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  1. Meh! Doesn't look anything like a Christian cathedral. Was formerly a mosque. Let them get on with it. I've only visited Turkey once, a few years ago, on a family all-inclusive holiday to Marmaris. Was surprised by the large number of noisy Mosques everywhere. That said, the locals I spoke to didn't seem to give much of a stuff with much Raki being drunk and many Ataturk statues and portraits prominently on display. Strange place, but i liked it. Must visit Istanbul one day.
  2. I'm feeling a lot better at 61 (going on 62) than have any right to, considering that, at least since lockdown, I do next to no exercise and subsist mainly on beige processed food - albeit supplemented. I put this down to not eating much, low stress, plenty of sleep and avoiding heavy physical exrcise (and particularly running). Don't smoke. Moderate social drinker. The main annoyance, as others have mentioned, is declining eyesight - the presbyopia I could work around but at NY I had a benign vitreous detatchment which has left a bunch of annoying debris in my left eye as prominent floaters. Joints and muscles are fine. guts OK. Memory OK - not gaga yet. Blood stats all normal. Prostate not enlarged and previous intermittent mild hemorrhoids now a distant memory. Outside lockdown, I try to eat better and walk at least 10,000 steps most days. I've also been seeing a younger woman, since which various niggles (eg back stiffness, vertigo, occasional gout) have all resolved - so there may be some truth to that prescription! Speaking of which, I'm also completely functional in the bedroom tackle dept (touch wood ... fnaaar fnaaar) despite (maybe because of) strenuous demands being made currently though I do admit to supplementing there with beet jiuce and an occasional 1/4 lo-dose Viagra. What else is there? Bit of tinnitus, hearing not so good generally; probably slower recovery time from scrapes - picture below is bruising a full 2 weeks after I fell off a stepladder recently. Despite all the foregoing, it has to be said I don't push my body much at all and would probably see my limitations pretty damn quick if I did. From my experience, if you feel befucked sub 60 (as I was at times in the past) it's more pilot error than aging equipment. Ask me again in 5 years time (If I'm still alive).
  3. Now the weather's improved I've finally been taking my above bootsale e-bike out for spins. Incidentally, i found the invoice the seller gave me last year and it actually cost me £180, not £80 - mea culpa - still cheap for what it is. I must report the experience was initially a little dispiriting compared to my daily ride - a junker 1980s Crossroads sports hybrid since the battery-assist annoyingly cuts out at 15.5 mph (to comply with the Law) just when I would be getting up to cruise speed on the Corssroads. The trick is just to change the way you ride, ie. go slower and once I got my head around that it became quite pleasant as the battery instantly gets you up to speed from stops and it actually suits my "sprint & cruise" rather than "steady cadence" riding style. In other news, I saw a chap being pulled by a brace of cops last week for riding an e-scooter. He was taking the piss somewhat as it was one of those souped-up 30mph+ Chinese jobs with suspension nd a seat and he was wearing a full-face helmet!
  4. OP might have got the wrong impression of this forum. It's being heading South for a while imo. Might be good though if we keep the "amusing banter" in one thread.
  5. Yep, throughout. Also a balcony looking down on pavement cafes. The airbnb host informed me it belongs to the Serbian ambassador to the UK. £30 per night! Booked just 1 week beforehand.
  6. Differences between this encounter and innumerable others I've seen from the US with the races reversed: - it remained 1-on-1 - the winner's buddies restrained him once his opponent lost consciousness - the downed man's pockets weren't immediately picked thereafter
  7. Loser (British) blokes, you mean - the sole guy just had to be a BAME. Knts.
  8. Not my experience of visiting Belgrade last year. I loved the place. Friendly locals, cheap food and drink and a superb (bug-free) airbnb whole apartment just off Skardalja for £30pn (see below). Architecture perhaps a bit more communist brutalist than other EE capitals but still plenty to admire, esp down by the rivers.
  9. Everything that is wrong with the Left in a YT clip - "Don't think, Feeeeeeeeeeeeeel." Absolutely nauseating supplication from Cocksucker Corden on behalf of Evil White People like himself, ie. you and me. If your stomach can take it, try to hang on until 6:56 for the loon black guest "break down".
  10. Good move Joe - might be a good time to try shaving it, just for the experience. If you decide you don't like it, it would only take a few days to get back to where you are now.
  11. I applaud your efforts to arrest the declining signal-to-noise ratio Spunko. The "Pandemic" thread was growing too fast for me to follow a few weeks back - 75% of it mindless shyte. Post less. Post better. You cunts. And stop shitting in the important threads.