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  1. Bragg isn't worthy to arrange Morrissey's flowers The Woking Dead Come For Morrissey Morrissey, anti-establishment rock star, is ironically doomed to be eaten by the Left’s very own flesh eaters, because he just happens to like freedom. https://humanevents.com/2019/06/08/the-woking-dead-come-for-morrissey/?fbclid=IwAR05VqW586amAvJtv7gekU1Rry0QFfvzr6qQEl3ACe5MtWQbkOYf6Dd3Tug "
  2. A mate had fungal problems for years (incl. nails) and recently developed Thrush. Putting 2 + 2 together he purchased a glucose testing kit from Boots to discover he was pre-diabetic. He cut his carbs and went on a low calorie diet, following which all symptoms have disappeared. Something to consider.
  3. Emo gender-bender. Fkr's younger than me! Chubby Neil Tennant looked worse. Horrible to see your Pop idols age. Like staring into the Abyss.
  4. Another good poster that I miss - Corevalue disappeared from TOS on May 22 2016 soon after announcing a diagnosis for Mesothelioma.
  5. Female hyenas also sport a very convincing pseudo-penis capable of erection (complete with scrotum) which weirdly they have to give birth through. There are severe reproductive costs as a result of the female spotted hyena's pseudo-penis. Nearly all female spotted hyena’s first-born cubs are stillborn, as the placenta is not long enough for the extended penile birth canal. In addition, the first birthing process is time consuming, as it requires the meatus of the pseudo-penis to tear, allowing the fetus to pass through; as a result, the first-born often die of anoxia. Strange animals.
  6. bird/ burd - I use it all the time but a number of birds seem to resent it.
  7. the latest Boston Dynamics robot horse isn't quite there yet ...
  8. There's a lot of this knocking about on FaceAche at the moment and it's all seems a bit bogus and virtue-signally to me. https://actforpeace.rationchallenge.org.au/the-challenge/the-rations-explained/ Unboxing videos lament the paucity of the box contents - the intended optics. BUT ... many fail to mention the 2 included "coupons" which add another 1.5Kg of rice and 400g of flour to make up the ration to >1700KCal / day - not a feast but neither is it starvation. Perhaps we should all be on the Syrian refugee diet ... for our health!
  9. Did over 4 months of it in Worthing while waiting to buy a a flat after my divorce last year, everywhere from glorified garden sheds to whole flats - very good, on the whole. I preferred the ones that offered separate annexe accommodation or houses so large that you weren't bumping into the owners. That said, I did make some pals amongst the various landlords who tended to be interesting characters. It's also my first recourse when travelling, for instance, last year I managed to get a 100Sqm apartment in a 14th C. building in Prague, complete with jacuzzi and sauna, 1 min walk from the Astrological Clock for £50 a night (reduced from the usual £100) And in Kracow, Poland, I secured an even cheaper one (again whole modern apartment, aircon etc.) with just a couple of hours notice, right next to the Jewish (entertainment) quarter.
  10. Tragic how girls have been trained to associate any suggestion of monitoring macros with eating disorders. Anyway, the Anorexic kids should find the Calorie-counting a breeze - bit unfair on the fatties, if you ask me! Failed English! I mock thee Sir!