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  1. Nearly posted this on faceAche (chickened out) I wish women (and it is mostly women) would stop blathering on about how 1Bn could be better spent on feeding Africans/ climate change/ housing asylum seekers/ homeless folk. If thinking like that was entertained historically we'd have no fucking cathedrals, nor civilization for that matter and you'd all be living in caves, you dozy virtue-signalling moron hypocrites! (Rant over)
  2. Fuckers* - though as you say, the proles have only themselves to blame for moving in herds. I've got plans in July for a couple of days in Madrid, followed by a night train to Lisbon and then up the coast towards Porto. Might even get in a bit of the Camino trail if I have any time/ energy left at the end (and haven't been killed). * Let's hope the cops give them a right kicking and then charge them for the whole cost of any disruption. We really need some anti-loony counter-protesters (with nets). From the Mirror comments: "Imagine being so middle class that this is your biggest issue. Imagine being so educated that you somehow think if the 66m people in Britain stopped using cars it would offset the 2b Chinese and Indians who rely almost exclusively on fossil fuels to combat a problem that doesn't exist."
  3. Revealing series of interviews with attractive "traditional" Russian ladies in the following video from Arthur Moore where his subjects are disarmingly honest about using men for their resources. Take your pick gents, lardy feminist working girls in the West or this lot! Are they even very different when you come right down to it? Just following base instincts. On balance, I'd take the more feminine Russian gals and risk the potential financial hit.
  4. This is hugely symbolic - regardless of proximate cause - and I think parallels with the ultimate psy-op of 9/11 (studiously absent in the MSM for now) are appropriate here. Jihadist nutters in France and around the world won't be able to conceal their glee - not least because of Easter, the celebration of the divinity of Christ, which is, of course, anathema to them; Christmas they can handle, possibly even co-celebrate, but never Easter. The emotions that created the Gilet Jaunes - chiefly grief for the loss of traditional Frenchness - will get a nuclear-level boost, even if that makes no sense. "What do have left to lose?" The Globalists aren't going to let a good crisis go to waste either. I'm getting the horrible foreboding I felt back in 2001.
  5. Anybody tried searching for non-mainstream opinion (eg. pro-Brexit) stuff on YouTube recently? Vids I know are there just aren't being returned. For instance, try to find the Steve Baker parliamentary committee testimony re. the clean Brexit deal offered by the EU and rejected by May early on, without including the search term "Steve Baker". Similarly other interviews with pro-Brexit people like Tim Martin.
  6. You beat me to it! breathtaking hypocrisy indeed. Dear Contractor Weekly, while I completely feel that IR35 is a counterproductive policy to help the Conservative Government further turn hard working members of the public into cash cows, I believe that any policy should be applicable to every single sector of the United Kingdom. However, I can confidently confirm that this is not the case. I have been working for HMRC as a contractor for a number of years and when myself and other HMRC Contractors learned that this policy would greatly impact our financial responsibilities such as our mortgages, rent, children’s school fees and other bills, we gradually tendered our resignations just prior to the policy being made effective by law. When HMRC realised that practically all of its contractors had left and that they’d need to rehire, they contacted all of its former contractors to return to work with the assurance that they would be exempt from IR35 policy. This is after they unsuccessfully advertised to replace those that had left. We started returning to our previous positions and felt that there was indeed hope for all other contractors across the UK to avoid the negative impact of IR35. However, we later learned that this exemption is applicable exclusively to HMRC alone in the UK. Because of this I have decided to bring this information to your attention anonymously as it is extremely unfair and an act of betrayal on the part of HMRC. Please get the information out there and demand that your local MP fight for equal suffering and let’s find a way to get this trigger happy government, who are hell bent of firing policy after policy, to correct their self-created economic and political hardship where we, the people, remain the victim. Sadly, I learned over the weekend that HSBC have put policy in place to sack all its contractors come September 2019, with other banks also intending to follow suit. How is this conscionable or fair? Should you be wondering whether this claim is accurate, I assure you that it is indeed a fact and it is my hope that once you decide to publish this article, other HMRC Contractors would also come forward anonymously so that the government and HMRC would be exposed for their malicious policy and duplicity to exempt itself from their own policy. An HMRC spokesperson said: “There is no exemption from the off-payroll working rules for contractors working in HMRC. The rules apply equally to HMRC, as they do any other public authority.”
