Nobel Prize winning scientist to disgrace himself spouting tendentious and offensive rubbish about race and gender. The distinguished physicist William Shockley's career ended in much the same way. Both were brilliant mavericks in their youth who favoured instinct over received opinion; both nurtured an exaggerated sense of their own importance in later life.
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    Brexit Betrayal thread

    'I can't wait to leave. To hell with the rest of the world.' Football manager expresses his frustration with Brexit shenanigans. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jan/12/neil-warnock-cardiff-city-brexit-leave
  12. zugzwang

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Damn right.
  13. Bank of Japan quietly reloads its bazooka. http://www.atimes.com/article/bank-of-japan-quietly-reloads-its-bazooka/
  14. zugzwang

    What's going to collapse next...

    Complete with propaganda slogans on the walls. No grain to waste! New fighters will arise! Land, Bread, Peace!