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  1. Successful bid for freedom

    A bit of theme music for the thread:
  2. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Cheers mate. Nothing beats experience for sure. I'll try and keep my gob shut next time and in the meanwhile might pay a visit to that local 27 yo tantric massage lady. Judging by her reviews, she's dynamite. With my luck though, I'll probably end up falling in love with her!
  3. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    20 years. Thanks, this morning I actually felt pretty good and plan to hit the fleshpots of Worthing tonight. Per Ardua, ad Astra!
  4. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Alright then, if you really insist. After I dropped my daughter home, I checked into the new AirBnB, selected partly because I thought it might double as a love shack, only to find it unfit for purpose. From her Match description and the text/ phone exchanges I'd had with the girl I think it was not unreasonable to infer that something physical might transpire so logistics needed to be put in place at short notice. Travelodge and Premier being fully booked, I ended up with a double room in a swankier hotel a short walk from the date venue @ £108 (ouch!) which did at least afford me access to a decent bathroom to get ready in and I probably looked, smelled etc the best I am capable of when leaving for the date. I'm easily sub-13% BF now. Unaccustomed as I am to online dating etiquette, I agonized over how I should greet her when she arrived and opted for a European cheek kiss and a cheesy compliment about how her profile photo didn't do her justice. I then asked her if my photo resembled me, to which she replied I looked better - and younger, unbelievably - eyebrows £15 well-spent! In the gab that followed, I found out about her 2 divorces, #1 to her first boyfriend in Poland because "he lacked direction in life" but who subsequently went on to become successful in the film industry and which she now deeply regrets; and #2 to a younger woman (yep) which went sour when my date elected to have a test-tube baby (girl, now 5yo). For my part, I blahed on about my own divorce, strange ex-wife and kids. Besides the biographical stuff, there was also some intellectual chat and flirting which I think it's fair to say, in person, fell short of the frisson of our previous texts and call. Her life situation sounds slightly pained. She lives with her mother who she brought over from Poland to help with childcare and whose presence she has now come to resent; and seems hardly to socialize. For instance, she said this date was the first time she'd ever been in a cocktail bar. Then I went for the close and that's where it all started to go wrong. At first she prevaricated and then became kittenish and doe-eyed as I initiated physical contact with her terminating in a soft No and talk of a 1st-date rule, upon which I really lost it and got into trying to talk her around (pussy-begging for want of a better term) which of course meant i was dead in the water. She even accused me of booking the hotel to try and impress/ constrain her and a morals debate ensued. Sensing the battle was lost, I chose at this point to carpet-bomb the area, fessing-up to my real age (didn't bother her), recounting the eyebrows makeover story (which at least produced some laughs), asking if it was worth my consuming a Viagra pill I'd brought along (just in case) and confessing that far from being a playah, I had in fact been involuntarily celibate for the getting on for the last 3 years. Following these admissions, her resistance only intensified with her remarking that she had another 2 Match.com dates lined-up and that she was cool with seeing multiple guys simultaneously. At which point I announced that I had to scoot, went to pay the bar bill and found upon returning that the bird had flown. For which I received concerned sympathy from the barman. Trudged back to hotel and before hitting the sack texted: "Apologies. i'm an idiot." To which there was a reply waiting in the morning: "No you're not. I had a really nice evening. Thank you". Warned you it would be embarrassing.
  5. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Train wreck of a date. Sabotaged myself royally. Again. Details too cringy for even me to relate. These 40-something women are eating me alive. Another learning experience, I suppose. My latest airBnB is a joke despite stellar reviews - booked 4 days, don't want to stay there even 1. On the plus side, had a nice afternoon with my daughter. Ex-wife says the new eyebrows make me look like a poof.
  6. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Thanks EE, appreciate your concern. Exciting innit?
  7. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Definitely! And I am feeling great. Did a little mini-fast over the last couple of days to shift some residual pudding and get the muscles popping out. The eyebrows are the cherry on top. I've always felt a bit sensitive about how they were letting me down. If I'd know I could fix them by simply paying an Albanian lady £15, I'd have done it years ago! Makes me wonder what else I should be out-sourcing. In other news: my original flat is back in the frame. The lease isn't going to be a problem for the mortgage. Allocation of parking has been sorted and it's OK. Noisy flat above turns out isn't that noisy (And I might want to airBnB myself at some point so nice to have a precedent). Management company is delivering a pack outlining past and future renovation works. When I was thought it was gone, I started looking at Rightmove again, did some viewings and depressed myself a bit with how everything else I saw failed to compare with the original flat (not as good and more expensive) so happy that's back on track. Ooo, she just texted. We're go for launch, countdown -20hr 15m 0s
  8. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    I am *really* liking the make-over to my eyebrows (documented in the DOSBODS thread). I think it's the most rejuvenating modification I have made since shaving my head and losing weight.
  9. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Well I took an objective view of the state of the eyebrows today and my conclusion was that they had to be sorted out since greying borderline Denis Healyesque tangles just won't do when a/ they're the only hair on my fkn face and b/ I'm attempting to pose as someone 11 years younger. And so it was I found myself in a ladies coiffeuring parlour in Worthing this afternoon in the (probably 70 years experienced) hands of lovely Albanian babushka Badha begging her not to leave me looking like Groucho Marx ahead of tomorrow's hot date. And I must report that she did a sterling job @ £12 (+ generous tip on top) and after clipping, plucking, weaving and subtle tinting I now Master Yoda less resemble do. I also got free advice for dating Polish women: "dress up, be a gentleman and pay for everything", reassurance from the studied eye of Badha that I look nowhere near my real age and a stern admonition to go back to my wife "for the sake of the children". I promised to come back to update her on how the date goes tomorrow. Heartily recommended to any other brow-challenged DOSBODers .
  10. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Since this is closest we have to a gentlemen's grooming advice thread, greying eyebrows - dye or not?
  11. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    four with Conor McGregor
  12. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    I basically summarised this thread on the phone to her last night.
  13. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    I might add her English is impeccable - subtleties, idioms no problem, grammar etc. better than most of the posters on DOSBODS, obviously highly-educated. She said she's not looking for a husband but does want a daddy for her 5yo (sperm-bank) daughter. That's fair enough. She's 2x divorced, concerning which she's philosophical but not blaming (to her credit).
  14. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    She's been very upfront honest about herself, to an extent that wouldn't do her any favours, as have I. For instance, I recounted the story of my recent fuck up with the blonde in the gin bar. She had her own take on the latter and still wants to meet me, if anything more so. The phone call last night switched things from me trying to line up a shag to ... Christ, I've actually found an attractive woman I can talk to on my level who isn't going to punish me for it. Maintaining a DGAF attitude with this one is going to be difficult.