  7. When I posted a shirtless selfie on Tinder it got taken down! Terms of service infraction. Fkn ageism!
  8. I remember being acutely aware of the cuckishness of the pop charts when I was about 10 - "WTF is all this shit??!" But I did this in Karaoke on Friday (not sure what that says about me )
  9. Paddy Considine is a fantastic actor. if you liked him in DMS, check him out in Shane Meadows' "A Room for Romeo Brass" - another cracking performance. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202559/ Whole film currently available on YT:
  10. Longevity Dr. Attia, who I mentioned before, expounding his "Health Theory" in this interview. For instance, he talks about exercise relevant to maximising healthspan being much more effective than amateurs doing traditional sports "for health". In fact he proposes a creating new Olympic sport called: "Being a kick-ass 100 year old" with an associated 50 year training program. This is 50 minutes that even @MrPin might want to expend watching a video. Top comment: Markus Antonious 4 months ago I'm 65. Still have - more or less - the physique I did when I was 30 ( a few more wrinkles). Still play tennis and spar with people half my age. Exercise regime: push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, stretches...all sorts of stretches, many of which I have 'made up' and which I don't see anyone, anywhere showing on youtube (Be creative, and figure out stretches to suit you injury and prophylatic needs). Nutrition: still eat meat, but have cut down on protein intake; muchos nutritional supplements (those who espouse the notion that these don't work or 'you only need to eat a whole food diet' don't know what they're talking about (just for instance, I take up to 6000 mg fish oil...and my inflammation is less now than it was 20 years ago); time restricted feeding (generally 17 / 7) and periodic longer fasts (2 - 5 days). The fasting makes up for a lot of ills. As for exercise, these young guys - like most here on youtube - have no idea what is good for someone in their 60s and 70s, i.e. emphasizing too many weights, too strenuous movements etc. Don't get me wrong, I exercise vigorously...but I exercise smart, i.e. lunges, yes..but without the weights; squats, yes....but without the weights; back extensions, yes...but you don't need weights. In fact, apart from some 30 lb'ers for curls, I don't use weights at all. And I'll let you know when the 100 mark rolls 'round.... and an inspirational talk from Dr. Bert Herring - another health iconoclast with a view to extending healthspan - "imagine you're 100 years old, celebrating your 100th birthday ..."
  11. Obviously It is going to be very approximate but assuming a reasonably standard build you can get a good correlation in different calculators even with just height and waist (currently 30") measurements. Make sure you select the correct sex or it will be miles out. My figures are age: 60, weight: 174lb, and height: (a smidge under 6ft) 181cm giving 9.72%. That's still carrying a thin layer of belly fat with visible "girdle" and some ab lines just detectable underneath - I reckon I'd need to lose another 6lb or so for those to really pop - hard to stay at that weight though. That's fine for ladies but doesn't really help males operating in the current dating market. If I put on 7-8lbs from where I am now I look older, lose face definition and definitely sacrifice pulling power.
  12. Only 55! Jesus! look at the state of him. I've been following a longevity guru Dr. Peter Attia on YT who focusses more on Healthspan than Lifespan arguing that there's no point getting to 100 if your body's fucked and one of his key dictums is "Don't overload your joints!". My status at 60: - carrying no chronic problems other than gout (under control with diet) and a lower back which goes out occasionally. - just had blood work done - came back all normal with v. low PSA and serum T unexpectedly off the top of the NHS scale (for a 20 y/o!). - 9.7% BF according to this calculator: https://www.mytecbits.com/tools/medical/bfpcalculator - sedentary job/ lifestyle - no exercise besides walking 10,000+ steps pd and casual body weight efforts (push-ups/ pull-ups/ squats) from time to time. I sometimes break into a jog/ sprint in the street fully-clothed or chase cyclists/ joggers just to prove I still can (and freak-out passers-by) - low-carb diet restricted to 2 meals pd with periodic fasts to counter (increasingly-rare) binge sessions - moderate drinking at weekends only - trying to switch to spirits over beer (not good for gout) - no smoking. - hair pretty grey now except my arms so it doesn't show although I do now tint my eyebrows once a month. - face/ hands etc. unlined. neck/ jowls skin finally getting a little loose but not obvious unless I gain weight. - dick still works - wake up woody most mornings - all own teeth albeit most filled/ crowned. I go easy on them these days. I'm not as strong as I'd like to be - had trouble picking up my (chunky 13 yo) boy last weekend and his (chunkier) 15 yo sister would be out of the question now (if I'd even risk it with my back). Hoping to build strength over the Summer by getting more systematic with the callisthenics and core work to strengthen the back. I do creak a bit some days but mostly I feel like I did 20 years ago but look a lot better. And better than the OP ex-Gladiator now. (that said, when he was in his pomp I looked like a pile of shit) I believe getting old is a decision in most cases. I just don't choose to ... yet.