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  1. If you like a stew but haven't the patience for slow cooking try boiling up the following in a pot for about half an hour: - bag of bacon off-cuts (costs buttons from any of the big supermarkets) - onions - leeks - carrots - potatoes makes its own stock from the veg and seasoning from the ham --- luvverly! And cheap. Sort of poor man's Dublin Coddle.
  2. Hard to tell from a brief news report, but If I was on the Jury I might well have found him not guilty. Reminds me of ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2910936/My-husband-raped-hundreds-times-slept.html
  3. Thinking about my blocks/ milestones - all distinct periods with a start/end: - school/ university / reading, reading, reading, slacking-off/ wasting time, hitching around Europe, dreams. - computer games coding period / balding geek virgin, surfing the tech explosion in Soho, writing a book, getting fat, riding a motorcycle, fishing, playing pool, pubs, restaurants, hedonism - digital media coding period / big clients, corporate travel, lost weight, shaved my head, rented mews bachelor pad in W. Hamstead, lost virginity/discovered women (some married), playboy life - marriage / bought properties, DINKY lifestyle/ foreign hols, restaurants, dinners etc. until ... kids, got a bit fat again, got into (alt-) politics, photography, ukuleles, ducking and diving with remote contracts, debt, lost my parents, deserted London for S. Coast, got out of debt, dead bedroom, eventually divorced. - post-divorce / new start, single life again, own flat, bought a stealth van, slimmed down again, building a new social group, foreign jaunts, chasing women, dating fails, thinking more about aging/ death/ retirement/ legacy now, refocussing on family (brothers etc.), cushy long-term, low-stress, repeating remote contract in public sector (while it lasts! Probably not for very much longer) - got a GF / What now?
  4. Real World. Met her first at a Prince DJ tribute night in a local club - got her name but nothing else - and then a month later at a beach bar disco. Gave her my name on the second occasion and she tracked me down on FB. After a few dates I managed to fuck it up (as is my wont) and went no-contact for months, culminating in my inviting her to my last birthday party and it's stormed ahead from there. I think the first fail was just bad timing as she was going through an acrimonious divorce and there was another guy in the background. The attraction level has always been high in both directions. Re. "Don't get her pregnant", she says she really doesn't want any more kids (3 already) and is on the pill. I'm pondering a vasectomy now - something I refused during my marriage.
  5. Yep, forgot to add - prefers older men, funny, sane, financially independent I know (or thought I did). "It can happen to you, if you're ..."
  6. What motivated this thread is that Mr. Cynical has got together with the coolest burd I've ever met who is currently rocking my world - all boxes ticked - smart, sweet-natured, loving, beautiful, sexy and thinks I'm "the bee's" - still can't quite believe it! If I'm dreaming please don't wake me up.
  7. Thanks to everybody who responded, especially the sincere responses amidst the cruft - albeit few in number. It seems that True Love is a vanishing concept on DOSBODS.
  8. Thanks, I wasn't suggesting moderated threads across the board, more a special moderated category (if such an option exists in the forum software). I think I'll append (please do not derail) to the titles of future threads I want to stay on-topic. Of course the piss-takers will ignore this but what else can I do? It's about respect for other posters, innit?
  9. Please stop derailing serious threads with off-topic drivel. "Off-topic" means between- not within- threads. @spunko How about a pinned "mindless chat" thread for posters who want to flirt and banter endlessly. Or as @swiss_democracy_for_all suggested, have a special type of moderated thread where the originator can delete the rubbish. The alternative is that every single thread fills up with this drek to the point of unreadabilty. Thank you
  10. As an antidote to the usual relationship cynicism, who has actually found their true love in life? And how? Let's hear some uplifting stories FFS!
  11. Youtube reviewer tries Peleton for 2 weeks with before- and after- fitness assessments. In summary: - immediately injures his knee - loses some fat (not much) - manages to *lose* muscle everywhere except one thigh which bulks up disproportionately to compensate for the injured knee - improves VO2 significantly (fair dos there) - ends up stating that he never wants to see a bike again (enjoyed it that much!) From the comments: "This doesn’t in any way make me want to buy a Peloton".
  12. "'Well, it's time we were all in bed,' said the Badger, getting up and fetching flat candlesticks. 'Come along, you two, and I'll show you your quarters. And take your time tomorrow morning—breakfast at any hour you please!' He conducted the two animals to a long room that seemed half bedchamber and half loft. The Badger's winter stores, which indeed were visible everywhere, took up half the room—piles of apples, turnips, and potatoes, baskets full of nuts, and jars of honey; but the two little white beds on the remainder of the floor looked soft and inviting, and the linen on them, though coarse, was clean and smelt beautifully of lavender; and the Mole and the Water Rat, shaking off their garments in some thirty seconds, tumbled in between the sheets in great joy and contentment. In accordance with the kindly Badger's injunctions, the two tired animals came down to breakfast very late next morning, and found a bright fire burning in the kitchen, and two young hedgehogs sitting on a bench at the table, eating oatmeal porridge out of wooden bowls. The hedgehogs dropped their spoons, rose to their feet, and ducked their heads respectfully as the two entered. 'There, sit down, sit down,' said the Rat pleasantly, 'and go on with your porridge. Where have you youngsters come from? Lost your way in the snow, I suppose?' 'Yes, please, sir,' said the elder of the two hedgehogs respectfully. 'Me and little Billy here, we was trying to find our way to school—mother WOULD have us go, was the weather ever so—and of course we lost ourselves, sir, and Billy he got frightened and took and cried, being young and faint-hearted. And at last we happened up against Mr. Badger's back door, and made so bold as to knock, sir, for Mr. Badger he's a kind-hearted gentleman, as everyone knows——' 'I understand,' said the Rat, cutting himself some rashers from a side of bacon, while the Mole dropped some eggs into a saucepan. 'And what's the weather like outside? You needn't "sir" me quite so much?' he added. 'O, terrible bad, sir, terrible deep the snow is,' said the hedgehog. 'No getting out for the likes of you gentlemen to-day.' 'Where's Mr. Badger?' inquired the Mole, as he warmed the coffee-pot before the fire. 'The master's gone into his study, sir,' replied the hedgehog, 'and he said as how he was going to be particular busy this morning, and on no account was he to be disturbed.' This explanation, of course, was thoroughly understood by every one present. The fact is, as already set forth, when you live a life of intense activity for six months in the year, and of comparative or actual somnolence for the other six, during the latter period you cannot be continually pleading sleepiness when there are people about or things to be done. The excuse gets monotonous. The animals well knew that Badger, having eaten a hearty breakfast, had retired to his study and settled himself in an arm-chair with his legs up on another and a red cotton handkerchief over his face, and was being 'busy' in the usual way at this time of the year."
  13. (not a transparent attempt at the thread title award) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7648677/Ukrainian-dwarf-abandoned-adoptive-parents-breaks-silence-TV-interview.html
  14. Ah! The romantic dream of bestriding the noble "Ship of the Desert" like Lawrence of Arabia (unmute the volume and put your tea down before watching).