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  1. Turned Out Nice Again

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    Must also be Pakistani:
  2. Turned Out Nice Again

    Christmas Tree Thread

  3. Turned Out Nice Again

    What little things do you do, to test yourself?

    I break into full-tilt pavement sprints when I get the urge - freaks the fuck out of passers-by!
  4. Turned Out Nice Again

    giveing the system the bird

    Bugger! Wizzard haven't aged well.
  5. Turned Out Nice Again

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Following on from Jack Hargreaves' pig butchery, a work of culinary alchemy from what most modern folk would just bin: From the comments: "For some reason, when you started cutting the head at the end after it had been pressed, it made my eyes tear up. The pride you took in your work, the way the meat came out, the old press, it reminded me of this quote from a book by Edith Nesbit: "it had been made in the days when men sang over their work and put their hearts into it, so that the things they made were strong." If only things were still made like this, more often. I feel like great damage has been done, or something very important was lost by my generation and even the ones before it, young people who grew up on only meat made and processed by large corporations, and not just the meat, but everything else, until they no longer remember how to make these things and would even look at them as disgusting or strange. I want to change that, which is why I am so fascinated by your videos, even as someone who grew up during this recent time, when it is so hard to find food like this, or even impossible, unless you cook it yourself. I want my one day children to get to eat food like this. Thank you for keeping tradition and knowledge alive, and instilling it to people like this."
  6. Turned Out Nice Again

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    The Zeitgeist?
  7. Turned Out Nice Again

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    What we have lost in Britain (on many levels):
  8. Turned Out Nice Again

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Life among the Down & Outs of 1960s Dublin. Unemployed and unemployable.
  9. Turned Out Nice Again

    Question for the baldies (the fully shaved ones)

  10. Turned Out Nice Again

    Username change poll/feedback

    "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"
  11. Turned Out Nice Again

    Good computer tools for your trade

    I create highly-interactive websites for mainly Public-sector clients from home using: Free WordPress Free PHP + JS/ jQuery Mostly free plugins (for the above) Free Notepad++ editor / Filezilla / Gimp Ubiquitous free support from coding forums GitHub Trello DropBox Affordable Linux-hosted remote development and production servers Cheap refurb development notebooks Cheap Virgin Internet I don't need: OO / Patterns / MVC / Frameworks / Agile / Custom development environments and tools / Local (real or virtual) servers / Testing / Node/Grunt/Bower/Yeoman .... etc.
  12. Turned Out Nice Again

    The Most Racist Countries on Earth

    Jamaica - conspicuously pale elites.
  13. Turned Out Nice Again

    This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad

    Good question... I offer you protection, A lot of love and affection. (Wait till the shit hits the fan)
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  15. Turned Out Nice Again


    "Hostel" more likely.