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  1. The VC-10 gave it a run for its money - but loud as it was, I used to fish at Twyford back in the day right under the Concorde flight path to Heathrow and it was unmistakable. Interesting thread btw @Carl Fimble. I'm always prepared to do due diligence on any conspiracy theory - however outlandish - and all the investigation I've done the Moon landings have led me to accept the mainstream view that they did put a man on the moon. That said, I don't blame the dissenters at all for their skepticism since this was probably the single most mind-blowing feat of technology in the whole history of mankind performed at the absolute limits of what was possible at the time. And we live in a world of lies. The problem is - as has already been mentioned - that the disputed matters, such as the characteristics of moon dust/ gravity/ albedo/ radiation and the credibility of the moon photos etc. do not easily lend themselves to common-sense analysis by ordinary folk, hence confusion abounds. Eg. moon dust ISN'T sand; it's more like talcum powder with no direct analogue on Earth. Conversely a lot of the reasons most people "believe" are invalid, for instance the moon rocks and laser reflectors are not slam-dunks, nor is the silence of the Russians, imo. Star positions and the dynamics of moon dust filmed being kicked up by the rovers however are. The plebs of course just take everything from the MSM on trust. Another interesting avenue taken by the "Hoaxers" was to emphasize the strange demeanour of the Apollo 11 crew on their return, apparent awkwardness in interviews / lack of jubilation etc. which I put down to astronauts not being ordinary men - Armstrong in particular was a very unusual character - even by their standards. My 5c. (911 was an inside job though)
  2. Putting this here for want of a better place. Watch the video below and tell me have you ever seen white people (however scummy) act this way? It's not an isolated case either, even on the now-PC YT, or "out-there" sites such as LiveLeak or WorldStarHIPHOP I could dig up probably 20 such examples in as many minutes of people of African ancestry indulging themselves in similar mindless ultraviolence. Also check out the YT channels of Colin Flaherty (author of "Don't make the black kids angry") or Tommy Sotomayor (if their accounts haven't been expunged).
  3. Also American Beauty, analyzed brilliantly here by Devon Stack of Blackpilled:
  4. I just grabbed that pic off Google images. It's a generic Chinese design branded to various suppliers. I found a HK eBay supplier doing mine for £100 -- unless you're talking about a newer model in the same shell. Mine was the "DLP Mini Projector 32GB Android 4.4 Bluetooth 4.0 2.4G / 5G WiFi HD Media Player" @ £98.76 shipped from HK (arrived in a week with no VAT to pay)
  5. LED pico projectors have come on massively. I got one from HK last 18 months ago for £100 shipped with an Android OS - super portable with its built-in battery, about the size of a phone. And brighter than I expected - doesn't need total darkness. The 2019 models are probably better still.
  6. Flying to Budapest today and thence to Belgrade by all-night bus as I couldn't find an affordable direct flight. Original plan was for a sleeper train but the Serbian rail system seems almost as bad as Southern Rail with that service disrupted "indefinitely". In advance of the trip, I thought it might be a good idea to invest in a month's Tinder Gold and upon preemptively switching my location to Serbia immediately attracted attention from this young lady who I presume occupies some role in the construction industry.
  7. I personally think those fires are over-hyped.
  8. There's more to the inbreeding story. Paradoxically, IF inbreds can dodge the various genetic diseases, it's actually been shown to promote longevity in humans and animals. https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19726404-200-inbred-humans-live-to-a-ripe-old-age/ For instance, the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II who lived to age 97 was the result of generations of parent-child etc. couplings.
  9. What do you know? Met her again tonight, in company (not Millennials) and we all ended-up glugging wine and singing to guitars in a local park after the pub closed. She was quite conciliatory. Maybe I played a better hand than I thought!
  10. People age differently. I don't have loose skin, varicose veins, sagging jowls etc. at nearly 61 (YET), maybe you already do at < 40. What is your age? SIngapore model Chuando Tan @ age 52
  11. Er ... I think I covered that possibility in my bullet list, didn't I? Do pay attention Spy! Good points otherwise - while we were chatting in the street before coming over to mine she said that they'd "decided not to have kids", hmm. Also, I noticed she was constantly sniping at the guy quite shamelessly "Don't listen to him" ... "Oh, quiet, will you?" - that kind of thing. Wouldn't have trusted her with my sperm as far as I could chuck it (or her)! Ps. Don't take this the wrong way but ... I had a look back at TOS and couldn't help noticing that your posts there from a few years back seem much more grammatically etc. coherent. I'm starting to worry for you ... Parkinsons? EOD?
  12. The above is all very true. Thanks for the responses. I wasn't really seeking advice but I'll take it if it's offered. I don't want to leave everybody with the impression that I'm scouring the streets for 20 y/os every weekend. It's just women that I bump into in the course of my peregrinations who appear interested - mostly older burds but also the odd younger one like this weekend's lass and I then take a view on whether to follow them up (and mostly mess up - but that's another story). As I said I'm not after anything serious. I've turned down a couple of heavy come-ons from married women in recent months - don't need the hassle living in a small place like this. One memorable one was a couple - probably mid-30s, together for 10 yrs, no kids - I met in the street one night after the last-stop bar had closed at 2am and invited back to have a drink at my place. The guy collapsed in an alcoholic stupor on my sofa whereupon the burd (attractive if just a tad heavier than I normally prefer) dropped her panties and invited me to fuck her on my bathroom floor, an invitation I declined at the last minute after dropping my own pants, settling instead for a snog and some fumbling. Reasons: - he could have woken up and caught us at it - she could have told him later and claimed I #METOOed her - she could have been out to get pregnant - I didn't like the whole setup of subterfuge-fucking in my own flat She put my number into my phone afterwards but has never phoned me, nor I her. That might have been another bullet dodged!
  13. I was also slightly disappointed with weed, the worst thing being the cushion it puts between me and fun things in my environment. Feels like I'm in a VR. I did a THC vape once before going into the 1st lounge at Heathrow (mate has a Gold card) and it spoiled the whole experience for me.
  14. Just met her at a bar, got talking, turned-out we have a mutual friend (girl same age as her) who joined us, then we all went out on the town together - dancing, karaoke etc.. Showing lots of IOI the whole time. I'm "easy to talk to". Walked her home afterwards. Snogged outside my gaff and hers but no sale! Got her back to mine the next night but in-company so no chances - was pretty wasted anyway. Last night was party at hers which as Spy has suggested was almost certainly a strategic error - I should have ducked-out much earlier.