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  1. Turned Out Nice Again

    Operation Nookie 60

    No, it's fucking mental. I'm seriously beginning to come around to @snowbird's advice that I need to see a shrink. My work life is a mess as well - completely taken my eye off the ball. I'm going to lose my main client if I'm not careful. Maybe I need to bury myself in coding for a month or two and forget going out.
  2. Turned Out Nice Again

    Operation Nookie 60

    You might have something there. I'd put so much hope on the cinema date (even took half a Viagra FFS!), like it was a sure-thing, that when I was knocked back I fell into my old ways of spilling my guts - even telling her about the Viagra - and I could sense my sexual market value dropping like a stone through the evening. Then she went distant on me for the next couple of days during which I stewed until the pot boiled over with that fucking juvenile text. It was a Perfect Storm. So perfect that I'm not completely blaming myself but what a fine woman I threw away there! I still can't believe it happened so fast. Lessons learned, I hope. This year of ups and downs keeps delivering.
  3. Turned Out Nice Again

    Operation Nookie 60

    Utterly fucked it up. Tried to get her back to my place after the Cinema and was knocked back. Hugs ensued. Felt I was about to be Friend-zoned. Sent a stupid butthurt text quoting something sexual she had said the week before. Received on the worst possible day when she had just had a major personal setback. Never wants to talk to me again. I am a fkn idiot.
  4. Turned Out Nice Again

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    I remember when that book came out - interesting theory. It came to my mind also during the recent discussion around inner monologues.
  5. Turned Out Nice Again

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Very interesting women here saying that they don't project visual images, which I've heard before and believe might be one of the key cognitive differences between the sexes. All I know is when I'm thinking about a problem - doesn't matter what - my eyes go out of the way (up and to the right) and a virtual projection screen appears before me bearing solutions. I'd be interested to know the female equivalent. Is it language-based? Or some intuitive sense of what is right expressed as a feeling.
  6. Turned Out Nice Again

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Just going to show you can't buy a cancer cure.
  7. Turned Out Nice Again

    Life/ youth extension

    Even when not fasting I'm generally eating much less than I used to. For instance, I wouldn't contemplate anything on the order of the big carby breakfast you describe above. If I eat breakfast at all these days it would be 1/2-1 slice of buttered rustic sourdough bread with a fried egg and maybe some tomatoes, gherkins and/or olives, which if delayed until the afternoon with the addition of another egg along with maybe some smoked salmon or mackerel, might be my main meal for the day. During the water fast, if anything, I'd say my brain was sharpened along with my other senses, particularly smell (for food). On night 4 I also experienced lucid dreams about eating so vivid that I awoke next morning convinced that I'd ended the fast prematurely (I hadn't). I think all of the foregoing were the body's way of focussing my mind on getting fed. Other than that, besides some keto flu on day 2 (like a mild hangover), Ithere was noticeable tiredness and irritability on day 3 such that I had to retire early to bed (was OK the next day). As for sex drive, while I have noticed a falling off in libido and spontaneous erections when fasting in the past, everything seemed to be working fine when field-tested the other night after 4 days in.
  8. Turned Out Nice Again

    Life/ youth extension

    Just water for the first couple of days with mint teas and black coffee added-in after that. I did it mainly for the health benefits as I wasn't exactly chunky at the start but am now resembling a skinned whippet - maybe too scrawny. I need some more muscle now.
  9. Turned Out Nice Again

    F35 grounded

    3D f35B https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircraft/lightning/#cloudBgd
  10. Turned Out Nice Again

    Corbyn on universal tax credits

    That's exactly what's going to happen and hence a Basic Income is INEVITABLE. The alternative is a revolution. Get used to the idea. It's coming.
  11. Turned Out Nice Again

    Operation Nookie 60

    I hope I'm not tempting fate but .... following a heavy necking session this evening, a resolution of the OP challenge seems imminent, albeit a couple of weeks late. 19 yrs. younger, slim, beautiful, sane, into sex (big style) and into me. Date tomorrow. I'll keep the thread updated, either way. Ps. I met "baby bitch tits" again tonight and she made it clear she also is still interested! I've just come off a 5- day fast and am as lean as fuck. This might be my best day since the divorce.
  12. Turned Out Nice Again

    Inappropriate music suggestions for Joe's date

  13. Turned Out Nice Again

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Me too! Rooting for you @JoeDavola especially since I find myself in a similar situation with my "non-date" girl where things have progressed to the point where my duvet will also be going in the washing machine today.
  14. Turned Out Nice Again

    The Ginger Whinger

    led me to this: