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  1. Turned Out Nice Again

    Oh no!!! Its the pathetic bears!!!

    The Pathetic Sharks were the original NPCs - Viz ahead of the curve, as ever.
  2. Turned Out Nice Again

    The thought police have arrived

    Retired university lecturer who told German neighbour to 'go home' as he walked to Waitrose is convicted of race hate crime https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/retired-university-lecturer-who-told-15816934?fbclid=IwAR1Mn_-BvhYMp5pH98AUD19xlHSXvnh-pYlwIUa4bh_QQOcYwpaC4df1qnM Since when is "German" a race? He spoke to her twice, in passing, first time in response to her speaking first - is this really harassment? He denies it - so her word against his for what was said How did something so trivial even get to court? Couldn't the cops have just had a word in his ear? Bit of a drama-queen? 'She called police saying her elderly neighbour left her 'shaking' and she suffered a ''crying fit.''' Big fine + costs + compensation + restraining order! (Jesus! why didn't they also make him sign the sex offenders register while they were at it?) What about people who have endured years of real harassment from chav neighbours with jack-all be done by the police? This prosecution looks like a politically-motivated hate crime to me.
  3. Turned Out Nice Again

    trans madness

    I definitely don't believe M-F transsexuals should be allowed to compete against biological females but Caster Semenya is a difficult case which exposes an existential problem at the heart of women's sport. She was brought up and has always been female but naturally produces 3x the T level of an average biological woman (though still less than a man @ 10x). She is by all accounts some sort of intersex case but i'm not sure what justification could be put forward to exclude her from competing as a woman unless she has a Y chromasome - which hasn't been revealed. However, if the latter criterion were blindly applied then other intersex types - even non-masculinised variants such as Swyer syndrome - would also have to be excluded on that basis. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/swyer-syndrome People with phenotypes that naturally favour performance will necessarily always be overrepresented amongst elite athletes. For instance, what about men (or women) who naturally produce higher levels of T? Like say those of W. African ancestry - should they be obliged to take T-reducing drugs (as the athletics authorities are suggesting for Semenya) in order to compete against Europeans? in the case of Women's sport, we might just have to accept that all the best competitors will be "Mannish" females of one sort or another just as the Men's Olympics 100m final will always be a line-up of black men.
  4. Turned Out Nice Again

    Great tits

    A regrettable omission which I shall now rectify.
  5. Turned Out Nice Again

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    This deserves its own thread @Austin Allegro - "After the RedPill" or somesuch - might have to start it myself if you don't!
  6. Turned Out Nice Again

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says 'no question' Trump is racist

    +1 on Mark Dice, bouncing up and down constantly and shouting all the time like a fkn retard. Steven "Louder with" Crowder is another annoying YT blogger whose appeal eludes me.
  7. Very good Carl - right up there with Stack's American Beauty review (see below). It's hard to argue with his interpretations of either movie.
  8. Turned Out Nice Again

    Blackface everywhere!

    Good video as ever from Stack. It's a bit of a stretch to suggest Jews invented Blackface with Jolson. It dated back to early 19C Minstrel shows but he did revive it for a new generation of Americans. The history is a bit more complex than just white appropriation/ oppression, for instance the original minstrel shows were wildly popular amongst black as well as white audiences in the USA and arguably they served as a gateway for black (Blues etc.) music into the mainstream which advantaged generations of black artists who came after them. In Defence of Blackface https://reason.com/archives/2012/10/13/in-defense-of-blackface Yes, it's funny how every euphemism they come up with in majority-white countries for people of African ancestry, eg. negro, coloured, non-white, African-American (even black?) etc. eventually falls into disrepute and has to be replaced/ reformed with another. Similar for euphemisms for Homosexuality - "Gay" being a prime example.
  9. Turned Out Nice Again

    trans madness

    presumably the one that went down from a knee to the balls vagina.
  10. Turned Out Nice Again

    No more casting couch.

    Northern Ireland film director accused of sex assault 'totally Harvey Weinstein,' court hears https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/northern-ireland-film-director-accused-of-sex-assault-totally-harvey-weinstein-court-hears-37785337.html Not sure if we can comment on this - best not to until the case is over - one to watch though.
  11. Turned Out Nice Again

    Never mind the rape - just get on with the race-baiting

    Without mentioning it, the Neeson affair is summed-up by the following video. White people have got to stop apologising to offence-mongers who are going to hate them whatever they say or do.
  12. Turned Out Nice Again

    Someones going to get the sack at the So-Called BBC....

    Underrated Rap artist also:
  13. Turned Out Nice Again

    Rolf's free - Why aren't we discussing it..?

    Because there's zero evidence that he did anything beyond making passes at legal age women. And having a creepy personality. All the rest IMO. is hearsay, innuendo and "Madness of the crowds" driven in no small part by compo claims against his Estate, his various employers and the Criminal Injuries Compensation fund, the criteria for evaluating which are absolutely perfunctory (see below), despite which ... Just 22 out of 58 payout claims against Jimmy Savile have been accepted https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2827079/Just-22-58-payout-claims-against-Jimmy-Savile-accepted-amid-warnings-estate-swallowed-legal-fees-leaving-genuine-victims.html "Lawyers representing NatWest Bank, the executors of Savile’s will, told the Appeal Court last week that out of 58 claims which have so far been considered under a controversial compensation scheme, 36 have been thrown out, and just 22 accepted. [...] Last week’s hearing was a bid by the Savile Trust, the charity to which Savile left almost all his money, to get the compensation scheme quashed and NatWest removed as executors. The three judges expressed astonishment at the way the scheme works, and at the low level of scrutiny for weeding out fraudulent claims. A small group of ‘consultants’ is being given only two-line summaries of each claim, containing few details. [...] Last month, The Mail on Sunday revealed that police have launched a criminal inquiry into a claim from Savile’s great-niece, Caroline Robinson, who says he abused her when she was aged 12 and 15. Members of her family, including her daughter, have told police they believe her allegations are false." Also as has been mentioned by another poster, Anna Raccoon, a former pupil at Duncroft school, has cast serious doubt on the veracity of accusations of abuse by Savile and others at that establishment. Here is the supposed timeline of his abusing (according to the Grauniad): https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jun/26/jimmy-savile-sexual-abuse-timeline If you have compelling corroborated evidence of Savile's guilt Carl, I'd be interested in seeing it.
  14. yeah, yeah. bollocks. prove it.
  15. bollocks. prove it.